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do you feel forever about him?
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hello! my name is coyote-nim, but feel free to call me whatever <3 i am a 21yo enby who literally has no life, i just be fave intern mod of iwaku 'nd be dumb.

i haven't posted a partner search thread in such a long time 'cause i really hadn't been good with much roleplaying lately, but because i feel relatively decent i would like to find a few new partners! so let's jump right into it, shall we?

I am ALWAYS down for OOC chatting and would like to get to know my partner a little better. I can more frequently respond on Discord if you'd really like a chat! I also really love plotting and making headcanons of characters to get a better feel for characters and plot.
My response times aren't very consistent and it can take me a hot minute to respond with a reply due to slow typing and low energy levels to do anything. For a reply though, you can expect me to write 3+ paragraphs OR i will mirror the amount you write.
Please don't constantly pester me everyday about posting because I mentally CANNOT do that. If you don't like that then I highly suggest you to not reach out.
I am ghosting friendly! I understand life can be a bitch and things happen, please don't worry! though i will try to pop in to make sure you're okay if i haven't heard from you in awhile
I mostly do MxM pairings because i prefer to male or masc adjacent characters. there is a possibility i will branch out to do FxF or MxF pairings if you ask nicely :)
I don't do fandoms! Do not ask me to do any because there's a very high chance I won't know something.
I particularly use realistic FCs because I find it easier than most, but I am not opposed to using a different form of FC if you are not comfortable with realistic. Please note that!
I prefer to do 1x1s in PMs, though i am willing o do one or 2 forum rps
I have slight limits on what I rp! I will not do:
  • Furries/Anthros
  • 18+ character x minor
  • Incest relationships
If you have any triggers that you would like to not rp or make sure there is a CW/TW, please inform me ASAP.
***Any rp that we do the mentions suicide and/or self harm, please put a TW before hand!

✶I will NOT rp a character under 18 in a NSFW enivornment
✶I am not the most comfortable with NSFW content ad would much prefer to fade in and out! I am okay with roleplaying anything before or after sexual content, but please don't expect me to rp NSFW content into detail. Please ask if I would be comfortable continuing to do a NSFW scene <3
✶IF there is a nsfw do not automatically assume you will be playing the bottom/top. we can talk 'bout it!
✶My limits include
  • Non-con/rape (mentions are fine but i will not rp the actions)
  • Beastiality
  • PWP
  • And what is written above
✶Most, if not all of my rps with anyone in Red stars would like to rp in forums, it will go right to the Red Star forum
✶Not a lot; I just expect you to be kind back!
Please be able to match my post lengths in size and word count. I would like to avoid me giving 3 paragraphs and getting 1 in return. I absolutely understand low muse and whatnot, but please don't make short replies a common or regular thing.
✶Not much of an expectation, more so of a "Hey! That'd be cool." So, hey it'd be pretty neat if you could match my energy
✶Please help progress the story and aid in plotting! I don't wanna be the only one tugging things along.
✶If you have any triggers please let me know!
*Anything in PINK is a taken plot
*Anything in LIGHT BLUE is my preferred role

Muse A a is the offspring between a simple mortal woman and the god Eros himself, making him a demigod. unfortunately, Muse A was very quickly cursed before he was even born. This curse was to leave him blind; in order to reverse this and gain sight, he was to find his "true love", someone who loved him for him.
Muse B is miraculously the son of Medusa herself, making Muse B able to change anyone that looks directly into his gaze into stone. That's always led his love life...down the drain. Every partner he meets eventually turns to stone. There was no way to ever reverse this curse, it simply ran through his blood.
All through their lives, either they weren't the one or their partner was lost to being stone like the rest. Until one day A trips into B, seems to look them in the eye yet still lives. After that day, Muse A and Muse B morph into incredibly close friends (never knowing that one is the son of a god or the son of a famous Greek "monster"), but when feelings start to blossom for Muse A, he can only hope that B returns them when he professes his love for the son of Medusa.

muse a is seemingly simple and normal person. they've got a couple close friends, a little apartment to themselves and a good job to sustain their way of living. they've always had multiple people interested in them, but they've always turned them down claiming the they didn't have a good "connection". other than seeming relatively normal, muse a has a huge secret that only their hand full of friends know. muse a is a werewolf, and their friends? they are too. now, here's muse b. they have just moved in across the hall from muse a, far away from their old town for one reason or another. muse b just so happens to be a werewolf themselves, and when both muses happen to bump into each other in the hall, muse a can already feel issues arising. muse a and their little pack have been the only werewolves in town they've known for the few years they've lived there, so with an outsider coming into their "territory" has got muse a all kinds of bent out of shape. and not only is this an issue, but another issue has presented itself. muse a and muse b feel a strange attraction towards each other that they'll never felt with another person before.

