The town of the Crimson lilies.

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    The once pleasant aroma of spices lingering in the air had dissipated. The robust scent of brimstone and fire now gripped the wind. Screams as from the damned pierced the normal clamor. As a cloud of smoke blotted out the once radiant sun. Corpses decorated the floor as crimson blood painted the cobble streets. Judgement had been wrought on their heads. And all those thought as innocent found themselves facing death's door. Within the market place stood a strange woman. An unnatural aura outlined her flesh; as if she did not belong at all. Her once snow white jacket stained with drops of blood. The color of which only came from slicing an artery.

    With cold eyes she gazed upon the scene. Shock setting in as her hands began to twitch. Her nostrils widening as she took in the scent of the dead. Within her hands rested a silver blade adorned with various engravings. Written in a language few could understand save for a handful of scholars. The handle rattled in her hand as the sound of crackling fire surrounded her. A small home behind her would give way to the fire. Tossing embers high into the blacken sky. Elegantly dancing and twirling toward the blood drenched street. Frantically she would look about as her eyes widen. Feeling overwhelmed with various emotions. Ranging from fear to shock.

    Guilt now plastered itself on her blood and tear stained face. Frantically she would shake her head as beads of tears fell from her cheeks; causing a rippled in the pool of crimson. Her hands squeezing her head as she dropped to her knees letting out a frightful cry. Though she knew they would fall on deafened ears. For the sheer volume of agonizing cries for help would overshadow her own. Who was this young lady? Did she kill all these people? Was she somehow responsible for the deaths in this town? Truthfully, partly so. But there was more going on then met the eye for those with a strong sense of perception.

    For within the shadows something was stirring. Like the sailors of old they were lost in the sirens call. Vile sorcery was clearly at work here and perhaps partly to blame.

    "Control...Control yourself." The strange woman whispered to herself. "Still your emotions and take charge..." Still whispering as she rose to her feet regathering her composure. Pulling a complete 180 if any cared to take note. "You were not created to be bested by your own emotions and fears. God Father once told me that one who controls their tongue and emotions is greater then he." Just wrath now set in as she swung her sword with uncanny grace and speed. Her foot work equaling and in perfect harmony with her strikes. it was as if she were dancing with death itself.

    This was her way of calming herself down. Though swinging a blood stained blade around a bunch of corpses might prove unwise down the road...
  2. He didn't like to sleep. She didn't like to sleep. It didn't like to sleep.

    What was it, really? It had lost the memory responsible to describe its existence. Also, the feeling of reality from its form which was now a four-legged animals covered with black fur. A cat-like creature shaped like those wild, street cats. Indeed, it could've been a cat after all. Its mind, however, worked like a human's. It processed its thought as if it's mad, repeating the same question again and again.

    Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?

    And occasionally, a different question, yet in the same vein of insanity.

    What am I? What am I? What am I?

    A cat, its brain answered with cold, hard fact. A cat. If the answer was that simple, it won't torment its mind for this long. It turned its eyes wildly all over the place, its eyes which was the perfect sample of Heterochromia iridum, its left orb the dark blue color of the night, its right a shining golden. A new question formed in its mind.

    Where am I...?

    A street made of cobblestones. A city decorated with tall buildings. Cloud of smokes covered the air, as well as the disgusting smell permeating the air. Its sharp sense caught it easily, the smell of death. As if attracted by the repugnant smell, it swung its four feet deeper into the street.

    Headache. Illusionary visions haunting its eyes. And then, sharp pain jolting its entire body. It convulsed. Squirming. Squirming. Jerking. Several dark strings crawled out of nowhere, covering its body. When its entirety was finally devoured by the jet black void, it stopped moving.

    Then, it slowly changed. Its silhouette grew to be that of a human. A human woman. Her skin of pale palette, her hair the color of black. Her eyes was the only thing which didn't change: Heterochromia iridum, two of blue and gold.

    She gasped. Panting from nonexistant exhaustion. Realizing her raw, naked body, she reached for a nearest something to cover her body; the choice fell into a woven fabric which she wore like a robe.

    Adjusting to her surrounding better in this human-like form, she perceived the street as a sort of marketplace; selled goods, which what she suspected her emergency get-up was, were scattered all over the place. Alongside them were the source of disgusting, putrid smell she sensed before. Flesh and blood of humans.

    And in the far end, a shadow in her eyes, was a living human. A girl, judging from its feature.


    Another question. She sat there amidst the sea of corpses, her eyes fixated on the other existence in this empty world.
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    A sea of wasted potential; lives stricken bare before they could bear fruit. A gruesome reminder that death shows no clemency. Granting most a sense of their own mortality. But from the ashes of mutilated corpses hope would stir. Two life forms; both female and conscious seemed intertwine by the same invisible thread. Lead to this swarthy world of pain and woe by an invisible hand. Coincidence? Maybe...but something was stirring in the shadows. And though for the moment it proved Illusive. It quickly dawned upon Zaida that something profoundly deep was at play here. Something that her feeble and finite mind wasn't ready to fully comprehend.

    Unlike the bi-colored eye stranger which crawled from the garden of death. Zaida knew all too well what exactly she was. Though she seldom would admit it; for by doing so her mind would venture into a deep state of torpor wrought by mysteries web. Her amethyst eyes would gallop across the scene; taking note of each strange which lied dead on the cobble littered ground. Before resting near the new comer which aura was nearly as alien as her own. This stranger's face seemed riddled with confusion and a thirst for answers. She too was like a fawn panting for but a sip of water. Cautiously Zaida would close the distance between them. Her stride wide as she gracefully avoided stepping on the dead. Afraid of the omen associated with such a vile deed.

