The Ties That Bind

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    Joining: TAKING CHARACTERS. Post a Bio, get a thumbs up, play.
    Genre: Modern Real Lifey Soap Opera Drama
    Location: Emerson, Pennsylvania
    Timeline: Present Date

    Emerson, Pennsylvania is a fast growing city; home to several wealthy families, established businesses and of course the occasional nutcase. It's a city like any other, but when skeletons come out - everyone has their story. Jeremiah Douglas has recently passed away - his death striking unsettling news to many people. A single event that ties the binds of otherwise unconnected lives.

    Like in any soap opera, you are playing a character in this interesting city. There's no such thing as a quiet normal life for someone living in Emerson. There is always a mysterious murder, a cheating lover, a stalker, a big trial, dead babies, kidnappings, charity balls, and bitch fights. Life is a never ending whirlwind of dramatic events. Events that you bring to the table with your characters and their history.

    Our story begins at the end of Jeremiah Douglas' funeral. He was an interesting man - but with secrets! Characters might know this man - or think they knew him! His death will bring up mystery and complications. How does it affect your character? You tell us. >:]


    In a soap opera there are many character stereotypes! This list is just a few of the most common ones. Because this is a modern date real life setting, supernatural stereotypes are not allowed. These stereotypes are just suggestions! If you have your own unique ideas, by all means, run with them! Anything is possible in a soap opera!

    Old Money Families: There are always a few "old money" families in a big city that seem to own many of the business, properties and even people in their pockets. These families have been around forever, possibly even able to trace their families back to European countries, and they are always surrounded by loads of personal drama or tragedies. There is always a murder or two in the family, missing members, bastard children, money woes, divorces, the black sheep, the queen bee, and of course a deep dark family secret.

    Professional Criminal: Be you a mobster, professional thief, drug dealer, or embezzler, there are bound to be those very prominent professional criminals. But beware, when more than one comes on the scene, there is always a scuffle about who is the best and who gets the gold!

    The Cops: Cops come in the form of detectives, police chiefs/commissioners, FBI agents, spies, and undercover cops. A cop can be the good guy hero, always looking to catch his man... or end up being the bad cop - paid by someone else to cover up crime, or being a criminal themselves. Cop characters tend to get in everyone's business, especially when there is illegal drama unfolding!

    Teen Drama: One can't have a soap without everyone's kids going around and causing some trouble. Runaway teenagers, boyfriend stealers, prom night, or kids just getting involved in grownup affairs. You can count on the teens and kids to create their fair share of troubles!

    Foreign Heir: A mysterious foreigner that just so happens to be; A) really really rich or B) heir to a royal thrown. In some cases all of these turn out to be false, and sometimes they are true, and then... they disappear or end up murdered! Whichever the case may be, this person is always very mysterious and very little is known about their past until something very major happens!

    Savvy Business Person: Those smart, beautiful people that have their own business or are excellently perfect at what they do. Lawyers, doctors, owners of night clubs, a giant business empire or one really popular establishment. Almost all of the character stereotypes tend to be one of these successful people.

    - Raphael is Jeremiah's step son.
    - Ronald was good friends with Jeremiah.
    - Jeremiah was Flarecia's piano teacher.
    - Jeremiah was an alleged teen girl raper!


    To Aid in knowing what is acceptable for your characters and game play, here are some quick rules!

    - The default bio template is very small, therefore you must fill out the whole template. If you want to use a larger template (one that contains more details) you are welcome! Just make sure you have game essentials.

    - Please use a real life person for your character pic if you choose to use one. This will help add to the real lifey soap opera atmosphere. That means no anime, fantasy, etc, style pictures.

    - You can have as many characters as you can handle, but keep in mind that we're not going to wait forever for you to get around to posting if you take too long. This means that if you haven't posted in over two weeks and your character is holding up the game, you lose your character to an unfortunate in game event. If you have to go on vacation or will be missing for an extended amount of time, we need you to tell us so we can protect your character. (We won't kill you. Maybe. >:])

    - Don't forget that this is all about developing YOUR character. Everyone gets to have a chance in the spotlight, just like in real soap operas. So make sure you have a good back history for your character, and think of all the things you want to do and accomplish! Work with other characters to create intertwining plot lines... this game is only as good as the stories you create in it.


    We are using a small mini-bio for character profiles. You are welcome to use one of the more detailed bio templates if you wish to expand deeper on your characters. Because we're using the smaller template, we expect players to put a lot of details in to these few sections, especially the character's history!

    Needing more MALE teens and female adults!

    [noparse]Character Name:
    Gender: male/female
    Job/Role: doctor/lawyer/etc
    General Appearance: Be detailed! hair color, eyes, slim, bulky, types of clothes, personal style, etc! (Again, please use real life people for any character pics.)
    Current Goal/Purpose: (for example, what they are really working towards for the moment or in life.)
    General Personality: Note how they behave with other people, as well as parts of their personality that is private or only shared with special people.
    General History: Details are best! Their family, how they grew up, their profession or schooling, important people in their life, big events that changed them as a person, and what they are up to now! The plot behind your character... IE: "Someone from their past is trying to kill them." or "They are looking for a lost fortune." Remember that this is a soap opera, so get creative!



    - Hans Burger
    22y Male, Rich Forgein Playboy

    - Gunther Faust
    35 Male, Bodyguard to Hans Burger

    - Raphael Devereux
    23 Male, Rock Star Stepson Heir to Jeremiah's Will
    Left the scenes!

    - Hilda "Ember" Bourne
    24 Female, Rockstar partner with Raphael
    Left the scenes!

    - Vincent Vargas
    26 Male, Unemployed

    - Maurice "Mori" Walker
    36 Male, College Professor

    - Violet Stilwell
    21y Female, Wannabe TV Reporter

    - Ronald Bardwin
    37y Male, Head Chef at Shades Hotel

    - Chanelle Mackintosh
    ?? Female, Retired Model

    - Willis Mackintosh
    46 Male, Programmer


    - Tiffany Geraldson
    18y Female, High School Senior

    - Flarecia Jennifer Walker
    16y Female, High School Junior (Model)

