The town of Ivalice

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    It was a warm spring day, and the woman radiated happiness as she stepped out onto her balcony. The various smells of nature filled her nostrils as she settled into a chair with a cup of tea between both hands. A soft smile curved her lips as she glanced out towards the beach, watching the waves roll in. 'Perfect way to wake up,' she thought with a sigh of contentment. The view of the ocean from the balcony off her bedroom was the reason she'd been so ecstatic when daddy dearest had purchased the two story home for her. It still amazed her that they'd been able to purchase a home for her in this town. Sometimes she wondered how it was that all the houses didn't have residents in them. But, then, it seemed any time one of the witches that descended from the founding coven needed a home, the perfect place in this town came up for sale. Perhaps it was natures way of saying that it wanted to keep those witches around at any cost. No matter the case, she was still glad that her father had managed to obtain this piece of property.

    Not only was the home two stories, but it also had a beautiful garden in the back yard, that was rather large for the homes in this area. Of course, the minute she'd moved in, she had turned most of the area into an herb garden, but it still had plenty of flowers and other pretty little things to look at. Part of the back yard was made up of concrete, and she'd used that to her advantage as an area to set up her altar. Because of the landscape around the town, she'd grown up knowing exactly where each of the cardinal directions were, and it had been very easy to figure out which way was which in her back yard. She'd loved the set up of the place before she'd even moved in officially, but now that it had her own personal, witchy, touch to it, she loved it even more. The only thing that would ever make her love this place even more would be when she had her own family here. Though, she wasn't entirely certain how she would convince any man that moving in with her was the way to go, versus her moving in with him. A soft sigh escaped her lips, but she pushed away any potentially negative thoughts as she continued to sip her hot tea and stare across the road towards the ocean.
  2. A huge gust of wind came from an alley in the town and out flew a man wearing Chinese robes. He was laughing as he flew through the air holding two iron fans with his arms outstretched and barely an inch apart. He landed like a feather falling to earth. When feet met ground he preformed a 360 turn throwing his right leg out and 65 percent of his weight on his left leg. His right hand hovered above his leg and his left sat in the area around his temple. "Come on Alejandro, you can do much better than that or at least you are going to have to best me this round." He jested to an unknown person in the alley.
  3. "bluster all you want, MONK." came alilting spanish toned voice, a deep baritone full of joyous resentment. A man wearing a black button up t-shirt with a celtic cross chain around his neck, black leather slacks, and thin, black leather cowboy boots stepped out holding a large fencing dagger in one hand, and a straight thick rapier in the other bolted out of the alley in a twisting motion, his feet planting roughly on the ground before spining into a dancey-looking ready-stance, his small dagger positioned at an angle above his head, his right arm forward with a strange angle on his blade, and his right foot outstretched infront of him.

    "or have you forget NEITHER of us had made a single point in five rounds?" he smiled and winked at his opponent, wind flittering about them in small tornado-like patterns that kicked up ever so littel dust here and there on the cobblestone courtyard. nobody came here but them, and a few bokken class students every wednesday. they knew they were safe, wards were n place, and their sparing session had gone on for well over eight hours now.
  4. "There we go, almost got...." pfffttttt..POP "shhhii....ugh...again really." There across the town near to the edge of the water sat a young woman. In front of her she had drawn a small circle and was working in it on something. That something, didnt seem to be working, and it was frustrating her to no end. She stood from the circle and 'cut' an opening and left, walking part way down the beach in front of her to let off some steam. Occassionally she would turn her head to check on her circle and make sure that she was still far enough away from the tide so as not to lose her project. She had been working on a special object she had found and was told to do it near the water because of how well her affinity worked with her. The leaders said that it would work near the water. Well, it had been almost nine hours, and still she couldnt get it to work, but it had something to do with her affinity and it's opposite. She was starting to think that perhaps this was the wrong medium to be working in. Perhaps she would ask one of the other members who had an affinity with water to help her out some...

