The Traitor Game

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What do you get when you cross the popular group game, 'Mafia/Werewolf' with a pop culture inspired multi-universe crossover RPG? You get something that might be a bit similar to the Traitor Game, I suspect. Characters from all sorts of different worlds, each from different genres, are all put together in one place to discover the identity of the 'Traitors'. This results in the strangest gatherings one is ever likely to see.

How do I play the game?
1) When a game is set to begin, all prospective players post in the sign-up thread to express interest and choose what character they want to role play as.

- The characters can come from any medium, even real life. Batman, Bill Clinton, the creature from the black lagoon; your choice.

- Though I might be hosting the first few games just to show you how things work, in future games, others will get their chances to host one as well.

2) The game thread proper is created, normally with a clever title. "The Traitor Game: Massacre on the Doorstep!" (Not a real title.) There, the rules for the game are reiterated and the characters are gathered.

3) Soon, the Traitor(s) strike(s), killing off one character. Frequently, the first kill is some character that was controlled by the host of the game (commonly referred to as a First Kill NPC). This is done to offer more time to those who signed up to play the game. The banished and dead can usually interact with those still alive through means defined in-game.

4) Within the voting phase, the Agent(s) send(s) in their guess to the host through a PM for that round, while the normal characters post their votes in the IC thread the ordinary fashion.

5) End round.

6) Rinse and repeat steps 2-5 until the Traitor(s) is/are found or till all other characters end up dead.

What are the different roles?
The majority of players in the game have no particular role, but there are a few special roles that impact game play. Roles are assigned by the host after the Sign-Up Thread is closed, but before the first kill.

- Traitor
- A character working to kill off members of the larger group. The Traitor(s) normally send in the name of ONE character they want to kill off to the host through a PM at the beginning of each round (normally excluding the first round which involves the First-Kill NPC).

When more than one Traitor is selected, each (Traitor) works with the other to determine who dies and by what means.

Agent - A person in this role is allowed one guess per round (again, save the first round) to determine who is a Traitor through PMing (Private Messaging) the host of the current game. The results of their guess (whether they guessed correctly or not) are revealed in-thread. If a game has more than one Agent, the Agents act as a team. They confer on the guess and submit that guess to the host.

- Vigilante
- A force for the side of Good, the person in this role works to kill who they think is a Traitor. Every few rounds, the person in this role PM the host their kills instead of the Traitor(s). If the Vigilante PMs a kill before the Traitor, the Vigilante's selected target gets killed off instead, and vise versa if the Traitor PMs a kill to the host first.

- Breaker
- Sometimes, this role is assigned so that if there is a tie during the voting rounds, this person will get an extra vote to break the tie.

- Inquisitor
- A non-player character appears and has the players he or she suspects plead their innocence.

- Censor/Secret Role
- Used seldomly, this role allowed the person assigned this role the ability to quiet or neutralize one vote.

- Everyone Else
- Places a vote on who he/she thinks the Traitor is at the voting phase, after a kill is performed.Note: The names provided are the "base" names. For the actual game, they may be given a different name that better suits the theme, setting, etc.

Thoughts? Questions about the gameplay are perfectly welcomed, especially when not many people are familiar with Mafia.
Could be neat. Would make for some interesting murders...
I'm assuming there'll be no third party serial killer, right? ;D. Anyways, I would definately find this interesting, but I'm not sure whether it would be more of a game or a role play.
Yay! Three interested parties (including Maggie x3)!

And no worries, Acquariana, this is definitely a role-play, since you will still have to play out those characters properly as you would in a role-play. Interactions among the characters is a key element in raising suspense in the game... and suspicions among each other. =D

Will post the OOC thread up soon. :3