    - Yvaine Bardwin
    15y Female, High School Sophmore

    - Iann Fletcher
    17 Male, High School Student

    - Amelia Justine Macintosh
    18 Female, High School Senior

    - Chrysanthemum "Chrissy" Avos
    16 Female High School Student

    - Judas John Silver
    18 Male High School Senior
  2. Character Name: Tiffany Geraldson aka Tiff or Tiffy
    Gender: female
    Job/Role: Student HS Senior
    Age: 18
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Current Goal/Purpose: To get out of Emerson and make it big in Hollywood because it’s the one thing her parents don’t want for her.
    General Personality: She’s usually very fun and outgoing and a bright young girl but there is a side of her that her parents do not know about it and it’s because she’s a strategist or thinks she is. Having the two sets of friends she believes she’s playing her parents and she is for the most part but others cant tell what’s going on that shouldn’t. She wants to have both kinds of the fun, the good and bad but not too bad. She just wants to feel in control of her life and choices but doesn’t care to acknowledge the consequences or the fears that can attack her at any given moment when she is in harms way but doesn’t realize.
    General History: Tiffany is the youngest of three but she can’t stand it. Her two older brothers seem to be part of the reason for all the drama she causes for her parents attention. They seem to have everything go for them with their securely happy families and booming job promotions. Tiffany isn’t really going anywhere because her mother expects her to stick with the family business, which is her mom’s antique/painting shop. The one and only Victoria’s Gallery of Priceless Treasures. People come in and stop by to look but don’t even think about buying anything because of the ridiculous prices. If someone were to try to lower the price then Victoria would kick them out and tell Tiffany that when she would start working her then she would have to do just that. There would be no tolerance for such ridiculous behavior.

    Tiffany didn’t care to work for her mother and argued that she wanted to go to college but her mother said that would be ridiculous (one of Victoria’s favorite words to use against Tiffany). Her mother sided with her daughter going to community college but working part-time at the store in hopes that Tiffany would cave in and accept her mothers plan, which wasn’t going to happen, not yet at least. Though Tiffany pleased her mother with the nice group of friends she had she had another group that weren’t so nice. Getting her to tag along to the bars and nightclubs but always coming home at a decent hour(sometimes). It wasn’t like Emerson had a lot clubs but some were enough for these bunch of fools. It was much more entertaining than hitting the tennis courts or having tea with the girls.

    Tiffany seemed to have her parents both fooled. Her father, easily fooled, while her mother was a bit trickier but not by much. Her father was a busy accountant and didn’t spend much time at home. Her mother had the store but always felt that something was right with her youngest child. Especially at times when her daughter was edgy or very tired. She hardly ever falls asleep at class but sometimes close to it. Victoria even talks with her own friends, which our her daughters parents friends and they suspect something too. They also suspect there own children or at least one of the bunch is up to no good.

    Between Tiffany and each one of her good friends have a group of not so good friends but they are pretty much seldom in numbers and scattered about. They wealthy, privileged, and spoiled and don’t care what the rest of the world thinks. They all have one thing in common and that’s that they want out of Emerson to have better lives. They’ll do anything to get what they want and even at the cost of another’s life, just not there because what’s the point?
  3. Murder X: When the Corpses Cry

    The tenth Murder Game, hosted by The Great Detective.

    Why hello there~! If you're reading this exact letter at this exact moment, it means that you've been specifically chosen to take part in a wonderful Gameboard event at the Metaworld. You need not to prepare oh so heavily for the event. The prize for winning the Gameboard event? I'm willing to part with a good fortune of my gold, that is one prize. Then there's my power to grant you a single rule-defying wish. That's another prize. Just think of anything that you desire out of me, and it will be your prize. I'll tell more of this event if you do eventually choose to participate, so be sure to send this envelope back with the confirmation.

    -The Golden Witch Beatrice

    This letter came from nowhere, and no matter what you did during your day-to-day routine, it would always return into your sight... waiting for you to give into this phony letter. You had no knowledge to what this event was. You had no knowledge on how this letter wouldn't exactly be disposed of so easily. You had no knowledge as to who the "Golden Witch Beatrice" was. And certainly you had no knowledge as to why you were chosen for the event at all.

    Time flies, and the constant reminder of this game keeps on clawing at you... and thus, you decide to give in to it's demands. Regardless if you knew what you were doing with the letter, a simple reply note you place onto the envelope's letter... everything went black around you.

    Then... then the Witch's Game began.

    Murder Game X: When The Corpses Cry


    Cast List

    Bomb as Plutia (Hyperdimension Neptunia) & Teemo (League of Legends)
    TheSpringwoodSlasher as Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) & Herbert West (Re-Animator)
    DapperDogman as Sakamaki Izayoi (Mondaiji)
    C.T. as Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Type-Moon)
    Atomyk as Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk)
    BarrenThin as HK-47 (Star Wars)
    The Tactician as Morgan Tact (Fire Emblem)
    Crimson Spartan as Henry & Chrom (Fire Emblem)
    CCC Kouhai as Aya Drevis (Mad Father)
    Mighty Roman as Shazam (DC Comics)
    The Silver Paladin as Leah Cain (Diablo) & Io Nitta (Devil Survivor 2)
    coralprime as Guillo (Baten Kaitos Origins)
    Verite as Enrico Pucci (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
    CrunchyCHEEZIT as Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)
    Hospes as Deedee / Teresa Agnes (The Kill Order)
    Ozzie Chanter as Ashley "Ash" J. Williams (Evil Dead) & Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)
    york as Crono (Crono Trigger)
    Jeremi as Undyne (Undertale) & Zombina (Monster Musume)
    Cromartie Sarkissian as Majin Buu (Dragon Ball)
    Kaykay as Yuki Yuna (Yuki Yana Is A Hero) & Yuki Terumi / Hazama (BlazBlue)
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Ilona (Murder Series)
    Gen. Gwazi Senpai as Gilgamesh & Iskander (Type-Moon)
    FireDrake150 as Sorey & Mikleo (Tales of Zestiria)
    Shattered♦Secrets™ as Heather Gray (OC)
    Forrest as Mark (The Kill Order)
    Archmage Jeremiah as Mettaton (Undertale)
    Unagi as Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed)
    Mari as Sarah Connor (Terminator)
    Wedge Antilles as Jamie Madrox (Marvel Comics)
    Lizzy as Lucina (Fire Emblem)
    DBZ7 as Dio Brando (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
    Gummi Bunnies as Ange Ushiromiya (Umineko No Naku Koro Ni)​
  4. Character Name: Hans Burger
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Rich foreign playboy
    Age: 22
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Current Goal/Purpose: Just to have fun, right? …...right?
    General Personality: Hans is always looking for a party, club, rave, or someone to spend the night with. He is easygoing and almost irritatingly relaxed at times and doesn't seen to take anything seriously or take responsibility for anything. Mildly arrogant he always believes his way is right and will often get irritated when people disagree.
    General History: Hans claims to be a Prince from the half forgotten country of Rhineland (I know it hasn't existed since the start of WW2 but this is a soap opera XP) and that he came to the U.S.A. To relax and enjoy a holiday away from the pressures of royal living. While the first part seems to be true the anti-monarchy sentiment combined with his less than appealing personality combined with an uncle who stands to be elected president if the monarchy is dissolved and the ever present threat of civil-war wight better explain his reason for coming to the US.