    At that thought she nodded and walked back to her circle, re-opening and closing it. She thanked the spirits of the elements for helping her out and dismissed the rest of the circle, packed up her belongings and the trinket she had been working on, and headed back into town.
  5. The lone figure stood at the signboard that welcomed him to the town of Ivalice.

    The only noise was made by the wind and the rustling of leaves and the cloak that obscured his figure billowed freely in it.

    The shape of the figure looked male but his face was obscured by the hood, the shadows underneath it shifting constantly to hide his face irrespective of the position of the sun.

    The Stranger called upon his control over energy and he converted the potential energy within the earth underneath him to force them to part, turning into a circle around him. He drew upon his will and he blanketed himself with it; in his mind he could feel his magical aura recede into his body, sealing itself within him and then he broke the circle with the tip of his boot. John walked forward, pausing before the threshold that would surround Ivalice before he walked through it. For a moment there, his facade broke and his magical presence burst out like a flower blossoming in Spring but the man had been expecting it. After all, this wasn't his first time crossing a threshold. All it took was a simple flick of his mind before he suppressed his magical presence again and he resumed walking.

    An address was written on a piece of paper he fished out of his pocket and he walked through the relatively quiet town. He raised his head, his hood now falling back to reveal a face of fair complexion and the bare signs of stubble forming around his chin. He looked at the street signs and he followed them towards the address - The place that would become his new home.

    Within minutes John had reached the house and he had entered. There wasn't a need for a key. Once he was inside, he removed his cloak and he walked through the house, constantly drawing signs in the air as he muttered words under his breath. There was a small glow of power around the areas he pointed to, but they faded away quickly. They were temporary wards, as he took his own time to set the more permanent ones.

    Back in his living room, John held a piece of chalk in his right hand and started drawing an elaborate circle of magic, while removing candles and other materials meant to empower his will and power while he warded his house.
  6. "Don't forget that you are just as blustery as I am. Are we blustery because are element is air or is it that are emlement is air because we are blustery?" Li laughed. He moved his stance sending he left foot foreward and bending hi right leg into a forty-five degree angle with his foot pointing outward and becoming flat. He flapped his arms like wings in the direction of his opponent, which moved the fans making a gust of wind. He used his manipulation of energy to make the wind into thousand of tiny blades that flew towards Alex. With giving the attack to have a break he crane rolled towards the other man and when he came up Li cleaved downward with the blades on the fans.
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    Ali's eyes narrowed as she sensed the blip of a magical being crossing into the threshold of Ivalice. A low growl rippled in her throat when the blip automatically disappeared. She didn't much care for the idea of another witch being in her town that decided it was necessary to cloak their presence. That irritated her to a level she didn't really understand. Closing her eyes she summoned her affinity over the element of spirit and called softly, letting the wind carry her voice to wherever the particular ghost she was trying to summon happened to be located at the moment. "Bee?" she called out, the command to come forth evident in her tone, though her voice was barely above a whisper.
    When she opened her eyes she spotted the woman, or ghost as the case may be, and had to repress a shudder. Bee was one of her most informative spirit friends, and pretty darn useful as the ghost of a witch, but since the woman had been burned alive, she wasn't exactly pretty to look at. The charred flesh constantly looked like it was going to fall off, and just looking at it made Ali's stomach turn. Seeing it was bad enough, but the fact that she had to smell it too, that was almost enough to make her vomit up the little bit of tea that was in her stomach. She took a deep breath and used her ability to control the other elements, in this case she'd be using wind, to clear the air around her so she didn't puke from the smell. "I know you felt what I just felt," she stated, cautiously eyeing the woman infront of her. Bee had a habbit of being less than forth coming with certain information, but in this case, Ali was seriously hoping the ghost woman would be agreeable to give information, and do what Ali was about to ask without her having to force the woman to. A mere nod was the only response Ali got, but it was the only response she needed. "Will you do me, and the rest of the town, the favor of investigating this new comer? I'm sure that, considering his or her ability to cloak their presence, their location will be guarded against magic," she added the last bit as a reason why she couldn't just do the spying herself.
    The ghost woman eyed her for a few moments before responding. "I'm only agreeing to this because Ivalice is as much my home as it is any of yours and I don't want no nit-wits trying to ruing what we've got here," she stated in harsh tones before doing that whole ghost poofy thing that they were all capable of to some extent. Ali supposed that it was probably one of the only perks to being dead and not on the "other side".
  8. "touche', my friend..." he nodded, yelpign slightly at the gust of wind, his body went into a new pose, his rigth arm crossing over his torso to his left, his sword at an oblique, downward angle, and his other hand behind him, gathering a quick pocket of air in his hands. he stepped back, swiping his sword at several of the blades his mind's eye could see and flung his other hand forward, a gash crossing his cheek as he exploded the pocket of air.. but.. nothing happened....

