The Town Of Casper

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  1. The little town of Casper, to all outsiders, appeared to be a normal town. They got most of their income from the tourist industry, as the town was sprawled across a five mile span of beautiful white sand and clear blue water. It's almost always sunny and warm, without much humidity. It's also a very historic area, decorated with colonial architecture and marble statues of famous leaders who've spent time there. Also, there are a few piers that jut out into the ocean, where several amusement park rides and attractions can be found. The vast marshland and mangrove swamps which surround the town offer an extremely bio-diverse environment for up and coming biologists and nature scientists to study from.

    There are also some oddities in Casper. It has never been affected by hurricanes or tropical storms. It has never flooded here. And lighting has only struck one tree in the entire 214 year history of the town.

    The town lore is also quite... Odd. You see, in the year 1800, a young man went missing in the mangrove swamp. He was never seen from again. He was always seen as a strange man by the townspeople, as he often talked to himself and claimed that he could see spirits. Some say he was going to preform a satanic ritual, others say that he was running away to avoid being pulled into the local military. Either way, no body knows what happened to him or why he went into the swamp alone. All they know is that lightning struck a single tree in the swamp twenty four times that night, permanently scarring it. The tree still stands today, still alive, and is the biggest mangrove tree in the entire swamp. The town began to see it as the protector of the town, since no storm or natural force has ever destroyed anything in the town since the lightning strike.

    There have also been strange occurrences around the town, up to this date. Things have been moved around, a few books pulled from the shelves and opened, as if someone were reading them, water suddenly boiling in the kitchen even when the stove isn't on. Nobody's quite sure why this is happening, though some have come to believe that the town is haunted.

    A new girl in town is set to investigate these occurrences, and she isn't quite normal herself. She can see spirits, and communicate with them.


    The town was surprisingly peaceful. Perhaps a sleepy Sunday morning was a good time to go into the local library and catch up on the books he'd missed in the past 214 years. It had taken the spirit a long time to figure out how to move physical objects, and it still took a great deal of energy to accomplish, but now he could finally keep reading. The young man walked to the town library, his charming good looks and strong muscular frame going unnoticed by the population of people milling about their day. He had learned early on that not a single one of them could see him. It seemed like his ability to see spirits while he was alive was still extremely rare and essentially extinct in the town. He let out a sad sigh with that thought. As much as the young man liked not being bothered by anyone, he missed being interacted with. He missed not having people walk right through him. In fact, it grossed him out.

    But, that was the life of the only spirit in Casper. So, instead of sitting alone in a swamp, he spent most of his time where he could read books. In the town library, school libraries, personal libraries... You name it, he's been there. The town library had just gotten a new order of books yesterday, so he was eager to go check them out. The library was closed today, so he could read in peace, too.
  2. Arekusu wasn't entirely sure if she was ready for another investigation, due to her last visit before this one. The previous spirit as a violent old man with horrid intentions, luckily she made it out alive.

    But as she stood at the gates of the sleepy little town she couldn't help but laugh "This town has spirits? Oh well." She said, she knew to never underestimate towns, houses, or graveyards for you'll never know what your going to get.

    As she walked through the town she froze, her pink eyes flashed to the library that stood several feet away "Did I..." she pauses and approaches the window.
  3. The young man was sitting at a table, his gaze focused on an older book with faded ink and pages softened with age and faintly tinted yellow from use. It was a Charles Dickens book that was too wordy for the spirit to fully enjoy, not to mention too violent and dark and just plain creepy, but it was better than being bored out in the swamp. Honestly, the book made him somewhat cautious of going back into the swamp thanks to the beginning. Grimacing slightly as slave ships were mentioned, he shut the book. He didn't give a damn if Charles Dickens was one of the greatest British authors out there, he did not like his work one bit.

    An odd feeling swept over him. One that he hadn't felt since he was alive. He was being watched. His dark blue-grey eyes flashed to the library window, where he saw a girl looking at him. Not just into the library. At him, in his full, black tail-coated, silver pocket-watch adorned ghostly glory. He ran a hand through his short black hair, unsure what to do or even say. Coming to his senses, he stood from his spot at the table and took off running in the opposite direction of the girl.

    Funny, he'd just been thinking about how he missed being seen, but suddenly he was very much startled by it. He took a few deep breaths once he was safe and sound in the storage room of the library. There weren't any windows for the girl to see him through here, and he doubted that she could walk through locked doors like him, so he felt mildly safe.
  4. Arekusu pulled back from the window, her black hair began to dance as the winds blew, never in her life has she seen a ghost run from her.

    Not even the children ghost.

    She sighed as she lost sight of him, she figured he had retreated to a safe hiding spot from her and she held up her hands "Hey, there...uh...I'm not gonna hurt you, I just wanna talk." She said calmly hoping to spook the poor soul anymore than she has.
  5. The man frowned softly upon hearing her words. Clearly she couldn't hurt him, with him being a spirit, but he wasn't supposed to be seen by the living. Of course, he used to be able to see spirits when he was alive... But this was weird.

    Eventually, he came to the conclusion that he needed to stop reading creepy books. He was all jumpy because of that damn Dickens book. He blew out a sigh and left the safety of the storage room. "Who the hell are you?" He asked the girl crossly. He figured he was allowed to be cross due to the fact that the girl had scared the Dickens right out of him.

    ... Funny.

    Shaking his head at the ironic thought, he refocused on the girl. She could see him, which meant that he finally had someone to talk to.
  6. Julie rode her bike to a sign that said "Welcome to Casper!" on the front. "Weird name for a town." She thought to herself. She continued riding into town until she found a stand that was selling a book labeled "Legends and Folklore of Casper". She walked up to the lady at the stand and asked how much the book was. "That's $5,if you want to get the special edition, that's $10 more." Julie paid the $5 for the regular book and sat on a bench to read it.
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