    Character Name: Gunther Faust
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Bodyguard
    Age: 35
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Current Goal/Purpose: To protect Hans, but that might change.
    General Personality: His military bearing is obvious, while silent most of the time he is not afraid to make himself heard, he doesn't seem to be afraid of anything for that matter. Never far from his charge's side he is fiercely dedicated to Hans' well being. On the rare times he isn't on duty he relaxes into a gentler personality but is always ready to resume his work.
    General History: A promising soldier who was put on the fast track into the RRC (Rhineland Royal Commandos). At age 28 he entered the Royal Guard where he once again proved his dedication and in the 2003 wargames commanded the Guards' team to victory over the commandos. One year later he was assigned to the person the Prince Hans by the king's brother (The traditional leader of the Royal Guard and the same one who is now suspected of manipulating the anti-monarchists).
  5. Thank you, you three! <3

    Okay, here is my first character, I am intending to play two. This one is a teenager, my other is going to be an adult!


    Character Name: Yvaine Bardwin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 going on 16
    School/Grade: Highschool 10th Grade Sophmore
    Family: Dad: , Young brother; Jonas, Younger sister; Milian


    General Appearance: Hazel eyes (more brown than green.) Light Brown/Dirty blond hair. 4'9" and fearing that she won't get any taller. Very long scrawny limbs, causing a lot of those "Girl, you need to eat more!" comments from friends! Very fair skin. She just recently had her braces removed, but occasionally wears a retainer. Her clothes are always neat and trendy. She dresses age appropriate. (She has a conservative fashion sense and opinion.) Sometimes she wears makeup, but most of the time she's too much in a rush to bother with it.
    Strengths: Yvaine is well exercised and constantly in motion, so she has a lot of energy and endurance for being up and about.
    Weaknesses: Her skin is so fare that she burns really easily in the sun, nor does she handle it too well when it gets too warm/hot. She's not exactly known for having a lot of muscle either, she's just a girl you meanies. ]:[


    Current Goal/Purpose: Pass 10th Grade. Find a boyfriend!
    Talents: Yvaine enjoys ballroom dancing and ballet, but she's not done much dancing lately. She's usually busy with schoolwork and helping with her siblings. She's pretty okay at cooking (Daddy is a good teacher!) and her best subject is Geography!
    Inabilities: Singing (Jonas says she sounds like a frog.), dealing with awkward situations ( like when Jenny accidentally blurted out she like Thomas and the entire lunch room went dead silent. All she could do was laugh nervously as they tried to escape!), and Algebra.
    Fears: Something bad happening to her family. Failing school. Those creepy serial killer guys in horror flicks. ...and the dark. Don't tell anybody she needs a night light.
    General Personality: Yvaine is a pretty average teenage girl. She hangs out with her group of friends, occasionally complains about unfair parent or mean teachers, gets over dramatic about school relations with boys and doesn't spend too much time thinking about life outside her bubble. She's that friendly girl at school that talks to everyone and will always be nice to someone, despite first impressions. Nice when she's forced to talk to them! Otherwise she's turning around quick and running away! Yvaine tries to be the mediator in arguments, occasionally butting in to things she needs to stay out of. A girly girl that enjoys fashion, boys and gossip!
    Inner Personality: Most things about Yvaine are perfectly honest. But sometimes she feels the pressure and is a little bitter about life. She misses her mother, Dad has to work, and she probably takes on more responsibility than she needs to - and knows it's her own fault for doing so. She doesn't like to give in to these occasional low-moments and gets frustrated with herself when she does. Yvaine gets infuriated with pessimistic or "emo" people, especially if they have nothing to be so down about.
    Secret: If Daddy EVER finds out it wasn't the dog that ate his special dessert that one weekend, she is so dead!

    (minus history cause that has something to do with Torsty's character and I'm being lazy at the moment. XD )


    Character Name: Violet Stilwell
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Wannabe TV Reporter - Currently Research Girl.
    Age: 21

    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose: Become one of the big star TV reporters!
    General Personality: Quirky, sunny, professional, witty! She's a hard hitter when it comes to news, gossip, and meddling. All of her friends and family try to avoid telling her anything personal if they don't want her to meddle. (Or use her as a weapon when they want to annoy someone else!) She'll often come across as blunt and uncompassionate to touchy situations. Violet tends to seem self-absorbed within her own little bubble of wants, with no care about other people. That's not necessarily true, but she has yet to discover or realize there are other important things besides promoting her career.
    General History:
    Violet's parents are normal everyday people. Her father in the military and her mother a nurse at the hospital. Violet managed to graduate from college early and is trying to break in to the TV news reporting business. She is currently "research girl" having to dig up and chase down stories, but she is hoping to come across something amazing that is going to bump her career in to the limelight. For this, she is willing to pry in to almost anyone's business just for the sake of her story.

    Her catch of the moment? The recent death of Jeremiah Douglas. The man knew all kinds of interesting people and his sudden death was mysterious. If she could crack the story, her career would be made for life.
  6. Name: Lucius Rex

    Age: 380 years old (Though he appears to be around 14-15 years old).

    Type of Angel: Lucius is an angel of the purple flame.

    Appearance: Lucius resembles a young Astorath, though he has shoulder length silver hair kept in a ponytail and permanent purple eyes. He often dresses in more casual clothing than his parents.

    Abilities: Lucius is often considered the runt of the family due to his lack of advancement in most of his angelic powers, though lately he has shown improvement with his ice and has shown signs of being able to look through time. He is most proficient in close combat often utilizing a pair of short swords gifted from his mother, Harmony. Connected to his right arm is a covered with a sentient, shapeshifting symbiote creature that goes by the name Cyrus and usually takes the form of a dragons' claw, reaching up to his shoulder.

    Brief History/Personality: In an attempt to keep Lucius out of the war, he had been raised alongside Anya Furor with the vampires to keep him out of the fighting as much as possible. In the time he has spent with her, Lucius has grown to love Anya and would throw himself in front of a blade for her. As much as he loves Anya, He also loves his mother and sisters He cherishes all three of his sisters despite not spending much time with them. Harmony often embarrasses Lucius but he loves her more than anyone. Lucius does not care much for Astorath and is usually hostile towards him. Lucius laments growing up in a time of war and wishes to have a 'normal' family.
  7. Character Name: Iann Fletcher (old money.. from way back)

    Gender: male

    Job/Role: student

    Age: 17

    General Appearance: [​IMG]

    He has brown hair and brown eyes. Iann is slim and likes to ware hoodies and t-shirts when he can get away with it. He has never been into looking like he comes from money and tries to hide it.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Getting away from his grandmother by graduating

    General Personality: Iann is very sweet and very loving inspite of being shipped off to a boarding school at a very young age. He was only 6 when he was sent to Brixton Academy. Iann wasnt ready for the change and it confused him deeply on the roles his parents choose not to take.

