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    Earth, was quite peaceful, busy and quaint, but not long ago hell was released among the surface, cause the humans to hide and the fallen to join them. Half of the world and dark with death and decay while the other, well, lets just say it's getting there. The last surviving human are begining to die off. Sickness, just plain killing each other and the demons. The fallen and human have no choice but to stand together to fight for whats left of this world.

    It has been awhile since Kaida has snuck through the wall that is seperating the demons and the survivors. The demon's nest, Djacris, was filled with much negativity all the time and sometimes he just had to get away. For it not to swallow his soul, but there hasn't been much reason to go there lately.. Or was that the darkness talking? Kaida wasn't aiming to get swallowed anytime soon, or he would just become another depressed puppet.

    Kaida snugged against the wall that kept him from just plainly walking into -whatever they called their rotten city. The best thing to do was just keep low and keep quiet until he reached the hole that was decent enough to crawl through.
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  2. Hayato watched as his parents disappeared when he was seven but the demons were on the verge of destroying the world. To the fallen it didn't matter he was in a safe zone. No one knew where he was and that calmed him. Yes he would stay inside mostly because when he goes outside people crowd him. He was the only one born a fallen. No one else was even close. People make him feel weird with all their staring. It freaks him out.
  3. As KAida crawled through, he sighed with relaxtion as he changed into the person he would be today. The storyteller. Which he has become flawless in changing his appearances. He has had much practice. He straightened and dust himself off as he climbed out, finally reached the other end. He tilted his head as his appearance completed itself by changing the color of his eyes, to some human color. A deep blue with light blue weaved in.

    For not being here in quite some time things have changed. The air was getting thicker. The buildings have became more less of a building from so much decayed, quite a few have collapsed. A lot of tents have been pitched for shelter. Street vendors everywhere. One by one they asked- more like begged- for him to buy their things. To him, they looked pathetic but at the same time it was quite sad. He sighed softly, gently refusing each offer.
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  4. Hayato wore a cloak as he moved through the town. He didn't want to be seen and he really didn't want people to come up to him and ask for his help. Everyone knows there is a fallen that was born as one and has not fallen from heaven meaning the person would be more powerful then the other fallen's. He just sits on a decaying bench in the park that the metal looks like it was falling apart.
  5. Kaida unconciously made his way to an old, deserted park. He stopped as he lifted his head and grazed the area with his eyes, pausing as his eyes slowed pass a person, in a cloak, sitting on a metal bench. The bench looked as if it would collapse at any moment.

    He sighed and walked toward him and thought that maybe this person would be in for a story of his.
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  6. The male didn't really need to truly sit on the bench he lightly floated so he wouldn't make the bench break. The minute he saw someone enter the park he lowered himself back on the bench before he looked at the sky. His blue eyes seemed to pierce through the darkness of the hood only seeing his eyes. The fallen looked at the bench once he figured out that the person was coming to him but he could tell something was off about him. Probably because the fallen could tell things of people that other fallen's couldn't. He could sometimes see through illusions only sometimes.
  7. Kaida caught a glimpse of the person suddenly lowered onto the bench, but he gave no reaction in his expression. He gave a small grin as blue eyes peirced through the darkness of the hood. He felt as if he would have had a soul left then that person would be staring right at it. Ignoring his thought, he spoke as he approached. "Wanna hear a story?"
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  8. The fallen looked at the male that sat down again before shrugging. "If you want to tell a story I would listen." He said. If the other male started talking then he couldn't leave this spot until he was done. He just hoped it wasn't any the rummers about him. He didn't want to listen about the rummers they spread of the fallen born a fallen. "Go right ahead. I won't pay you though." He said if the other wanted money from him he wasn't going to give it. His voice was slightly lifted almost angel like but also not.
  9. Kaida smiled softly and knelt before the man, assuming by the voice. "I do not ask for money, just for your ears." He then lowered himself into a sitting position. "Now.. There was a young lady named Marrie. Her heart was full of innocence and purity. She was full of dreams and wishes, but one day a man knocked on her door. The name of Kaisé. He took away everything she had-" A loud creak came from one of the very old and crooked buildings. Kaida knew without thinking what was going to happen. That building was about to collapse and they were right under it. "Move!" Kaida kicked out his leg and ran, leaping out of the way, the building crashed upon the spot they were just sitting. Kaida looked around for the sight of the man in a cloak.
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  10. The fallen, Hayato, decided just to let the male speak. Even though he really didn't feel like listening he would be nice and listen. As the voice of the other male started he was hearing about this girl named marrie who was innocent and pure until someone took everything she had. But when he stopped so suddenly he knew what was going to happen. He even heard it but he wasn't as worried cause he never really got scratched from things. The building landed onto Hayato because he didn't have time to get away after it was yelled out. Yes it was extremely painful and no he wasn't dead. He would just have to wait tell the other person got out of here before he finds his way out of the rubble. Even though it is hard to breath with this on but his cloak was ripped to pieces.
  11. "Shit.." He mumbled under his breath. This human wasn't even that strong enough to life a haystack let alone this debris. Quickly, he changed his form, clear from anyone sight. The Smoker was here. This was his arrogant side. The smoker was a loud and intrusive person, but helpful. He lit a cig. And put it to his lips, walking over the falling building. His eyes scanned for the man until he found him. "Hey. You alright?" He began picking up and tossing the debris elsewhere. People began to gather now. One by one they began helping. Kaida sighed as the cloak became visible. He gave a smirk. "Looks comfy." He held out his hand.
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  12. When he felt the shift of the air meaning someone changed there physical form. That meant one of two things. Either it was a demon or a fallen but he doubted that. Hayato knew that he would have to repair the cloak that seemed to cover his body. He did that as the other started pulling the debris off of him. When he heard other people joining he finished the cloak so it looked like him from before hidden in the dark of the cloak with his eyes only see able. As the debris came off him he looked at the person knowing this person was also the storyteller from before even though the change of form he could tell. He didn't take his hand but got up on his own. He looked around knowing that these people would want something wrong with him to appear normal. So what he did was limp slightly. His cloak covering him in darkness so no one could see what he was.
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