The Tooth Fairy

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  1. The Tooth FairyThere was a small child who while playing a game was injured and lost one of her baby teeth. Her parents, in an attempt to relieve her from her sorrows told her not to worry about it, and that she would grow a new tooth to replace the lost one. Not only that, but if she placed the tooth under her pillow, the tooth fairy would come and replace the tooth with a golden coin.

    So the girl did as her parents suggested, and in the morning found a shiny golden coin under her pillow. This made the girl excited, and she decided that so long as the teeth she lost were only her baby teeth, she could keep trading them for coins. From that point on, the girl went out of her way to lose her baby teeth, trading them one by one for coins until she had no more baby teeth to give.

    As her adult teeth began to grow in, she began to hear a voice whispering to her at night saying "Teeth, teeth, so many, now none." Each night the whispering came to her. When her teeth were fully grown in, the whispering changed and the voice said, "Teeth, teeth, we've traded before, we'll trade once more." The girl remembered that her parents told her that if she lost her teeth they would grow back, and she wanted the coins terribly, so she promised the voice more of her teeth.

    The next day, she let herself trip and one of her front teeth came out. Her parents seeing that she had lost her adult tooth informed her that she would never get that tooth back. The girl was very distraught by this, but put the tooth under her pillow anyway. The next morning she recieved her golden coin. However, she didn't wish to lose anymore of her teeth, and so she was careful. The following night, the voice called out to her, asking for her teeth. She replied "I cannot give you anymore of my teeth." And the voice told her "We've traded before, we'll trade once more!"

    The next morning, the parents found the girl sitting on her bed, she looked up at them with tears in her eyes, an empty mouth, and a small collection of golden coins in her hands.

    The MoralMoney can buy many things, but some things cannot be replaced. Not all trades are fair ones.

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