    He as a cute smirk and a great laugh, but few have ever seen it. He has only a few friends and they mostly tease him about his clothes or new zits. He is all around boy and tries to play tennis but sucks and also tries to go sailing with his uncle but that ends poorly too.

    He tries really hard to get in good with people that he thinks will help him get ahead later. He likes making connections. Its something he learned from his grandfather before he died.

    General History: Iann has lived with his grandmother for the last 6 months. Prior to that he was living at a boarding school but since its his grandfather died his grandmother refused to let Iann go back. Thanks to his Uncle Clay, who talked his grandmother into it, Iann is now going to school locally rather then back to the boarding school he was going too.

    Iann misses his parents but has not heard from either one in a very long time. Iann doenst know that his father has a whole other family living in Latin America and that he has no plan on returning to the states. Not even for Iann.

    Iann's bitter grandmother knows all this since she hated his father in the first place and almost wishes that Iann was never born. Angry that her daughter turned her back on her child and went off with some boyfriend and was never heard from again. She takes out all her anger and frustration out on him and he just takes it. He knows not to talk back and would never stand up to her. Iann looks so much like his mother that it really drives Iris crazy that she has no idea where her daughter is and if she will ever come back.

    Iris Fletcher

    Age 64

    Job/Role: Head of household and guardian over her grandson Iann.

    Personality: Total rich bitch. Very fake. She wants to be in charge at all times. She loves to make others feel like crap and will state her objections reguardless of whom she might offend.

    Little Bio
    Iris is bitter since her daughter stuck her with her only heir and now has to raise Iann. She has become so bossy and rude that she secertly thinks her attitude killed her late husband, but has never told a soul. Deep down she is very lonely and therefore gives all her love to her driver and small dogs. She keeps them around at toys and objects but forgets their names and refuses to admit it. Over all just a very unhappy woman.
    (more to come as needed)

  8. Can I please join? :3

    *reserved while I look for an appropriate picture...*

    Okay, found one. Please let me know if this character is totally inappropriate and I will change it! I just thought it would be an interesting character to add....

    Character Name: Amelia Justine Mackintosh or "That Freak" or simply, Amy
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Senior HS Student
    Age: 18
    General Appearance:


    Amy's natural hair colour is sunny blonde, like both her parents, but she constantly dyes it black. She has watery blue eyes that she likes to outline with heinous amounts of black eye liner and can be constantly seen wearing vintage black attire.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To get the hell out of Emerson, away from the fake smiles, wads of cash and false pretences and, most of all, away from her over bearing parents. Her dream is to escape and become a pastry chef in the big city.
    General Personality: Forever being made up and displayed like a doll by her glamour model mother and being lectured by her stern and workaholic father, Amy has grown into a resentful and angst ridden teenager who relishes going against the norm and striking against conformity. However, underneath all the rough layers lies a down to earth girl who only wants to be loved by those important to her.

    Around most people, she seems broody and quiet. Many find her intimidating and give her a wide girth in the school hallways. She speaks in an intelligent manner and acts very mature for someone her age, though this is really a front to show people, especially herself, that she is above and beyond those who live in Emerson and not like any of them at all.

    Amy has a tendency to act like the tough girl, though when alone with someone she can open her heart to, she can become very emotional. Since she doesn't have many friends, she will become attached to people she becomes close too and may get jealous easily.
    General History: Born to a wealthy programming developer businessman and part time glamour model, Amelia Justine Mackintosh was expected to fill a certain pair of shoes as soon as she was born. With her parent's blonde hair and her father's charismatic blue eyes, Amy's mother had wanted to bring her daughter up to follow in her footsteps and become a Glamour Model.

    Growing up frustrated and locked in, not to mention the onset of puberty and the hormone changes, Amy grew up learning to hate everything her parents wanted her to be. As soon as she was old enough to work at the town's local supermarket, she saved and bought herself a box of black hair dye and some CDs with some really loud angry music. From then on, blonde angel Amelia turned into raven haired demon Amy who shunned everything around her, kept her room dark and only wore black.

    Her parents had brought her to a few psychiatrists to try and work out what was eating her but all the doctors could say was that it was a phase she would go through and that it would pass in time. However, five years down the track, Amy was still wearing black and dyeing her hair black.

    She hated the way her mother would pretend that they weren't related when out in public and how her mother would berate her for embarrassing her in front of her friends. Her father also; dismissing her dream of becoming a pastry chef and pushing her to follow in her mother's footsteps. Why become a pastry chef and wake up at 4am every morning when you can inherit the Mackintosh computer company and live life in style? Her parents didn't understand her. She didn't understand her parents.

    It was then, on her 18th birthday, that she vowed to herself that she would work as hard as she could to save up enough money to earn an apprenticeship at the big city's most famous bakery to pursue her dream and leave everything that she couldn't or didn't want to be behind.
  9. Character Name: Vincent Vargas

    Gender: male

    Job/Role: not engaged in employment, education nor training (NEET)

    Age: 26

    General Appearance: A man of above average height and is slightly overweight though he seems otherwise. He usually wears jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. He does not usually have a choice when it comes to his wardrobe, since he relies on hand-me-downs from his older siblings, but he prefers the earth colors and dark blue.

    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Biding the time before he gathers enough courage to kill himself, again.

    General Personality: He's a very weak-willed individual who is also accustomed to having his wishes instantly gratified, as a result, he gives up in the slightest indication of difficulty.

    He is seen to be mostly cordial, cheerful and carefree: a mask that he had crafted over the past eight years. He doesn't want to be seen for what he really is, a depressed guy stubbornly plotting his own demise.

    General History: "A twenty-six year old, basement dwelling college undergraduate" that's what you might hear when you would ask him describe himself, because in fact, that's what he is. However, he was a bright youth whose future was supposed to be bright, until he entered college around nine years ago.

    He got into a prestigious university, something his other siblings wasn't able to do, and thus, his parents had high hopes for him. They had such high hopes for him, that he was eventually pressured too much into succeeding. He was pressured too much that eventually, he grew tired of it, and wanted a way out. He opted to kill himself.