• neither muses believe in it, but they are in fact soulmates
• for extra tension, muse a & b are alphas of their own respective packs
• muse a & b have to figure out what's going on with them and why they feel this way for each other
• kinda of a slow burn rp

muse a is somewhat of an adventure seeking and active person. they love scouting out random locations that may have some lore to it. they also love going hiking and taking walks. one day they get word from some friends that there's some weird "kid" roaming around the woods. so naturally curious, muse a decides they're going to try and find this kid and figure out what the hell is going on. while in the woods, muse a loses their footing and slips and hits their head, ultimately going unconscious. when they finally wake, they laying in the same spot, but they're accompanied by someone with a comforting aura who happens to be tending to their head wound.
muse b is a faery. they've been in these woods caring for the animals and nature since they were born. ultimately, they were deemed the protector of the woods and their little family suddenly disappeared one night, leaving them alone to care for the woods. no one has known about him until some pesky humans decided to come in the woods and be a nuisance. a few days after the incident, muse b finds another human in the woods, but this time they're unconscious and bleeding from their head. so, the faery decides to sit with the human and take care of the wound until they wake and to make sure no harm comes to them.
now with muse a awake, they can barely remember basic details about their life or how they even got here, oddly though, they only remember their name. muse b decides to take sympathy on the human and bring them back to their little abode, at least until muse a remembers their life before their accident.

• kind of a side plot: muse a and b spend time together, muse a learns that muse b is of fae race, but feelings happen to blossom between them, and they share a kiss which in turn happens to cause muse a's memory to flood back.
muse a has also been marked as a missing person for weeks, and when they emerge from the woods with the information of muse b, it causes a ruckus in town and a sudden man hunt goes on for the faery. muse b is suddenly being hunted down because people have heard that the wings of faeries and valuable, so now, muse a has to somehow rescue b so they aren't killed.

it'd been a little over three years since muse a had lost his boyfriend, muse b. muse a was an absolute wreck when it'd happened and deep down, he still was. muse b had gone out of town for a couple of days to visit his parents, and after those couple of days he'd he'd began his drive back home to muse a. it was only a six hour drive, but muse b decided to do it at night thinking there wouldn't be much congestion on the road ways. muse a decided to wait up all night for his boyfriend to come home. seven hours passed. then eight. then nine. muse a was beginning to worry. a couple more hours passed and muse a heard no word of muse b's return. at hour fifteen, muse a got a call. it was from muse b's father, and at first it relaxed his nerves a bit. maybe muse b had decided to stay another night and forgot to tell muse a. but when muse a answered, his whole world came crashing down. muse b had been killed by a drunk driver.

three and a half years later, muse a is finally getting his life back together. he packed all of muse b's things away and has been in a solid relationship for about six months. he's doing quite better. but there's talk of a new face in town, but this new face reminds them so much of muse b. this oddly familiar face ends up running into muse a and his current significant other in a coffee shop. and muse a is shocked. they're so much like muse b. yet something about muse b's presence. is's almost as if it's pure and relaxing? muse a is so confused. he could have sworn muse b had passed! muse a is absolutely baffled and confused about this new boy in town, but he feels so compelled to become his friend and slowly, yet surely he feels a certain way about muse b he'd only every felt about his ex boyfriend that'd passed.

in summary: muse b died 3 & a 1/2 years ago, leaving muse a to pick up all the broken pieces of his death. 3 1/2 years later, there's a huge buzz of a new face in town who ends up running into muse a and his current boyfriend. muse b has come back to earth as an angel and in a new body. muse a & b become friends and muse a finds himself catching the deepest feelings for muse b even though he has a boyfriend.