    well.. for about half a second. then the pocket of air decompressed between them more harshly than Alex had intended, sending the wind-witches in either direction.

    Alex fell promptly on his arse in a heap, holding steadfast to his sword, but none the less sprawled in a pile of trashbags filled with leaves, decompossing from last fall.

    He coughed and puled himself to a slightngposition. " well.. *hack*.. ahheeemmm... that went well." he said, a disappointed sheepish and rather mute expression on his face.

    " Best 2 out of three? " he said brightly, trying to stifffle a laugh.. if Li laughed, he'd instantly break though.
  9. Li couldn't help it, as he hit the hard ground on his ass he grimaced in pain but only slightly and then began to chuckle at be blown apart. He began to lift up when he noticed his frenemy had fallen in to a pile of dead leaves. THe broke the camel's back, Li fell back laughing hard at the sight. He rolled over on his stomach, put the fans in his robes and pushed himself up. He took a natural stance with is feet about shoulder width apart. He began to waver and stagger but still held his place, it looked as if he had become slightly tipsy. His laughter had come down as he was standing up, but there was still a chuckle escaping his lips accompanied by a small grin.
  10. Leandra made it back into town in record time. She was really perplexed about how to make the darn object show her anything. she stopped at her house and dropped off her bag, taking out the artifact and holding it close to her. She tried to think about who could help her figure it out and only came to one or two people. "okay, so where could they be then?" She asked herself as she left the house and headed toward the other houses where the other coven members lived. One of the members she was thinking of was an air, and she was okay with that, although it might not work with what she was doing, she knew he was smart and could at least give her a suggestion. "Darn that Monk, where is he?" She stood on his porch looking at the empty house, the curtains were cracked and she could see that there was no one home. "ugh," she sighed, "he's probably out fighting again. Why cant those boys ever not do that." She huffed and walked out towards the forest and the adjoining field, hoping to find them.
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    Colt stood on a hill that over-looked the town of Ivalice. Neither he nor any other member of his coven was cloaked, as he really didn't care if the witches within the town could sense them. Not to mention the fact that he didn't actually know how to cloak himself. He'd only been studying the actual craft for a year now, and he wasn't learning anything about cloaking or protection. Actually, he didn't know it, but all he was learning was the types of magic that most witches considered forbidden. He was learning how to use spells to attack others and use herbs to create poisons instead of healing remedies. He was, honestly, unaware that the craft consisted of anything but the stuff he was currently learning. That's what happens when your information comes from bad apples; not that he knew his coven consisted of nothing but bad apples. Honestly, the man they had pretty much forced into a leadership position knew nothing about his coven members, and didn't really care to learn about them. They were annoying people who happened to follow his every move and adhere to his every command.
    He crossed his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes on the town of Ivalice. He'd noted the strange land markings, and that was something that he'd actually read about. To have a town based in the center of a natural pentagram would be to have great power and protection at ones disposal. Of course, protection meant nothing to him, only power. Power meant he would prove wrong all the people who had ever told him he would never make anything of himself. A slow smile spread across his face as he glanced longingly towards Ivalice. Yes, he'd found his new home. He wasn't sure if the coven that resided there presently would allow for him to live there, so he made up his mind on the spot that if they wouldn't share, he'd find a way to force them out. Ivalice would be the place that he would live out the rest of his days. -- Too bad he didn't know just how numbered his days really were.
  12. Jezleen sighed happily as the school bell rung, signifying the last moments of the day. Just like her students, she craved that final bell, meaning she could go home and do as she wished. She dropped into her chair, her eyes closing gratefully. She looked at a little stuffed tiger on her desk, waving her hand slightly. The thing suddenly popped into motion, running across the desk with a bit of trouble. She smiled slightly, when Jezleen suddenly stopped. A simple blip; a small and unfamiliar presence of magic that she noted in my moment of quietness, had appeared. It passed quickly, but she let her tiger drop back to its unanimated state and stood up quickly. She grabbed her papers, stashing them in her shoulder bag as she dashed out the door. Jezleen headed over to Ali’s place, wanting to see what she knew of this.</SPAN>

