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  1. I'm looking for a partner, female character, to play off of my vikingsona:
    Plot is up in the air, perhaps a shield maiden.
    If you choose the slave route expect there to be no raping or the like as he doesn't roll that way.

    Any-which-way there will be adventure, there will be some violence, and there will be adventure... and booze! I almost forgot the booze... how silly of me.
  2. I'd be interested in this. :)
  3. Well huzzah! Any ideas as to what kind of character you'd play?
  4. probably more of a shield maiden, or something like that. Would this be more historically accurate for the Viking era? Before or after they invaded Pick territory?
  5. Alright, we can do either before or after the Pict invasion... My character does a descent bit in England as well.
  6. I think after. The vikings had a pretty good stronghold of their territories at that time if i am remembering correctly...
  7. Alrighty! Anything specific you'd like to see thrown in? Perhaps she is new and being brought in on his crew?
  8. I could go with that...chosen by her tribe/people/ go with him.
  9. Alrighty! Anything else to toss in? Sadly right now I don't have much post in me, pain has stolen my muse...
  10. Not really, sadly work has succeeded in punching my plot helping muse.

    I do have a pic of the gal I'm thinking of playing though...

  11. OH what is their mission or is that something we need to figure out?
  12. Well, it could be reconnaissance to find places to raid... or... I dunno
  13. Oooo...scouting party basically. I could go for that. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.