The Tomb of Al-Kithar [Tuesday, April 07 - 7pm EST]

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    The Vorsyn King is dead.


    What the blades of a thousand assassins could not inflict; what the armies of a hundred nations could not accomplish; what the plots of a dozen traitors could not deliver.... was assured by Time itself.

    Old age has freed Taraka from the tyrant who enslaved it.


    The death of the Vorsyn King has left a power vacuum. His generals war with one another; his slaves run free; new nations are carved and burned. After 50 years beneath a dictator's heel, the anarchy is both terrible and beautiful.

    But not all in Taraka have been consumed by infighting...


    Beneath the cover of night, as the walls of the great cities tumble, the body of the Vorsyn King is taken into the Emerald Desert by his 21 disciples.

    Their intent... to inter the body of their master in the Great Pyramid - a burial house constructed for his despicable bloodline.


    For one night only... the Tomb of Al'Kithar will be opened. And the treasures of the Vorsyn King will be ripe for the taking.


    Rasim the Three-Handed, a petty thief with a silver tongue, has placed a call for fellow rogues, to join him on the adventure of a lifetime.

    You ride at dawn, across the Emerald Desert, to slip inside the tomb behind the backs of the 21 Disciples.

    Whatever you can carry... whatever you can claim... whatever you may dare... the treasure is yours.

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  2. Nefarious Name: Rasim the Three-Handed

    Roguish Role: The leader of the thieves, with a lust for life and a taste for glory. Rasim is an opportunist who has taken action on the very night of the King's demise. Let this be his character note. He is fast with a sword and has elevated the mental threshold between horror and comedy. He will keep on laughing, right until things get really bad.

    Tantalizing Treasure: When they reach the treasure room, Rasim will be looking for the Crown of Kalladah - a headpiece worn by a pirate lord who fell before the Vorsyn King 20 years ago. The crown is rumoured to control rainfall. With this, he will make himself the Prince of Spring and rule across the desert.

  3. Things will appear hereAlleged Anarchist's Alias: Alé-Ambra.

    Perilous Position: Permanently pondering puzzles.

    Coveted Cache: The celestial cey. Aleph made a set of ceys to open the universe to him, so that he could travel easier. The ceys let him create and travel through doors, including the one in men's hearts. Alé-Ambra has not yet found an unsolvable puzzle ... and he seeks the door that Aleph's ceys cannot open.
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  4. *Doesn't even look up from editing to read the summary*

    Yeah, yeah, sure, I'll play your cyberpunk CHARP...

    ROLE: CHIP ON HER SHOULDER BITCH OUT FOR REVENGE. Tiny, wiry, flexible, agile, stealthy. Can get in and out of all kinds of things.

    SEEKING: SOMETHING SOMETHING BECAUSE DEAD SISTERS SOMETHING ENSLAVE MEN. When sisters became of age, off they went to the harem. Fatima wasn't gonna have none of that AND she thought she could rescue all the wimmonz once the king died. FAILED HORRIBLY. All her sisters are dead. Now she's pissed off and looking for revenge loot.

    PICTURE (open)

    I'll deal with this later. :D
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  6. You all suck.

    Applications rejected.

  7. Undesired Name: Yasa the Fleeting

    Roguish Role: Up and coming youngster with a fearless ambition for money and reputation. While his capabilities are up to par with most renowned rogues, his mentality, approach, and outlook are still green. He's been clever enough to survive thus far despite his shortcomings and this has given others good reason not to underestimate him.
    He’s a knife fighter with a gaudy style.

    Tantalizing Treasure: The Scarab stone of Rebirth. He’s often told he won’t live long due to his lifestyle and attitude. This has given him an obsession with amulets because changing his life-style is not an option. He’s tracked down the stone and believes it to have been the reason for the Vorsyn King’s long life.
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  8. I improved my app. ACCEPT IT!!!!

  9. No, you're all rejected. I'm gonna play by myself.
  10. MONJA! I blame you!
  11. He doesn't mean it.
  12. Hmm...

    I think we almost have a party here...

    We may snag some loiterers from the Cbox on the night.
  13. *loitering intensifies*
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    *starts plotting*
  15. *Realizes she forgot to make a bio*

    Oh, this is going to be so bad.

    Razan, a sorceress of small repute
    who needs to get to the King's body.
    Nothing else is any of your business.

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  17. I'm going home and you may need to start without me.
  18. Name: Omar Sharrif

    Role: Cool headed Jack-of-all-trades; good at everything, great at nothing

    Seeking: A way to find his lost sisters [two] that were sold into slavery. their master is dead but during the chaos, the girls went missing.

  19. This is presently starting in the COVE CHAT. :D
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