    Jumping into her car, she quickly drove over to her fellow witch’s home. She arrived, but paused for a moment outside the lovely home. Now that she was concentrated on the search of unrecognizable magic, she could feel a slight presence. Not the same as the one before, no, this one had not even crossed the border yet. But its strength seemed to come from its numbers. Now truly worried, I went up and knocked on the door quickly. “Ali? Ali, you home?”</SPAN>
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    Ali sat and stared at the spot that the ghost had disappeared from for a few moments. Personally she hoped that when she died, someone would be around to cross her over, if she didn't automatically do it herself. Really, she had the power to do that with all of the ghosts in this town, and any that she came across outside of it as well, but most of them preferred to stick around Ivalice. Ali figured it must have something to do with all the magic that surrounded the town. Or at least that was the only explanation that she had come up with so far. There may have been something different causing them to stay all together, but she wouldn't know what it was. As much as the ghosts liked to talk to her and freak her out by being around; none of them would reveal why they had chosen to stay behind. A soft sigh escaped the woman's lips and she debated calling on the Morrigan for a few minutes. She had the overwhelming feeling that something was about to go down in this place, but she couldn't pinpoint what, nor where that feeling came from. Maybe it was that blip on her radar as a magical person enetered the town, or perhaps it was that presence she was sensing that was outside of the town. Then again, it could be something entirely different for all she knew.

    She shook her head and brought herself back to the present as the sound of her name carried up to her from downstairs. It seemed one of the coven members was outside knocking on her front door. She canted her head as she tried to place the voice and smiled slightly when she recognized that it belonged to Jezleen. Ali got up from the chair she'd been sitting on and walked to the balcony's railing. "Hey, Jez!" she called. "Come on in. I'll be downstairs in a minute," she said before turning to head back into her bedroom. She paused for a moment, realizing that she was still in her pajamas and frowned. Obviously she'd been lazy for most of the day. She debated changing into real close for half a second, but decided against it. Jez was not only a girl, but also one of her coven members. Being in her pajamas around any of them was pretty much no different than being in her pajamas around a family member. With that decision made she walked across her bedroom, opened her door, and darted down the hall and stairs to the living room of the house. Her greeting for the main water element of the coven would be a smile, that didn't quite reach her eyes, and an offering of a hug. Ali was just that kind of person; she loved to hug people.
  14. She had kept up her knocking, being persistent. She simply had to talk to another member of her coven, although she had no idea where any of them might be, knowing they were the kind whom fluctuated at random throughout the town. Ali was the only one whom was most probably to stay relatively still, and that had been her reasoning for going straight to the spirit element leader’s home. Perhaps Ali had been in a deep concentration, or maybe even taking an afternoon snooze, as it took quite a moment before her voice rang out through the house and lawn, inviting her inside.</SPAN>
    Turning the door handle and stepping inside, she waited in what could be deemed as patiently, although she fidgeted in anxiety, her foot a tap-tap-tapping away on the wooden floorboards. It was soon joined by accompanying sounds, as Ali came down her stairs to come and greet her. Her coven member smiled slightly, and extended her arms, in which Jezleen stepped into, to return the hug for a brief moment before breaking off. She wasn’t exactly a hug-hater, but she wasn’t a hugger either, and therefore only offered them in times where they were truly needed, although she had yet to turn down a hug from a coven member. It would be like telling one’s little sister that you refused to hug her; it simply cannot be done! </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Hello Ali,” Jezleen said automatically, as if it were some automated response. But she quickly jumped to the reason behind her visit. “Ali, have you felt it?”</SPAN></SPAN>