    His first suicide attempt nine years ago obviously failed, and that attempt, along with several others made it even more difficult for him to continue his schooling, until eventually he got kicked out of that university, nine months ago.

    He then tried to look for work, but because of several reasons (one of them his being too old), none would hire him. This further depressed him. In addition, his other two brothers, who were thought to be less successful, actually managed to achieve much and were now the ones supporting the family, after their father's death five years ago.

    At present, he spends most of his time in front of his computer, his mother almost completely giving up on him, and his brothers simply tolerant of his existence. Vincent is now simply biding his time until he can make another attempt to kill himself.
  10. Character Name: Maurice "Mori" Walker

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: College Professor (Cultural Anthropology)

    Age: 36

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Roughly six feet in height, with an average build and passable muscle tone. His eyes are actually more of a washed-out gray shade but he wears brilliant blue contacts, a small point of vanity. Mori enjoys comfortable, rather stern looking attire he finds suiting a college professor, making him often look older than he is.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Thirty-six seems a bit old to be searching for a mate, but Mori has always been a late bloomer. Happy in his job and small house, he just really wants a wife and family... (Oh, yeah, and to get the erotic images of that kid out of his head before he's arrested).

    General Personality:
    Pleasant and fatherly, Mori is referred to by his students often as just "Mori". To many, he is a friend in a time of need, and they trust him. Mori has a sterling reputation at the college, even the staff sees him as dependable and steadfast.

    General History:
    Mori had a beautiful example of the potential of childhood. Raised by two loving parents, Mori was an adored and pampered child. Mori grew up admiring both his parents, loving them. Homeschooled until he was ten, Mori was seldom apart from them, going rafting, biking, and on cruises in the summer.

    When he finally entered public school for his junior high years, Mori could not understand why the other kids stared at him. It seemed as though animosity followed his every movement. Soon thereafter, he figured out what the problem was when the insults started. It had been natural to Mori to see his parents together, but to everyone else, they were abnormal, "freaks".

    This event stuck with Mori, and finally, when he entered high school, popular for his wit and good looks, any girl he dated had to come home to dinner for their first date. More than one girl was dumped for her reaction to meeting Mori's adoptive fathers.

    With the passion and patience to instruct others, trying to teach all of them to be a positive influence on their world, Mori soon was learning from his teachers in college to be just like them.

    Mori had to repeat a year of college when, halfway through the semester of his second year, one of his parents became very ill. Within two years, both his parents had died. The first passed away, while the second got into a car crash months later. Mori was left their modest house and a generous sum to live on but loves to teach.


    Character Name: Chrysanthemum "Chrissy" Avos

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: High school student

    Age: 16

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Chrissy wears very chic clothing, not at all a stranger to delicate, expensive botiques. At just below five and a half feet, she has a very small build but a certain presence.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To get away from her controlling mother; live her own life; and drag 'Mister Mori' into her life.

    General Personality:
    Precocious but sweet, Chrissy is bluntly honest and says exactly how she feels. A kind soul who is nevertheless a solid non-vegetarian, capitalistic doll. Chrissy has her entire life been spoiled, and so she gets very surprised and upset when her wishes aren't met.

    General History:
    Chrissy's mother is a famous model, or was before she got... well, old. Determined to produce the perfect child from her own glorious genes, she seduced a fellow model before retiring. The result of this was a gorgeous child, who has never known her father.

    Slightly neurotic, Chrissy's mother is determined to see her succeed... at all costs. Chrissy no longer has much need for school, able to fluently speak four languages, do advanced calculus, and analyze the works of Dickens to Plato.

    Chrissy met 'Mister Mori' when she was touring his college, and has been trying to seduce him ever since. With basically free reign when he mother is away on her various shopping trips/vacations, Chrissy has even followed him home (and slept on his couch).
  11. Character Name:
    Ronald "Ron'/Ronnie/Dad" Bardwin


    Head-chef at the Shade Hotel.


    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Helping his children achieve the best from life and guide them through their teenage-years as best as he can. Ron' strives hard to be the ultimate "superdad". Ronald also works hard to keep up his reputation as a well respected chef and take whatever challenge that comes with it.

    General Personality:
    Ronald is a good-hearted man that gives a positive aura to the ones he mingles with, but gets oftenly stressed and irritated due to his current life-situation. The fact is that he misses Veronica so bad he often gets depressive and needs time away from the kids and his hectic career, but he keeps this side of him hidden from all.

    His irritation and frustration is mostly used up in the local gym, which he attends often.

    General History:
    Ronnie was born downtown Philadelphia. His father, a salesman for one of the biggest car-stores in town, kept the family well-fed and gave Ron' oppertunities. His mother was a nurse. Growing up, Ron' spent a lot of time with his three elder brothers, Arnold, George and Nicholas.

    Soon, the family realized that unlike his brothers he was of the more creativly gifted type.

    During his youth, Ronald was a decent basketball-player for his school-team, but quit after struggling with injuries and decided to go in another direction for what he was gonna do with his life.

    Ronald wanted to be a chef! And started cooking recipies for his family, the dishes impressed his parents so much they sponsored him so that he could live overseas to attend a cooking-school in France.

    Back home with his diploma, his father had already made sure his youngest son had a place to work at a local resturaunt. It was around this time that he met Veronica. A young flight attendant who was a Philly-native like himself.

    Months later, Veronica confirmed that they were soon going to have their first child together. A proud Ronald proposed and boom! They were married.

    After a couple of years living in a small Philly-apartment the couple agreed that little Yvaine deserved to grow up somewhere more relaxed. After some weeks looking for the right place, they found a nice house in Emerson, a small town outside of Philadelphia. The place seemed perfect, still close to their roots and away from all the stress in the big city.

    The young family settled quickly. And after some years Jonas was born, and soon after came Milian. But Veronica wasn't allowed to watch her kids grow into adulthood. While on work, she died in a tragic plane-crash that struck the family hard. Ronald was left alone with three young kids to take care of.

    Some years have passed and the family seems to have somewhat moved on....

    Character Name:
    Jonas Bardwin


    Elementary school student
    4th Grade

    10(Soon to be 11)

    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

    General Personality:
    Jonas is a hyper boy who's obsessed with playing hockey and go skating with his friends. Often running around the house playing with his toys. Jonas likes to pick on his sisters and tells his dad anything he can get on Yvaine.
    On the other hand, when in a calm state of mind, Jonas can be quite the good kid.

    General History:
    At the moment, the only thing Jonas seems to care about is sports and making life hard for his sisters.

    Jonas doesn't care much for school, something which worries Ronald a whole lot; "Have you done your homework?" is the usual question he gets to hear when daddy comes home.

