The Town (Horror)

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  1. Nick Costanza gripped the steering wheel tightly as the rain continued to pour down on car, the fog in the distance rolling closer. Nick turns to Ashley Brown his friend who went with him on his trip to their old friend Robby. "Man can you believe what Robby did at the party? I never seen someone dance so hard they pass out." He chuckles a bit to himself. The rain starts to pelt the car causing a pinging sound all around the car. "Damn, its getting foggier and I have no clue where we are. Ah well I'll keep driving till we hit a town then ask for some directions." Nick turns facing front again and drives down the road. It was about 1 am and they where about 3 hours away from their homes. No cars where driving along this road Nick figured that he probably turned on a side road or something like that.

    Nick continues driving for 30 more minutes when suddenly what looks like a person was in the middle of the road. "Shit!" Nick swerves to avoid the person but the rain slick causes him to lose control. Fumbling with the wheel Nick tries in vain to avoid crashing. The car goes off the road flipping on its side slamming into a tree, the back part of the roof is caved in narrowly avoiding Nick and his friend. Nick scrambles in during the crash but his head suddenly hits something hard what he thinks is glass before losing consciousnesses.
  2. Ashely groaned and moved to massage her temples before a sharp pain jolted her to full awareness. Hissing at the pain, she tried to look around her and get her bearings. She was in what was left of the car and her arm was crushed between her seat's armrest and the crushed car door. She gingerly lifted her left hand and undid her seat belt. Every part of her ached. Slowly, she began to ease her way out of the seat, gently lifting her injured arm away from the door. As the pain ran through her arm, she took deep, slow breaths and tried not to think about the fact that it might be broken.

    Looking to her left, she saw that the roof had caved in when the car had flipped. Below the dented roof, she could just make out the lower portion of her friend, Nick, who had been driving. Realizing that she wasn't going to be able to open the door on her side, she turned back to her friend. "Nick. Nick! Can you hear me?" She reached out her good hand and poked him in the side, seeing if she could get him to wake up.
  3. Nick slowly stirred awake. He felt a repeating poke in his side that slowly increased in urgency. His eyes fluttered open, his vision blurry and black. The side of his head was warm and damp, tilling his head to the right off the side window he put his hand to his head and then in front of his adjusting eyes. Blood stuck to his hand and he remembered what happened. "Shit...well it cant be that bad. I mean I'm not least not as far as I know." The pokes to his side turned in to jabs and he realized Ashley was also awake. "Ya, I'm live for better or worse. My head got cut up but I think I could get out here." Nick shifted about his seat attempting to unbuckle but the clasp was damaged and wouldnt come undone. Looking forward he noticed the windshield on his side was broken and glass was all about. Grabbing a decent sized shard carefully as to not cut himself he cuts himself free of the seatbelt.

    Looking towards Ashley he put forward a hand to help her out. "Look once your out of there I'll climb out and help you through, your arm doesnt look so good so we need to find a town or something to help treat it." Nick's hand quickly retracts as he winces a bit, putting his hand to his head. "And I suppose my head. Come on we have to get moving." Nick puts his hand back this time its a bit more bloodied.
  4. "Agreed," the brunet groaned as she awkwardly climbed across the middle compartment of the car. Grabbing her friend's bloodied hand, she carefully made her way to the other side. Once both of them stood outside the car, she surveyed the wreckage. "Wow, you really totaled it." Shaking her head lightly, she winced at the dull pain in her neck. Limping quietly, she wandered back to the road. She scanned both sides of the street, noting that nothing seemed too off, and that it didn't appear as if they had hit anything. "What did you do it for, anyway? I didn't see anything, and it doesn't look like you hit anything." She shivered at the cold night air and cringed as her arm continued to throb painfully.
  5. Nick put out his arm to help support Ashley. "I swear I saw some guy just standing the middle of the road, I turned so that he wasnt hit but the rain slick made me lose control...after that I blacked out. Come on lets see if we can find a town down this road." Nick walked down the road supporting Ashley when she needed it. After about 15 minutes of walking he sees some buildings off in the distance. "Hey I see some buildings up ahead, just keep going a little farther." The fog was thick now, it was hard to see. Rain pelts Nick sting his skin. As they walk up to the town he sees a building with a sign that says "rooms vacant". Turning to Ashley "We should check that place out maybe they can point us to a doctor." Walking in to the old inn a dim light filled the lobby and a bell lay on the table next to a sign that tells visitors to ring for service.

    Nick dings the bell a few times and after a little while a small pale man appears, the man looks over the two for a second before noticing their wounds which shock him out of his sleepy state. "Oh dear, are you two ok? You look hurt let me call the doctor." The small man scuttles over to an old phone and punches in a few numbers after a few rings he speaks again. "Ah terribly sorry to wake you at this hour but I have 2 guests who have some severe injuries. Please come quick." He hangs up the phone and turns back to the two. "He should be right over. I'm Manfred but everyone calls me Fred now if you dont mind me asking what happened?"
  6. Ashley sighed. "Somebody, not naming names here, thought he 'saw some guy standing on the road,'" she shot an accusing glare at nick while making air quotes as best she could with one hand. "So he flipped out and crashed the car." She shrugged. "That's it really." She glanced down at Manfred and was surprised to see he looked worried. Well, no. He had looked worried before, but now, the color was drained from his face and he was nervously glancing between the two. "What's the matter? Is everything alright?" The small man stepped backwards before coughing loudly.
    "Ah, yes, its nothing really." He wiped his brow. "Just...just remembered something I need to do." Smiling nervously, he continued to back away from the counter. "Y-yes. Get something. Why don't you settle yourselves in the lobby there." and with that he was gone.
    "Well, that was weird." Ashley remarked before turning to wander over to the lone couch sitting by the wall. "You don't think it had anything to do with what I said, do you?"
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    Nick plops himself down in a small bench in between 2 tables. Grabbing a tissue he places it against his wound to clean it up a bit. "Maybe he has a friend who likes to wander around in the fog in the middle of the road. But really maybe someone isnt mentally sound around here and they have to locked up. But its just we might have hit someone." As he manages to get most of the blood out of hair the Doctor walks in. The Doctor is man of about 40 or 50 he has a rough short beard on his face, a number of scars on his arms, and is wearing an old lab coat. A large bag in hand he heads over to the woman first. "Your arm doesnt look so good, if I had to guess based on how damp you are and the fog you where in a car accident. I'll tend to the boy in a minute, your injuries look more severe please sit down and I'll get to work." As Ashley sits the man quickly prods her arm making mental notes of the issues and problems then he reaches in to his bag pulling out a small splint. "Here this should help your arm, it doesnt seem too bad just some bad brusing." With that the man turns towards the Nick.
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    As the man turned to tend to Nick, Ashley spread herself out on the small couch sitting near the wall. Her eyes scanned the walls idly until she noticed a small billboard. It was covered in news clippings and pictures, mostly from missing posters, she noticed. Sitting up, she began to read snippets.
    "Couple missing for weeks after crash"
    "Mysterious disappearance at Town Carroway"
    "Strange phantom claimed to cause crash"
    There were about twenty or so more all showing similar stories. People, usually two or three, would have been driving down the road when they would crash for no reason. Some clippings marked it down as a result of the fierce weather, while others claimed that it was because of the condition of the roads. There were some though, that mentioned a phantom. Whatever was said to cause the crash, the news clippings always ended in one thing. The people in the car would go missing; their bodies were not found in the cars, and there was proof that they could have made it to the 'Carroway Town' close by, but there was no evidence. They simply disappeared. Ashley frowned and shivered.
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