    The fiery light which illuminated the streets reflected beautifully from her adorned silver blade. She'd offer this stranger a simple gesture; extending her arm as if to provide comfort. "Are you ok?" She would inquire into before darting her eyes across the scene. Something was amiss, she could feel it as it staled the air. Her senses were keen as ever as she observed her surroundings.

    The shadows would twirl and bubble under the silent song. A melody no being could understand or even hear aside from the caster and the shadows. Long octopus like tendrils would sprout from the fathomless depths of shadows. Whirling about frantically as the pools of darkness overtook the once crimson stains. Rippling like the surface of a restless lake. With little hesitation the tendrils would rush at Zaida. With eyes closed, her nostrils would flare as she took in a deep breath...filling her lungs with deaths fragrance.

    "Remain calm..." She would attempt to comfort the stranger as she waited for the right moment.

    She could see the tendrils make their approach. She could feel the energy which wove such a foul spell course throughout it. A signature of whoever was responsible for what had transpired here. Like an artist, the conjurer of such devilish tricks boasted of their work. But in the most subtle of ways. Just as the tendrils were ready to crush her bones. Zaida would swing her blade; with one great stroke she would disperse the shadows. Pouring her own unique energy signature into the blade; causing the once plain text engraved on the silver blade to glisten silver. A streak of light followed behind her blade like the tail of a comet. It's energy on the opposite end of the spectrum as the summoned tendrils. Thus temporarily removing the threat by dispersing and canceling out the energy which bound it.

    "Are you alright? My name is Zaida. If we are to survive this endeavor I feel we must work together. And root out the source of this bitter sorcery." Her words oozing with sincerity as her voice carried with it a soothing harmony. To some it might appear as if she were trying to enchant this stranger. However no magic was at work here.

    The fire's would continue to rage as the screams of the local populace crying for salvation came from all corners of the town. Many more would fall this day, and much blood will be spilled. But not all would fall prey to the shadows or fires of war. As was evident by the bodies which nested on the cobble floor. For one can see that the shadows failed to explain why so many of the corpses that cluttered the market place suffered cuts from a blade. Though whether or not the strangers took note of this has yet to be seen.
  4. "Remain calm," she said.

    For the human-like form she took was sitting there like lifeless statue. Statue which shivered uncontrollably by each steps the other existence had made. Her pupils dilated. Fear. Fear? Or was it anxiety? No, was it expectation? Was the shiver originated from anticipation as that existence, one who was of the same form as her, also smelled like death?

    Perhaps it was fear after all. She could feel the woman's eyes studying her intently. The fabric cloaking her body suddenly felt useless. She felt naked, undressed by that eyes. Strange, since those eyes were gentle.

    Nevertheless, she must remained calm.

    Remain calm, something inside her repeated the words. The voice wasn't comforting like the woman's, it was of mockery. She gasped.

    The mask as white as marble. Two pronged spheres imitating eyes of blue and golden. Unchanging grin which caused insanity in the mind of unfaithful.

    She shuddered. Internal fight broke her mind, leaving her weak, invulnerable, unable to do anything. So distracted she didn't notice tendrils made of death coming toward them until the woman destroyed them all. When she once again focused her eyes in this reality, the woman's silver blade caught her interest. Intrigued her. Enchanted her. Something special, something different was felt from the blade. Or, she should say from the woman herself.

    "Are you alright? My name is Zaida. If we are to survive this endeavor.." she didn't listen to the rest of Zaida's sentences. The name. She was interested in the name, and the name only.

    "Z..." she moved her lips clumsily, as if she forgot how. "Zaida...Name...Zaida..." the woman's name was repeated in her mouth again. Twice. Thrice, each time growing weaker and weaker. However, her tongue finally remembered the way of language. The way humans communicate.

    "Zaida...I will...Help..." clutching her makeshift robe, she stood so they faced each other on the same height. Screams. Wails of death came from all direction. Her body shivered for a brief moment. Again, not from fear. Somehow, she knew what the feeling was called now.

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    On the outside Zaida was calm and collective. But on the inside she could feel the questions stirring within her as they tore her apart. Yet never would she convey such a truth. Either verbally or through the use of body language. For deep down inside she realized that she needed to be strong. Or at least appear to be.

    A soft smile now rested on her face as the woman spoke her name. The smile seemed out of place and in opposition to the imagery as well as the overall situation they were in. However Zaida believed one could make hell into heaven with a positive enough mental altitude. She would ponder over why this stranger faced much contest and resistance when it came to uttering her name? Could she be in shock? This seemed the most probable cause considering their current environment. Her smile would widen as the stranger rose and stood upright. Zaida was relieved to see this one was so willing to help. But then again she didn't have much in the way of choice.

    "Thank you...Though I know not your name?" She would reply; hoping to obtain a basic understanding of who and what this being was. For something was strange about this one; despite the hellish screams of the innocent. And the vicarious shadows which conspired against them...Her face showed no fear nor did her body language. In fact the only apparent difference between them was that one was calculative and the other excited. It was almost as if this stranger enjoyed dancing with the raven. But more so then Zaida herself did. Perhaps to her it was like a drug of some sort? Providing purpose for her?

    "I sensed the plucking of arcana strings from the shadows I dispersed earlier. I could follow this thread or signature and it should bring us closer to the heart of this unsightly disturbance." She did state with confidence.

