The Tomorrow Men [OOC/Characters]

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  1. It is a world much like ours. People live normally, enjoying their daily lives and doing what they can to get by. The police and military of the world protect and serve the common man, ensuring a relatively safe day to day.

    However, some people are not so common, for they have been gifted with abilities far beyond those of humanity. Be they aliens, mutations, users of advanced technology or ancient magic, or simply getting by on incredible skill and grit, a number of superhumans have emerged to the world. Some use their abilities for good, and others, for evil. Now, a number of heroes have banded together, and a new force stands to protect the people of Earth from supervillains and other major threats.

    They are The Tomorrow Men.
    Perhaps the world isn't so much like ours, after all...

    What is this RP about?
    The Tomorrow Men is a superhero (and villain) RP, focusing on original characters. It will be something of a sandbox with no major plot intended to go from start to finish, and instead will have smaller, more episodic incidents in which the characters can be involved. This might be great, or it might end up floundering early on. I don't know, but hopefully it will work out similar to individual issues of a comic series or episodes of a Saturday morning cartoon.

    1. Don't be a jerk.
    2. Please avoid godmoding ,metagaming ,etc.
    3. Have fun.
    4. Please wait for character approval t start posting IC. (Well, once it's relevant and things are underway.)
    5. If you have an idea for a story arc or event you want to see, I encourage you to discuss it here. Helps make sure it goes as planned if there's a plan to follow.

    I'm usually pretty light on rules, as mostly, there's no need for more than a few basics.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Your character's name
    Alter-Ego name: The name of their superhuman persona, if any.
    Gender: male, female, whatever
    Age: Also pretty obvious
    Allegiance: Are they a hero or a villain? A member of some organization or freelance? And so-on

    Powers: The characters superhuman powers.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Other notable skills, etc. the character possesses.

    Weaknesses: Any notable weaknesses the character has, if any.

    Appearance: A description of the character's appearance. Include both their normal appearance and alter-ego costume/appearance. Images of any sort are also acceptable.

    Brief History: A short character biography or background, to show where they're from. It doesn't need to be more than a paragraph or two.

    That should just about cover it for now, but if you feel I'm missing something, please ask. And check this post every now and again for details and updates.
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  3. Name: Takahashi "Tack" Takahara

    Alter-Ego name: The Portal


    Physically 30, chronologically born in 1915.


    Powers: Portal manipulation. Takahashi can create two-way portals that eliminate the distance between point A and B. His effective range is any point on Earth that he is familiar with. He can comfortable create portals as small as a dime to as large as a semi-truck. He defensively employs portals to deflect or redirect attacks, can use them to move personnel and materiel quickly and in bulk, instantly transform by moving through a portal containing his costume, instantly summon various items from storage, and can generate a blade made from an inverted portal capable of slicing through virtually anything but lasting only a few moments in duration. He is also seemingly incapable of aging, but this does not confer any healing factor to him.

    Skills and Abilities:
    A master in karate, kendo, and judo as well as a capable athlete. He has a military background and is comfortable with tactical gear, firearms, and related equipment.

    Weaknesses: His portal manipulation requires concentration to operate, leaving him especially vulnerable to attacks that he is unaware of. Maintaining portals longer than a few seconds is particularly taxing, especially if using an inverted portal as a blade.

    Appearance: 5'7", 145 lb., short black hair, brown eyes, lean build. As the Portal, his costume is a black armored motorcycle jacket and trousers with a balaclava to conceal his face.

    Brief History: Takahashi "Tack" Takahara is one of the earliest superheroes known. He grew up in the early half of the 20th century and served in the Japanese military in World War II on the side of the Axis Powers. He was present for the bombing of Hiroshima, but somehow survived. The experience left him with the power to create and manipulate portals. The Japanese military began experimenting on him and wanted to turn him against the Allies, but Takahara defected due to the abusive treatment. He went underground for decades, staying mainly in Japan and using his abilities to help his country recover from the war in secrecy. Over time, the legend of the mysterious Japanese Protector, the Portal, was spoken in hushed whispers. He participated in various conflicts over the decades, including the Vietnam War and the Korean War, usually in a supporting capacity rather than fighting for either side. His main priority had always been to protect the innocent, regardless of which side was attacking them. As the decades passed, Takahara realized he stopped aging and began to move throughout Asia in order to prevent his identity and powers from being revealed.