    Character Name:
    Milian Bardwin


    Elementary school student
    2nd Grade


    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To get a pony and be popular at school.

    General Personality:
    Shy, but determined. Ronald recognizes some of the same personality Veronica had in his youngest daughter.

    General History:
    Pink! Pink! Pink! Milian loves everything pink! Which drives her dad nuts sometimes. Milian is popular among her class-mates and seems to be a strong individual for her young age.

    Character Name:
    Veronica Bardwin


    Flight attendant.

    31(At the time of death)

    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Kind and helpful.

    General History:
    Born in Philly.
  12. Character Name:
    Hilda "Ember" Bourne


    In a musical duo with Raphael and acquainted with Jeremiah.


    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To entertain and stay by her partner's side. Wherever he goes, she's there as well. She also is trying to figure out what exactly is missing that makes it feel like she isn't living lift to its fullest.

    General Personality:
    People she knew in school would define her as 'heartless' and 'cold-blooded' because of the fight's she'd get into. It's rare for her to let anyone close to her. In fact, the only people who have touched her soft spot at any point in life were her mother, her ex-boyfriend in high school and Raphael - The most precious person to her as well as the only thing she has left.

    She appears to be really energetic, feisty and seductive on stage. The same applies to real life when she wants to have a good time. Otherwise, she's just as aloof as Raphael. She is determined to live life to its fullest, but knows she's doing something wrong to achieve it...

    General History:
    Ember has known Raphael for most of her life, but hadn't spent as much time with him in the younger days. She had strong focuses on her academics because her parents were strict about her education. Her father did a lot of traveling for advertisement purposes and her mother owned a popular restaurant. Finances weren't ever a problem for their daughter, therefore. It was a simple and content life for Ember until she got to the more mature stages of her life. Her father was particularly hard on her, also forbidding her from any sort of fun because school had to be the number one priority. Due to this, she became rebellious. Her guitar and her voice were all she had because the boyfriend she loved very much separated from her because she wasn't allowed to spend time with him.

    Once she reached eighteen, Ember left her family to further pursue her musical career with Raphael and acquire an Associate's Degree as her mother wished. She proudly achieved both and feels happier and freer than ever. Yet, she still feels as if something is missing...

    Ember only knew Jeremiah through Raphael and sympathizes with all who mourn the loss of this man even though she doesn't show it. She especially feels bad that her partner couldn't make it in time to speak with this man...

    Raphael & Ember are in a band called 'Les Miserables'. They are currently a duo, trading vocalist and main guitar parts depending on the songs. During their tours and live performances, they hire percussionists. Though they aren't actively looking for a drummer, they remain on the lookout wherever they go... just in case. They have 2 hit singles which have been on the Top 40 in various European countries for about six months now. They are quite popular in Europe, but have not quite reached the overseas audience in America yet.
  14. Everyone has plot twists! T_T I feel rather bland now... so I shall create two more character sheets!! Is another male adult okay...?

    Character Name: Chanelle Mackintosh (formerly Isabelle Deveraux)
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Retired Model, currently head of Modelling Firm, "Mackintosh Models Co."
    Age: Exact true age is unknown; she often enters herself as 36 on official forms such as her driver's license, etc.
    General Appearance: Chanelle is always dressed up to the 9's; her entire wardrobe consisting of only the finest French and Italian designer clothes, shoes, jewellery and handbags. Always impeccable, she is rarely seen, if ever, without makeup or something sexy or classy. Most women would say that she is desperately holding onto her glory days as a glamour model but to the rest of the male population, she is one hot mama.

    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Chanelle is a shady character with an equally shady past. Her main goal is to rid herself of the mistakes she had made when she was younger and start a new life; leaving behind the Isabelle Deveraux and starting anew as Chanelle Mackintosh, wife of millionaire programmer, Willis Mackintosh. But sometimes, the past just catches up with you.
    General Personality: Chanelle is over emotional, selfish, pretentious, power hungry and sassy. She has an eye for detail (a must if you have to look for the perfect face and body for your modelling company) and is a savvy business woman, and devoted wife to her husband.

    Mostly, she is outspoken and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She also has a truly terrible temper and is used to getting what she wants one way or another, through force or more subtler means.

    On the inside, she is a scared woman who is frightened of her past and wishes to forget all the mistakes that she has made. She wants to rid herself of the girl she once was and start a brand new life for herself; a life that she had always dreamed about with a daughter who she can mould to her own image. She will rarely share this information with anyone and if she were to divulge this, Chanelle would have to be in a very, very depressed state of mind.
    General History:
    Show Spoiler
    Isabelle Deveraux was born into a middle class family in France. Her father was an accountant in a large sized firm in Paris and her mother a school teacher. She grew up watching the rich enjoying the exquisite life in Paris, and dreamed of having such a life of her own. Her sugar daddy, who would buy and spoil her with gifts and anything she wanted as soon as she asked for it, unlike her parents who would rather have scrimped and saved than treat their youngest daughter with gifts.

    It wasn't until her father brought home a potential client for the firm from America that Isabelle first found her ticket out of the boring, uneventful life her family had built around her; a certain Mr. Douglas who was looking for an investment in Europe.

    He was everything that she had ever dreamed of. Sweet, doting and, above all, spoiled her rotten with expensive gifts and trips to the places where only the rich folk would go to in France.

    Isabelle's father became slightly concerned about Mr. Douglas's interest in his youngest daughter and his concerns were confirmed when he walked in on Jeremiah inappropriately handling Isabella and severed all ties with him, though he did not dare to offend or report Jeremiah to the police as he was a much needed client for the firm.

    Isabelle, however, continued to contact Jeremiah in secret, though correspondence soon thinned out into nothing. Worried of losing him, Isabelle stole away to the US and tried to locate him. She learned English slowly but eventually got quite good at it, and made her living as a part time model and porn star, gradually moving onto full time modelling, changing her name to Chanelle De'roe so as to sever all ties from her short career in pornography.

    As she got better at modelling, Chanelle was able to mingle more and more with the rich and famous, and was soon brought face to face with the man who had compelled her to come all the way from her home, abandon her family and leave the life she had lived behind. Though, she eventually found out, her efforts were all in vain.

    Jeremiah Douglas, who had cared for her, doted on her and seemingly loved her to death when she was younger was now no longer interested in what he described as 'spoiled goods', then promptly turned her away.

    Furious and terribly upset, both at Jeremiah and the fact that she had sacrificed everything for nothing, attempted to commit suicide but was stopped by budding programmer at the time, Willis Mackintosh. He managed to comfort her and, as one thing led to another, they began seeing each other though Chanelle made sure that she was close enough and far enough to keep him interested whilst at the same time courting other millionaires to fill the void that Jeremiah had left behind.