    "I assume you can fight? You appear the sort..." Her amethyst eyes locking on the stranger as the words parted from her lips. The arches of her mouth would curve; giving birth to another smile. Displaying those pearl white fangs of hers.

    "Or are you to be the damsel in distress?" A chuckle following suite as she gave this stranger a wink. Though not one of a flirtatious nature.
  6. A mask as white as marble. Two pronged spheres imitating eyes of blue and golden. Unchanging grin which caused insanity in the mind of unfaithful.

    It squirmed within the girl. Pleased. Excited. Her reality was torn between the two world, both giving the appearance of Hell let loose. On the outside world, though, she had someone else with her. Here, she's alone. Alone with Him.

    What should I do? What should I do?

    No matter how much effort she gave, her mind remained its chaotic arrangement of thoughts. She can't remember what she's supposed to do. There's something deep down which prompted her to just stay there, doing nothing until the end of time. The only way to avoid suffering. The only way to avoid pain. The only way she could forget.

    Forget what?

    "Thank you...Though I know not your name?"

    She snapped out of her trance-like state. This woman she'd just met, Zaida, was real. Tendrils of darkness coming toward them just a minute ago, they're real. This was reality.

    She decided to just stay within this reality.

    "...Noir...or so I remembered..." it surprised herself that the name slided out easily from her mouth. She couldn't remember what or who she was, but that naturally flowed.

    "Yes, I can...fight..." she didn't know why, but the world "fight" made her body shivered. It was excitement, but not from her. For her, it was fear. But it wasn't fear of pain. It was fear of losing something important.

    It was fear of losing herself.

    Her eyes caught sight of steel; a butcher knife left on a stand. She lifted it with her right hand. Despite the appearance, it was quite light for her. Its previous owner laid just beside the stand. Well, it'd do more good in her hand. At least, it'd helped her to survive.

    "I'm ready...Zaida..." she gave the knife a slight swing.
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    Was this reality? Or just a nightmare? Deep down inside Zaida longed for the latter to ring true. However she knew that this was no illusion or waking dream. What they were experiencing now was real. Still so much death and decay was hard to take in. No matter how often you waltz with death; more times then often it still manages to squirm under your skin. But the difference between a warrior and a peasant was simple. Peasants suffer the mental and psychological consequences of so much suffering immediately. While those who kill know to fight now and deal with the restless nights later. With eye lids now shut she would grab the thread of insidious energy with her mind.

    No matter how cautious the author was; such energy could never be obscured fully. The sheer level of energy it emitted would serve as a light house during a new moon. Illuminating all those which cared to take notice toward it's shore. Though her eyes remain shut, Zaida would multitask and take in each and every word which parted from the strangers lips. A young lady who went by the name of Noir. A simple yet elegant name in her opinion. Unlike her own...

    "Then fight we shall Lady Noir..." Simple yet beautifully posed. Her voice like spice would enrich such a simple exchange of words.

    "I got it...come let us be off young raven." Direct as usual. Her words venomous and intoxicating; as if she were digging her serpentine fangs into this woman's mind. Infecting her soul with some sort of enchantment. Though no such tricks were at work here.

    With eye lids now open her amethyst gaze would barrel on Noir for but a single moment. They conveyed no emotion; and if she dared to peer into those pools of hers. Noir would find herself in a labyrinth of mystery and lore. Zaida had no interest on putting her cards on full display for all to see. Mystery and ignorance always proved to be her best friends whenever stepping into an unknown situation. Especially with that of a total stranger. The arches of her lips would curve as a reassuring smile now graced Noir. Displaying her pearl fangs.

    Truthfully Zaida could sense that this woman was a killer by nature; the hunt thrilled her. Perhaps even provided her with a sense of purpose and need to exist. If so then these two had more in common then she'd ever care to admit.

    Zaida would twirl; so that her back faced Noir. Her snow white skirt danced in perfect succession with her lovely hips. Gracefully she would stride, once more avoiding the corpses which decorated the morbid scene. Into the furnace they would march, weaving in and out of alleyways attempting to elude detection for as long as possible. Until they reached the square. There where a fountain once stood could be found a pile of corpses. As what appeared to be four locals could be found mindlessly beating the dead with clubs.

    "They are deranged...they have been embraced by madness and the shadows. Nothing more then feral beast. We have no choice but to engage them. For beyond this square lies the source of the disturbance. Care to show me how well you can dance Noir?" A chuckle parting from her lips; oh what an enticing notion to say the least.

    Casually Zaida would lean against the weather worn brick wall. Arms nesting on her exposed yet defined pale abdomen. Legs crossed as she watched noir intently; curious how she would reply to what appeared to be some sort of challenge or test? Though she much preferred the word tribulation. It was far more potent.
  8. Each time the woman's eyes met her blue and golden, they always made her feel uneasy. Not that she hated it, but there's something subtly hidden within those nonchalant gaze. What appeared to be something of normal, everyday occurence had such profound effect on Noir's mind.

    Enchantment? She didn't feel trapped, nor did she feel coerced by that eyes. It was something else. Or, perhaps it came from herself, a reaction to what she defined as the woman's strength.

    Death. That's all Noir could say to describe Zaida. Even now when she followed her trail as she danced gracefully amidst the sea of flesh and blood, all she could hear was the imminent footsteps of Death itself.

    Death toward those stupid enough to get in her way.

