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    Tell me, my fellow reader. Have you ever been so in love with a character that when they pass from their world that you've felt pain inside or the slightest tug at your heart strings? Well everyone, at least once, has had this happen to them. Some people even wish to have a chance at talking to the character that they like. Well, my fellow fan girl, this is the one place that you can actually have the chance to do so, even with a character that has passed away.

    You see this is a town trapped in a dimension of its own. Floating on top of a slab of the earth's crust in an endless void of darkness. Even if you try to fall into the darkness, you'll just end up back in the center of the town right by a large, glorious fountain that flows with almost transparent water that gleams with the colours of the light spectrum and turns into perfect crystal beads upon contact with skin no bigger than the grains of sand one would walk through at the beach. It also is present that one cannot suffocate from lack of breathing or die while they visit the town. Whenever cut, guest will bleed out white blood that instantly heals their wounds and prevents sickness of any kind, or at least the chance of death by any-one can still experience the symptoms of the average cold. Because of the town's mysterious existence and effects on its guests, many are lead to believe that it is their final resting place, and for some of its guest it is until their bodies are somehow brought back to life in their worlds.

    So how does one get here? There's three known ways as of now: 1] You die in your pervious world 2]You manage to unlock the spiritual key by being a huge fan girl for a person within another world {Show, manage, web comics, etc.} 3] Use fucking witch craft or just randomly pop up into this town. But let's be honest. No one really cares how they end up here, especially those that are obviously the fan girls/guys.

    So enter this world if you dare. There's a few places and rules to know, but who really needs to know them? Oh wait. Everyone does.


    -What happens in the town, stays in the town. Memories are wiped clean of the town and only return once you come back.
    -Never mention "Queen Maire." No one knows what happens if you do.
    -All guest are giving a free place to stay. Its usually either a small apartment that fits the characteristics of what they are used to or a place they've always wanted to live in.
    -There's no Sun or Moon nor planets. Light mysteriously exists here despite the pitch black sky-The town has the bended and pop style similar to the style of "Death City" from Soul Eater except with all white buildings and side walks that have space and star filled patterns on it that move depending on what angle you look them from.
    -Wild animals are not present. The only animals that you'll see are either the "guest" or the town staff that never speak or blink.

    -Have decent spelling and grammar so we can actually read and understand what you say. Try to stay away from one-liners, but you do not have to write a whole novel since this is a simple, jump-in RP.
    -Original characters are allowed! If you plan on using the same OC over and over, it is best that you fill out a skelly so people who jump in will have basic info on your character. Of course, this is not needed, but is quite helpful.
    -If you plan on being a canon character from any anime, manga, movie, TV show, book, or video game, please tell me! I will have a list of taken characters. So if you want to be Karkat from Homestuck or England from Hetalia, better tell me before someone else does!
    -No killing. Its impossible. Fights are welcomed.
    -Although romance is welcomed, time skip sex scenes. Kissing? Fine. Hugging? Why not! Touching butts? Getting a little close to the line, but okay. Smexy fun time? Ha, sorry Sonny, but hell no.
    -Cussing is not fucking allowed. Oh wait. HeLl Ya It Is MoThErFuCkEr. Totally made a Gamzee reference right there.

    -Wait for two other people to post before posting again. This way people will actually have a chance to catch up on post and join in at anytime!
    -Don't be a dick. If I catch you making fun of someone for being of a different sexuality, follower of another religion, or anything else personal, I'll smack you the fuck out of here. Of course it is allowed character wise.
    -Multiple character are allowed. This includes OCs!

    || More will be added in as the RP goes on. Feel free to submit more ideas to create your own!

    A quick note for one to learn is that the places here do not have official names. There's no labels or signs. The guest give the places names based on what they find inside of the plain white buildings with simple designs.

    -That Tavern on the End of the Middle Street: a simple pub that has a roman style interior inside.
    -Pitch Black Inn: A ghoulish inn that has ghost-like mist drifting around. Purple fog lingers around the floor and only torches light the way. Best place to sleep since dreams are always gentle and sweet.
    -Flabber Fin Diner: A simple seafood diner where seals, that strangely have good hygiene and manners, serve you your food. Interior is built to look like the icy environment of the artic circle without the freezing cold!
    -Tiny on the Outside, Giant on the Inside Hotel: Although it looks like a tiny shop outside, its actually a never ending hotel. Guest are able to find their rooms in a breeze oddly without being exhausted from the walking.
    -The Portal Fountain: Remember that fountain I mentioned earlier? Well its the place you arrive at when you first come to town.



    > OC SKELLY:
    || If you plan to be here for a short time or use an OC not as often, then you DO NOT have to fill this out. Everything except name is optional. Feel free to add in more info! Skellies will help others who jump in, know who is who if the character has been in the RP for a long time!

    Appearance: [written
    Sexual Orientation:
    Religious Preference:
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  2. Love it yo. Unfortunately, I have minimal experience with what a Canon Character is. So, having let that bit of blasphemy slip, I suppose I'll just create a character.

    Sound groovy?
  3. // OCs are perfectly allowed! I just realized I didn't mention them! >~< Let me fix that really quick!
  4. It ain't no thang! :) Here's a quick Character Sheet for your trouble.

