The Time Traveling Teacher

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  1. She had said that nothing would go wrong, that it was a simply trip there and back to test to see if it would work. Well she was wrong and it had broke the second he had gotten to this time. Warren Zeno seemed like a typical science teacher who was just very passionate about his subject. Which was true but it also had to do with the fact that he wasn't from this time much less this planet. Yes he was as human as everyone else around him but his home was on Mars more specifically the human colonies on Mars.He had short brown hair and blue eyes, he could see very well so he wore glasses that he often loses if he sets them down. He has been teaching for around three years, three years he has been stuck in following this time line for three years. With a sigh Warren walked through the empty halls of Mahogany Academy only hearing a few murmurs of students that have arrived early and were hanging around the halls waiting for class to start. He didn't have friends not even his colleagues, instead he had a cat that he adopted a few years ago named Sputnik. He lived alone in a small apartment with his cat, only going to work, the junk yard, or his apartment. He made his way to his room to set up for the day, with a sigh he started writing the days lesson on the board.
  2. M'ar walked through the door and sighed. He had a tough time in science. He never really understood the subject. He sat in the back and took his books out of his bookbag. He also took out his lacrosse ball and bounced it on the floor. He looked to the board and turned to the directed page. He wrote down the warmup and felt a vibration. He pulled out his flip phone and started texting.
  3. Alayna trudged into the room from PE, her least favoruite subject, but as soon as she stepped into the science lab, her whole demenour changed. A smile spread across her face, Science was a huge part of her life. She felt as if she couldn't live without it. Alayna took a seat at random and flicked her fringe back, licking her finger to flip a page in her book. A romance novel in her hand, she scanned about the page the fine font imprinting into her brain as if it were burnt into it. She leaned her elbow on her desk and sighed softly as hair scarlett hair blew around her slightly as the cold breeze flew in from the window. She smiled and closed her book. Alayna was always quiet. She was never used being in group, being homeschooled and all. She looked around steadily and only saw one other student.... so far. "Crap." she mumbled. "I'm feeling enclose already. 'Least I'll have some fun in Science." she rubbed her head slightly and lazily plaited her hair.
  4. Warren noticed the first student walk in and then another shortly after, both arriving quite early then their peers. He simply smiled to himself back to the rest of the room as he finished writing the warm up questions on the board. He was glad that they had showed up early especially M'ar, he seemed to be struggling with this particular subject and planned on talking with him after class about maybe coming in for tutoring sessions twice a week. Warren also noticed that the second student Alayna had come in as well, she seemed to rather enjoy what he was teacher much to his delight. Not many of the other students showed as much interest as she did, maybe he could get her to help M'ar while in class..he'll have to speak with her after class as well. It wasn't long after he finished writing did the rest of the class start to file in filling the room with noise and chatter about this and that.

    The bell had rung signaling the beginning of class, Warren took his place in the front of the class and spoke with his normal brand of enthusiasm " As you can see I have put up three different questions about cells. I want each of you to answer as best you can and turn it in before we move on with today's class." he was practically jumping with excitement. Who knew that teaching could be so much fun? He moved to sit at his desk watching over the body of students working on the questions, some were whispering to each other but they were working, he smiled, and that's all that mattered. Because he didn't have any friends he enjoyed come to work and being around his students it was almost like he did have friends, as sad as that sounds.
  5. Hanae walked in, grumpy faced and all. Her long blond hair reached her lower back, bangs consitant on falling ontop of her green-blue eyes. She kept pulling her skirt down, seeing how it was short. Her expression made it obvious to people that she was forced into wearing it. She bowed to the teacher while holding her skirt. "Sorry I'm late...I had..uhm...some difficulties." She made her way to her seat, pulling out a pen and notebook. Damned guys..., she thought to herself. I'm going to screw them over next time I see them.
  6. Kami walked into the building looking quite excited. It was her first day at a new school and she was looking forward to meeting new people. As she walked to the science room, she took out a brush and combed her long, dark hair. She stopped outside of the roomvand fixed her shirt quickly and walked into the room. "Sorry I'm late." She said to the teacher. She didn't have much of an excuse other than the fact that her parents had forgotten and she figured that sounded lame so she spoke nothing of it. She walked to a desk towards the back of the room, noticing a few other students on her way.
  7. Warren not looking up from the papers he was grading,which happened to be the warm up exercise, after he had picked up all the papers he told the class to begin reading the first section in the chapter they were on. Every now and then he would peek over his glasses to make sure everybody was reading,or pretending to read, "Hanae and Kami please do the questions on the board and bring them up to me when you are done and I will tell you what needs to be done next." His voice held authority but at the same time had a playful undertone. While he was grading he reminded himself that he needed to stop and get Sputnik some more cat food, as well as stop at the junk yard to check on the machine. It was getting increasingly difficult to go to the junk yard to even look at the time machine, he was starting to like it here in this time. But what would happen when this year is over? And all the kids he was currently teaching left to move up a grade? He waved his hand through thin air as if to physical clear those thoughts away. He look up at the full class room and smiled, for now..things will be ok.
  8. Kami quickly completed the assignment on the board and turned her paper in to the teacher. She went back to her seat and moved on to the next assignment. She glanced around at all the other students and smiled. A lot of these people looked friendly to her. She really wished her brother could he here with her and not off doing god knows what. She sighed and continued reading glancing up occasionally to see if anyone was watching her- she hated this.
  9. Alayna quickly scribbled down the questions and answered them. She revised in her head all the cells she could think of and then put down their traits. Her mine was like a playlist, or a filing system. Mkay, that's one done. She sighed mentally. Let's see... cytoplasm, plasma membrane, nucleus, nucleous, Golgi complex, blah blah, she went on in her head. Ahha!~ That's the answer! she thought gleefully. But... what's this last one? she pondered. Damn it, it's on the tip of my tongue!! she bit her lip with annoyance. Oooooh, yeah, okay, got it! she smiled and wrote the answer down. She got up, pushed her chair in and walked up to the teacher and placed the piece of paper on his desk. "Done." she smiled.
  10. Hanae finished the questions with no problems at all. Infact, she deliberatly chose regular classes because she didn't want to waste time on homework. She would rather be practicing her martial arts skill or just chilling around town. Silently, she walked up to the teacher's desk, handing him her finished work. The blonde plopped back into her seat, head on her hands, and legs crossed. Time was going by slowly...too slowly for her.
  11. Rae silently cursed to herself as she raced through the hallways, clutching a piece of paper in her left hand telling her which room to go. She's not normally so late... but if she said that, she'd practically be lying. After a few minutes of running against time, she finally managed to see the room she needed to go. Perfect! She thought to herself, taking one last turn before finding herself standing in front of the Science class. "I am so sorry!.." She said, making no attempt to straighten her auburn hair; it was good enough as it is, messy or not. After so, she hastily went to the back of the class and took a seat, taking her book out of the bag, in an attempt to catch up with the lesson. Hopefully she still had time... And she was not totally late.
  12. M'ar finished the work slowly. He had problems with the elemental questions and some of the astronomy. He read the passage again and found his answers. He stood and strolled to the teacher's desk. He set it down and spoke "Done sir.." He walked back to his desk and sat. He reached under his desk and pulled out his Lacrosse stick. It was all black with green grip tape at the top and bottom. There was also a Hawk feather tied to the top.

    He brushed his light brown hands over the stick and grew excited. It was his first year to actually play for a school team. He brushed his hands through his brown curly hair. His hazel eyes caught a flaw in the stick. He cursed as he untied the mesh that was wrapped within the head. He continued working on it taking his time waiting for school to be over.
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