    For example, the four shapes of human showing on her sight at the moment. Four humans who swirled and jerked around amidst the sea of flesh and blood. Unlike her dance, theirs were crude. Ugly. Insulting every sense of beauty.

    "Care to show me how well you can dance, Noir?"

    She tightened her grip on the butcher knife resting on her right hand. Its blade looked as if it hadn't been sharpened for quite some times, but it should be enough to pierce through human skins, dealing mortal damage.

    ...What was it? Memories of flesh parting, royal red-colored blood splurting from the gap between...The sounds of meat quenched...

    Memories of Pain. Pain. Pain.

    She shivered, her hands grew unstable. She would surely let the knife fell if not for one scream. One wail. One sounds echoed within her skull.


    The memories went away. Once again her mind was clear, free from those chain of restrictions.

    "Care to show me how well you can dance, Noir?"

    Zaida's voice entered her mind once more. A soothing voice different from the scream. Alluring, comforting, yet stench of Death... a voice she found she'd longed.

    "...Yes, Master," along her words she stride forward. Her feet accelerated so fast, she'd found herself in the middle of those four within seconds.

    Before they could react, moreover, before they even saw her black robe flailing on the air, she kicked one of them toward the mountain of corpses. Another one was punched on his belly. He fell down, numb from the pain.

    The two left finally noticed her existence. One to her right swung his club toward her head. She bent her knees, lowered down just enough so the club hit thin air. She lightly jumped sideway, planting her elbow to his chest while making her distance to the last man.

    Now one on one with him, Noir didn't have the benefit of surprise anymore. However, a club was slow to swing for those untrained. Like now when he rushed forward screaming, clearly only wanted to hit her without any planning beforehand. The moment he swung his weapon, Noir moved out of its track. And then, before he could resume his attack, she kicked his feet, throwing him off balance.

    With him already in vulnerable state, Noir swung her knife toward his neck...only to stop just an inch before it cut through. Not only that, but she stopped. Her whole body stopped.


    ...What was it? Memories of flesh parting, royal red-colored blood splurting from the gap between...The sounds of meat quenched...

    Memories of Pain. Pain. Pain.

    She went numb. At that moment, another one of the four had finally regained his sense and tackled her down from her target. She fell, yet she didn't do anything.

    She couldn't do anything.
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    Master? Such a bold yet flattering title. One she would strive to live up to and embrace. Though no words would convey such inner thoughts. Nor would her body declare her position toward such bitter sweet endearment. With an observant gaze she would watch; like a sentry she would protect this peculiar entity. something told her that this Noir would become an invaluable asset if not more...

    Amidst of sea of death and loss; a single flower did bloom. A promise that no matter how often scythe may tear ground. Beauty and hope will always abound. A rather cheesy thought which did linger on her mind, As Zaida watched this young woman spring into action. Without mercy or even thought her muscle memory would react. Dropping each and every target like a moth into a roaring flame. With grin now decorating her luscious lips; she observed and was pleased. Like a crowd before a true gladiator she was aroused by the pure display of finesse. However what transpired next would catch her off guard.

    As if caught in a web or spell; this woman fell to the ground. She was paralyzed, unable to resist her captors. And though normally she would watch as natural selection claimed this one. Something within her stirred. A new feeling...though how to describe she knew not. Was it a weakness or strength? Time as often would be the judge. If one can pardon the cliche that is.

    "Noir.." She whispered; her soft tone of voice resonating within the paralyzed woman's ears.

    Whatever it was which snared Noir was not magical or metaphysical in nature. It was undoubtedly an allergic reaction to an old yet potent painful memory. Something Zaida could regrettably relate to. It would seem they had more in common then she cared to admit once more. Something that was proving to be a rather strange trend. With uncanny speed she would traverse the scene; the sound of bones fracturing under her influence would resonate against the weather worn walls. Puddles of blood would splash as her feet swiftly surpassed their influence.

    At first it would appear that she was moving fast, though in truth she was running at a normal speed. Space itself was warped around her at a rather steep price. But she saw no alternative. Within seconds she would close the distance between her prey. The light resonating from the raging fires would glisten and mirror from her silver sword. The engravings would emit a soft yet inviting glow. With a swift strike she would cleave the man in half. The sound of bones snapping as organs being torn asunder would dance in the stale frigid air. A streak of blood would slap against the mountain of the deceased. Adorning the morbid monument of wasted potential.

    A few gurgle sounds would part from his lips. as he let go of Noir. Blood would trail down his neck and drench his attire. This man's flesh was a canvas; and Zaida's blade the pen which left her mark. He would serve as a testament for those which dare pursue them. A surge of energy would erupt from her free hand. A simple blast which separated the mans two halves. His organs would fly across the scene; crashing against the blood stained cobble road. Littered with the scars of battle.

    "Noir...rise my raven." Zaida would plea. Though most would fail to interrupt it as such.

    With extended hand she would offer her aid. If she so desired.
  10. "..."

    She heard those familiar sounds: fresh blood staining the Earth, flesh torn abruptly against their own will, screams of death permeating the cold night sky. She closed her eyes from fear. Not from disgusting scenes folding beyond her eyelids. It was fear coming from within.

    ...What was it? Memories of flesh parting, royal red-colored blood splurting from the gap between...The sounds of meat quenched...

    Her body shivered. She didn't want it. She didn't want the pain. Yet it always came. It never failed to pursue her. Everytime blood was spilt, the pain would gave chase. She waited for it to come once more.

    Once more?

    Why, was it not the first time it happened to her? Or, had it happened before for God knows how many times?

