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  1. The rhythmic sound of a train going along a train track was soothing, and possibly the last beautiful sound Tiger was going to hear before he arrived at his destination. He was the only one left on the train, no one wanted to head into the dreaded town of Southmount. Once a prosperous fishing town, it was recently overrun by demons of all shapes and sizes. Women and children were kidnapped for 'personal uses' or for sacrifices to some demon god. Men often disappeared, probably to become slaves to demons, or become demons themselves.

    Tiger was a bounty hunter, to earn money his job was to hunt mischievous demons or when there weren't any worth his time, famous robbers and criminals. Every day he walked past the request board, and every day the same Southmount SOS request from the town mayor was there. There was no one brave enough to take it, even with the handsome reward. He only took it because it seemed the most challenging, it was boring chasing down low tier demons, and it was boring capturing predictable criminals. He wanted a challenge, he wanted to be like a tiger tracking his prey strategically - like he was born to do.

    The puppeteer of the lesser demons running amok in the town was a powerful and rare demon, he or she had immense power and even the demons were afraid of it. It demanded sacrifices every fortnight, and if not presented one, will raid the food larders and cut off the ships that came down to Southmount to re-stock the food and fresh water.

    He got off the train and looked at the dreary stone walls surrounding the town, the mayor was waiting for him at the entrance. "Oh, what a relief it is to see you. Come in, come in. I'll take you to my home, you must be tired." He allowed himself to be lead through the winding streets of Southmount, memorising the streets in case he'd get lost in the near future.
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  2. Ambriel watched the stranger quietly, of course she knew who he was. Only two types of creatures ever stepped off that train and into the towns clutches- lesser demons and foolish tourists. Neither of which were ever greeted by the Mayor, such a high ranking citizen in the small silent town. Not that any human was actually high ranked any more, very few even held power. No, he was no tourist coming to see the so called Hell Town. This was it, finally a hunter had accepted the pleas of help from this sad town. It was time to make an example of him.

    Quickly, she turned and headed back. Taking the low streets, staying out of sight. Even though most knew her skin as not to be touched, there was still the odd mad demon or beast that could pose a threat. Her fair skin and blue eyes made her a common target, demons had a thing for blue eyes. So it was the alley ways and thin passages, twisting around and around enough to get anyone lost who didn't know the passage by heart leading to a small keep only few had ever entered. Ambriel knocked once out of custom before letting herself in, the pit of nervousness and dread settling in at the fear that she and Isabella wouldn't be the only ones inside.

    Isabella pushed her long red hair back over her shoulder with pale clawed hands, chatting up with a rather animalistic looking male. Her deep red and black feathered wings curled around her creating a shadow that made pale yellow irises light up her otherwise dark eyes. It had been so long since anything interesting had happened in this sad excuse for a town, and being one of the most powerful demons around had more disadvantages then benefits. She wanted to be able to go out, have fun like she used too. Now adays Isabella had to spend her time cooped up getting news from friends rather then go out and play herself. Someone was after her head at the moment it seemed. She glanced over to Ambriel, giving a sharp smile and showing off long canines. "Hello darling."

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  3. The Mayor lead Tiger to one of the bigger buildings near the center of town. "You see that building across the square? That's the Southmount Hotel, you'll be staying there. Don't worry, I've covered all the fees for you, m'boy." Tiger bowed his thanks and studied the hotel. Oh, hell no, I'd rather sleep out on the streets than in that dingy old place, he thought to himself. Something about this town smelled bad. Really, really bad.

    Tiger was shown to a comfortable seat, and the Mayor shuffled towards the kitchen and made himself a cup of tea. "Thank you so much for accepting my request, it's been hard living here lately," he said sadly, sipping his tea.

    No shit. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to cleanse your city to the best of my abilities. Is there any advice you could give me that might help me?"

    The Mayor put on his glasses and peered at him, studying him carefully. After a few minutes of silence, he said, "You have quite beautiful blue eyes, be careful, the demons here have a thing for blue eyes. However, your white hair would probably make demons assume you're one of them, perhaps you can use that to your advantage?" Finishing his tea, he escorted Tiger to the hotel and bid him farewell.

