The Time Traveler's Stop

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  1. Name: Christine Ward
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Historian; she spent her high school and the few college years studying and applying to become a Historian, someone who goes back to tell the people of her time what really happened.

    Traveler's item:(the key to slipping through time only works with a specific person's DNA)
  2. Name: Rush Maholney, King of Scotland (Yes I made the last name up on the spot)
    Age: 23
    Occupation: The new King after his father passed away in war, stepped up as the eldest of his sons and accepted the throne, though no queen by his side. He wished to be a warrior like his brothers but his duties as oldest son came first

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  3. Christine twisted the tiny dial atop the old pocket watch as she stepped into the warp, the winds lashing around her making her pull the jacket closer to her body. She'd seen the warp act violent before but never in such a threatening manor; almost as if to ward her away from her destination. She closer her eyes as she felt the familar drop of the ground her auburn hair whipping around her, her pants, shirt and jacket flapping in the wind. Lightning danced through the warp startling her to look around and in a growing fear knew she should have waited another day before traveling; The storms of her time and the time she went had clashed now she was left to suffer the consiquences.

    She landed hard on the ground her clothes sindged from the near lightning strike and dabris from the shift in time slamming against her already battered body left her sore, bleeding, and too weak to move. She grasped the dial and looked at in dispair at the glass where a gear had dislodged itself; any other time zone before this one she would have had a means to fix it but now she felt lost. The physical and mental stress of the travel knocked her into unconciousness and defenseless.
  4. Not long until a few soldiers trudged their way to the area after seeing the storm close by the village, making sure their livestock was unscathed, they stumbled upon her body. Worried and fearful for her safety, they picked her up and headed back to their village, the sounds of peasantry and barn animals reached her subconscious mind as they walked, their fur lined metal seemed warm to her face as they carried her over their arms, daintily towards the castle.

    They took her upstairs to a spare room, the maidens of the house looked at the poor woman and nursed her marks, and seeing the poor state of her clothes, decided to redress her in proper attire for the night. Letting her rest, one kept watch over her as the others went along their business. The soldiers that found her went to their king, telling him of their find, whom nodded and waved them off
    "She can stay, let her rest and we'll inquire in the morrow"
    "Yes my lord."
    He sat on his throne for the day in thought and pondering of this new soul in his castle but paid no mind, deciding to retire himself for the day.

    The next morning the maids peeked into the room onto Christine, pulling with them a tray of bread, eggs and potatoes on copper plates, a small clay cup held honey milk fresh plucked form a cows udder earlier.
  5. Christine woke with a start in an unfamilar room and area she screamed lundging to the side of the bed wrapping the blanket around her looking around wildly seeing the woman at the door she had throughly frightened as much as she felt the panic that was building; she was in a night gown from this time she looked at the girl.
    "Where are my clothes? How did i get here?!" She repeated the same words switching tongues until the girl seemed to recognized what she said; her gaelic was rusty but she knew it would come to her as the day wore on. The girl studdered trying to still calm herself from her fright. Christine froze hearing the thrundering of boots coming down the hall, to her room no doubt. She clutched the blanket looking around for some form of weapon to maker her feel safe only finding her broken watch; she snatched it up and clutched it to her breast backing up until her back hit the wall.
  6. The boots were followed by padding and large trots, no doubt dogs, that barged in and tried to jump to Christine to greet her, but were stopped short when a Shout was heard
    "Aye, stop your prancing near the lass, let her breathe..."
    A coated arm was the first to push the door open, followed by his full body in a robe fit for a king, walking in and sitting down beside her, the Husky and Collie walk beside their master and try to rub their heads under his hands, which he allowed, playfully pushing them down and rubbing their bellies.
    "We apologize for the intrusion but you know mini beasts enjoy the company of lovely ladies..."
    He winked at her as the dogs barked happily, looking at Christine
    "Furthermore we welcome you to castle Malhoney, you were spared the dreaded cold when my soldiers were walking along their routes and spotted you in the farm lands. You must have caught a fit to find a terrible place to crash. Luckily the animals were inside and you landed on clear patches lest your clothes would be burned form the stench."
    He smiled at her
    '..Forgive me for asking but what is your name Lass?"
  7. Christine could only blink as the man spoke to her softly as if to calm a wild beast; she let a disbelieving laugh escape before she bit her lip,
    "Christine, Christine Ward; may I get the name of my savors it seems?" She forced her shoulders to relax, if she acted like she had something to hide they would surely lock her away.
    "If it isnt too much trouble may I please have my old clothes back?" She looked at the man with wide eyes hoping for an innocent, pleading look to form though she was never really good at the damsel sort. One of her coworkers said that most of the men in past would only see a helpess female to begin with and it was best to play on that until you could make your escape.
  8. He smiled a bit as she relaxed, the dogs jumped on the side to lift themselves up, but a sharp whistle made them stop, only placing their front paws up, their heads in good range to lick her hands
    "Your clothes were damaged in the fields..luckily our house maids salvaged whatever clothe they had and knacked them back with some fabric...your belongings are safely tucked away in the closet for you to change in, but once you do I ask that you eat your meal for the seemed weak and discolored..hoping a good feast might bring you back to strength. Agnus will stay with you for the sun if you need anything..."
    He bowed and left her room, the dogs stayed to be treated with feminine love
  9. She made a weak sound of protest as she left, "I didnt" her voice trailed off as he left looking at the tray that held the sorce of a wonderful smelling meal. She couldnt tell if it was because of the energy it cost her to travel or the stress of the fall but once she started on the meal she almost had trouble keeping at a reasonably normal pace as to not gross out the maid still standing in the room. She paused to wander to the closet seeing that only her pants had not survived. She was surprised and pleased that her bra was still intact along with her favored jacket. Her goggles were missing, she probably lost them in the storm. With a sigh she dropped the blanket and set her watch gently on the bed before stripping out of the gown putting her bra back on and shirt. Making a face she turned to the woman.
    "Do you by chance have a spare of trousers?" She gave the woman a weak smile as the maid hesitated before nodding.
    "I'll only my a moment lassie." She sighed happily when she left and sat down to scower through her bags to make sure that they had survived the trip. She laughed at the thought they were more worried about the gear in the bags than the people who carried them as the bags had been barely scratched and the items untouched. She was glad the lenses for camera wasnt broken and thought about taking a few pictures before she took her leave and tried to find something suitable to fix her watch to get back home.