    ...No, she didn't want to think anymore. She just laid there shivering on the ground, curling in fetal position.

    Yet the pain never came. Even when the sound of Death stopped its wail, the pain never came. She timidly opened her eyes. Right in front of her face was what once the half of the man who tackled her down. Splitted in half, his was a show of fear and anguish.

    Yet the pain never came.

    Unknowingly, uncontrollably, tears fell, trailing down the curves of her cheekbone. Tears of relief beyond her imagination. She didn't even know why the memories of pain came to her, nor why the feeling of relief washed her entire body.

    She just felt so relieved at the moment. So much it took her a few more seconds to finally saw Zaida's extended hand.


    Clutching her robe, she slowly began to rise up. Her feet still felt wobbly from those memories, but she's fine for now.

    "...Sorry, I...I failed you," she didn't have the courage to look up to her. Seeing Zaida disappointed eyes would broke her heart...


    At the same time, within the Corridor within, where nothing could see or hear but Him Himself.

    A mask as white as marble. Two pronged spheres imitating eyes of blue and golden. Unchanging grin which caused insanity in the mind of unfaithful.


    Excited. Excited. He squirmed from excitement.

  11. [​IMG]

    Those eyes; those expressive eyes served as a gateway into her soul. Noir was infected by an inner disposition from a specific moment in her past. Though Zaida doubted that she was even fully aware of this tragic stain which blighted her mind and soul. Rather it vibrated and resonated within her subconscious. Yet another truth would clarify itself by those eyes which averted themselves from her observant gaze. The likes of which could be felt digging into her soul. Noir was ashamed...burdened by guilt. Though this was somewhat admirable. Ultimately it reflected poorly and in direct contrast to her aura.

    "No need to feel guilt. I can relate to your inner disposition..." Zaida would reply; offering her yet another wide yet encouraging smile.

    Sincerity and brutal honesty was one of her final traits. Thankfully this time it would serve her well, though this was not always the case. For reasons beyond what she could fathom; Zaida felt a connection with this woman. Truthfully the mystery behind it proved quite alluring. Something she wouldn't exchange for anything in this world. Though she would seldom verbally admit such a truth. But a fragment of this lingered on each and every word which parted from her luscious lips.

    "I will help you my beautiful raven." Elegantly posed as ever; yet just as intoxicating. Her harmonious tone carried with it a comforting vibe. As if she was trying to sooth her inner turmoil.

    "Come take my hand..." Zaida would state boldly, motioning with her extended hand as if to beckon her.

    The one which clung to shadows would remain hidden for now. However deep in her bones she could sense his gaze barreling down upon this peculiar scene. This caused a sense of uneasiness to linger in the air. Though for the moment she was content with ignoring it. For she knew all too well that in a moment of whatever may or may not be scouting them choosing. It would step from swarthy embrace and melt into the light. For all that is conspired in mystery is ultimately revealed by the light. A fact which litters the pages and tomes of history.

    "Come...we must hurry." Zaida spoke softly as she offered her yet another wink. Hoping that her muscles once more would stir so that they may close the distance between themselves and their destination.

    Oddly enough it would seem that the gruesomely morbid scene phased through her. No longer did the wails of the trouble and damned linger on her senses and conscious. It was as if the fabrics of this world was bent by her subjective value. Which was concieve oddly enough by a seamlessly random encounter with Noir.
  12. Puddle of guilt growing within was dangerous for heart. It formed, slowly filling its owner with unbreathable air, and then slithered all around the body, squeezing whatever strength was left.

    As such, Zaida's words felt comforting, freeing her from that pool. She looked at her eyes, seeing neither anger nor disappointment on them. Sheepishly she moved toward the extended hands. When she touched it, she could felt rush of warmth originating from contact with other human beings. Something she'd lost since time forgotten. Something she'd longed since time forgotten.

    Memories, different from those of pain, flushed toward her mind. Most were hazy, but carried with them various aspects of this world. Trivial things. Color of the sky, language to speak, things people took for granted came to her at that instant.

    "I shall follow you...Master..." she whispered. The feeling of her tongue got stronger by each passing moment, to the point that she's finally able to form coherent sentences.

    To where?

    She didn't bother to think about it. In the first place, she had nowhere to, she had nothing to do, nothing to live for, nothing to define her existence.

    Because existence was never a one-way lane. To exist, one needed to know that one exists. To exist, one needed others to know that one exists.

    If, say, she could at least clung to this woman, a shred of existence which appeared in her meaningless life...

    "...Wherever you go, I shall follow."

    The words left her lips, words strong and firm unlike those she'd spoken beforehand.
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    Something was changing within Noir. It was almost as if the venomous fangs which clung and tainted her soul grip was weakening. As if something was responsible for slowly but surely purging her from it's infection. Though at the moment Zaida would fail to connect the dots and understand that she was somehow responsible for this refreshing change. No words of approval needed to be exchanged. It was flamboyantly obvious by the way she stared at this woman. Issuing more respect toward her then before. The smile still plastered on her face would widen as her words became more firm. Even her term of endearment...master seemed to seep in far deeper then before. Causing her smile to widen once more.

    For a brief moment she felt her worries lifted from off of her pale petite shoulders. A welcome change to be honest. Though less she come off as naive or childish Zaida would keep this much to herself. Until such a time as she felt it necessary to verbally express what was painfully apparent for all to observe.

    "You flatter me Noir..." She spoke; as if shy. Shy? No not possible...with a simple shrug of the head she would cast such an emotional response aside. Now was not the time...

