The Tour

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  1. Okidokee, so this is a different theme than what I'm used to, but I thought of it and it just sounds so much fun.

    It's a Modern/Romance themed. :)

    Making it big can be a hard, sometimes damn near impossible for some, goal to accomplish. Two friends were determined to make it to stardom when they were little, but with the same conflict that separated so many bands before them, they got into a fight over what they should play, the guy even going as far as to insult the violin. After a huge fight in their middle school between the two, they vowed never to speak to each other again. So, she moved away their eighth grade year.

    Several years after high school comes faster than anyone could see. Two bands have made it big in the last couple years, nearly quadrupling their last few years fan base. The managers of the two band schedule a world wide tour, since so many of the people across the world wanted to see both play. Traveling together and playing together seemed cheaper, and easier.

    They don't exactly play the same type of music, but each other band admits that they've got talent. They agree to the tour since it would bring in a much larger crowd for the fan base.

    The bands come together to meet, only to find out the lead singer/violinist of the one band recognizes the kid who she used to call her best friend. She's changed her name, looks totally different, and basically doesn't resemble the girl at all.

    Message me if you're interested. :3