    Name: Gregory Gilmore
    Age: 30
    Appearance: At first glance, you might think he was an elf from some fantasy realm. This is so because he has incredibly pointy ears, as well as a slender and graceful physique. However, upon closer inspection, you'd realize he was just a very slender and pointy eared man. If you happened to be speaking to him, you'd see that he has light blue eyes and a cat-like facial structure. His teeth are fairly straight and clean, as is the rest of him. Glancing up, you'd get an eyeful of wavy, black hair. It is fairly windswept, and sticks up in places when a breeze picks up. You might even label him a fashionable guy if you took a look at his outfit. He is currently wearing a NOTW tee shirt, a pair of faded denim jeans and a pair of Sauconey running shoes. He doesn't have any jewelry or other personal effects.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Religious Preference: Christian
    Occupation: Works part time as a librarian.
    Personality: The guy is a sweetheart. Raised by very doting parents, Greg was taught quite a bit about proper etiquette. He is outgoing, moderately intelligent and highly hyperactive. However, he can be a bit much for some people due to his bubbly nature.
  5. //Thanks! I've added it to the character list in the OOC room. You can view it by clicking the word "OOC" in the RP description under the section "CHARACTERS"
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  6. // From now on, please submit OC skellies or request for canon characters in the OOC. There you can place all OOC messages there!

    Scourge opened the door of her room and paced out into the plain white hallway. She had been for three, no four, weeks. Well actually she didn't really. Time was not counted and clocks of any kind either spun out of control or froze in place. Cell phones also refused to work and only displayed a picture of the famous fountain in town center. She had only two ways to attempt to keep time: 1.) Estimate the time herself 2.) Ask new people right away what the time was when they left. She preferred to do option two since it also allowed her to see everyone in the town.

    Quickly she ran to, you guessed it, the fountain and sat on the wide rim of the base of the white fountain. Silently see wait for new arrivals.
  7. Golan blinked rapidly as his eyes adjusted to the light that was not the bright overheads of his office. For a moment he looked quite strange sitting in mid-air, arms propped on a desk that was no longer there. Then the physics of the new world took hold and he landed with a thud on the ground. With a mumble, Golan looked around at his new settings.

    "Where the hell am I?" He asked the empty street.

    His eyes roamed the plain buildings and up to the strangely lit sky.

    "How bizarre."

    With no idea of what else he should do, Golan began walking towards what appeared to be the center of the odd town he had suddenly found himself in.
  8. Tobias looked around, wondering what the hell this place was. He had been sleeping when he suddenly woke up in this strange place.
    "Where is this? What am i doing here?" He asked to himself.
    He sat down on the ground and began thinking about what he did before he appeared here.
  9. {I will be playing as Gamzee Makara} (HoNk HoNk :o)

    Gamzee looked around the rather odd place that he suddenly found himself at... wow he guessed that must've finally been it huh? Kanaya must have really killed him back there huh? He, Gamzee, really died? how else was he here now? Well, he had no idea honestly. Would just have to wait for Hussie's updates to find out. He glanced over at what appeared to be a person?, a human male is what it looked like, also another. He passed by them to a girl at a fountain? Wow this place was getting weird, well he was sort of used to weird.

    "UhH SuP?" he said questioningly to the girl.

    And then turned to the two guys, they seemed awake and were nearby, one was walking here and the other just seemed to pass out here like Gamz had. "HeY YoU GuYs OkAy?" he asked them both.
  10. Scourge pulled out a notebook as she waited in the fountain. She had her feet dipped in it, though, only tiny orbs touched her feet. They were cold, but not too cold to were it would be uncomfortable. In fact everything about this town was comfortable once you were here for a day or two.

    Suddenly she heard the odd voice of male talk to her. Instantly she turned her head around slightly to see who it was. However, the moment her eyes landed on who it was, Scourge nearly jumped.

    "Hey wait a fucking moment! Aren't you, err, uh, that clown guy from that webcomic 'Homesomething?'" She asked with a shocked tone.

    The grey face covered in clown makeup was quite familiar followed by the candy corn coloured horns. She had remembered reading an online comic with a few of her friends while she was still in the real world, but the blonde couldn't remember the name of both the guy before her or the comic title itself.

    Before he could respond, however, she saw the two other guys and ran over to them while holding her notebook open.

    "Hey! Quick question! What time was it when y'all last remember being in your worlds?"
  11. Tobias looked around as one more person appeared in this place. "Huh? I'm ok, I think." He replied to the person who had just appeared from the fountain. He then glanced at the female with the notebook in her hands."The time? I'm not sure, I was sleeping before and i just woke up here."
  12. {I am playing as Rin Kagamine from Vocaloid~}

    Rin awoke with a start, looking around. "Wha...?" She trailed off, looking around the city with utmost curiosity. She had never been in such a strange place, and she looked around, bewildered. "Len?" She called out, looking for her male counterpart. She became worried as she didn't see him around her. Not a moment ago she was sleeping peacefully in Masters computer in their room, and now she was here without him, and it scared her. They never went anywhere without each other, and now she had no idea where he was. "Len!?" she called out a bit more frantically as she sat up, starting to cry.
  13. The sound of a magic portal ripping through the dimension could be heard from the fountain, which sounded a lot like a machine whirring in actuality, as a bright glow of blue light fills the area. Emerging from the blue light the sorceress arrived with book in hand while chanting some words they were reading aloud. Slamming the book closed and outreaching a hand back to the portal she called out "Gate of traveling, close!" Upon her command the portal closed in on itself, imploding with minimal damage and vanishing into thin air. "So this is where the area key words of town dimension day takes you huh." She thought aloud while looking around at the town, standing in front of the fountain.
  14. (I'll be playing as Shion from Higurashi.)