    As soon as Willis made his first million, Chanelle began going steady with him and as soon as his net worth amounted to 20 million, Chanelle decided that it was time to tie the knot, with or without Jeremiah. She lived what seemed like the perfect life and even had a child with him, Amelia, though the girl didn't grow up to become what Chanelle had envisioned her daughter to be.

    Now, 18 years later, Chanelle is faced with one more tragedy in her life: the death of her first love Jeremiah Douglas. It is important to note that Chanelle was the last person to see Jeremiah Douglas alive.

    Character Name: Willis Mackintosh
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Programmer, CEO of 'Mackintosh Programming' an international organisation with over 20,000 employees and 50 offices all over the world.
    Age: 46
    General Appearance: Willis, during business hours, looks to be a suave middle aged man in expensive suits and jewellery. Unlike his wife, however, Willis likes to lounge in his Hugo Boss T-Shirt and Calvin Klein shorts, casual attire to his standards. Despite his age, he dresses in a trendy fashion and sports two pierced lobes.

    His physique is also impressive, though he only keeps this up in order to please his wife.

    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Willis desperately wants his daughter to eventually lead the company as he doesn't trust his associates or members of his board. Without any other heir to pass on his legacy to, Willis is determined to groom Amelia into a savvy business woman and persuade her to give up the ridiculous idea of becoming a pastry chef.
    General Personality: As a father, Willis is firm but fair (except for the pastry chef part - he is very strict about Amelia NOT heading into that profession). Although he loves his daughter very much, he sometimes has difficulty showing it and sometimes ends up hurting her rather than not. He is very close to his wife (or at least he thinks so) and would give or do absolutely anything she asked for.

    As a business man, Willis is extremely intelligent and cautious. He will never rush into situations and will always consider things very carefully before pursuing. He is distrustful of his associates and will only feel safe if the company lies within the hands of Amelia.

    On a side note, Willis is an excellent computer hacker.
    General History:
    Show Spoiler
    Willis had always been a computer genius from teen to adulthood and was never popular around girls until he made his first million, though by then his heart had already been set on the gorgeous Chanelle De'roe whom he had found absolutely distressed one night after a row with local billionaire Jeremiah Douglas at a charity event.

    Willis had never been close to the man, but harboured a natural dislike for him as a consequence of Chanelle's attempted suicide. However, he had always been civil to Jeremiah and never once bad mouthed him in case it harmed his programming business.

    Life continued steadily and the birth of their daughter, Amelia, was a source of much joy. She was an image of both Chanelle and himself, and he couldn't have been more proud. Though this feeling eventually died when Amelia got to her teens and became extremely broody, taking to dark places and clothing, her persona becoming hostile towards them.

    Willlis tried to bring his daughter around by taking her to a psychologist, spoiling her with gifts (which she promptly rejected, preferring to buy things with her own hard earned money) and trying to talk to her one on one but all amounted to nothing.

    Deep down inside, Willis knows that Amy's pain was caused by Chanelle's constant pushing and criticism whilst she was growing up but his love for his wife pushes this thought deep down into his subconsciousness.

    Currently, Willis is experiencing some financial problems with his company in relation to his associates.

    OMG, I'm tired... I got lazy towards the end. And I tried to add a twist. Please let me know if it's not okay!! And I'll change when I feel more energetic :zzz:
  15. Story So Far:

    Mori and Chrys heading out. We see the professor has a naughty relationship with a very dirty teenage girl. >:D I'd suggest they head over to Shades Hotel to get them interacting with peeps since several other characters are going to be in that direction.

    Tiffany is currently chatting with Amy. They're having this awkward "have to interact because of the parents" thing going on! There is the alleged rumor that Tiffany's friend was molested by Jeremiah Douglas. They talk about their parents and have things in common. Amy offers to lead them to a hidey place.

    Hans the playboy and his bodyguard Gunther just got in to town, and are going to be at the Shades hotel!

    Violet is looking for her story, and after harassing Yvaine she set her sights on questioning Flarecia. Chanelle, Amy's mother, assumed it was a modeling agency talking to Flarecia and went to steal the spotlight. Violet is trying to weasel info!

    After Yvaine ran away from Violet she ran IN to Iann. She didn't have a chance to talk to him before her father Ronald interrupted and Iann's grandmother Iris sent him to the car. Iann is stuck in the car wishing he were elsewhere. Then Willis, Amy's father, arrives to speak with Iris, who promptly sinks her teeth in to him! Willis offers to take all of them to dinner after noticing Iann looking so forlorn in the car. Yvaine makes sure they STAY invited and runs off to tell Iann before anyone objects.

    Raphael is in town with his duet partner Ember. He wanted to make amends with his father-in-law Jeremiah, only to find out he's dead. Ember tries to comfort him in her own subtle way. Raphael and Ronald notice each other at the funeral, being acquainted because Ronald was friends with Jeremiah.

    Vincent was dicking around on his computer at home and hasn't headed out yet!

    I suggest for anyone that isn't interacting with other characters yet to head towards Shades. >:D The out of towners are staying there, plus it has a fancy restaurant.
  16. Since Last Update:

    Hans gets settled in his hotel room. Gunther is told not to let the prince know about the trouble in his country. Hans wants to go out for a drive/tour. There is a suspicious scene with the Royal Guard Sargeant that has something to do with the press and Violet Stilwell!

    Channelle has a conversation with Flarecia's mother, while Violet sees the conversation getting no where (interesting) fast. Flarecia's is questioning whether or not she wants to "tarnish" her memories of Jeremiah by investigating. Channelle invites Violet to the little "date" set up with Flarecia's mom because it would be bad PR to ignore her! Flarecia manages to escape her parents to go have some fun!

    Willis strikes up a conversation with Yvaine's father Ronald.

    Vincent leaves his home and finds himself in downtown Emmerson where he's getting stared at by teenagers. ...Only it turned out to be a weird dream and he's still at home. c__c;

    Yvaine chats with Iann until his grandmother Iris totally blows her off. Iann tries to defend Yvaine after they drive off, but gets a slap! Upset, he runs off and ends up hit by a car and sent to the hospital as a "John Doe". He thought he saw his mother!

    Tiffany and Amy wandered off to a hiding place (abandoned house) and have girl talk!