    She paused a slight moment, as if trying to find the proper words. “There are others. One seems to have come in, but can you feel all those outside the limits? There are too many of them to go unnoticed. It makes me wonder what they wish, and why they are here. I was pondering if we should force them to leave, or simply leave them be…”</SPAN></SPAN>
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    Ali shook her head as she made it downstairs to find Jezleen tapping her foot in obvious impatience. The woman hugged her back briefly, but quickly stepped away and got to the point of her visit. A soft sigh escaped from Ali's lips when the woman asked about the obvious presence of others. Of course she had felt it, but she had been hoping that it wasn't anything serious, and had been waiting for it to pass. She knew that her coven members would have felt the same thing, but she'd been hoping to have time to figure something out on her own, and so far she really hadn't figured anything out. "I don't know what they could want, except that magic people have been drawn to this town since before it was ever an actual town, if you remember the stories that our parents used to tell us. It's possible that they just want to see what such a magical place is like," she hesitated, not sure that she believed those words herself, "But..for the time being, I don't think we should go on the offensive. They haven't made any moves as of yet, and we cannot be certain that they harbor ill intentions," she paused with a sigh. "Besides. The first rule of the craft is 'Harm none', and the only way to get around that is if we were being attacked first. We can only use our powers to defend ourselves. Technically we could scare them off, but if there's no reason to do so, it would gain us nothing more than a bad reputation," she finished as she paced the living room of her house.

    Alistrine frowned as she concentrated on the floor and continued to pace the living area. Perhaps it would be best to call a meeting and see what the other coven members thought. Ivalice might be her home, and she might have more sway over the coven than most of the others, but it wasn't strictly her home, nor was it strictly her coven. A sigh escaped her lips again and she paused in her pacing to turn back to Jezleen. "We need to call a meeting. As soon as possible. I want all coven members, and all major members of the community there. Ivalice might be my home, but it's not my place to call the shots by myself. I don't think we should have to do anything, but it might be better to be safe, rather than sorry. We could call upon the Morrigan, since it's much easier to do with all of the elements in place, and see if she can tell us anything before we make a final decision," she said, partially to Jezleen, but mostly to herself. She drew herself back to the present and flashed her coven member a smile. "I'm going to go get dressed, make some calls, and visit those who don't answer those calls. If you could handle contacting the key members of the community, I'll take the coven members. Tell everyone to meet in the cemetery," she added before darting upstairs. The minute everyone was told to meet in the cemetery, they would know it was something serious. Only large rituals or meetings were held in the cemetary, because that was the center of the town, and made it easiest to draw on all of the elements surrounding the town. Usually the smaller rituals and meetings took place in Ali's back yard.
  16. Alex straightened up and stood silently, archign his back as it cracked gently and he shook his head. " damn....and here i thought that match would've lasted more than an the scant hour it did." he sighed. the two were a sight to befhold when sparring, often going without rest from dusk till damn. there was no doubt about it that teh two were serious about their training. melding physical prowess with the elemental art they both embraced.

    The wind.

    a shiver ran down the shaman's back adn he turned to the east. " Li... what was that?" he said. more of a statement than a question. He felt the sudden urge to return to the ivalice house.
  17. Leandra could see the two just finishing up their training up ahead and quickened her pace. She paused at the edge of the area and turned around to face the sun. Something stopped her in her tracks momentarily and a cold feeling spread through her. And for her it suddenly made her feel weak being as her element was fire.

