The Tick-Tock Town

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  1. A tight schedule, a lonely life that surrounds a wind up clock practically glued to everyone's wrist. Whether it be on your right or your left, your dominant hand held the time and where you should be always clicked in your head. It was just how the town had always been; meddled in their own schedules, never leaving time open for another. On occasion, when the worst would happen and someone's watch would break, insanity soon followed. They never knew what time it was, leaving them frightened, unsure of what they had to do and letting the darkness slowly eat away at them in the back of their minds.
    In this town, they always found a way to suck the color out of everything. Copper, black, browns and faded gold were the most common colors that riddled the city. Buildings were different shades of brown and black, people wore black lined with faded gold and on occasion silver. The most color you would see, were posters and ads for out of town, or televisions, which was rare to even have time for. The roads were cobblestone, leaving everyone on foot rather than having cars and traffic line ups- there was no time for that.

    ((Just an open thought right now, subject to change.))
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  2. I'm intrigued! It reminds me of this one movie that I saw a while ago.
  3. Originally got the thought from a animation called "The Boy With The Cuckoo-Clock Heart." Mind began to wonder shortly after.
  4. Oh, I saw that as well! I believe it was on Netflix and so I ended up watching it since I liked animations. I completely forgot about it. T^T I actually was iffy about watching it since it looked like a cheesy kid cartoon.
  5. What a interesting idea. I'll keep my eye on it.
  6. You have my interest.
  7. Hm, well.. If you are interested, and are willing to work together to change things, message me and we'll work on it.
  8. Looks promising! Still working on this? It sorta gives off this Psycho-Pass vibe, where everyone has this system that they all just accept as "working", but in reality could fall apart at just the right time.
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  9. Sounds pretty interesting. Any plot ideas?
  10. Interesting!!
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