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  1. "Hello, I know what you've come for... I know what you want. You want a job here, hm? Well, since we only have one open spot currently, we seem to have come to an impasse....You see, you have some competition for your job at lead photographer here at Cameron Papers." He would clear his throat, sighing and shaking his head "So, I have a job for you. I know if you do get a job, it won't be yours- but.." A long pause would fill the room "Get an interesting story, a story to grab attention, and write an article about it...And bring it here. The newspaper business is coming to a close, as you know, the internet providing enough information for the world to see. Lots of people will lose their jobs as you know, which is why I'm surprised we have so many people up for the same position as you. We need an article that will at least grab people's attention to get us through the next season hopefully..You up for it, kid?"

    You would nod your head with a brief "Yes." , and the manager would laugh from behind the chair "Excellent..You start tomorrow and have a month, that's how much time we have until our current lead photographer goes into retirement...You still interested?" You would repeat your answer, and the chair would turn, but the manager's face would be shrouded by the height of the chair shadowing over his face. He threw a blank newspaper on the table, but only one sheet. The title page. "Take this, fill your picture in the box, and write up the article there. Don't worry, as long as we can read it we'll print it in the proper font through the computer. Now go." You would nod, taking the title page with a sigh, walking out of his office "Hey kid, I'm counting on you!" Those words would echo in your head as you left.

    Name of the City: Urban City
    Name of the Newspaper Company: Cameron Papers
    Architecture of the City:Similar to Manhattan
    Danger Level: Medium
    Name of the City: Metralyn
    City Landmarks: Metroton Hotel Headquarters, Shepard's Park, Petalock Amusement Park, Lincoln Convention Center
    Danger Level: HIGH
    Danger Level at land marks (respectively):Low, Medium, Very Low, Medium
    Architecture of City: Similar to Brooklyn
    Character Name:
    Age: (17 - 65)
    Gender: (Male/Female)
    Appearance: (You can have a picture, but both description and picture would be awesome, no picture's cool too. Just to clarify, Anime and stuff IS allowed. No tentacle monsters please)
    Occupation: (Photographer/Citizen/Gang Member/Etc.)
    Personality: (A short description, but it can be longer if you want)
    Backstory: (Not required, very recommended)
    -Picture goes here-
    -'Theme' goes here-

    Iwaku Rules

    Reply once every week

    At least a paragraph per post

    Photographers must post every 3 days

    Keep Character Death to a minimum

    Ask me for any concerns~
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    Citizen One - Taken! By - Nobody Important as Jessabelle Starlena Price
    Photographer One - Taken! By - Ouchies as Mahiru Koizumi
    Photographer Two - Taken! By - The Pimp Tactician as Hayden Norwood
    Gang Member One - Taken! By -Verite bb as Jing Zhao
    Photographer Three - Taken! By - Sashakiki as Nate Sols
    Photographer Four - Taken! By - Mighty Roman as Frank Hudson
    Gang Member Two - Taken! By - Brøken_Serenity as Misaka Arakasake
    Gang Member Three - Taken! By - MrDubWubz as Yang Louse
    Spot Nine - Open!
    Spot Ten - Open!
    Spot Eleven - Open!
    (etc. up to twenty)


    Manager of Cameron Papers
    Several employees of Cameron Papers
    Ibuki Yang
    School Children
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  3. May I reserve a spot, please? :3
  4. Sure!
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  5. Thanks! I'll get a sheet up asap.
  6. Seems interesting...
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  7. I'm not sure if I should reserve a spot because it's gonna take me awhile to make a character sheet with school and stuff. ;~;
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  9. Character Name: Mahiru Koizumi

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance:Mahiru's appearance consists of an olive-green school jumper with a cream-and-orange tie, which she knots around the collar of her white uniform shirt. She is nearly always seen with a camera, which she carries on an orange shoulder strap. She wears knee-high socks in a slightly darker shade of olive green the her outfit, and her shoes are a dark shade of forest green. Directly below the opening of the socks, there is a small orange symbol. She wears her hair in a short, slightly choppy crimson bob, and her eyes are almost the same color of her jumper. It should be noted she has a light dusting of freckles on her nose.