muse a and muse b have been friends since fifth grade. muse a has always had the hugest crush on muse b, but he's never made his feelings known believing it'd make their friendship awkward. so, muse a has sat back and watched muse b chase after all these boys ad girls and fall in love and get their heartbroken. every time one of muse b's relationships fall through, muse a is there to comfort and be there for their friend. They have now graduated from high school and are soon supposed to be going to college together. muse a is starting to grow sick of this back and forth and having his feelings toyed with, wanting to turn over a new leaf with their feelings before starting their freshman year of college, they write a rant song and upload it to the internet under an alias. because living in a small town, the song is quick to spread and suddenly the town is bustling with questions on who this mysterious singer it is. muse b has his suspicions it's his friend, but no amount of pestering seems to get muse a to break and say if it's him or not.
a few weeks go by and the town has quieted down a bit, yet muse b still holds his suspicions. yet, they continue on with his life, his suspicions slowly washing away when he meets a new girl(or boy) and seems to fall head over heels for her. muse a sees all it happening and finds himself completely heartbroken. so, it leads to him writing another song and the town is quick to find it and the buzz to find this person is back up. muse b listens to this new song that come out and his suspicions seem to be confirmed, so he goes to confront muse a.

heaven and hell have been at war for years and years. pretty much since lucifer was banished from heaven and stripped of his wings, they'd been at war. plenty of angels and demons lost their lives seemingly everyday, yet lucifer stayed strong and never backed down once. the creator, god, couldn't believe how ruthless his own creation could be, but what did he expect? lucifer was bitter and angry for being kicked from his home.
flash forward to present day. lucifer has gotten a tidbit about an angel hideout, so without much thinking, he set out to demolish these beings. little does he know, it's a trap. a trap by one of the arch angels. lucifer has fallen into this said trap and has been taking prisoner. the war has ended. at least for now. until the dark lord can get free, it's quiet between the two realms. demons are too scared to rescue their lord, fearing angels would strike them down. angels are content and happy knowing the menace has been contained.
although, being locked up doesn't seem to bother lucifer a single bit. he's constantly pestering his captor with stupid jokes, crude insults, and empty flirts. he never meant for feelings to form, but here he was. continued to pester his captor, but with more... risque language. and soon enough, the angel breaks and shows lucifer a bit of discipline.

A world where when you turn 18, one of your eyes change to the color of your soulmates until you meet them. If you haven't found them by 21, you'll get the "cost" to finally meet your soulmate.
on muse A's 18th birthday, they wake up with one of their eyes the color of their soulmate's. three years go by and A has watched their friends and everyone around them meet and get with their soulmates. their 21st birthday hits and they get the "cost" to meet their soulmate. and that cost happens to be their life.
muse B had hit their 18th birthday and their eye color had surely changed, and sure they were elated, but everything else around them was going awful. abuse from their alcoholic father and bullying whether it had been from school or the internet. that's what led them to take their life at just 19.
muse b now sits in the afterlife, two different colored eyes and fully aware of muse A being their soulmate. B is allowed to go back to earth to meet muse A, but they're simply scared. what would A have to say to the fact that B was cowardly and killed themselves? but then muse B's 21st birthday hits and their cost is to come back to earth as a "guardian angel" in order to be with A.

• to put it simply, muse B is no longer alive, sitting in the afterlife as an angel. they've been allowed to go back down to earth to meet their soulmate, yet they're scared because they're sure muse A would despise them due to their decisions.
• there's 2 decisions to make. muse A takes their own life to be with B or muse B goes back down to earth to be A's guardian angel in order to be with them(lets hope for the latter).
• to add a potential side angsty plot where muse a does hurt himself fairly badly and has to be hospitalized for a while and there's no clue if he'll survive or not (we can def talk about this more!)

We all know that Achilles and Patroclus were more than likely lovers. I mean who would want their ashes mixed with someone as one of your dying wishes? With that being said, their souls are intertwined, knowing each other through every like they've met. Yet, something always bad seems to happen and they're immediately separated like they were in ancient Greece. They can only ever hope that every time the meet again, nothing tragic happens and they can finally be together.
Finally, they're rebirthed into a modernized world that seems to be more accepting of a relationship such as theirs. Now they can only hope that when they form their bond once more, they won't have to leave each other so soon again.

