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The Time Traveler

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ambre, Aug 10, 2014.

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  1. A strange Neo Victorian era became apparent as the time traveling male found himself in a new place, a place he hadn't meant to arrive in. You see, when he had dropped the equipment, it set off a series of events that led to this new era, one that seemed oddly enchanting, if not a bit dark. The streets were simple and dated, lit by streetlights that held highly mechanical structures inside that kept the lights going at all times along the main roads. Along these roads, as well, dwelled the regular people; those with the money and the ability to keep themselves out of harms way. Often, many were accompanied by robots, some who were servants in nature, and others..who were put to use by the darker side of this new world. You see, if one were to stray into the darker alleys, they would find a whole new world. Prostitution, drugs, and alcoholics reigned here, and were what made money, even if it were illegally. However, police never ventured here, staying off of this turf as they let the darkness overwhelm the area, keeping it contained here. This, was where a simple engineer dwelled.

    Her name, was Chesh. She was a girl who worked in a small shop, staying behind her workbench often as she kept everything in check, working on the escort bots for those who 'pimped them off', or working on the vehicles for those who live in the slums, unable to afford a real mechanic. For today, though, the girl simply stayed in her ship, the door propped open as she spoke to one of the prostitutes, an old 'coworker' of a sort of her own.
  2. Implosive, some would've called the man who now resided within the Neo Victorian era. As he'd stepped forth, wearing his formal attire. He'd begun a brisk walk, and taken a slight gaze at his watch. He would've then begun a stroll forth, along the simplistic streets. He'd taken note of each and every detail, and it'd seemed as if he'd somehow created an alteration in time. What impressive work, how exotically idiosyncratic and strange, how the streets themselves complement the street lights, everything here was much more technologically advanced, and yet so simple. How incredible did he find such a thing, oh well now he would have to figure out how to leave this time period. For now he supposed he would have to remain, and adapt. That is all he could do, and eventually he would've wound up strolling into the darker part of the vicinity. He'd begun to grow apathetic, and caught sight of the several robots, he could've easily heard the voices of several other homosapiens in the distance. Then again, he figured why bother paying attention to something that you see each and every day..

    "Damn, this town is fucking huge, and now I've wound up stranded here." Held been rather angry, by the fact that he'd felt as if he were wondering around aimlessly. He was beginning to become more and more aggravated without a source of food or water. Now he would've been thrown into what was likely a chaotic brush with another person just to find some money. This was absolutely positively terrible, and he figured now things couldn't get much worse then this. Due to the fact that he knew with new era came new currency, and what he had was now worthless.
  3. As the man began his brisk walk, a small robotic spider had followed him, the curious creature ticking along after him with every movement of its limbs. It seemed rusted, and missed a leg, being a strange creature indeed. Instead of having many eyes, it had two little ones that seemed almost innocent, and it had no other features on what seemed to be its face. When it saw the man move into the darker side of the streets, it made an odd sound, the robot chittering at the male momentarily as it tittered onward, almost motioning for him to follow. Down through the streets it went, careful to go around those who may harm it or the male he was leading.

    It was through these streets where it ran to the engineer. She seemed decent enough, leaned against a wall as she spoke softly to one of the women of the night, a fond smile on her lips. "You know, I could always use an assistant here in my shop. I actually need one," she said, laughing as the other woman shook her head, raising an eyebrow.

    "Me? As an engineer? Honey, you cute," spat the other woman, laughing along with the engineer. Immediately, however, this woman turned her large chocolate hues to line up with the spider and the man behind him, seeming to almost size up her prey. "These are the people I work for, and damn do I love my job," she said, shaking her head. "Hm. Your little thing is with him, though, so perhaps it'll be for you. Ya sure you don't want your old stuff? It might be useab-" the prostitute, Harriet, was shut up quickly, being smacked on the arm by Chesh. "No. Now go back to work. Don't get yourself into trouble," she added, shooing the girl as she picked up her robot, the creature laying across both of her hands.
Thread Status:
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