    "Whatever troubles face us I can face with confidence knowing you are by my side Noir." Such a bold declaration of her fondness for this woman who reminded her of a younger self. Direct...maybe but she cared not for subtly at this point. This woman so far had showered her with compliments. It was only fair to express such thankfulness with the utmost of integrity.

    With hands now intertwined; and warmth being exchanged during the most callous of times. The two would venture onward...leaving whoever sulked in the shadows to follow their progress if it so desired. It didn't take long for it to become abundantly clear and irrefutable that whatever was attacking this once simple town was winning. a rather distraught epiphany...but one zaida felt the need to come to terms with.

    "We are drawling nearer...I feel it's influence weighing down on me." Zaida would state as she squinted.

    And there as soon as such a simple statement parted from the luscious lips of hers. The women would find themselves staring at an old cathedral. a menacing yet vicarious aura emitting from the knob of brass which secured the door. Though truthfully zaida found this to be a dreadful cliche. Still she suppose the location of the source mattered not. All that mattered to her was dispersing this sorcery and protecting Noir. A feeling she was almost certain was mutual.

    "'s coming from under ground. Shall we find Religion then?" She would jest; a genuine chuckle parting from those defined arches of hers. Her artsy bone structure bending ever so perfectly to flatter both ehr finer features and her mood. Which surprisingly was far from pesstimistic.

    Casually her eyes would scan Noir. Observing her frame...wondering what her reaction would be. And though she knew it was possible that this one could fall paralyzed again. She deemed it worth the risk. For she knew that it was well worth the risk. If only her father was here...he would know what exactly was going on. Though deep within her gut Zaida had a rather strong theory. A blood curse...
  14. Within the darkened town, Zaida's soft yet strong grip guided her. Here and there were signs of world falling apart. Testaments of the winning march held by whatever shadows had marked this town as its next victim.

    Fangs of Death. Wails of the unfaithful.

    She clutched her robe with her free hand. That was when she realized the butcher knife, her weapon from before, was on with her. She must've left it behind.

    Moreover, why would she needed such kind of weapon? Deep within the mound of memories, she knew for sure that no weapon was needed for her to kill. To rip apart any stupid enough to cross her path...

    Her path? Was it like that? Wasn't it...

    She tried to shrug away screams echoing within her mind. Screams so terrifying it struck fear into the unfaithful.

    A mask as white as marble. Two pronged spheres imitating eyes of blue and golden. Unchanging grin which caused insanity in the mind of unfaithful.

    No...I don't want it...

    If not for Zaida's constant pull, she surely would've fell to the ground knee-first, numb from those memories. It provided her with a sense of reality.

    Yes, this is reality. Those screams tormenting her wasn't. As long as she clung to it, she won't fall.

    Finally they arrived on a big building. A cathedral, or so she thought it was called. Zaida seemed to feel something from this place. Her grip grew stronger, which Noir found reassuring.

    Something within her stirred as well. Excitement. Excitement. It jerked around, urging her to move. Urging her to see.

    Stop it!

    She mentally screamed. It was pleased, yet it stopped moving. It stopped doing anything as she requested.

    "Let's go, Master. I won't fail you again, I promise," she turned her eyes to Zaida's. She didn't know if she'd be of help to her, but she truly wished so.
  15. [​IMG]

    It would seem that they shared the same opinion. The time to proceed was now. And soon the truth behind what engulfed this town would be forced into the light. Though she doubted her readiness to face such an ugly thing such as truth. Still it would seem she was left with little recourse regarding the matter. Her smile faded as she felt the aura beneath the earth if it was awaken by their footsteps. And though whatever it was which awoken from it's state of torpor remained hidden from her line of sight. She could feel it's eyes resting on them. as if it were omnipotent.

    Despite being drowned in her thoughts, Zaida still manged to lend Noir her ears. Her words becoming more refined when it came to their composition tickled her sense. Snapping her out of the trance like state which had ensnared her. With a quick shake of the head she'd avert her gaze toward her. Watching her closely as she made a promise. For now it would have to suffice, though Zaida was more of a woman of actions as oppose to near empty words. However coming from Noir they possessed a sense of weight and influence. Though she would care not to admit it.

    "I have faith in your words and your abilities." She replied without a trace of deceit.

    Boldly she would take the first step forward. With each step that followed she felt as if gravity intensified. Though she knew this was technically impossible. oddly enough the metaphorical sense of the meaning still impacted her physical being. However she doubted it would have much effect on Noir. She didn't seem as keen when it came to sensing and gauging the powers of her foes. Finally after some difficulty Zaida found herself at the mouth of the wooden door. Stained with blood and decorated with the finger nails of those which clawed at its mouth for salvation. However despite the obvious signs of a struggle and bodies could be found. This struck her as disheartening.

    "Keep alert my raven." Zaida expressing concern for her new comrade. "I know not what lies beyond this threshold." Admitting her own ignorance without hesitation.

    Her dominant right hand would grasp the knob of brass. Twisting it as she pushed the door open. A loud creak would echo against the walls as the light from inside was almost blinding. With a single foot past the threshold she would gasp out of shock. Oddly enough the interior was void of any damage. No blood, broken furniture or even a single shadow. The lanterns and candles were arranged so the entire place was illuminated. yet she sensed not a single soul. Even the entity which slept in the belly of the earth seemed to fade from her senses. This greatly troubled Zaida.

    "Not what I expected...Let us tread lightly shall we?" A subtle reassuring smile now lingered on her pale yet soft face.