    Occupation: Photographer

    Personality:Mahiru is an optimistic and sensible girl who is generally rather calm and unafraid to speak her mind. She initially comes off as confident, but is later revealed to have self-esteem issues. Mahiru compares her photographs to those of her mother, a famous war photographer whose career led her to be absent from home for much of Mahiru's life.

    Backstory: Mahiru Koizumi, the only child of the Koizumis, which consisted of two very busy parents. Mahiru was left alone most of her childhood with her dog, Stamper. They would play around all day, Stamper chasing Mahiru around as she took pictures with a small disposable camera. School came around and she was a good girl. All of her homework would get turned in on time but nobody talked to her. All she would do is walk home by herself, her parents too busy to pick her up..Or drive her to school. She would walk to school and back, two miles from her home to the schoolhouse every day. And that was just the schedule.

    The only one who would greet her when she came home was Stamper, they would play until Mahiru fell asleep. She didn't have a curfew either, which was the only perk of her parents paying no attention to her. When she was 11, her mother had to go to Vietnam to take pictures of the war. From that moment on, Mahiru wanted to be like her mother. She had an interest in photography, but now she had a goal in life. To be just like her mom.

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  10. @Emperor of Gallifrey I could give you time

    I know what it's like to have a life, believe it or not x3
  11. reserved or something.

    just 4 u bb <3
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  12. can i reserve a photographer? I can get my cs up in the morning
  13. (Gonna turn my CoC archaeologist into a journalist, so expect a little insanity from him when I'm in the mood. Also, no, I don't actually want cosmic horrors to show up, I just wanted to play a nutter and make it a little bit interesting. Honestly, I might end up making a new CS before we even start the game.)

    Character Name: Hayden Norwood

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Hayden wears a pair of sunglasses as a way to shield his hazel eyes from the sun. Typically, he wears a red button-up shirt, sleeves pulled up past the elbows to prevent them from interfering with work or a beating. Khaki cargo pants are the norm for him as he loves the numerous pockets to carry supplies and useful gadgets in while a pair of black with white tennis shoes let him chase down anyone or thing that tries to outrun him. Hayden never leaves home without his baseball cap, a faded souvenir hat that he bought at a Urban City Urbanites game. Never ask him to fully shave the rugged beard he grew during his days in the field exploring ruins. Terrible things will occur if you even suggest the idea.

    His beard is a tad bit gray instead of dark chocolate brown because his past adventures resulted in horrors that scared a bit of the color out of it.

    Occupation: Former archaeologist. Now a freelance journalist looking for a permanent job.

    Personality: After having one too many encounters with the supernatural, Hayden hasn't proven to exactly be the sanest man in the fruit basket. Generally, he'll act the solitary figure in the group, speaking few words outside what is necessary for his job. Even then, the former archaeologist holds a cold persona, often suggesting brutal and dangerous tactics to either get the scoop he wants or figure out who is causing trouble in town. However, when you worm down deep into his shell... Oh, what am I saying? Hayden's just as brutal with his approach to life on the bottom layer as he is on the top, it's just a shift from lukewarm feelings to slight affection for someone.

    Occasionally, his days as an archaeologist come back to haunt him in the form of hallucinations of dark creatures. He tries to keep these under control, but sometimes, he begins to think he's back in abandoned eastern European villages or Mesopotamian temple ruins. At times like these, he begins to act irrationally, believing that everything and everyone is secretly out to get him.

    Backstory: Being an archaeologist is hard work for any man, but Hayden managed well-enough his few years as one. The only problem is, sometimes, the bodies in the crypts weren't perfectly still. Sometimes, those gods the Native Americans worshiped were real and were angry with a tanned white man trespassing on their land. Sometimes, there was a portal to the outer planes of existence and the cosmic horrors there needed to be sealed back up. All of them shared one characteristic, the involvement of Norwood as an unlucky guy dragged into something nonsensical.

    These events are the scars that haunt the fledgling journalist to this day and are the reasons why he made a career change. A guy's gotten make a living somehow, and Hayden wasn't putting his neck out there for something crazy to cut off. Instead, he decided that superheros in briefs were the better choice to investigate and set off to get himself a new job.