    Quickly she shook it off and made a run for Li and Alex. "H-hey guys!"
  18. Li Stood up, "What are you saying of course our matches will never be under six......." an cold energy moved through his entire circulatory system and collected at the base of his spine. From there it shot straight up with no quarter given. An immense shiver shook his body. Li turned towards the Ivalice house. "I think that we are being summoned." He began to walk and noticed Leandra. "Good day Leandra." He said walking by her.
  19. "Guh...again?" A man in black jeans, boots and waistcoat with a purple shirt underneath had been relaxing before being disturbed by the commotion of the two sparing in the street. Ciel had fallen asleep on the balcony again. He loved to sit in the sun for a bit when he had been working in the dark for hours on end, becoming one with his spirit and working on his powers. He'd been sat on his balcony, feet up on the railing and reclining on a chair with a cigarette hanging from the corner of his lip. Ciel would usually just tilt his trilby hat over his eyes and block out the two and their circus act and carry on sleeping, but he was feeling rather different today and he knew it wasn't those two keeping him up. Something had changed in the air and he didn't like it. He pulled out a silver pocket watch and looked at the time. "3:15? man i have slept a bit" He stood up and lit another cigarette and let out a large sigh. He peaked up his hat, the sun reflecting off of the now revealed white fringe and purple eyes. Ciel coudn't help but think something was wrong. There was more power than usual and Ciel was one who didn't like change. "I should go see Alistrine. She'll know what to make of this" He put the chair back inside and jumped onto the railing of the balcony swiftly. Ciel moved quickly and with rather brash movements, yet he always kept his poise, giving a regal air to him...yet he was anything but. He dropped off the balcony and onto the street below, landing and inch before the ground, stopping mid-air with his toe pointed towards the ground. A second later he dropped onto the flat of his foot, the other closely yet slowly following the other. He walked down the street and turned into the alley, passing between Li and Alex. He walked on making no eye contact nor showing any interest to the two "Morning knuckleheads..." As he carried on strolling he tilted his hat to Leandra. "...Leandra" As he got to the end of the alley and the to the road it joined, he walked up the steps of a large house and knocked on the door. He shouted through the letter box. "YO! Ali? You home?" He stood up to wait for a reply and put out his cigarette on the ashtray on the window ledge by the door. His faced dropped when he realised what he said. "Sorry! Alistrine? You home?" Trying to correct himself. Ciel put his palm on his forehead knowing the damage had been done. He felt uncomfortable calling Ali anything but her full name, he thought it was somewhat disrespectful, like when some of the coven called him 'Si' instead of Ciel. Well it angered him so he didn't want to inflict that on anyone else. However Ciel always felt somewhat uncomfortable, especially when he knew people felt uncomfortable with him around...people get the wrong idea about Poltergeists. "Yo Alistrine!?"
  20. The sigh spoke a thousand words before Ali could say them herself. She knew what that sigh meant whenever Ali made it, and resisted the urge to sigh in response at the words she knew would come. Her mind was whirling with questions, and she wished to have them sated. How Ali could simply brush it off like that was quite amazing, in her opinion. She was practically dying to go get a look. Plus, she didn’t like the fact that they would leave a possible threat unattended. It was like sitting under a knife that was held aloft simply by a string.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I know the rules of the craft, and I did not mean we should bring harm to them. But I do not see why we do not simply scare them off. If you saw foxes around a chicken’s coop, you scare them off before they get the chance to do any damage.” She reasoned. “Does a reputation truly matter? Even with one, others would perceive as bad might aid us in the future. Things like that would help prevent others from coming this way and deciding they want this town for themselves. This place is perfect for magic, greed and envy will eventually surely grow within the heart of some passersby.”</SPAN></SPAN>

    She understood others were drawn to it, but she had no wish to risk her home for the pleasure of mere magical tourists. She watched Ali pace the flooring, waiting for a response. She nodded in response to her coven member’s words. “Wise choice. It should not be a matter settled simply between us two and our dispute. Others have probably felt it, and this town is home to many, so it is unfair and unwise for the choice to remain on the shoulders of two. The Goddess’ word is especially important in such events.”</SPAN>
    As Alistrine climbed her stairs, she headed for the door, ready to warn those who needed to know. But the cemetery? She must have been wrong, as Alistrine seemed to be more worried about this matter than she had let show. It had been quite a small bit of time since they had last occupied the cemetery. Even though she had known of the importance beforehand, something about it being in the cemetery made her quicken her pace over to her car.</SPAN></SPAN>