    Tiger looked up at the building, it seemed empty, excluding the old woman that shuffled around the front counter. Dismissing her, he collected his key and headed up to room number one. He studied his room, a simple clean bed, a wooden table and a wooden chair, a door leading to a surprisingly clean bathroom and a wardrobe. Tiger grunted, there was no way he could hide his weapons here. With effort he pulled up several floorboards and carefully hid his chest of weapons. It contained several pistols, sniper rifles, a muffler, a healthy supply of Esperine, which was the special substance he infused with his bullets to contain magical energy, a few fairly new daggers and swords and five bottles of poison. Pocketing his much loved pistols, he leaves the hotel. "Well, I guess the first thing I should do is to explore the place. He gave me a map but," he pulls out the map from his long coat, "It's not really helpful. So many alleyways to explore, such little time."
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  4. "Isabella." Ambriel breathed, rather relieved. Once she had come here to find herself stuck with three unknown demons. Whoops. Her sister had a liking for powerful friends, but also attracted all sorts of strange creatures and people. They fascinate me, Isabellas voice rang out in her head from the past a long time ago when Ambriel had questioned her familiarity with such an odd crowd. You know how I like new toys, these ones just keep me entertained a bit longer. She wasn't just a plaything of Isabellas of course, they had known each other for many years. She had practically been adopted by the demon. Even now when she stepped forward, Isabella opened up her arms to greet her were as she would rarely let anyone else touch her. She listened quietly to the conversation the two were having as Isabella fiddled with her hair.

    "There's word going around that a lot of people coming in are thinking your top dog around here." The man said with a glance to Ambriel -who shrunk back- and Isabella snarled at him. "That explains why I have so many lowlifes grovelling at my feet lately." She said thoughtfully. This information did not bother her, the head of the town was already after her skin for being so powerful. Not near as powerful as the head itself, of course. But enough to be a thread, she supposed. Her thoughts were interupted by the man again. "How long has it been since you've gone out, anyway Izzy? Spilt some blood, made a sacrifise to keep in good terms with-" Ambriel's eyes widened suddenly and she knew what was coming.

    In one quick movement Isabella had shoved Ambriel away and her hand had wrapped around his neck, slamming him against the wall. These stupid creatures, lesser demons always forgetting there place. "I told you," She said very calmly and he made a choking sound, trying to pry her hand off. "Not to call me that." She let him go and he immediately slid to the floor, breathing hard. She crouched in front of him and spoke to him quietly, tapping him on the nose with one sharp curved claw. "Thank you for the information, Rippley." Isabella brushed her hair back and straitened out, tucking a wing behind Ambriel to lead her back outside. "Now, you have some news for me as well?" She asked in a much softer tone.

    Ambriel nodded and begun to tell Isabella about the hunter she had seen, describing him in great detail as they walked. She preferred to walk as she talked, it kept her calm especially when she didn't have to worry about glancing over her shoulder every ten seconds. So they walked outside, winding through the streets and talking in the open.
  5. "What kind of map is this?" he said to no one in particular. Holding the worn out map to his face, he tried to figure out where he was in this mass of twisting alleys and buildings that all looked the same. He studied every building, every road he walked down and scanned each area for demons, but none could be found. Maybe they only come out during the night, he thought. The town was so quite, as if it had been frozen in time, once in a while Tiger would see a few figures walking down the street, all cowering away from the shadows of the walls.

    He had yet to kill something, he was getting bored. But first, he needed to find his location. Everything was the same, same buildings, same looking roads and that disgusting smell. After a few moments of walking, Tiger decided to look at the town at another height. Crawling up a building, he crouches atop a building and pivots around, memorising the area.
  6. "What's on your mind, Isabella?" Ambriel asked, knowing that look very well. She was naturally very quiet and walked quickly, but was actually rather relaxed. This town was beautiful it really was. Sure, the streets were a bit lonely during the day and dangerous at night. But when you really got time to look around, the quietness of it all and the still buildings with hundreds of flickering lights really set for quite a site. She glanced at Isabella, not liking that mischivious look.

    "Just thinking." Isabella hummed. Rather then draw attention to herself with the wings and horns, everything was retracted. She almost looked like any other normal human, save for the pale yellow eyes and sharp grin. "I have been rather bored lately you know, cooped up all day worrying about hunters and such." She chewed the inside of her cheek, thinking deeply. Sure, this town had been fun for a while. The occasional sacrifice to keep the highest happy and demons could really just run wild, it was a haven. Was. Now things were really starting to get heated. Power struggles and pesky lesser demons were turning this town to madness. Isabella snorted. To add to it all, now there was a hunter in town. joy. "Why don't you head home love. It will be dark soon, I think I'm going to have some fun tonight."

