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Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Ringmaster, Mar 3, 2016.

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    This was it. As your ship came out of warp, you among others peered out of the porthole to see the planet below that you would dedicate the next few years of your life. Recruited by figures in one way or another, you learned about the nature of the multiverse. Of those who would see it burn and those who would be a shield in such times. This would be your role, as you would be trained by your peers. From the looks of your fellow recruits, it seems almost incredible. Some look human, others are more monstrous in appearance or only a token degree of inhuman. But you were all called together for the same purpose and with this in mind, perhaps it might have eradicated what differences and fences yet existed in your mind. Perhaps not. Nevertheless, the voice over the intercom would call out.

    "This is your captain speaking. Drop in t-minus ten seconds. Ten....Nine....Eight-"

    All around, those who had stretched their legs or went for some miscellaneous purpose rushed back to their seats, some looking gleeful in contrast to those who were fearful of the ensuing event.

    "-Four....Three....Two....One. Disengaging docking clamps."

    And with that, you made the final stage of your journey as you entered atmosphere. Lush green as far as the eye could see was your first impression. It was dawn, local time as the sun peeked over the mountains in the distance. In the midst of it all, a massive base awaited and in what seemed like little time you landed. Off switched the buckle-up sign and excited, recruits grabbed their bags and prepared to descend. The first thing you noted was the severe humidity. Even in the early morning, mist rose and was dissipated immediately by the roars of the dropships, the landing carriers and the general movement every which way you looked. Loader-bot suited workers moved cargo, transporting it to the far side as vehicles- Mech and otherwise drove or walked across the landing zones and expanse. In the distance, the gleam of guard towers on the concrete wall would shine in the morning light.


    Some things were truly universal it seems, as a figure with the cog-and-sword emblem on his shoulder displayed the rank of Sargent as he led all of you to a room. Seats were taken, people were talking...And then stepped a figure onto the stage. The Sargent stood to attention as he barked out aloud.


    He was frankly a strange looking figure. Slightly hunched over and old, though there was a gleam in his eye visible, even at this distance. His skin was dark, darker perhaps for his time on this tropical base as he tapped a microphone on the stage and cleared his throat. His voice was husky, if relaxing as in sharp contrast to the Sargent, it came over in a gentle, rolling wave.

    "Thank you Sargent. And good morning to you all. I am the Commander of this place, your new home for the next few years. The intention was that while we prepare for the worse, we in fact act for the best- We may work like any military, but we are not soldiers. We are not conquerors. We do not seek domination nor do we seek riches. First and foremost, we- And this includes you now, are guardians of existence itself. All that may be, all that is and all that was are now our sacred charge. Think on that, as you go about your training. I look forward to seeing you all surpass the prior generation and I encourage you all, to do all you can to reach our goal as one. We are a light in the darkness....We are the Torch."


    "Best of luck to you all."

    Thus was your first impression of the Commander, as you were given an electronic Scroll with a map and your schedule installed(updated automatically) as well as your dorm room number, where you and your roommates would be living, as you trained here.

    Welcome to the Torch.

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  2. John Connor breathed silently beneath the helmet of his Winterized T51-B Power Armour. It's surface was now scuffed and scarred, battered by years of overuse, and repair from Terminator parts, amongst other things. This kind of equipment really wasn't designed for 7 years of use. Few men who wore it would last that long.
    The Commander was clearly an idiot, but John Connor was more than used to military tools, parading around the place, barking orders, then crumbling at the first sound of gunfire. He hoped that he wouldn't be like that once he became a leader. But that wouldn't be for a while yet. First, he had so much to do, so many people to protect, before he settled into his role as a mere cog in the machine of fate, merely another player in the Juggernaut of history.

    He opened the Map, and lifted off the helmet of his armour. He'd probably head to the Armoury first, but he decided that perhaps he'd be better off stopping by the Dorms, to check out where he'd be staying.
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  3. "Hi!" Doreen exclaimed cheerfully. "That's a cool set of armor! I used to have some armor too, but I didn't bring it. I probably should have because it sounds like it's going to be super useful here because of how important our jobs are!" Even if John kept walking, Doreen kept up with him and kept nattering at him as he did.