Muse B is a well known prince(ss) of a large kingdom that happens to rule over most of the land. While they adore their life, they're always constantly pent up in the castle and if they ever want to walk freely about the village below there's always guards tailing on their heels. It's suffocating and they'd wish they could do a little exploring on their own terms. So, every once and awhile Muse B sneaks out of the castle to walk the village by themselves to get a break.
Muse A on the other hand has a completely different story. Muse A has lived most of their life as a dragon, naturally hoarding anything and everything they could find. One day, they come across a shining treasure, ultimately wanting it as theirs but a witch has laid their eyes on the treasure first and when Muse A comes to take it away to their hoard, the witch is beyond pissed. Angry enough, they curse the dragon to live the life of a human with the only way to reverse the curse is to kiss your one true love. Muse A is devastated as they wake up as a human and finding out the only way to reverse this because how in the absolute hell are they ever going to find the right person?
Muse A struggles across the West plains, not finding a connection with the right person. As they travel, they find themselves in the South plains in Muse B's kingdom. As Muse A begins to wander the village they ultimately bump into a person-Muse B. Regardless of not knowing B's identity, A apologizes profusely before realizing there's a weird tug in their stomach as they speak to B. While the prince(ss) feels it too, they begin to notice it's starting to get late and they need to get back to the castle. Before taking off, they tell Muse A to meet them at a specific spot the next day. That begins their "secret" meetings as feelings for each other begin to grow. All the while Muse B hasn't told the other their true identity and Muse A hasn't let it slip that they're on a mission to break their curse. Although the moment the two finally share kiss, Muse A's secret is out in the open between the both of them, but B's secret still hasn't budged.
Muse B doesn't seem to mind that A is a dragon-especially when they can transform to a human when they please-B seems to find A fascinating. So they keep seeing each other, Muse A finding refugee and a new home to hoard in a close by mountain. Flying over the kingdom has brought anxiety to the people living among the people, so the king, Muse B's father has demanded the guards to go and slay the dragon before it wrecks havoc on the kingdom and village. With that news floating around Muse B panics because the dragon isn't a danger to the people, they're completely innocent. So, in B is going to have to race the guard to get to Muse A first before they're killed and find a way to break the news that they're royalty.

muse a and muse b were in love. madly and deeply. some allegations of muse b cheating comes up and muse a finds out about it. muse b swears up and down that they are wrong, but a can't find it in their heart to trust their word. and that's the end of them. muse b moves out, eleven blocks from their door step to muse a's.
three years later and muse b finds it too close to a. they feel strangled, heart broken still even though they think they're in love with someone else. but deep down muse b is still madly and deeply in love with muse b.
there's only 14 blocks from a party to muse a's home, and it's Friday night. muse b knows muse a isn't doing a thing. they used to never go out on Friday nights.
then muse b finds that they're two blocks from muse a's home. does muse b risk the chance of going back and getting hurt? or go back home to their new lover and completely forget muse a ever existed?
if muse b does go back, how will muse a react? are they still madly deeply in love with muse b? has muse a moved? what if muse a has already moved on?

there's a little tales that's been going around there a two witches(muse A & B) "running a muck" the town. the two live together in a small cottage in the middle of the woods. Of the two witches, muse B is a very grumpy person who barely trusts anyone(except Muse A).
Muse C and D are partners in witch hunting, hunting down one of the witches(not realizing theres 2), but one of the hunters(muse C) gets ambushed by a dark witch after getting separated from their partner, and this muse gets really hurt, to the point they're on the brink of death.
While on a walk through the woods, Muse A and B find Muse C unconscious and bleeding out. Muse A wants to help muse C and bring them home to have all their supplies to fix them up so badly, but muse B really doesn't want to, but they finally give in and help them get muse C home.
Muse C ends up waking up on a couch in the cottage of muse A and B and freaks out, scared for their life after soon realizing that they're in a witch's home. A and B are witches, but why would a witch help a person? confused why they've been rescued and helped, Muse A explains, calming and relaxing Muse C. While Muse B is getting anxious that there's a hunter in the home. They announce that they're going to go get some fresh air. As muse B is out they come across Muse D, who's looking for C, so wanting to get muse C out of their home as quickly as possible, muse B reluctantly leads muse D to the home to get C. But for some reason(could be a super bad thunderstorm, whatever you want) C and D end up staying at the little home despite muse B's protests, muse A is kinda excited because they like humans and people in general. some time passes(we can have some plot fillers between) where muse D and C are still at the home(for whatever reason) and Muse A & C have very quickly fallen in love and as flirty as D is, it takes a lot longer for them to break Muse B's protective shell, but over time as D hangs around, B and D fall in love.