    In the modern era, Takahara saw the birth of a new age in humanity: the Age of Superheroes. No longer alone, the Portal finally came out of the shadows to join the Tomorrow Men.
  4. Still not quite a fan of the name for the reasons I mentioned earlier, but I'll get a post working soon.
    (Can't we just call them Tomorrowers? Instead of Men?)
  5. Yeah, it's not very equal-opportunity/inclusive. The Tomorrowers doesn't have a very good ring to it, so I'm not sure I'd go with that one. I'd happily switch things to something else, though. Tomorrow People's taken by an old show. We could, of course, drop "Tomorrow" altogether, or change it up a bit Tomorrow's something or other. We need to replace the "men" part, so hm, what are some things that fit the genre...

    Tomorrow('s)... Sentinels, Guardians, Guard, Champions, Apostles, Shield, Wardens, Corps, Team, Society, Citizens

    If we redo the name entirely, I've got nothing, but I'm sure we'll think of something. The above is mostly thesaurus abuse, anyway.

    Absolutely worst-case scenario (meaning the name stays for now), I'd actually suggest being annoyed by the group name in-character, until such a time as it gets changed.
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  6. The saviors of tomorrow?
  7. The tomorrow soldiers/warriors, the justice guild(?), the guardians/defenders of tomorrow, league of hope, etc. It's lame but its all I got. XD
  8. the procrastinators

    I think we're better off dropping 'tomorrow' altogether because that's what i think of when i see 'tomorrow' in the group's name
  9. The Tomorrow People is a (re)new(ed) show as well. Just aired last year. But it's a remake of the old one I believe. Not sure if they followed the exact same path, but the overall arch story definitely is the same (three T's, bad organization, etc)

    G.U.A.R.D. - Governing Unit in Apprehension Requite Department
    W.A.R.D. - World Aiding Rescue Division
    H.E.R.O. - Homeland Evasion Redress in Offense
    G.U.I.D.E - Guardian Unit Intelligence Division of Earth

    Random blurbs.
    I'm sure there's better names but I figured tapping into the abbreviation section.
    Gonna rest a bit but tomorrow I'll definitely be making a character.
  10. Those may be good for an organization name( like S.H.I.E.L.D), but inside the organization there's usually separate individual teams(like the Avengers or the thunderbolts, etc.)
  11. Yup I know, but it's something that could perhaps be thought of too :) and from there sometimes it helps to make a team name.
    The Avengers claim they will avenge the earth at any given moment
    The Justice League serves justice where they go
    So what defines this bundle of merry people?
  12. The Modern Miracles

    The Tomorrow Titans

    The Untouchables

    The Wonders

    The Elites

    The Avenging Armada
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  13. I like the untouchables. ^_^
  14. I liked the show. But I like anything 1930s to 1940s in influence, ergo the naming conventions I suggest.
  15. I'm really tempted to use my space-time borrower in here XD as I just created her for a different yet somewhat similar RP.
    Though... I could adjust her a little bit so I won't end up confuzzling myself between the two different roleplays... or.. eh I'll end up having to think about it a little more. I was hoping to have a character posted by today but I think I might have to delay that and think about it a little longer.
  16. Name: Desiree Isold Jordan
    Alter-Ego name: Miss Mystery
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Allegiance: Vigilante

    Powers: Desiree is a Jacker, a specific type of mutant that, if she ever manages to figure out and control her powers, would be capable of breaching into near anyone's head at will. By doing so, she is able to control various bodily functions, each function she has the control over dependent on how far into her victim's head she can go. A few of these things are the ability to speed up or slow one's heart rate and or breathing, knock someone out or wake them up, cause someone to become hyped up on adrenaline and have a short time of being faster in doing so, and the ability to alter their instincts or course of action. Though, with the lack of having someone to help her figure out her powers, she’s having to figure it out on her own and often messes up.