    The maid returned with an armful of pants for her to try on and find the best fit ones; after going through almost the whole pile she found a comfortable pair almost fitting her perfectly.
    "Who has so generously given these to me madame?" The maid giggled at her words.
    "The King's when he was but a wee lad." Christine giggled trying to imagine the man as skinny as she was.
  10. A bell toned out in the distance, the maid looked back at the doorway and then at Christine
    "..Forgive me lass but The King is harolding his hands for the day's plans...I must take my leave!"
    She pranced out and ran out the halls, the dogs still stayed by Christine's sides, nuzzling her legs to try to get her attention, bowing at her for playful banter.
    Out of her doorway she would see the children run past the hall followed by a more mature woman in regal dressing, she stops and peeks in
    '..Ahh you must be the young gypsy the soldiers brought home. I'm fair to see that you have recovered greatly form the night..Not many live a night in the damp and live to tell the tale."
    She graciously walked in, a younger girl about the age of 5 walks in with her, tugging at her gown to hold on, a raggedy oxen doll in her grasp
    "I am Queen of this land, you must've met my Son earlier, Russuckan."
  11. She scratched under their chins happily leaning down to nuzzle their soft fur that smelled of fresh earth; animals were practically extinct in her time, pets such as cats and dogs were the most rare after a disease had spread through the canine and feline race making it almost impossible to breed them. Feeling like she'd been caught doing something she wasnt suppose to do she smiled up at the beautiful woman a blush crossing her face.
    "I come from a hardy family, barely can catch a cough run naked through the dead of winter; not that I would do something so rash." She hastily put in not wanting to embarass herself further and the two hounds licked at her face and palms as she stroked her ears and pelts.
    "It is an honor to meet you madame', I'm afraid that I hadn't caught your son's name as he left in such a whirl, my name is Christine Ward I can see of whom you son takes after." She let a smile go up at the regal woman.
  12. The woman smiled at her
    "..Sadly dear you have not met the man he most aspires to his father passed away last spring time taking his troops to war..We won the fight but lost a great leader..."
    She took a hand up and wiped a tear away, she still had her ring on her hand, a lovely piece of silver and diamond worked up and entwined to her finger. He wrinkles showed her age but even past them she was lovely featured and well formed
    "..Forgive me...he was taken away form us too soon, left our eldest to be king, and 3 others without a father...this is Mia our youngest."
    The young girl shied away behind her mother's gown but peeked out at Christine with a bashful blush.
    "You may have seen the boys Typheus and Duke but they are far too busy in their own realm to bother with damsels as they put it...don't worry they're still young, they'll come around to their senses...after all Men can't live without women right?"
    She giggled a bit and looked at her
    "..Enough banter though, the mid day meal is about to commence shortly... would you care to join us..I believe Russuckan would be honored to have a lass at his table to build her strength"
  13. Christine took her hands in her as she stood with a soft smile, "I am sorry for your loss, I know how much loosing a loved one will break at the soul." She had lost her high school sweet heart to his job as a shipper on a bad launch the ship had exploded leaving no survivors.
    "Yes well boys will be boys if memory serves me right I hardly wanted anything to do with boys at one age or another and I would be honored if you would have me for mid day meal." She looked down at Mia and winked with a smile.
    "I'm sure the men of the house could get nothing done without you milady."
  14. She smiled warmly at her, then the two boys, caked in mud and scratched up came bounding around