    She stuck out her hand. "I'm Doreen Green, but I generally go by Squirrel Girl. What's your name?"

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  4. John stepped back, a look of confusion on his face. He'd seen a lot of strange things in the multiverse, but not a lot of it was this light and fluffy. His companions in the murder events, for example, had either been hardened veterans or insane future gang members.

    He was also unsure whether to give his real name. The future resistance leader had built quite the reputation, after all.

    But it was highly unlikely that Doreen was a Terminator. Or Reaper. Or Witch.
    He smiled and shook her hand.
    "John Connor. As for the armour, its kind of a museum piece now. Got it from The Future. Well, A future. Say, what uniform's that supposed to be?" Oh God, he thought to himself. Please dont let her be one of Joestars' people.
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  5. She shook his hand avidly, and boy did she have a firm grip! Releasing it, she looked over her suit. "Oh, this? It's not really a uniform. More of a costume. The Great Lakes Champions don't really have a standard uniform. I wear this when I'm out busting bad guys. I hope this place has a school too. I totally didn't enroll in college again this semester when I found out I was universe-hopping!"

    After a few more steps, something caught up to Doreen. "Ooh, the future? But if it's from the future why is it old? Is it like those movies where it's science fiction but they tell you it happened a long time ago? Nevermind, I guess it doesn't matter as long as it works, right? I hope there's a forest nearby. I've got to talk to the locals and gather some nuts. Never know when you need friends or a little extra energy!"

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  6. The speech done, Li scowled to herself. Well...One chapter done. Another one begins. So far, there didn't seem to be any sort of dress code. At the least, no one batted an eye at the personal equipment or wide variety of costumes, uniforms and what have you. Robots, soldiers...Wizards? Maybe, she had no idea littered the recruit grounds and shaking her head, she also headed for the dorms. Her worldly possessions at least weren't anything on the level of what some might have brought. All she had was a single backpack, nothing more. Everything else if this scroll was correct, would be provided so there was that. It was certainly a new experience, that was for sure. She had never seen so much green and from the flight in space, she was somewhat gratified to learn that she wasn't the only one who was gawping like a backworld bumpkin.

    And off she headed to the Dorms.

    Passing by Doreen and John, she glanced over the two in mild interest- Mostly because of the tail and continued on.

  7. "Did you hear that? Did you hear that?? Did you hear that???" Bart was enthusiastically tugging on some inhuman giant thing's sleeve. "A hero speech! So crash. Dare to be awesome and everything! Plus that pun at the end, I saw what he did there, did you see it? The light in the darkness, The Torch! Had to come from someone corny." He ignored the inhuman's obvious annoyance, releasing the sleeve and looking over this scroll. "Wow. So retro. I like it!"

    He wasn't too fond of the look of the Commander so far. Something about the eyes. Still, if this place was all it was said to be, he was bound to be on the up and up. "Mess Hall, cafeteria where are you--ah ha!" He took off running, a crimson and white blur heading for the food first and foremost.
  8. So many variant races. So many worlds...

    And yet, chocolate was still a rare treat. Within the cantina , the woman known as Amanda Ripley looked upon her creation with awe and joy. Three-fourths hot chocolate. One fourth whipped cream. Grated chocolate bits and a toasted marshmallow on top, it was much snack as it was drink. And it was hers, all hers! She reached out a hand to pick up her mug- And was almost blown over by something speeding past her, enough to make her yelp briefly and look around wildly.

    "What was that?!"

    She had been here for a week now and this was her first break night. Did she miss any speed freaks or something?

