The Traitor and Her Servant (MxF Medieval/Fantasy)

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Greetings. I'm no stranger to roleplaying, and have been at the hobby for over a decade. That being said, I've been facing some serious writer's block recently, and am hoping a good roleplay or two with an inspiring writer will help prevent my muse from breathing its last. Before you go any further, I'd like to get the obligatory rules out of the way.

  • I'm capable of playing both genders. No preference.
  • Since I'm only going for one partner for this particular plot, I'm requesting a writing sample (it doesn't have to be a long one) from any interested parties. It's not me being an ass, I promise you; some writing styles just don't mesh. Similarly, if you'd like a writing sample of mine, feel free to make a request via PM.
  • Please post at least two paragraphs of an intermediate-adept-advanced quality. As I've mentioned, I'm trying to recover from writer's block, and as such wish to take things easy at the moment. Quantity doesn't matter if the quality's present. However, if inspiration strikes, I will sometimes be able to write a page. It really depends.
  • This is the most important rule. I'm not known for my posting consistency. I struggle with anxiety and depression, which - coupled with severe writer's block - can put me out of action for extended periods of time. I'm an extremely patient partner, having picked up roleplays with people after a year on hiatus. Show me the same courtesy. If you're someone who prefers speed-of-light posts, it's likely we won't be compatible.
  • Romance will happen. It doesn't have to be the mushy-gushy sort, however. Still, some of that isn't bad to lighten the mood every so often.
  • You need to be 18 and over (red star). This is because I don't fade to black for anything, including language, gore, and sexual situations. Thus, in accordance with Iwaku's rules, I will only be able to roleplay with people in my own age group.
  • The roleplay will be conducted through PMs.
  • Assist me with world-building and plot twists. I won't carry the story on my own. Introduce minor characters as you see fit.
  • Please use either a photograph or a realistic illustration, not anime, if you choose an image to represent your character's appearance (if, meaning it's not necessary. A textual description contained within your introductory post is perfectly acceptable - and preferred).
Congratulations! You made it! If I haven't scared you off yet, do proceed to the plot. It's a rough idea at present, but I'd like someone who can help me flesh it out a little more.


(This takes place in a medieval/fantasy world where there are only humans. However, magic and magical creatures/monsters/ancient entities do exist.)

Magic is a dying gift in Mhyranor. Once, mages were actively persecuted, imprisoned and slain for their unnatural abilities. Only upon the ascension of King Hirdan II did the violence end; but by then, the number of magic-wielders had dwindled to almost nothing, mages becoming individuals of myth rarely seen by common folk. The throne is now occupied by the grandson of Hirdan II, the benevolent and well-loved Riordan. King Riordan and his deceased wife had fraternal twin children. A son, and a daughter who was a brave young swordswoman of fiery spirit and unbreakable will. The princess, much to her brother's chagrin, was their father's favorite. When the princess was but a young girl, she befriended a crying, amnesiac orphan boy on the streets of the capital, bringing him home to her father who permitted he remain as her personal manservant. This servant has stayed with her through the years, becoming her best friend, loyal second, and closest confidante. Despite their friendship, he knew his place, and never overstepped his boundaries.

When the king announced his chosen heir, he decreed that his daughter would succeed him to the throne of Mhyranor, angering his son. One night, the princess awakes to the sound of intruders in the palace. Fearing the worst, she goes to alert her father, only to find him dead with his throat slit, a jeweled dagger protruding from his chest. To her horror, she discovers the dagger is hers, a gift from her father upon her first military undertaking. She moves to pull it from the corpse, but finds herself surrounded by royal guards, led by her brother who accuses her of treachery and murder. Despite her protests, she is dragged away in chains. Her brother assumes the throne, and announces to the kingdom that his fallen sister will be executed for the heinous crime of slaughtering her own blood.

The night before her scheduled execution, the princess is freed from her cell by a hooded man who eventually reveals himself to be her servant. He ushers her out of the palace via the servants' exit; but as they are about to make their escape, a patrolling unit of guardsmen sight them. As the princess watches, the servant strikes down their attackers with magic. Magic she had never known he possessed. But there is no time to explain, he says, and has them steal horses from the stables and journey forth. In the morning, the new king discovers the corpses of his guards, and in his wrath, plunges Mhyranor into a new reign of terror, where those accused of being mages are tortured and killed in various horrific ways.

Now, the traitor princess and her ever-faithful servant must travel the realm, past the borders of Mhyranor, in the hope that someone will listen to their plea and rid Mhyranor of its new tyrant king. Even then, darker things are brewing, and perhaps the princess's servant will eventually discover his own mysterious origins.

And that's it.

Do send me a PM (with your writing sample, and which character (princess or servant) you'd like to play) if interested; it's unlikely that I'll check this thread.
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