    "Supper time!"
    They bounced along the room, trying to drag their mother away to the kitchen, the canines following suit. Soon after though Rush walks in and looks at her, bowing

    "..Madame Christine..Glad to see you finally up and walking."
    He looked at the plate he brought up earlier

    "...And a lass with an appetite...that's good!"
    He chuckled and offered his hand to her

    "No doubt you know it's close to our next meal and I have a spot at the table for our guest of the hour if you don't mind joining us"
  15. Christine laughed feeling as if they were all off to rush her away to eat, "I feel as if you're all trying to stuff me for some odd reason." She took his hand and let him lead her way to the dining hall.
    "Now that I have your name Sir Russuckan." She gave him a playful smile, "since you seemed so set on leaving me with a face without a name." It had been quite a while since she'd laughed as much as she had in the short time of coming her it was almost a plesant relief from simply working the days away.
  16. He smiled with her, still having her hand in his gracefully, like presenting her hand up in his palm in a dance
    "..Please call me Rush..easier on the name and also shorter to say. It was my father's idea to call me that after a family friend, but the shorter of it stuck. Mother still calls me it being me mum of course but what do you expect for her son."

    He smiled and lead her to the dining hall, a large and long table adorned with candles and fine jeweled plates and glasses stood in formation, he stood behind a chair and pulled it back for her to sit

    "After you lass~"
  17. Christine laughed understanding what he meant.
    "Rush then, both are very fitting names." She tried not to stare in awe as the jeweled plates and the finely set table things that she'd only dreamed of seeing lay before her she wished she'd put the recorder lense in her eye before she'd left but she guessed there would be other times. She let him scoot her into the table only seats away from the head where, she assumed, he would be sitting. His mother already sitting to the right of him as it was her place as Queen.
    "I feel quite underdressed to be sitting at such a...luxurious table." She almost had forgotten to keep her language to Gaelic in all the excitement.
  18. Her dying dialect did not phase him as he smiles a bit, taking the velvet cloth that was his napkin onto his lap and leaned on the table, his hands perked up and holding his head up in interest
    ">..No worries about attire, you are a guest and besides your clothes were not for wear, so I would prefer you wore this other than your ragged leggings."
    He smiled as he looked around at the chefs placing the silver trays midst the table: fruit, mutton, a festival of meat and delicacies strewn on the dining room plank as he smiled. The twins however were feeling a bit grubby, but halted when Rush let out a sharp whistle

    "..I would expect youung lads of the royal family to know it is beyond rude to let a lady be second. may help yourselves first."

    The twins shied and ducked down, both dejected and hungry but they knew he was right and looked at the lovely guest with a desire of sympathy in their eyes
  19. Christine fought of a blush as their eyes turned on her, their mother having already started to fill her plate. She ducked her gaze and started to fill her plate with reasonably tasty looking things; rules of time travel "if you recognized it, it was eatable." The servant filled her chalice, for that was all she could think it to be, with sweet smelling mead. She felt she shouldnt even dare to touch liquor and all it's tasteful forms but the alluring scent had her sipping it and almost moaning at the burst of flavor that coated her tongue. She had to set the glass down and force herself to nibble on the food on her plate. If she was to test her will of drinking, she'd best fill her stomach with food to dampen the intoxication that was bound to happen.
    "Everything smells and tastes wonderful."
  20. Rush smiled at his guest as she ate
    "..Don't be afriad to dive in madame, there is plenty..just save forth you don't be like the boys"
    He gestured to the twins, whom were diving in like they haven't eaten for weeks, morsels of food on their shirts and faces, he had to wipe them clean after every few minutes, chuckling to himself as he started on his own plate. Mia, the wueen and he were the most civilized of the family, and he dared not stop the boys until one was about to fling a roll at Christine which then he slammed on the tabble with a knife, sheathe down, making it stick up as it pierced the wood
    "Behave yourself children!"
    He bursted at them, which made them cower a bit then eat more dignified, which he slowly sat himself back down and rubbed his face
    "..My apologies....After my father's death they have become somewhat unruly to try to forget it but that is no excuse to act like barbarians at the feature of our guest..."
    He sighed longer, a deep breath escaped his lips as he grabbed his more decorative chalice form the table, sipping the alcohol form the rim and standing up, leaving his plate half finished, the boys a little ashamed and his mother more worried as she excused herself, but Rush held a hand up
    "..Worry not mother I will be fine..just..need some fresh air..."
    With that he took his leave form the table, but she shed a small tear for her son, going back to the table, the boys were still eating though, looking as he left