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  9. "..." He skidded to a halt, circling back around to take a second glance at that drink to make sure he had seen it correctly...and he had. "Ohheysorryaboutthisbutthatdrinklookssogood." Within a blink of an eye, the drink was gone, a five dollar buck resting in it's place. Bart stopped behind her, taking a long appreciative sip. Warm whipped cream goodness...mhm yum. "Thanks!" He acknowledged with a grin. "Name's Bart. Bart Allen."

  10. She might have been more annoyed, if she wasn't impressed. She could barely keep up with that speed and it drove in, more than anything how much more different things were now. So she smiled and extended a hand with an amused smile.

    "Amanda Ripley. Did you just come with the new batch?"

  11. "Heh. You could say that. Figured I'd help any way I could. World's out there are in poor shape." He shook the hand. "So how long it take you to get that drink made? I could repay you, at least."
  12. "Less than you'd think actually. Have a seat, you want another?" Behind the counter she went to work, grating the chocolate on the whipped cream before pausing as she put the marshmallow.

    "Lockheed? Be a dear?"

    From a perch with coiled wings, a small draconic being stretched and yawned. Tiny clawed hands rubbed its eyes, the purple scales rippling as it good-naturedly toasted the marshmallow with its breath. That done, it coiled back in on itself as Amanda chuckled.

    "Hes the bartenders friend. So no harm done- Whats with the speed thing? Natural ability or advanced technology?"

  13. "A tiny purple dragon marshmallow toaster? That's...that's so crash!" Bart laughed. "Bartender's friend, huh? Can't say I've met many bartenders--oh yeah, the speed's all natural. Got my dad's speed and good looks both."
  14. She halfway expected that. Lot of young people around, some with powers right out of the holodramas. Others more fantastic in appearance and skill. Regardless, she said in amusement.

    "So what kind of world do you hail from then? Is everyone running around at high speeds then or what?"

  15. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Earth?" He replied with a raised eyebrow of confusion, mouth full of gooey marshmallow goodness. "The same ol' white and blue I imagined you were from. You're a science-y smart type, right? And nah, not everyone but a lot of people have gifts. Strength, speed, flight, laser eyes, shapeshifting, teleportation, magic, it's all crash. The guys on mode, not so much. Try to avoid 'em."
  16. "Engineer, to be precise. With extensive experience for spaceships and stations... Or I was. Now I just work on the mechs around here."

    Her smile flicked and a hint of old fear showed as she stared into her mug and said quietly.

    "I couldn't even handle a window on the shuttle, when I first came here."

  17. "...Really? Me too! Except with time machines, not spaceships. That's so crash! Ha, actual spacecraft. Never seen space. Well, I mean not like up close in your face, out the window, kind of space. Never really thought about it much before. Things busy enough on Earth as it is. And oh yeah? How come?"
  18. "Lets just say I had a really, really bad day and leave it at that for now." Amanda said with a wince as she drained her mug to avoid talking for now. At least where questions of space was concerned for her.

  19. "Consider it dropped."
  20. John flexed the fingers of his gauntlet. She really did have a strong grip.
    He bit his lip and frowned for a moment. "Yeah, like Sci-Fi, it hasn't been built yet, but since I returned home I've had it for 7 years."
    Doreen was clearly delusional? Forests? Nuts? Back when he first met The T-800, he really would've called her out on it, but in his experience, the ones people called crazy often knew what was really going on. For example, no-one believed his mother when she found out about Skynet, but now there were cities literally lined with skulls to prove them wrong. But Squirrels? That was really weird...

    "Heh, I technically barely finished Middle School. Jumped around a couple of high schools. For a while. What, so you're going to be Queen of the squirrels or something?"
    He briefly glanced around at Doreen's tail. It seemed to be...prehensile. Like it was real. From the way she spoke about the Great Lakes Champions, they sounded like a superhero team. But Doreen didn't exactly look like one of the X-Men. She looked like some kind of Squirrel-themed Gymnast. With a really realistic tail.

    "I don't want to offend you, but a grey jumpsuit and fur leotard aren't going to protect you from Crime. Unless it's stab-proof or something."
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