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  1. It's 2303, and technological advances have become almost infinite thanks to the science of today. Space travel is common, and the ownership of personal spacecraft has become a possibility. People live in pure comfort, and one of these people is no exception. He was a scientist, a brilliant one with ideas that were meant to change the world. Ideas that would bring the world into a whole different state of being.

    Too bad this state of being wasn't what we expected.

    You see, this man had made a time machine, one that was still in its experimental phase. It looked like a watch, and glowed at the top, displaying dates that could be changed as he pleased. His reasoning for this machine, fell to a whimsical idea of his own. After all, it was truthfully possible. What if he could explain to his past self of what he would be capable of, which, in turn could advance his scientific capabilities of the now, having his younger self already know the secrets of his work?

    With this in mind, the man took off with his time machine and another piece of machinery, a simple tool of the future that had many different uses, these uses being good for fixing his watch in case it should fail. Upon his arrival, he noticed he had come to the wrong spot, and moved to change his watch, knocking his tool out of his pocket, which threw it to the ground without letting him know that he had lost it.

    Little did he know this would set the events to follow.

    His arrival to his own time to retry his travel for his childhood left him reeling. The entire place seemed...Victorian. But extremely scientifically advanced for its age. Yet, none had made a time machine, and the tool he had once used to fix his watch was now gone, hidden away in this strange world. While stumbling about, the man found a simple engineer amidst the darker streets of the neovictorian city, a woman who he realized could be an asset to helping him recover his tool, or at least an asset in helping him about this strange era.

    Spot already filled. This is for my cs and my partners^^
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  2. Character Sheet- Cheshire Wylliam Hyatt
    Physical Info- (if you have an image, you can skip this or fill it. Either way.)
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Red
    Hair Length: Long, falls to mid back.
    Basic Appearance and Clothing: Chesh is average in height and weight, storing her fat and muscle in a curvy manner beneath her pale skin. One eye is missing and in its place lies a cyborg part, one that seems to be older and more beaten up, mostly due to her lack of funds to buy a better one. Around her only eye, she often has dark smudges of makeup or oil, which are a result from her work as an engineer. On her frame, the girl often wears a short pair of black shorts and a loose red button up, held down by a black bustier that she wears over the top of it. On her feet, she often wears flat, Victorian boots, and a pair of vertically striped, thigh high stockings which attach to her underclothes by garter.
    Defining Features: Chesh's older robotic eye is a definitely defining feature, and on her stomach, she has a large burn mark, which was from the incident that gave her a mechanical eye.

    Strengths: Engineering, Sweet-talking, Street smart, knows how to shoot a pistol
    Weaknesses: Mechanical parts keep her from being able to disguise herself, she isn't very strong, nor does she know how to fight well, and she is very quick to become angry, which can severely take a situation downhill.
    Fears: Returning to her past job on the streets, losing her current job, being mugged, being hurt by another person, both physically and mentally
    Personality: Chesh is a hot head with a snarky sense of humor and a snake tongue that often can bring her into good or bad situations. She is clever enough, but often finds herself using her ability to talk to people to get herself out of dangerous situations, persuading them to listen to her. This has often saved the girl from being mugged, and even got her her place to work in the slums she lives about.
    Psychological Issues (if any): Chesh is paranoid, to the extreme, and will let many possible ideas of bad things bother her if given the chance
    Abilities (both physical and mental): Chesh is quite a skilled engineer, and is able to use this to her own whims. Often, this results in upgraded equipment or mini explosions that send soot flying everywhere. Along with this, the girl is fairly headstrong when motivated, and can get a lot done fairly quickly.

    Bio(optional): I may or may not fill this out.
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  3. Character Sheet-
    Physical Info- [​IMG]
    Weight:185 lbs.
    Eye Color: Crimson
    Hair Color: Mediterranean blue
    Hair Length:Sixteen inches
    Basic Appearance and Clothing: Generally dressed in quite formal attire, a tuxedo a pair of obsidian hue relaxed slacks and a pair of hand shined bates
    Defining Features: Prominent muscular tone. A deep and enchanting voice. Intellectual capability beyond that of most men.

    Mentality- This individual in particular, likes to think of everything big and small, as a larger part of something much smaller.
    Strengths: Meele combat,
    Weaknesses: He is human, you could kill him.. With a stick.
    Fears: His only fears are that he will find no one to love, due to the fact that most people who come to mee thim absolutely come to hate him as a person,and as a whole. Which is why he pretends to be heartless at most times and show no emotion even in times of desperation and despair.
    Personality: He is a dark deep and mysterious individual. All you will find out for now ~
    Psychological Issues (if any): None at all
    Abilities (both physical and mental): Superhuman physiology ( enhanced physical capabilities as well as mental. ) Gargantuan mental capacity, gargantuan strength speed stamina etc. Incredibly fit, but slender in appearance male. Adept prana manipulation in order to summon his blade the Aeco soeri.

    Bio(optional): Nah too fukt up 4 u.

    Gonna reserve this for a second i'll finish it in about 30 mins.
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