The Town with Many Secrets

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  1. A desolate town once held a fearsome beast. It consumed the town in a blinding rage, where none could escape its grasp. The townspeople were placed on daily regimes to keep the beast and the town at bay. Though no one dared to go out past the nightfall bell. The church was the only safe haven and even then it held its secrets. The churches leader, the one who everyone looked up too, was giving the beast of the town the religious members as sacrifices on the sly. The town had a major who found out and had the Church leader burned at the stake. The days of the monster killing had vanished.

    Twenty years later, three mysterious months had gone by. The monster eating the rest of the people has been gone. But as the town has gone back to normal. The killings have worstened. You are here to uncover the truth behind this mysterious town.
    The weather is warm, no chance of Sun showing through the snowing sky of Soot.

    Welcome to the town, where you can never leave.
  2. ((This sounds like a really good RP, so mind if I post))

    Eris had been driving for almost two hours now, and her car was beginning to run low on gas. She thought she would be able to make it to the next town to fill the tank up, but she never passed one. After another couple miles the car's engines sputters and dies. Eris let out a string of curses, than got of the car. The sky was dark, but there was something strange about it. Instead of clouds blotting out the sun, Eris realized that it was ash and soot. How peculiar.

    She sent a wicked glare at her small car, letting out a string of curses. She knew she should have filled the tank at the last town she had passed through, but no, she had to be her usual stubborn self and ignore the blinking fuel light. Now look at her, stuck in the middle of no where. She spun on her heel and began walking along the long straight road, hoping there was a gas station somewhere close by.


    Eris had been walking for almost an hour and a half now without a sign of civilization anywhere. Where are all the people!? She thought in despair. Than, in the distance she saw something that made her heart lift in her chest. It was a town. Finally! She quickened her pace, giddy to find somewhere with a gas tank, and maybe even someone who would be willing to drive her back to her car.

    Her feet were beginning to hurt from the walk when she finally made it to the outskirts of the town. It almost looked....Deserted. A flash of movement caught her eye, and Eris looked to her right to see a woman staring at her through a window before yanking the drapes closed. Okay so there were people here....Creepy, recluse like people.

    A shudder ran down the length of her spine. Something wasn't right about this place. She felt like she was in Gatlin, with the creepy murderous kids from that movie Children Of The Corn. She quickened her pace, keeping her eyes out for a gas station, and keeping her guard up.
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    Reason for coming to town:
    Other(if character is a creature):
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