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  1. (Write what your character ran into that night after they were told by the chief. Gang members establish the basis of your game through this prologue esc. There will be an update once most prologues are posted (60%) indicating the RP moved forward a day. This won't happen everytime, but from 'Prologue --> Start of RP' it will. Sorry. Also, if you aren't a photographer or a gang member, you can write any strange or normal occurrences in the night for your character. The weather is rainy and there is thick fog over both cities.)

    "Great" She spat out as walking down the hall of the building towards the door, beginning to get out her umbrella to the evident rain drops that could be heard outside. "Why the hell was I dragged here if I was just gonna be told I wasn't good enough yet?! The nerve!" The young women grunted in frustration pulling her umbrella out of her bag to reveal a lime green, blue spotted umbrella.

    Mahiru closed the door to the studio, sulking under her umbrella as rained poured down from above, a sly frown on her face. Her camera was held up by a strap wrapped around her shoulder, as if it were her purse. All she had was some spare money in her pocket to head home for the night, so she walked up next to the street searching for a taxi of sorts. The fog was thick that night, she could only see a few feet in front of her but after a few minutes she saw the headlights of a vehicle stopping by thes treet next to her, but...It wasn't a taxi.As she looked in the drivers' seat to see how conspicuous or inconspicuous the figure looked, it was simply a young schoolgirl with a black pigtail. Her school uniform was still on at this hour, a typical white sailor uniform with a blue collar, blue skirt, and red scarf. After the figure searched around the vehicle for a moment, clearly relatively new to driving, she unlocked the car door. "You need a ride?" She muttered, rolling down the window so Mahiru could hear her. "Uh....Sure, kid. Thanks." The young photographer proceeded to open the door and fold her umbrella, quickly throwing herself inside the car so she wouldn't be exposed to the elements.

    When she got inside, the female began to smile in a very...Sinister fashion, her face still still not seen to Mahiru. "M-Make sure to close the door and buckle up, ma'am." Mahiru felt a great feeling of dread as her ride started, closing the door slowly and buckling in her seat belt. Her green eyes couldn't help but glance up at the rear-view mirror, in which gasped but covered her mouth to see the girl's black, dead eyes staring at her. Her eye color was literally inseparable from her pupil, making it seem like they were that of a fish, or a dog's. Mahiru was most creeped out about how widened her eyes were, as if she were lifeless...It certainly matches her wide toothy grin. "45th street." Mahiru muttered aloud. The girl would then glance back at her for a moment "Huh?" in which Mahiru responded "Just drop me off at 45th street, please."

    The girl had a very innocent tone in her voice, but hell if it were in her appearance. It haunted her the entire ride, but everything went relatively normally.. In fact from how inexperienced she seemed at first, this girl was a very good driver it seemed. Through the ride, Mahiru noticed a...Smell. A stench from further back in the car, that smelled like...A dead mouse. It was terrible. She slowly turned to the girl with a skeptical expression, cocking up an eyebrow in curiosity. "Hey...Do you smell that?" The girl glanced at the rear-view mirror back at her, her smiling widening as if she was hoping Mahiru would ask that question. As the girl started to turn on the A/C in the back, she dodged over the question asking "What's your name?"

    Mahiru furrowed her eyebrows and started to raise her voice, pointing to the trunk "What the hell is that smell? What do you have back there?" The girl giggled and said "My name's Ibuki Yang, nice to meet you!" She said it as if she was a recording, in which Mahiru got more agitated. "What the fuck is going on!? Pull over this car!" At the time, 45th street was just a block away, but Ibuki gladly pulled over to let the girl out. Mahiru opened the door and stormed to the trunk, since the girl opened the trunk whilst letting Mahiru out, the red-head flipped open the trunk to reveal...

    Mahiru felt her heart pounding as time seemed to freeze, her hands fixated on the trunk's door. "What...The...Fuck..." She muttered to herself quietly, a mixture of horror and confusion on her face. She was looking at...Multiple corpses of schoolgirls inside the car, all having the same uniform as the girl. They all had the same...Haunting eyes as her, a blank color with widened eyes, but it seemed to be even creepier with a blank expression. Blood coated the trunk's inners multiple stab wounds on every girl. She looked down at her camera as Ibuki noticed her in the mirror, beginning to speed away. Ad Mahiru got out her camera, the girl was already gone. The speed of the car causing the trunk to slam shut with a 'THUD'.

    Her umbrella was still in the girl's car, so she was left drenched and mentally scarred upon what she just say...Did she just ride and live with a...Serial killer? Immediately, she started to speed home. Mahiru felt as if she needed to look into this. THIS was the kind of story that will get in the industry, THIS could even make her a hero! The images however were...Burned in her mind, and it filled her to the brim with fear all the way back to her apartment. Although, since it was late and she too fearful for anymore crime scenes she might find by trying to research this girl, she decided to sleep on it. So when she got home, out of fright she pushed her drawer over the only exit to her apartment, then plopping herself down on her bed and proceeded to fall asleep almost instantly...

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  2. Prologue: Looking for Trouble

    Frank's Taxi hovered above the road. He wouldn't have to do this forever. Ever since he'd become a driver, he promised himself that one day, he'd stop doing it. Do something exciting, or worthwhile. Contribute to society in someway. And this couyld be his big break. A reporter for a big-name newspaper! He could see it now-an exciting story of dering-do, with his name on the byline. Frank was the kind of person who was virtually invisible. People payed him to drive them places.That was his job. But often when driving more important clients-the rich, mysterious and superpowered, he'd often wished for more out of life. And this was his chance. He casually span the wheel of his Taxi, which continued to hover lightly above the road. Looking for adventure.
    "Where'd you think We should look first sir?"
    The passenger spoke up, for the first time since he'd arrived.
    "How about the park? All the mysterious things happen at the bloody park."
    "I'm not just talking about some urban crime. I want to see something serious. Something big."
    "Remember that guy we drove the other day?"
    Frank nodded.
    "Should have got his Autograph. Maybe a picture."
    "But that's not news. We got to give the people what they want. What they need to hear-"
    "What will pay the bills. Come on, what kind of excitement has ever happened here?"
    Frank put his foot on the Accelerator.
    "Where the hell are you going?"
    "C'mon, we're checking the bloomin' park."

    The Taxi hovered silently towards the Park. It was a nice place in the daytime, but the night was foggy, and the place looked very ominous indeed. Frank could hear the rain pattering outside, so Frank took a battered blue umbrella, displaying the logo of a long-forgotten Punk band he liked as a Teen. Near a water fountain, Frank did see something that people would want. Something that people would want to hear about. Something that would pay the bills. It was... he didn't know what it was. It appeared to be a big black metal object, shaped like a coffin, with a red, glowing circular window. It was hovering slightly above the ground...

    "Well that's new...."
  3. *Yang sighs as he walked around in the rain. The water blocking his view as they hit his glasses. He looked around at the empty sidewalks with his hands on his wooden sword. He watches cars pass by with little kids making faces at him. He makes the faces right back with smiles. Even when it was gloomy his smile brightened others up. He was told to meet up with the others some where around this area though he can't seem to find any of them. He growled thinking they tricked him to be out in the rain. Though he didn't mind it he just hoped that they would show up soon because he does need some money.*
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