    Ambriel knew very well that this was a bad idea, but she also knew there was no way she was going to stop Isabella. "You'll be careful, wont you? A lot of creatures would love to get there hands on you right now, especially with such a high valued town. And now with the hunter..."
    Isabella laughed lightly. "Of course. I would like to see them try." She said playfully poking Ambriel. "I promise not to get into too much trouble if you promise not to get eaten."
    Ambriel gave a small smile. "Ill try my best." She said quietly and turned to walk home, leaving Isabella leaning against a wall with a soft smile. Humans can be so cute sometimes.
  7. Walking around the town and leaping onto buildings was tiring, the winding roads confused Tiger, who was used to crowded streets filled with people who could direct you to where you wanted to go. After hours of analysing and trying to memorise the layout of the city, he decided to walk back to the hotel. Hopping off the building he was currently crouched on, he walked soundlessly towards the town square. If he was still jumping around like a cat, demons would notice. Not that he didn't want demons chasing after him - he actually wanted to kill something. But it was best that the demons didn't know there was a hunter amongst them.

    Ignoring the old lady in charge, Tiger walked into room number one. But something was off about his room. Did a demon get in here? Tiger impatiently pulled up the specific floorboards hiding his weapon chest, seeing that it was still nestled into the ground, he relaxed. He clambered out of the window and climbed up a tree, hoping to spot any demons from this height.
  8. The day was quickly fading. Even if the sun didn't say so yet -for it was still low in the sky- the town was starting to shuffle away. Panicked faces moved rather quickly through the streets, darting through the traces of light that had been allowed to slip through the buildings breaks. What loomed in the shadows Isabella knew was not as soft, although many of them looked it. To a tourist or a new comer, these people could pass for simple townsfolk- for many of them looked just as sunken back with fright. The difference was were they loomed, in the darkest of places chattering excitedly for the night to come.

    Isabella payed them little attention, walking with her hands in her pockets rather relaxed. She stuck to the light, preferring to feel the suns warmth, it had been so long since she had simply gone for a walk. Fresh air was nice. Perhaps it was partly her fault as well, for she rather had her head in the clouds, when a woman brushed past her and knocked her off balance. The physical contact made Isabella cringe back and draw her lip into a silent snarl, facing the on goer with slitted pale yellow eyes.

    "Hey why don't you watch were your-" The woman stopped, she had yelled rather loud but now fell into silence with wide eyes looking upon Isabella. "Oh...I- I- I'm so sorry p-please forgive me-" Her eyes flew down, not holding Isabella's. Isabella herself sneered at the lower demon. So it was true, she was seen as a big cat around here now. One of the top dogs. The thought brought a smirk to her face. "You should be." She snarled back, feeling suddenly powerful and a bit giddy at the fear this creature had for her. She had never even met it before.
  9. Tiger was scanning the area around the town square, he was bored. No demons. No fun. He was so bored he could read a book, and books were boring. Looking to his left, he saw two demons engaged in conversation, and his ears perked up in excitement. Yes! Finally, a demon! And two, at that. Finally, some fun. He grabs his trusty pistols and leaps off the tree, running towards the general location of the two demons. Hoping they wouldn't be gone with the coming darkness when he arrived.
  10. "Scram." Isabella hissed and the demon did so, quickly moving away like a scared animal. She looked around and noticed a few others move away as well, humans and demons alike. Wow, she thought to herself. What a great feeling. She actually laughed, out loud lightly and cracked her knuckles. "Top of the town," She said to no one in particular for there was almost no one left around her. "Soon enough." In her enjoyment her senses were slightly dulled, which was probably why she didn't notice Tiger from a distance and ruffled her hair. She hummed to herself and started walking again at a leisurely pace, now having a destination in mind.
  11. Yes! She's still here! Tiger charged at the figure like lightning, his tail trailing and flapping wildly. With a roar he races down the street, readying his hind legs to jump. Turning a sharp corner, he aims for the lengthing shadow of Isabella. With a happy growl he pounces on te shadow, turning his head to see the back of Isabella. He stood up, his black long coat flapping against the wind. "Good evening, ma'am."
  12. Isabella stopped at the voice and turned sharply. She was not particularity worried, being in something of a power rush from her encounter with the demon just a moment before. So she stayed most human in appearance and expected another low ranking demon to be addressing her. She was not disappointed when she turned, raising an eyebrow at the stranger. Quickly examining him and automatically assuming he was demon from his hair color. Why would a human be addressing her anyway? "Can I help you?" There was an obvious amount of power in her voice, something of a mask over it that would cause lesser beings to immediately know her as a predator and she ran her tongue over her teeth, pricking it lightly on her canine.
  13. He cocked his head and grinned at her, "Ma'am, I apologise if you're not, but are you a demon?" Behind him, his tail twitched happily. He had never been this happy to see a damned creature before. Normally, he would of shot her on the spot, but it's not fun when they don't run.
  14. Isabella shifted her weight, crossing her arms. Her expression did not change. She really did hate being bothered unless it was worth her time, and this did not seem like it was. The way he addressed her however, caught her interest slightly although it did not show. She did not click two and two together with the arrival of the new hunter and this man in front of her, instead thinking differently. A tourist? Perhaps he was not a demon at all, but a human. She had not made a sacrifice in some time anyway. This scrap might just be useful. "How interesting of you to ask, don't you realise if I am surely you would not want to bother me at this time? You are clearly human, perhaps your mind is clouded with a drink to many- or are you a tourist perhaps?" She smirked, dancing around the question to play with the thing.
  15. Tiger laughed, this demon was amusing. He hardly met types of demons like her, most of them never spoke during chase, and others would cuss at him and 'send him to hell'. There was something off about this female, she smelt different from the city. That disgusting smell. She smelt sweeter, but not like a human. "Oh, I don't drink. I drink only at parties, and this hellhole doesn't seem very party-ish, don't you think?" Hearing her question about him being a tourist confused him, who would want to come to Southmount? Everyone knew this place was doomed, not even the supernatural fanatics dared approach this place. These 'tourists' must be fucking crazy. No one leaves this place alive or untainted...anyway, this demon seems to know something. Should I try to pry it out of her? "You mean people actually come to this place?"