Muse A: a witch who helps heal muse C. Enjoys the company of the humans and finds them interesting. Falls in love with muse C.
Muse B: witch, and a very grumpy one at that. Best pals with Muse A. Basically the opposite of A, does not like the hunters. Also muse B falls in love with D.
Witch Hunters
Muse C: a witch hunter, gets attacked by a dark witch and gets really injured in is taken in by A & B. A lil tough and rough, but seems to quickly fall in love with muse A
Muse D: witch hunter, partner of C. Very flirty and teasing towards B. B takes them to the home of A & B to take muse C away. Ends up falling in love with muse B
*** can also do singles with just 2 muse instead of 2 each

Muse A is wealthy prince who's family rules almost the whole countryside. Muse B is the vampire king. Muse A and B are very much in love, but they've kept their relationship hidden from a majority of everyone. What happens when Muse A is set to marry a princess from another kingdom to appease a peace treaty his father has signed?

Muse A and B were high school sweethearts at one point, but as they got older their lives called them in different directions. Now, almost seven years after graduating high school, Muse A has returned to their home town to visit family only to find Muse B never really left. When they bump into each other once again, they begin to reminisce about all of the good times they shared and decided to visit their old secret hide out. However, when they arrive, they're appalled to see it's been torn down and is now a construction site. It leaves them questioning themselves and asking "Where do we go from here?"

The walls are paper thin and you just heard the brutal break up of me and my ex, and now you're trying to comfort me through the walls and it's kinda awkward but it's also helping so?

Muse A and his boyfriend have been neighbors with Muse B for quite some time. Every now and then the two would have the occasional arguments when they'd first moved into the apartment. As months passed, these fights gradually got worse and way more heated. A started spending nights alone and crying himself to sleep, then his boyfriend would come home late, smelling like a mix of alcohol and perfume. Then one faithful day, Muse A comes home from work to find his boyfriend and someone else having sex in their bed. So, in the end, they fought, break up, and the boyfriend is kicked from the apartment. Curled up in his bedroom sobbing uncontrollably, A hears a soft tap on the wall and another man's voice. With the walls paper thin, Muse B, heard all of it and boy does he feel awful for his neighbor. The two begin to talk, making A feel a ton better than he had been. Over the next few weeks, the two had a conversation in passing, always saying they'd visit each other one day in the week, but they somehow keep missing each other or something else comes into play. Then, as B is leaving his apartment and Muse A is getting back to his after a long shift, they finally meet. And damn. There's tension.
*Anything in RED is my preferred role

• Soulmate AUs
• Modern fantasy or supernatural
• HumanxAngel
• HumanxDemon
• AngelxDemon
• Fluff/Slice of life with angst and dram
• VampirexWerewolf
• HumanxVampire
• WerewolfxHuman
• Greek mythology themes
• Similar plots to Heartstopper (Aged 18+ chars) or Young Royals
• Enemies to lovers
• Childhood friends to lovers
• Friends to lovers
• Poly small 'group' rp of 3-4
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Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Slice-of-Life, Adventure, Modern
Hey there! You seem interesting and have ideas I could totally go for.

Plot I'd be into: In a Field of Dandelions (I have a character in mind already!)

Pairings/Tropes I'd be into:

Modern Fantasy/Supernatural
Human x Angel
Human x Demon
Fluffy/Slice of Life with angst and drama
Vampire x Werewolf
Human x Vampire
Enemies to Lovers
Childhood Friends to Lovers

I wasn't sure if I should post or PM you but post won in my head. I hope that's okay! Even if you decide we won't be a good fit, I hope we can be friends! :)
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do you feel forever about him?
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I have updated with a couple new tropes/pairings! Please dm if you're interested <3


- Lesbian - She/They - “ ree “
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Romance ✨
Ohmygosh, Love Is Blinded has very much caught my interest
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do you feel forever about him?
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hello friends!

i am closing my partner search thread at the moment and not accepting partners. this is because i would like to clean up the first post a little and do some 'renovations'! :) unless you have already dmed me, or i have this will not apply to you.
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