    Though it seemed mildly force. This would be the first and probably last act of deception she would offer Noir. Sadly they had little choice but to wait and see what happens.

    "I notice your weapon is gone? Do you require another blade? Or do you prefer to use your own hands?" She stated out of curiosity. Trying to steer the conversation away from the strange vibe.

  16. They descended into the darkness.

    No, the truth was they've just moved deeper into the building. However, the feeling lingering within Noir at the moment was that of darkness. It crept, silently gazing at its prey, waiting for the moment its prey broke down. The moment it waited so long to strike.

    Of course, those were faint. It was only ambience, shredded pieces every human beings would feel in this God forsaken place.

    Noir kept her eyes on her "Master". Every steps which she took was firm, which was somehow comforting in the den of darkness. At the very least, Noir could cling to her when all hopes were gone.

    They reached a wooden door; the gravity grew stronger, although she couldn't tell if it was the place's or Zaida's anxiety. Whichever it was, Zaida's words alerted her. She nodded in reply. Her memories were of solid substance for now. Compared to before, she could think clearer. It's for the better. If she even needed to support Zaida, a wrecked mind won't do any good.

    She didn't expect an emptiness in this room Zaida had led her to. No...more like she didn't want to see this kind of emptiness. It was devoid of death, it was devoid of murder. It was...devoid of life.

    "Not what I expected...Let us tread lightly shall we?"

    Even Noir could tell that her "Master" was troubled. Thus, she tensed herself to show confidence. No more should she burdened her "Master"'s mind.

    That's when she realized once again that her butcher knife was gone. Panic slithered in, but it suddenly stopped against another force, far wicked and dangerous than simple fear.

    "I notice your weapon is gone? Do you require another blade? Or do you prefer to use your own hands?"

    For the second time, Noir stopped listening. Something else occupied her mind.

    A mask as white as marble. Two pronged spheres imitating eyes of blue and golden. Unchanging grin which caused insanity in the mind of unfaithful.

    A scream so terrifying it numbed the mind of unfaithful.

    「I shall grant you」

    A sphere made of pure blackness. One appeared on her right arm, at the point her shoulder and arm joined together. And then, another smaller one. And another one. Spheres manifested sporadically on her entire arm, covering it, their size forever changing, giving the illusion of living being.

    All the while, invisible pattern of light appeared on her entire body. On her face was elliptical shape in the form of opera mask.

    She fell down to her knees.

    At the same time, the black spheres congregated, forming arm-like structure ended with clawed hand-those of cats. Steel-black arm forever pulsing, forever jerking as if its existence was forbidden in this world of mortal.

    Noir swung the arm toward the nearest wall. Its claws tore bricks like paper, leaving large scratch marks akin to those left by monsters.

    A scream so terrifying it numbed the mind of unfaithful.

    "I'll...use my own hand..."

    Memories of pain and suffering returned. This time, she didn't care.
  17. [​IMG]

    Something vile stirred within Noir. A rather bold power adorned with a venomous intoxicating aura. The darkness which coursed through her much like a river did not startle Zaida. With the same expressionless gaze she would watch as this scene transpired within the unscarred cathedral. Orbs of darkness congregating throughout her form as if manifested by her own sheer will. Claws which dug deep into the walls themselves like the talons of a wyvern. Leaving the mark of her influence for all those which may follow to behold. Only one word came to Zaida's mind...beautiful.

    Noir was far more enthralling then she had previously deduced. This woman which started as a stranger also seemed to come to terms with (to a degree) the pain which stirred within her. In such a short amount of time Noir had blossomed from a bud to a flower in full bloom. However rather then cut one's flesh with it's sharp thorns. It would instead swallow one whole if they dare to touch but a single petal against her will. Amazing...

    "You're more beautiful then I." She stated with confidence as if not a single shroud of doubt or shadow of deceit plagued her words.

    Oh how she wanted to stretch out her slender hands and touch this woman. For the moment however she would refrain from doing so. The arches of her lips would curve forming a soft smile as her eyes for once boldly declared the thoughts which lingered on her mind. It was almost as if she didn't care to obscure her emotions for a change. Which may prove to be something Zaida may regret.

    However it was also cleared that she didn't fear this woman or her newly displayed prowess. Which either stemmed from unwarranted arrogance or perhaps she didn't feel threatened. Almost as if she believed with absolute certainty that her own powers dwarfed that of Noirs.

    "It seems we both mask our true powers and form. Oh my carnivorous little raven...let your new power serve as a beacon. Once it locks onto your signature I can follow it's roots and drag this cowardice entity into the light." A simple request parting from her luscious lips.
  18. Noir felt as if her breath was taken forefully. Whatever small amount she's left to use choked her. Pain. Pain. Pain. Her lungs burn. Her entire body ached.


    Pain which one couldn't see. Pain one could understand only by feeling it. Such was what those memories brought her. This time, however, she didn't feel any instinct to avoid it. Humans, by default, had those instinct to stop pain. Instinct to survive, which was needed to live in this chaotic world.

    Did that mean she's not human anymore?

    Her head was clear and hazy at the same time, a paradox one couldn't explain. Every time the invisible pattern would reappear and disappear on her body. Binding her, yet at the same time setting her free.

    She looked at Zaida. Somehow, her view of the woman got twisted within her mind...She was happy when she saw her...She admired her...She wanted to protect her...She wanted to tackle her down...SHE WANTED TO SHRED HER TO PIECES. SHE WANTED TO...

