The Train Chronicles (an experimental short-term RP)

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Hey all!

The Train Chronicles is a collaborative writing project that is designed with some key differences that separate it from most others RPs. This is a short, mini-project that I've been thinking of doing for a while, and while I'm not sure if it will work in the end, I think it has the potential to be something really fun and interesting for anyone who's eager to flex their writing muscles.

So, what is the Train Chronicles exactly?

- It is a short-term RP with a set end date. The story will most likely not exceed two weeks. This means, after two weeks, the RP will come to an end.

- There will be no discussion of our characters or the world they will inhabit prior to starting the RP. Depending on what you guys write, the story could take place in Depression-era America or a fantasy steampunk kingdom. Everyone will go into the RP without knowing anything and the story will depend on everyone improvising story beats, world-building, and their own characters. The only thing that will spur the start of the RP is the following prompt:

"You and three others are on a train. You are escaping from something terrible."

- Your posts will have an imposed limit to how long they are, so you'll have to make them count!

As a writer in this RP, you can introduce new plot elements, new characters, or even shift the genre if that's your wish. However, even though I'm giving you the power to write anything you want, I'm going to ask you to try and build off of what others have written before you. Standard improv rules apply here (never deny, always keep things moving forward, build from what others have laid out, ect). So, in all essence, collaboration is key. The goal is to have, at the end of a two-week period (or so), a fun, interesting and maybe terrifying story that will be memorable for everyone involved. I want everyone to feel as though they've contributed something to the story.

- There's a lot of freedom involved. How can we make it work?

I'm thinking that perhaps this RP isn't meant to "work" if that's what it comes down to. If the story goes in a particular chaotic direction, well that's what happens when writers are given free-rein. For instance, if one of you writes that undead lions suddenly start attacking the train, then we've no choice but to go with it. This could all end up being a clusterfuck, but it'll be a fun clusterfuck while it lasts!

That's about it for my pitch. If this gets enough attention, I'll post a thread in the Plot Discussion forum where we can discuss the RP a bit more. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, let me know! :)
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Sounds very fun and interesting. Count me in please :D


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Curiosity piqued.


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My oh my, this sounds pretty interesting.


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Sounds like a good exercise, I´ll give it a try.
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