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  14. Character Name: Jessabelle Starlena Price
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Jessie has long, wavy, thick brown hair that reaches just to her chest, which is always worn down rather than in a ponytail or bun. She has no widow's peak, and her hair is unusually(almost scarily) soft. She has steely blue-grey eyes that have fairly large irises, that are quite clearly always observing things. Her features are soft, but defined well enough, with her cheekbones fairly evident. Her skin has a soft, clean, and radiant glow to it; most assume this is from the light reflecting off of her lightly-colored skin. However, if one were to touch it, they would feel no roughness to it; only smoothness. Her lips are well-defined, and seem as though crafted with care to perfection. Her nose is fairly slim, but not freakishly so, and comes to a smooth 'point'. Her hands are slightly smaller than average; with slender fingers and slightly long fingernails. Her feet are size 8 1/2's, with average-ish toes. She has an average-sized chest at B-sized breasts. Her hips are defined slightly, and don't show much curve to her slender figure. She stands at 5'6" 1/2, and weighs about 126 lbs, most of her weight consisting of her well-built muscle tone that she has developed over the entirety of her life. She carries herself with great posture, standing straight and tall; professional-looking.
    Occupation: Counselor and vigilante
    Personality: Jess is a fairly peppy and optimistic girl, once you get past her timid shell. She's quite softspoken in the office and around people she doesn't know, but is very loud and talkative when with someone she knows well. She hates fights, but will do whatever it takes to help keep the world safe.. Even if it means defying her more pacifist-like nature and giving a good fight. She lacks confidence, and is quite humble and modest, but will never hesitate to speak up for others and lend a helping hand. Frequently, she throws out wisecrack comments and dumb puns.. Especially when nervous or in a fight. She is extremely easy to embarrass. She's fairly timid and shy until spoken to, thanks to her fairly socially-awkward nature, is extremely easily flustered and embarrassed(her extreme self-awareness doesn't exactly help), and is lacking severely in self confidence. Despite this, she always put everything she's got into everything she does.
    Backstory: In all honesty, Jess lived a fairly normal life. She went to private school- likely the most abnormal feat about her -and always finished her work on time with flying colors. She'd always been meticulous.. Taking care in making sure she added all the little details to everything she did; from drawings, to making characters for her stories, the said stories those characters were in, and showing her work on assignments.

    Luckily for her, life was good outside of school as well. She had a loving family of six; consisting of twin little brothers, her mother, an older brother, and her father. Sure, her family was a bit odd.. But they loved her, and she loved them, too.

    Jess was the type of socially awkward girl who, while a klutz who couldn't exactly hold her own in a fight(which, she always passed on despite, since she's always been a pacifist), was notably quite knowledgeable and intelligent. She excelled in intellectual activities, but was a complete weakling when it came to physical activities. To a point of being pretty pathetic, and picked on for her inability to keep muscle.

    After years of mockery for this feat, Jess began believing all the things she'd been called were true.. Weak, scrawny, pathetic, ugly, too skinny.. And, what she hated the most? Petite. Despite, she pushed on strong, doing her best to ignore the jabs of classmates and sticking to her timid self. And, luckily for her, she was off to college two years earlier than most, thanks to her great grades and intellect that had given her the go to skip a couple grades.

    However, this exciting college 'adventure' was cut short when tragedy struck.

    For years, the now-young-woman blamed herself for the incident. Thought it was her fault for not being there to save her brother, for being unable to take his place.. The few friends she had managed to make slowly dispersed as she spiraled down into a bottomless void of self-spite. But, using some biofeedback methods she'd studied for a long time, she managed to somewhat get back on her feet... With the help of moving to a new town, of course.

    That was two years ago.

    After the move, things were quick to change in Jess's life yet again. In an incident that almost took her life, something odd happened... Unnatural.

    Ever since that incident, things have just kept getting weirder and weirder for the poor average Jessabelle.. Who isn't quite so average anymore. After multiple odd occurrences, she's finally come to realize something's changed on her.. And that she isn't quite as normal as she seemed. She's coming to terms with this, slowly but surely, and has even taken up crime-fighting under the secret identity "Castaway". However, she's extremely new to the job, and has only won four battles, tops. Each time she gets her ass whooped..? Well, she blames herself for being unable to stop the wrongdoer, but also gains determination at bettering her powers and becoming the very best that no one ever was.
    -Jessabelle has a variety of nicknames. Jessie, Jessa, Jess, J, Belle, etc.
    -Her vigilante 'hero' alter-ego is Castaway
    -Jess only just recently figured out she's a mutant. This means she has little control over her powers, and puts herself in fights she can't always handle
    -She has a fairly prominent accent, thanks to her Welsh heritage
    -She loves kids
    -She's extremely ticklish
    -When she's lying, she has a tendency to lick her lips. And, when embarrassed, her voice gets higher
    -Her three siblings are her twin brothers, Nathaniel(deceased) and Tayte, and her older brother, Donovan