    Since, for the most part, she's unnoticeable, she doesn't wear a hero costume. She doesn't want to be noticed. Due to this, Desiree commonly prefers to wear one of her many nano suits in public, which is just to make it so no one recognizes her. Due to her helping stop crime without anyone physically noticing her, she has been dubbed Miss Mystery.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Desiree is extremely flexible and agile. She can easily fit in small spaces, and is also rather quick when running. Aside from this, her skills consist of lying, acting, drawing, writing and singing.

    Weaknesses: Weakness to physical attacks(especially when using her powers), her partial naivety, her general soft spot for people, the fact she hasn't figure out her powers, her need to help others, her knack for getting into messes, her inability to climb/swim well, the fact she's extremely ticklish, and her past.

    Appearance: Desiree has very slightly wavy dark hair and stunning deep blue eyes. Most commonly, she's seen wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants or jeans. She never wears jewelry, aside from a silver locket she never seems to take of that contains a picture of her and her parents before they died. She has an intricately designed tattoo that goes across her shoulder and meets at the top of her back. It has a variety of colors, and seems to be a clan symbol of sorts. Though, Desiree denies knowing the meaning of it. She has deep blue eyes that appear to sparkle, and is 5'7".

    Brief History: Desiree started off with a pretty normal life. She was well cared for by her loving middle-class parents, had a good education, and had everything she needed within her reach. She strove to help others and to be the best person she could. At the age of six, her parents were killed in an 'accident', and she was forced to move in with her a little less than kind aunt and uncle, whom weren't exactly fond of the girl dumped on their doorstep. As the years flew by, Desiree was finally thirteen, and that was when strange things began happening.

    First, she found that there were random hints being sent to her... Hints that began to make her question that her parents' deaths were an accident. Then, while taking a beating from her uncle, he 'randomly' collapsed. This began to happen more and more often to those who thoroughly angered, abused, or scared her. This caused people to fear her, and she was cast out. Till she met Dylan, the man who changed her life.

    Dylan was a fellow Jacker, and he taught Desiree how to control her powers, as well as how to use them to help people and defend herself. Eventually, however, a secret rogue Government(whom had been pursuing Jackers to either lock them away and experiment on them or have them straight up dead) caught up to Dylan, and he was shot before Desiree. Dylan had died protecting Desiree, the same fate that had gotten her parents killed. After the deaths of her family and her only friend, Desiree was utterly broken. Desiree gave many attempts of suicide, but every time, something got in the way.

    After this, Desiree lived a low-profile undercover life near her hometown in NY, changing her name and appearance, trying to make the death of the ones she had loved be in vain. Still, a few knew of her identity and many came after her for it, but who could she trust?
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  17. I'll remain neutral on the name for now, although I do have a few ideas. Even if the group's formation ends up being the first arc, it would be good to have the name decided ahead of time for threads.

    I recall the idea of evil dimensional twins was presented in the interest check, and it's definitely a cool idea. I think I'd probably ask that if it happens, everyone play their own evil twin, as I'm sure they'd have a better idea of how such a character would act than I would. I think I'll start with a less-personalized villainous threat, though.

    So far, the characters look good.
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  18. tbh i think the Tomorrow men/people/whatever would make for a better villains' group name. As for the heroes' group name, maybe if we all post our characters, we can find a common theme and work from there?
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  19. That's probably the best way to go. And I suppose "Tomorrow Whatever" could work for a villainous group. Probably one initially billed as heroes, as part of some ulterior motive...
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    • destroy the old world to make room for the new one
    • a new race or species of people, stronger than the current ones who will take over and become the dominant species
    • eradicate the old world and remake it into a utopia with no problems
    just some motives for the villain group, mostly usual of destroying the world

    anyways, i'm in the process of working on my CS right now so expect it soon!