    STOP IT!

    She mentally screamed toward that something slithering in and out of her consciousness. That something seemed to see more than Noir could see. That something had seen Zaida not like how Noir had seen her. That something...was excited. The darkness looming around them fell in comparison to how it felt against her. She seemed more delicious, more stimulating.

    Oh, how it would love to pierce its claw to her white, smooth skin...


    Noir tensed her body, trying desperately to regain her composure. Zaida's words couldn't reach her ear completely. However, she understood the last part.

    If this power wanted to hurt her...Noir would just exhausted it to something else. The darkness around them would suffice!

    "I'll drag it out...forcefully if I must!" She swung her claw, forming a horizontal arc slashing through everything in the room. For the finale, he pounce the ground, sending cracks which splitted open due its immense destructive pressure.
  19. [​IMG]

    Blood lust; a feeling Zaida could more then relate to. Upon her conception and unnatural waking breath she desired nothing more then to dance with death. Back in those days the sound of snapping bone and tearing flesh could be liken to the vibrating strings of a fine harp. Noir was in her infancy; unable to control her greatest asset like a rabies stricken pup. A pity for much potential slumbered within this one. However like everything in this world worth had to be put into it. Though whether or not she wanted Noir for herself would remain a well shrouded mystery.

    Silently she would observe the destruction of furniture and tearing of the freshly painted walls. Her engraved blade resting in her hand as the scene unfolded before her eyes. Zaida was no fool; she saw the look in Noirs eyes. Though whether or not this was still Noir was unclear. The turmoil for control over her body was flamboyantly clear to her. Noir's eyes told a simple feral like tale. The woman wanted her flesh. She longed to sink her claws and fangs into her petite form. However contrary to the illusion she generated...Zaida was no frail prey. Something she would learn the hard way should she choose to turn her aggression toward her.

    "Boring..." She whispered as a soft exhale parted from those defined lips of hers. No doubt this may result in antagonizing the creature. However she cared not.

    "Time is a luxury I do not possess...let us end this quickly shall we?" She spoke as if she was posing this question to herself.

    With blade pointed skyward Zaida's free hand would gently clasp the sharp side of her weapon. Energy wildly coursed through her body as her outline became traced with a dim silver light. The marking upon her blade would glisten as the half mask which nested on her head would crack. Shattering into a thousand pieces. The shards of pearl white bone would expand as if growing. Clinging to her form as it became adorned in bone armor. Her blade itself would morph; resembling two swords attached to the same handles. Vibrating at uncanny speed as her jaw and lips were obscured by the armor.

    "Still..." She whispered almost hypnotically.

    A white circle would erupt from her blade. Passing through the entire room as lightning danced from her frame toward Noirs if she failed to dodge the attack, paralyzing her.

    "Until your power surpasses my own you shall not break free. Exhaust it all trying to escape my chains." A faint smile lingered on her face, though blocked by the pearl white bone armor.

    "You should feel flattered you are one of two folk to have seen my second form. And you shall live...I have no interest in killing someone as beautiful as you Noir." No doubt the compliment would tickle Noir's ears.

    If Noir struggled and overcame her thirst for blood and taste for flesh. She would master control over her power. Forever earning respect and a place at Zaida's side if she so desired it.
  20. Noir's consciousness grew hazy. However, Zaida's soothing voice entered her ears smoothly, somehow calming her rampage. Nevertheless, her power struck Noir's body right on, sending jolts into her bone. Her body grew heavier. And then she stopped. No, more like she was bound not to move.

    She fell to the ground, panting. She could feel it grew restless, but Zaida's power restrained her movement, thus even it knew that she couldn't do anything. Thus, it slithered out from her mind. Letting her taking control of her body once more.

    She could see Zaida clearly now. No more temptation sprung on her mind to try to hurt her. Her form in white, clad in bonde-like armors was somehow looked grand in her eyes.

    "Th...Thank you...Master..." Noir murmured. Somehow tiredness piled up on her body. She suddenly craved to close her eyes and sleep here and then.

    They still had something else to do, though, and she needed to help her...

    A mask as white as marble. Two pronged spheres imitating eyes of blue and golden. Unchanging grin which caused insanity in the mind of unfaithful.

    Her heart beat faster. One piece of memory suddenly returned. Was it because of the sudden exposure of Zaida's power? Or was it because she'd let out some of its rage?

    She remembered one word. One name. ITS name.

    She panted. Scared. Scared.

    A scream so terrifying it numbed the mind of unfaithful. This time, however, Zaida would surely able to hear it. No, it's a scream targetted toward her specifically. If she tried, she could hear it. Nobody else could.

    「Contrary to you, I have lots of time. But as you've shown me your form, shall I show you mine?」

    Noir couldn't move, as Zaida's bind stayed on her. It didn't change anything, though, as her shadow started to pulsate, jerking, moving, flowing. And then, it spread into a humanoid silhouette across the floor and then up on the wall.

    A gigantic body, two hands resembling that of humans, yet armed with claws. And then, neck and head like those of humans, yet adorned with protrusion resembling cat ears.

    It grew out from the shadow, materializing in three dimensional plane. Creatures with skin as black as a moonless night. Its belly held an elliptical patch of white. Its head was covered with a white structure. That which looked like an opera mask.

    A mask as white as marble. Two pronged spheres imitating eyes of blue and golden. Unchanging grin which caused insanity in the mind of unfaithful.

    "..Cait...Sith..." Noir trembled, her voice clearly showed her fear.