    Powerset and drawing of the suit coming your way soon! :D

    I also kept the bio fairly vague.. Just 'cause I wanna reveal the details of the more important events IC.​
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  15. Character Name: Nate Sols
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: His dark brown hair is almost always unkept, falling just by his neck. He tends to have circles under his eyes, from staying up late to look at and take photos. His eyes are almost grey and always looking at something. His face has no hair on it whatsoever, and never has.
    Occupation: Photographer
    Personality: Outspoken and clear on what he wants, Nate can also sometimes be soft spoken and nervous, especially when he is around someone of higher authority. He is street smart and has connections from his dad if he ever needs anything. He is very careful about his photos and anything that he takes that isn't good enough for the paper, he keeps in his home. When he gets stressed he tends to talk very fast and have very little patience.
    Born and raised in Metralyn, Nate knows a thing or two about the crime rates. His dad was a leader of a gang and currently resides in jail for the murder of Nate's mother. He has two other siblings who left the city as soon as they could, but Nate didn't want to. He had ok up bringing, mostly hidden from what his father did until there was an assassination attempt on his father when he was 12. About a year later, his mother was killed in what at first appeared to be a accident, Nate was enthralled by all the people taking pictures and when he saw them later in the newspaper, he found them amazing. He would then go on to buy a camera and start wondering the streets, taking a picture of whatever he wanted. When his father was arrested, his older sister was already over 18, so she gained custody over the rest of them. He has since moved into an apartment of his own.
    -'Theme' goes here-
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  16. I reserve a spot.
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  17. Character Name: Jing Zhao

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Well, he's Asian. There's that. Of Chinese and Korean descent, to be exact. Standing at a modest 5'6, he has fair, brown hair and eyes, as well as reasonably pale skin and a standard build. He rarely smiles, usually showing little outward emotion. He usually tends to wear his old black long-sleeved shirt and some khaki pants, as well as a jade necklace as a good luck charm that he sometimes wears around his neck.

    Occupation: Yakuza Gang Member

    Personality: In short, one could describe Jing as the "jerk with a heart of gold." While he typically acts laid-back, sarcastic, deadpan, and even a little condescending at times, deep down, he cares a lot for those he would call his friends and family, and would go to great lengths to protect them, somewhat easily set off if someone were to even insult them. Since said friends and family include a very limited amount of people however, as he tends to have something of an aversion to lasting relationships, he usually comes off to most people as needlessly cynical, blunt, and laid-back at times. Though if you do somehow get on his good side, he'll be relatively less caustic, naturally.

    He is not used to being touched, and if he is touched when his guard is down and / or not alert, he will freeze up, depending on the touch. A poke will startle him for a brief moment, a hug will outright freeze him for at least five seconds, depending on how tight the hug is. Some might describe him as a little introverted, if not outright anti-social, but that's probably because he is, kind of, though he doesn't hate people. He also has something of a love-hate relationship with children; he especially hates brats, but can't resist cute kids. He's also something of a klepto.

    Backstory: Growing up in Metralyn, Jing was the only child of a loveless marriage between a father who ran away and a neglectful mother who never even tried reached out to her son. Isolated for as long as he could remember, Jing was something of a loner until he found solace in friends who he would later come to refer to as his true family, a gang that taught him more than his parents ever did, most notably street skills like fighting, communicating, and more. Though he would never admit it, he deeply cherishes the gang he is in, as they are more than just a band of brothers to him. With no true ambition of his own, after finishing high school, he never attended college, instead making do by stealing, extorting, selling drugs, and working other odd jobs. His current residence is a small apartment.


    god now that you do mention it, it does feel a little weird stealing pics

    Will probably edit this if I feel some places aren't satisfactory, which means I'll probably edit some stuff tomorrow, lol. It's like midnight now, after all, as I post this.
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  18. Can i reserve a gang member? Preferably a gang leader actually...
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  19. Sure thing. @Brøken
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