The Three Princes

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  1. Three kingdoms, three princes, three maidens, two journeys, one story...
    Hello! I came up with this idea for another website, but nobody ever joined, so I'm bringing it over here. Before we look at the plot, here are a few expectations/rules...
    1. This is an advanced RP. You should be able to post at least 3 paragraphs with detail. Also, you should be able to use grammar and spelling mistakes should be few.
    2. This RP will include romance, however, this is not necessarily with other people. Sure, I don't mind your prince cheating on his girl with another princes girl. But that's not the point of this rule. Just don't go any further than kissing, alright?
    3. You should be able to be multiple characters. Well, of course you have to! In this RP, you will be controlling a prince and his maiden. If you can't keep up with two characters, this isn't for you.
    4. This is based in Middle Ages time, remember that when your posting your CSs. Also, in-character there should be no swears. I'm afraid that's the way it is.
    5. All Iwaku rules apply.
    6. Just so I know you've read this, please put your favourite ice-cream flavor in your CS. Thank you.
    If you haven't been scared of because of the expectations, well done! Now, you must get through the plot!

    The year is 1352 on Alazak, a planet very much like Earth, but different. Magic exists and mythical creatures roam the land. However, very much like Earth, there are Kings and Queens ruling different kingdoms. We place our focus on three of these kingdoms, <kingdom 1> kingdom 2> and <kingdom 3>. The same things have happened in each of these places, now let me tell you the story...

    In each of the three kingdoms, there was a prince with a single father. Each father knew that his son had to find a girl, and so he invited all the maidens in the kingdom to a ball. At this ball, the prince was to find his one true love, so together they could become king and queen. Each prince found his girl and each pair had a wonderful night together.

    At the end of the night, the lovers all sat down in the palace garden to confess their love for one another. The princes were certain that this girl they choose was the one, but the maidens were not so sure. Sure, the girls loved the guys, but they weren't ready for love. They all told their lovers this, however, the princes didn't understand. How could you love someone, but not be ready for love? Is that even possible? If it is, then how?

    After the ball had ended, the princes lead their future wives (hopefully) up to a spare bedroom. There, the girls would sleep for the night in a comfy four-poster bed, dressed in silk pajamas. In the morning, they would wake up to the silence of the castle, then get escorted down to the hall where they would eat a full and delicious breakfast. At least, they would have, but life never turns out the way it's supposed to.

    In the morning, when the maids came in to escort the princesses-to-be down to the hall, they were gone. The curtains were blowing majestically in the wind, letting a slight breeze into the pinker-than-pink room. The ruby-red duvets were on the floor, and the silk pajamas were on a chair in which beautiful blue dresses were once sitting. There was no doubt about it: the three girls had ran away.

    The princes knew straight away that they just had to find the love of the their life. And so they set of on a journey to find there princess, metaphorical or not. There was no way the girls could survive in the big wide world alone, so it was clear that they had to be saved and brought right back to the palace. Little did the princes know that their loves were not alone, and they wouldn't be either...


    In the RP, after the maidens have run away, they meet each other. The girls team up to run away from the prince, to avoid any hassle of love. There is a similar story for the princes...

    After the princes set of to find their princess, they meet each other. The boys team up to find their true loves.

    Oh, and [​IMG], the princes live in seperate palaces. Just wanted to clear that up in case you didn't get that from reading the plot.

    If your interested in this idea, please let me know! I only need 2 other people, so you better make it fast!
  2. I'm interested in this!
  3. Yay! I'll go create a sign-up thread. I'll tag you and post it here when I'm done :)
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