    Inside his pocket, he fiddled with the handle of his pistol. It comforted him slightly. He was in a new place, surrounded by demons 24/7 and now he could be face to face with his first demon. He was excited, sure, but he was nervous. Tiger had no idea of the capabilities of the demons living here, people who have came here to find out have never returned. He was going on this mission with no information whatsoever.
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  16. At the laugh, Isabella frowned. It set her off, made her more aware of her surroundings and her senses went from pleasingly dull to threateningly sharp. His scent, his posture, there was something wrong with it all. The man was too relaxed and it set him apart from all the others. Snivelling cowards staying in the sun were as this one had purposely placed itself in her shadow, now the sun that had been peeping from the buildings behind her was gone but it did not seem to bother him. This was all wrong, it made her stomach squirm uncomfortably and her posture tense slightly.

    Wait, was he asking a question? She had to think about it for a moment before answering, when she did her tone was noticeably less playful. "Of course, have to keep a steady stream coming in don't we? Most people are attracted to the natural magical aura I and other powerful demons give off, draws them in like flies to honey. Not on purpose, but it happens. Seems to slip there minds how dangerous this town can be." Her arms still crossed, long nails not yet claws thrummed on the jacket sleeve. She had not left out the powerful part on purpose. Isabella wanted this man to know what he was dealing with, discourage him from getting any ideas.
  17. He sighed and shook his head, one hand running through his hair, "Those people must be fucking stupid, coming to a place like this." Now that the sun was gone, Tiger expected an attack any time soon, from her, or from a demon behind him. He wasn't sure if he was prepared. As soon as she mentioned auras, he knew. This was the first demon he'd seen since he first came to Southmount. "So I was right, you are a demon. What kind?" Now he was curious, she had just flat out admitted she was one.

    He knew the big boss had a very human disguise, and was a very powerful demon. A blood demon, he had heard. Perhaps the young lady in front of him was the one he was looking for, but it didn't matter anyway, even if she wasn't, she'd still die. Gun in his other hand inside his pocket, he was ready to pull his weapon out and shoot her.
  18. "Whats it to you?" Isabella replied, raising an eyebrow. Finally, it clicked in her mind. The realisation made her take a step back. Oh shit. White hair, blue eyes, an unusual demon-like appearance. This man had just stepped into town today with one goal in mind. Seriously Isabella? What the fuck. How had she let her guard down so much? The blame instantly went to that lesser demon instead of herself but it did not stop her stomach from flipping.

    A demon hunter, its not like there hadn't been ones before. Of course she had never run into one personally. They were usually gone in a day or two, dead or fled. Still, they always left a notable dent in the population of the city for a little bit. She saw no reason why this one would be any different, but she didn't want to be his first target. "I'm the type you don't want to mess with." Isabella drew her lip back into a snarl, feeling red magic dance off her finger-tips, dripping to the ground like blood before dissolving in a wisp.
  19. Watching red magic dance across the demon's fingers, he'd felt more joy. So this one can put up a fight, eh? Smiling, he whipped out his dual pistols, custom-made, silver M1911s, with thundercloud patterns engraved on the side. Containing the rare material Esperine, it caused the pistols to glow an eerie blue.
  20. Isabella snarled at him, letting her inner demon take over. Her eyes slitted and claws elongated, wings ripping through suddenly. She had to drop the disguise to use her main magic, after all. At the sight of the smile she drew her lip back and hissed at him, a sharp sound like a cat. She was not one to wait around for him to make the first move, crouching to the ground for a moment before lunging at him.
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