The Tournament (Reverse Harem)

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  1. Reverse Harem RP​

    If you do not know what a harem is you can look it up but basically it is where a group of people like the same person.

    The Magic Festival: A celebration held once every year for one month. During this festival there are games, shows, rides and the biggest event the tournament.

    The Tournament: A competition for magic users to form a group and fight against other groups to win title of the strongest.

    The RP revolves around a certain girl (my character) and her team; one that happens to have the rest being guys. Guys who are competing for her love.

    ~However, if you want to play a girl it can be from another group if you like. I don’t want to stop people from joining.
    ~The group fights will be against groups that are not anyone else's real character so that way they can stay in the RP, unless that person choices to lose. You could stay and be a viewer or something. You don’t have to leave the RP.
    ~There will also be days in the RP without a fight meaning other parts of the festival can take place.

    Info for people entering my characters group: The RP will start when your character is going to meet your teammates on the opening day of the festival (Not the same opening day as the tournament). You responded to my Characters letter (said in my characters skeleton) and said yes.


    Character Skeleton:

    Name: (Just first is needed but feel free to put middle, last, or a nickname)
    Age: You have to be 18+ to be eligible to participate in the tournament
    Ability/magic: (anything, if you’re unsure just ask. I don’t bite.)
    Personality: (Do I need to explain. :D )
    Past: (Your character before entering the tournament)
    Extra info: (Anything you want to add. Also put if you’re in another group or my characters group.)
    Looks: (Picture [anime] or description)


    My Character:

    Name: Rane [pronunciation: rain]
    Age: 19
    Ability: Telekinesis
    Personality: Rane is courageous and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She tends to act two different ways. Sometimes she is serious but other times she just can’t help but play around and make jokes.
    Past: Rane is from a privileged family. She always had to wear dresses and act proper, it’s what her parents wanted, and never letting her do the things she wanted. Inside though, she hid the fact that she always wanted to compete in the tournament. When she entered the tournament she didn’t know who to get to be her group, so she looked for good people and asked them in a hand written letter if they wanted to join her. She is going to hide the fact that she is from a very rich family, and is supposed to be a proper lady.
    Extra info: She hates being told what to do by her parents, unable to do the things most kids were able to when they were young.
    Looks: (minus the book, scroll, magnifying glass and scroll holder on her sash.)
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  3. Character Skeleton:

    Name: Lifira Flutterfire (female)
    Age: 23
    Ability/magic: Force Manipulation, primarily punching people in the face with her Freaky Mind Powers
    Personality: Hyperactive, loud, brash, yet ironically introverted and aloof. Lifira doesn't care much to connect with people, nor does she understand much about the thing called "social conventions." She is extremely eccentric from having friends from the fringes of society and normalcy, and is unabashedly a geek.


    A Summon's life is never easy, being essentially a slave to their Summoner. The love-child of a monster and her master is arguably worse.

    Belonging to two worlds, accepted in neither, Lifira has had to put up with being treated as trash for being half-monster, and being treated as a freak for being half-human. She grew up in isolation, with only a few cherished friends on the fringes of society.

    After accidentally killing three of her tormentors and annihilating most of the south wall of Aetulia Academy, Lifira was duly arrested and sent away to a facility for super-powered criminals, Wincheta Ward. No one knows what went on in those high walls, but her keeper claims that she has gotten her powers in check.

    Now, she makes her reappearance to the world, a competitor in the Tournament. As a member of the Wincheta Windigos, a new team instantly infamous for being formed entirely by Wincheta Ward inmates on parole, the officials look on in wary silence.

    Lifira merely smiles and waves back.

    Extra info:

    Summons and Summoners -- Summons are monsters under the service of a Summoner, usually by contract. No matter the terms of the contract, a Summon is considered their master's property, and have as much freedom and rights as the slaves of yore. Treatment differs from person to person; some treat their summons as loyal partners, others tools, and a smidgen like Lifira's parents, as lovers.

    Aetulia Academy -- A school primarily for monsters and dark denizens like demons, imps, and ghosts. Not the safest or well-regulated of places, but it certainly is interesting.

    Wincheta Ward -- A prison/training facility for beings with magical ability or overwhelming power. Generally a peaceful, if impersonal, place, with corporate efficiency and false smile sprinkles. Losing control of your powers in public is considered a crime.

    Wincheta Windigos -- Lifira's team. All are criminals, and are presently on parole. Manacled, collared, and tagged, they are still free to roam albeit with numerous restrictions about what they can and can't do, and with at least two armed guards nearby per member.

    Looks: See left. Short, scrawny, with numerous scars and tattoos. Also has bat like hands and claws for feet. Skin feels lightly fuzzy and reddish in the right light. Has sonar, cannot fly.
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  6. So I'm not usually one for romance RPs, But The moment I saw Magic tournament in your plot I had to jump in on this =D
    Here is my character

    Name: Faolan Snowden (aka Wolf)
    Age: 21
    Ability/magic: Ice Magic / planning – He has a tendency to plan things out four or five moves in advance often catching his opponents off guard with simple spells rather than the flashy stuff.

    Personality: A “cool” type personality Wolf often comes across as arrogant and as if he believes he’s better than everybody else. What it really is full confidence in his own abilities. He can be very sarcastic and though he hates listening to other people complain he tends to plan for the worst-case scenario. He is not a romantic, and believes love is a choice and something to be shown through actions, rather than based on emotion. His temper, like his powers, is ice cold. He can be both easily amused and extremely generous when he knows he can afford to be.

