the thunder strike inn

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  1. the thunder strike inn was there since the beginning of humanity. anyone is welcomed. monsters, angels, demons, etc. there is a hot tub, pool out back, and thousands of doors that lead to hundreds of different realities. the vip area(which costs money) which has a training hall, mess hall, archery range, "romance" hall, and the legendary hammer called mjiolnir which who is worthy to lift it shall possess the power of thor.

    1. if you are a monster hunter then NO KILLING MONSTERS! i dont care what they did to you. you may try to fight them outside the pub or when im not around but i will find out sooner or later.
    2. any other kinds of fights are allowed.
    3. rules may change or if i isapprove of something i will let you know in parenthesis.
    4. if i try to stop a fight or anything you are allowed to stand up to me or fight me.
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  2. Hello, once again, this is your friendly neighborhood CV. Please move all of your In Character to this thread:

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    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Thank you, Merry Christmas, and have a nice day.
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