    Ember and Raphael are still chatting!
  17. Character Name: Judas John Silver
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: High School Senior
    Age: 18
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose: Malevolence, Revenge against "past wrongdoings", cruelty personified to the other characters.
    General Personality: When spoken to, the youth plays his role perfectly. From the kind, loving friend to the sniveling coward, he'll play any role that lets him get away with his absolutely villainous actions. He's a case study in complexes, and always willing to stab someone in the back for the mere pleasure of it - or, even better, a reward.
    General History: Raised by his drunk, abusive father and his kindly mother in an extraordinarily low-class family, Judas was not destined for greatness. His father was prone to beat him and his dear mother for anything wrong - and, as he was a psychologist, would tell Judas and his mother exactly why their emotions were wrong. Judas grew in fondness for his gentler mother, bordering on an Oedipus complex. When his father grew too drunk, and slew his mother with a broken beer bottle, Judas shot his father - and got away with it, making it seem like suicide. He was sent to live with his only living grandparent - his war veteran grandfather, who wasted no time explaining to Judas how everyone was out to get him - he has to get them first, and focus only on Judas' own survival. He has taken this advice into his cold, black heart.
  18. **watches the people she was stalking blatantly walk away to avoid interaction**

    **goes back to watching Mori and Chrissy with a blank look**

    Character Name: Annalise Goethe
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Interior designer
    Age: 28
    General Appearance:
    Anna tends to wear her long hair up in a neatly upswept style for work, taking the habit home only because she's grown so accustomed to it. She wears clothing that tends to be loose and in muted colors but nevertheless high quality. Her favorite blouse is made of aerogel, which is a wonder she could afford something but it keeps her warm.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Recently, she went on a date with Maurice Walker, now she wants to see him more (and figure out what he is hiding).
    General Personality: Anna acts mild and meek when it suits her but beneath it, she knows that she is beautiful and talented and believes that she should get what she wants because of her hard work.
    General History:
    Anna took the normal route of a child, her family was middle class, she was the middle child. Her young life was spent dreaming of extravagence. Anna showed a true talent for design and thus when she went to college, she studied it.

    Now, Anna works in miollionaires homes, making her wealthy herself. She knows hard work got her those dreams no one thought she could achieve and feels as though she was destined to be a pampered millionaire because she had skill and beauty. She met Mori Walker and was immediately drawn to him and his quiet air of determination. She believes that he would make a good husband and is the man to complete her dreams, since she can envision him riding in on a white horse to save her day.

    Just to move things along, we're jumping ahead to the next day. This shall get some stuck people in to new scenes. :D


    The news this morning is talking about someone attacking young women and missing people. There will be investigations about a man praying on young women, especially teenage girls.

    Willis escorted Yvaine to the hospital to see Iann. Iann was still asleep but Flarecia was there awake. Both girls slept at the hospital waiting for Iann to wake up and to get news from the doctors on whether he can go home or not. Iris still does not know where Iann is.

    Willis made sure Vince got checked out at the hospital! (WHether or not he took Vince home, or they stayed at the hospital is up to you guys!)

    Chanelle didn't get to give Professor Mori the ass whooping she really wanted to give him at dinner. But now she has an agenda to save that poor young teenager from him. >:D

    Tiffany and Amy probably went home after chatting. Neither of them realizing their favorite hangout (that abandoned house near the cemetery) has some secrets!

    None of the other characters were involved in scenes that needed a wrapup. >:D EVERYONE CAN NOW MOVE IN TO NEW SCENES!
  20. Character Name: Leonard Gray
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Detective
    Age: 36
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Current Goal/Purpose: To solve the Douglas Case
    General Personality: Despite his rough and ready appearance, Leonard is a notorious clean-freak. He likes things straightened, organised, labelled and filed. This extends to society itself and to his family life, where any transgressions are seen as spanners in the works, flaws to be removed.

    General History: From a childhood of turbulence and hardship, Leonard grew up with an aspiring wish - to establish a stable life and a stable environment to raise a family. He never knew his father and his mother lived a chaotic life as a singer. Leonard would sometimes be taken on tour with her, left in backrooms or under tables while his mother cavorted for drunks and bigots. As he got older he became more aware of things, a young boy standing outside while his mother pleasured producers and barkeepers in her trailer. Leonard got himself into police training as soon as he was old enough and took to the work of crimefighting almost obsessively. Things almost went wrong a year later when he got a thirteen year old girl pregnant during a passionate encounter outside the police academy one night. But becoming a father only lent him more zeal to succeed in his career. He supported his family and over the years as he learned the tricks of the trade his mother spiralled into alcoholism. She is now in rehab, and Leonard is working on his first case after moving to Emerson with his wife and son.

    Character Name: Cassidy Gray
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Party Planner
    Age: 30
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Current Goal/Purpose: Power and Money
    General Personality: A seductress with many secrets. Cassidy is smooth and controlled, strong in her femininity and well-organised. She is good at running teams, manipulating people and getting what she wants.

    General History: Cassidy had a rich father who had made it big in the pharmaceutical industry. But she also had two older brothers who were talented and wild. Growing up was a constant drama, with her parents stressing over every mistake the sons made, bailing them out of their women troubles, arguing with them over career paths and past-times. Cassidy was always left to her own devices, trusted because she was "steady". And for a while she was, but gradually the attention her parents gave her brothers caused resentment in Cassidy. The urge to rebel - to eclipse her brothers' misdemeanours, or just do something that wasn't 'safe' and wasn't 'steady '- built through her teenage years. Then, on her 13th birthday, she announced that she was pregnant. She had seduced a young police cadet after running away from home one night, and now she was determined to keep the baby. Her parents were furious, and Cassidy was disowned on the spot. Devastated, but at the same time delighted that she had outshone her brothers, Cassidy moved in with Leonard, the father of her child, and has never looked back. Now she seeks to rebuild the fortune she had as a child and show her parents just how successful she can be.

    Character Name: Carson Gray
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: High School Student
    Age: 17
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Current Goal/Purpose: Trying to find a normal life
    General Personality: Carson is screwed up. He almost died during birth, and he had more than his share of childhood illnesses. Now he finally has a chance at life, but his father is oppressing him, and his mother is being overly-sexual in the way she treats him. He has little idea how other people live, and he is very, very confused.

    General History: Being the child of a 13 year old mother was never going to be a blessing. Carson had severe immune disorders when he was growing up, such that he had to be privately schooled and had almost no opportunities to play with other children. But thanks to the internet and the eventual improvement of his condition, Carson started to live a normal life. But he always felt that other kids his age had a headstart on him. Most of his sexual education was taught to him by his mother, which resulted in mixed feelings. And living in a house where his father insisted on cleanliness and discipline hardly helped things. With his dad getting the Douglas Case, Carson has now suffered the ultimate blow - having to move to Pennsylvania and start a new life. Now he's just trying to fit in.