    Shion had appeared in a weird place she's never been, nor seen before. She then saw a girl crying and ran over. "What is wrong?" She asked her. She was confused herself where everything was. Or where her twin sister Mion was. She could be anywhere. Even though they didn't really get along much. She was still worried for her sister.
  15. {I will be playing as Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill}
    Normal (open)

    kamui senketsu (open)

    Ryuko awoke and jolted up from her spot on the ground. She looked around at her surroundings. The last thing she remembered before falling asleep was being in class and dozing again. Ending up in a completely different town was very odd and suspicious to her. Perhaps this was a trap set by one of the club presidents? Highly unlikely anyone would be able to pull off a trick this big. Ryuko decided to investigate and pulled out her currently miniaturized scissor blade. With ease, she returned it to its normal sword size and got up from where she was sitting. She turned to find a small group of people gathered together. Perhaps one of them knew where she was? She started walking towards them when Senketsu chimed in, "Ryuko, are you sure it's safe to go towards those people? One of them looks rather...weird." He pointed out, looking directly at Gamzee.
    "Don't worry, if they do end up being enemies I'll be ready to strike." She smirked.
    She walked up to the group and eyed them down with her hand gripped tightly on her scissor blade handle.
  16. Rin looked up, seeing a girl standing in front of her. "M-my brother." She choked out between sobs. "We go everywhere together, not a single day have I been without him, and now he is gone!" She cried out. She, being her usual self, acted tough, but the both of them practically depended on each other.
  17. Golan came to the end of the street he had been walking down. He stopped and marveled at the glorious fountain placed in the center of town. Wherever this was, it was very beautiful, though haunting at the same time. He began to notice others gathering around the fountain and was relieved to see he wasnt alone here. A young girl approached and before he could ask any questions, she asked one of her own.

    "The time?" He asked with a puzzled expression.

    He thought back to his office and the small digital clock on his desk.

    "4:15 Pm last time i checked."
  18. Name: Emery Long
    Gender: Male

    Age: 16
    Appearance: Hair that is of a peachy pink and soft to the touch, big light brown eyes, and pale skin.
    He's short for his age, around 4'7, and weighs about 70 pounds.
    He is known to have a more girly style, often seen wearing pastel colors and Lolita like things.
    Mistaken often to be a girl!

    Sexual Orientation: Gay
    Religious Preference: N/A
    Occupation: Emery works in a little bakery at the corner of a street,
    and it's known for it's girly interior and design of goodies.
    Personality: Emery is very outgoing and thoroughly enjoys cute things. He is never
    really seen being sad or unhappy, and tends to be very optimistic. He's childish and is known to
    jump onto people like a little kid. Give him any type of sweets or candy, and he'll practically love you!
  19. "HoMeWhAt?..." The juggalo was instantly confused, he honestly had no clue what she was talking about or why she was freaking out so much. He looked around again and saw what looked like two more human girls, one was a blonde and was crying over her brother apparently. He tried to recall the last thing that happened to him... He was a cliff, Terezi was there, oh yeah and he had stabbed Karkat. Damn that was a lot of death in one flash, maybe Hussie had gone too far, naw, not really. Gamzee once he was transported here was his usual self again, his usual clown self anyways. So he wasn't feeling the urge to kill everyone at the moment. It seemed these humans were scared of him anyways so he just stood there not knowing what to do.

    Then he noticed one of the girls that were waking up. X woke up at the fountain and looked up to see none other than Gamzee Makara, holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!... "Oh my god it's really you!" her reaction was sort of a mi of shock, fangirling, and just a little bit of fear. "UhH, iTs Me? I dOnT sEe WhAt ThE bIg MoThErFuCkInG dEaL iS...." she didn't really know what else to say so she just kind of looked around only to fangurl yet again after seeing two certain vocaloids. How could this day get any better?
    {I'll be playing as Len Kagamine} (I couldn't leave Rin alone lol)

    "Uhh..." He watched his twin sister cry and freak out a moment almost wanting to laugh actually. Most days consisted of him being tormented by Rin and them arguing in ways that are he guessed typical of siblings but it kind of made him want to laugh and smile at the same time seeing how his sis would really miss him if he were gone. "Uh I'm right here..."
  20. Rin's head snapped around, seeing her brother behind her. The first reaction she had, caused her to sprint towards him and wrap her arms tightly around him, tearing up a bit. The second reaction, was to smack him over the head, which she did. "No laughing!" She protested.