    Past: Not quite twenty-one years ago Wolf’s father was working as the head guard for a merchant caravan that was traveling in the frozen north-lands. They were making for the village of Snowden when they heard a wolf’s cry and saw a pack running away at their approach. When they reached the village they discovered that it had been destroyed presumably by brigands. There were no survivors except one. Lying in the snow, surrounded by paw prints and the imprint of a wolf’s body (as if one had curled itself around him) was a baby boy. The head guard named him Faolan Snowden, which can be translated as “The Wolf of Snowden”, took him home and raised him as his own. The guard’s men took to simply calling the boy Wolf, and eventually everybody he met called him that as well.

    Wolf has been trained through his life to be a guard like his father before him, and was taught ice magic by the man as well. When he was eighteen Wolf was old enough to join a guard squad on his own and he has been traveling the world ever since. When it was time for the tournament to be announced he was living at a local guardhouse awaiting his next assignment. However, Wolf being new and unknown nobody wanted to take a risk on letting the “rookie” compete with them. Fortunately he received a letter from Rane and wanting to prove that he was better than everyone on the guard squad believed him to be, he accepted immediately.

    Extra info:
    • He was the first person to agree to join Rane’s team, however he joined because his victory over the other guards would be that much greater if he started out as an underdog.
    • Trained as a guard Wolf can also use a sword or staff if the need arises – he can also make his own out of ice.
    • Wolf’s scarf is his most prized possession. His adoptive father gave it to him before he began life on his own, and on the inside edge is an embroidered map so he can always find his way home.
    • Wolf will frequently write letters home, but if caught at it he’ll deny he’s doing any such thing.
    Looks: Tall with somewhat broad shoulders, he also wears dark navy pants, a thick belt, and good sturdy hiking boots. The white jacket is a bit long and beneath it he wears a dark navy tank top. Wolf never takes off the scarf unless sleeping. His upper bicep is tattooed with a howling Wolf’s head (shown left). He has three piercings (one a helix) in his right ear and one in the left.
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    Have to say when I saw the words "reverse harem" the first thing that popped in my head was an image of Kirmi pointing at the Ouran Host club.
  9. Lol. I feel like harems are extremely funny (plus I'm into the romance) so I just felt like it would be a great idea for an RP. :D
  10. Name: Kyysucara Namosaka (Kyy)

    Age: 19

    Ability/magic: Chrono (Time)

    Personality: Kind, outgoing, a bit pervy at times. There is a darker side of him that most don't see.

    Past: Kyy was born blind in his left eye. His mother was the one who taught him magic when he was 7. We he was 13 he lost control of a spell he cast and ended up killing her. He stopped using magic until just recently and when he got Rane's letter, decided it would be a good chance to test himself.

    Extra info: On Rane's team. He rarely shows his blind eye to others, usually only doing it if he's switched to his darker side... He enjoys a good drink and is a smoker.

    Looks: Shoulder blade length black hair with red highlights. His bangs cover his left eye. Right eye is green, left is red. Wears an organization 13 like robe.
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  12. Just waiting to see if anyone else wants to join. If not we will probably get started soon.
  13. Name: Alik Stone

    Age: 22

    Ability: Darkness Manipulation. The power to summon, create, manipulate darkness/shadows.

    Personality: Kind of a dark personality, he is quiet and calculating. When he wants something he will do whatever he has to, no matter what. Likes to stick to the shadows, watching and waiting. It's hard to tell what he is thinking or feeling.

    Past: His family rejected him because of his darkness. He grew up in a orphanage until he ran away not being able to take it. Life on the streets has hardened his heart. When he heard about the competition he decided to enter to get away from the past.

    Extra: Is skilled with weapons and hand to hand combat. From living on the streets plus his ability he has picked up to walking in the shadows going unnoticed. Rane's group.

    Looks: Black hair that covers his eyes slightly. White streaks in his bangs and through out his hair. His eyes are black with silver weaving around in the black. Tattoos cover his body and he has a few peircings {snake bites, one eyebrow, and a few in his right ear.} About 6 2" in height and instead of being extremely muscular is more lean with muscle.
  14. Accepted. :)
  15. Name: Dominic Foudre
    Age: 23
    Ability/magic: Produce lightning, (lightning bolts, ball of lightning, surrounding his weapon with lightning...) Dominic is also very quick, can run very fast and fight very quickly.
    Personality: A little arrogant would be the best way to describe him. He comes from money and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. He is always one to take a challenge, thinks logically, and usually succeeds. He's not all serious and enjoys a good meal with good company and especially a good laugh every once in awhile. However the truth of the matter is that he's scared of failing, his father is very strict and looks down on him. So he initially joined this tournament to prove to his father that he was an accomplished fighter. However, since joining the tournament there has been someone that has caught his eye...
    Past: Dominic has always known that he was a gifted member of the Foudre family, his father never lets him forget it and expects all the more out of him because of it. Dominic has focused on honing his skills and abilities driving himself further and further. He's not let himself get too distracted, by other things but found that he enjoyed good food. His father did not see this 'distraction' as anything good and so he only pushed Dominic harder. The pressure has led to Dominic accepting the invitation and entering the tournament to prove to his father that he is an accomplished member of the family who will be ready to take over when his father steps down.
    Extra info: Rane's group, finds that he's quite attracted to her (this is a harem rp of course!) Dominic's preferred weapon is the rapier, his family crest is imbedded in his along with a bright blue pommel stone on the handle.
    Looks: [​IMG]
  16. Accepted. :D Great I will probably put up the RP itself tomorrow or later today possibly.
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