The Throne Awaits

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  1. He stood looking at himself in the mirror. Chiseled jaw, muscular build, and dark eyes. He was the mirror image of his father, the king. Or former king. William was to now take the throne. Tonight was his coronation, but a weight of worry was on his shoulders. Now that he was to be King, nobles would be forcing their daughteres upon him, though he had no wish for their silly games of rising stature. His grief over his father's death was still heavy in his soul and even attending the coronation was over the top for him.

    As the chambermaids dressed him in the finest clothes suited for a king, he couldn't help but to stare out the window. Spring was approaching, a time for new life and happy feasts. The war had ended, and his country had recieved new territory, though he found no celebration in the matter. As the maids finished dressing him, he dismissed them, asking for his own privacy. He walked across his chamber and faced the fireplace, which had the dying embers of a previous night's fires. He couldn't help to look at it from a cynical point of view. "Everything dies anyways, so what is the point of trying to be the best?" he wondered out loud.

    Eventually, his mother cae into the room and guided him towards the coronation hall where he was to be crowned. No doubt men would offer their finest daughters and jewels in order to win his favor. Though he would be polite, William had no intention of allowing them to buy him over.
  2. Illusen stared up at the sky as she sat on a fallen tree eating an apple. Her gaze fell upon the far away mountains and the beautiful blue sky. Her wavy brown hair shimmered in the weak sunlight and her green eyes were mezmorized by natures beauty springing from the ground out in the fields. She loved the thought of how everything seemed to rebirth itself after the cold end has came, but she wondered what would be the point of living a life when you can't live it free.

    She heard the trumpets call from the kingdom and slowly rose to her feet. She grabbed the reins of her black horse and sat upon it then snapped the ropes softly. "Let us go Thunder. We'll miss the crowning of the new king if we don't hurry." she said. They rode on towards the front gate. As Illusen reached the coronation hall, she rushed off her horse and smoothed out her dress and ran out towards the crowd. Her sight fell onto William and she softly smiled. "He will be a good king." she said under her breath.
  3. Clara was pushed into poofy dresses, hair curled into many sprirals and jewels around her neck. She could barely breath through her corset, which was cutting deep into her skin. All of this preperation for what would probably be, a snooty prince. Who cared if he was going to be king? Clara surely didn't.

    Her father was a greedy man, and wanted her to become the King's wife. SHe didn't want to be stuck with a snooty king. Clara would rather die.

    After getting completely dressed, Clara was shuffled into a brillant white carrige pulled by two brown horses.
    Her father sat in front of her. A fat man. "Clara," he said, "Make this king yours."
    SHe nodded her head and looked out teh window to a beautiful castle.

    Quickly she hopped and and went inside. She followed the crowd to where a HAndsome man was standing. He must be the prince, she thought.
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  4. Emilie was walking to the new king she hoped he remembered her it had been awhile since they played together, she could remember the day she had to leave and she cried all the way to the other kingdom she missed him and now that he was going to be king she had a chance to see him again. She was a few feet away from him but people kept getting in her way so they couldnt see each other. She sighed and gave up walking away she started to remember all the time they spent together as children she could tell he became very handsome but she just smiled she still couldnt see him as anything other than the boy she once knew and how she used to call him brother. As she got father away she noticed more and more girls going towards him "he could have any lady he wants now of course it was the same back then but now its for real." She smiled and knew that she wouldnt be able to get close to him at all right now unless he saw her and went to her but she knew that probably wouldnt happen. She was over in the corner now her white hair was almost glowing with how it looked next to her black dress.
  5. He raised a brow at his younger sibling, wondering just how her attendants managed to get her into a dress. She wasn't the type to go about prancing among the nobles willingly; she much preferred the sword and shield to the needle and thread, much to their mother's chagrin. Though, he supposed that she should have expected it, considering her husband. His little sister was the apple of their father's eye and taught at a very young age that boys were "bad, bad creatures that would bring only trouble". Roisin, being young and trusting of their mischevious father, had taken that idea to heart and began her first lesson in self defense: trouncing her brothers. As she grew older, she had needed less and less prompting to practice sword play or tromp about in the woods to hunt. ... Which lead to the tall, unwomanly red haired thing before him. "I didn't think that wearing a dress was possible for you," Keegan snorted, eyeing the puffy green dress she struggled with.

    Identical blue eyes met his own as his sister replied with a growl. Usually, that would be true. She had snickered at women forced into such torturous devices. But, due to her mothers threats and social demand, she begrudgingly conceded. Keegan, though sharing her opinion about large gatherings, was enjoy himself at her
    expense. The tall blond, blue eyed man had never struggled a day in his life; most everyone enjoyed his
    placating demeanor, and his skills with a blade were some of the best in their lands. Their people adored him. She, however, found him irritating at best. Oh, he knew how to push her buttons! If it wasn't beating her in
    sword practice or at riding, he would be their mother's champion and would cause her no end of trouble!
    Roisin glared at him as he smirked before smoothing her pinned red tresses and sighing. "I'm only here to greet this new king with you in our parents stead. And the quicker we are, the quicker I can remove this monstrosity..."

    Keegan laughed outright as she tottered and fought with the garment as she walked in front of him.