The Three Kingdoms

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  1. The Three Kingdoms:
    In Avon, the three kingdoms fight for dominion for the country. They go from war to war. Raging and killing. Money gained and money lost. People dying and murdered. In the lands where humans fight and kill. Elves live in peaceful with nature and god Himself living by a religion. Orcs destroy anything in their way and will conquer anyone and any where they are. Lastly, Halfings that are makes of weapons and armor.

    Avon is a beautiful land. It's mountains high over the kingdoms ruling their countries. The trees as high as they can be. The flowers beautiful as they sway in the air. This place is now a desert. The mountains piled up with bodies. The trees burned and on the ground. And the flowers wilted and darken black. The wars from the three kingdoms: Yuki, Gunika, and Trespear.
    Yuki Kingdom:
    Yuki is the black marketing for trades. Hidden in the city. Spies and mercenaries come here to get money and bounties. They prospect the most out of Avon. Illegal goods and materials. The king knows the black market and he is the control of the money in Avon. He buys what he wants. His name is King Frake Yuki. Frake wears a beautiful red coat with its outline with wolf fur. He has brown short hair. His shirt is black as midnight and his pants is black leather from the most expensive leather money can buy. He wears black boots with a red cross on the right side. His armor, next to him on a mannequin, has the most gorgeous designs on it. The mountains and tress engrave in the chest plate and leggings. His helmet has an eagle engraved in the front where is forehead is on it. His sword is the most rarest metal Avon can offer and his handle has a golden cross on it.. He ordered the halfings to make it perfect. The sword can slice through a rock.

    Gunika Kingdom:
    The king will kill and kill until he wants what he wants. This kingdom has slavery and murders. Once you are guilty or not. It doesn't matter to King Grando Gunika. He will automatically kill you because he enjoys it. Grando wears all red to head to toe. His hair is black and his eyes are blacken with red in the middle. His armor is the purest red as blood. And his sword is blacken with the darkest magic the Dark Elves have curse on it to make it control the user and corrupt his or her mind. The handle has a red orb with a demon inside it. He is the most evil ruler that Avon has. He wants to rule Avon and make it into a slavery country. He doesn't care for humanity. Only his self. Do you join him in his darkness and corruptness?

    Trespear Kingdom:
    The most happiest and beautiful kingdom Avon has to offer. Here the King will help you with anything to housing, jobs and money. King Travis Trespear is the kindest and most honorable person. He wears all white. His armor is blessed by the White Elves from their God. His sword is the most beautiful everyone seen. By the handle has a white orb with an angel inside it. His appearance is bright. His long white hair to the bright blue eyes. He is the sweetest and generous king that will love and care for you. But his other side of him is like King Grando Gunika.

    "Who do you think you are!? Trying to act all kind and sweet. You know who you really are. Why lie to your people!?" King Davis Trespear yells at Travis. Travis spoke to himself to Davis, "I dare not to show who I am. I have changed for the better. I am not you, never will be." Davis laughed. He wore all black head to toe when he possessed Travis. His armor changed to black and his sword changes its orb to pure black. His eyes are gone to white. No iris in his eyes. Just white. His hair turns from white to black, blacker than Grando's hair. Davis spoke back at him with anger, "I will possess you one day. Just watch and wait. You will be obliterated from your soul. I will eat your soul and take your body for my self....
    Travis knows about his other self and will try to overcome it in anyway. He traps his self in his chamber that has no way out of it. The chamber door has a handle outside but inside, this is no handle or knot...he knows he doesn't want to be Davis. Never will. His alternative personality is anger and in pain trapped inside of him.

    Character Sheet:
    You can make your own image of the character for yourself. From clothes to appearance. Be creative and descriptive with your character.

    Yuki Kingdom:
    Alex Mandor/Male/Human/Warrior

    Grace Hex/Female/Halfing/Mercenary Scout
    Falk Bauer/Male/Elf/Mage
    Halie Nauier/Female/Dark Elf/Dark Witch

    Gunika Kingdom:
    Val Tier/Female/Dark Elf/Dark Mage
    Hanton Vetan/Male/Halfing/Warrior
    Tracy Unvo/Female/Orc/Mercenary Rogue

    Trespear Kingdom:
    Lycealon Star/Male/Elf/Mercenary Mage(Taken by Lycealon, me)
    Jamie Far/Female/Human/Legion Soldier
    Brittany Long/Halfing/White Witch

    *No god-modding
    *Don't take control of someone's role play in yours
    *Be active
    *Have fun
    *Be creative
    *Oh come on, show your true self in the character xD

    There is no powers for Warrior, Scout, Rogue and Soldier. Only for the witches and mages. The dark witch has the the ability to control the dead and rise them. The white witch has the power of control the elements of the nature. Dark mage is a necromancer just like the dark witch but can cast curses on those who come against him/her. White Mage( Mercenary Mage) uses the ability of peace and calmness but can cast deadly spells to bound the mage forever if threaten.

    *I want y'all to have fun with this role play. If anyone has a problem with a player. Message me and I'll automatically kill the character
    *Also, PM me for the character you want and I'll put it up (:

  2. Halie Nauier
    "You think you can escape me!" I screamed.
    "Think again you worthless idiot!"
    I summoned my power. Flowing like a river of snow to me it was gentle and pleasing. To him however, not so much. The violet auras that surrounded my hands sparked and crackled to life. Flinging forward I shot at him with my lighting. So peaceful for me to release, but horrible pain that made him scream in agony. Burnt skin falling around in the pile of bones I pulled the bag from my hip.
    My hands grasping the rim I pull the bag open. The winds flyed free from the bag twisting and swirling until a tornado of flesh and bone. The tornado returned to its' master and I tightened the bag. Damn. Those stupid winds always mess up my hair. Combing my fingers through my hair I turned east to begin my journey back home, to turn in my high rated prize for a few nights of rest and food. Time to go home to Yuki.
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