The Traitor Game

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  1. Ray

    He raised his glass and did the same.


    "Who knows. It might be a while."
  2. Ray

    He smiled. "Thank you, madam." He playfully bowed and entered. "Cool place."


    He smiled. "I don't know. I just got a weird feeling, ya know?" He held her hand in his.
  3. Ray

    He looked around a little as he followed her.


    He leaned in a little, not sure what he was doing. "Yea. like for once in my life, I'm not being hunted."
  4. Blair

    "It's little but it's home." She commented as she pulled her signature blue blanket over her "Need some warmth?" She asked with a smile


    Her face went red "Like life is normal for a little while." She leaned her forehead against his but was still confused. She brought her lips to his not sure if this was the correct movement