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  1. Hello. I am formerly known as Noceur.
    And I have cravings.
    2 cravings currently.

    Strictly a MxM 1x1 person.
    To put it simply,
    Help it. Pls.

    Bold is role I wanna play.
    (demon, Or lucifer himself)
    -based on the story of Eloa and lucifer's possible redemption through love-

    Short version: An innocent angel who falls in love with another male stranger at odds with God. It is made clear that the stranger is Lucifer. He falls in love with the angel, but his own twisted notions of love prohibit him from returning the angel's affection in a proper way. In the end, the Angel is unable to help Lucifer and he drags the angel to hell with him.

    Detailed: Lucifer sets out to seduce the handsome angel, an angel born from a tear shed by Christ at the death of Lazarus. The Satanic lover is "literally a handsome devil, physically dashing, intellectually agile, irresistibly charismatic in speech and manner": in short, a Romantic hero. "Since you are so handsome," the naïve angel says, "you are no doubt good."

    Lucifer declares that "I am he whom one loves and does not know," and says he weeps for the powerless and grants them the occasional reprieve of delight or oblivion. Despite the angels attempt to reconcile him with God, Lucifer cannot set aside his destructive pride. In the end, the angel's -forbidden- love condemns him to Hell with Lucifer, and Lucifer's triumph over him only brings him sadness.

    - Doesn't have to be lucifer..

    A babysitter falls in love with the single father of a child he has been babysitting for quite some time now. Though one night upon coming home from work fairly exhausted and apologizing to the babysitter, something more happens accidentally that night before the babysitter leaves, which ends up being awkward and maybe the start of something final?

    - Need help with this plotting. SMH.
    - Kid can be a boy or girl. NPC, we can both play her if you don't want to alone or at all then I'll play her.

    I don't mind doing the same one x one with someone else.
    I don't start roleplays usually. So you're gonna have to start them.

    important (open)
    Notes about me

    - POSTING: I usually do at least a paragraph or more. Usually a paragraph from me means I have writers block, you didn't give me enough, or I couldn't work with your post as much as expected. But when it comes to me posting, it also depends on what you write and how much you give me.
    Bonus: I fucking love details.

    - ROLE: I play submissive either way. I can't do dominant. I am also a passive roleplayer.

    - TALK TO ME: I like to know a lot about my roleplay partner... Or at least, I like to chat and make friends. I find 1x1's not just roleplaying and sharing a common interest, but also bonding in my opinion. So yeah. Talk to me. Be my friend. :Y

    Notes when roleplaying

    -AGE DIFFERENCES: There's a certain limit to the difference in age. First off I do age differences if my character is over 18--and all of them are. My limit is preferably 5-6 years if my character is over 18. If my character is 16-17 (The youngest I'll go. Usually 17) my limit for them is 3 years max. Though there are few exceptions like the student/teacher things and whatnot on certain occasions.... Just do t go ham like 'TWENTY YEARS OVER'. That's a no no.

    - MORE: plot then sex

    - GRAMMAR: You better be fucking good majority of the times when roleplaying. Other then that I'm usually not a grammar nazi. As long as your post is understandable.

    - UPDATE ME: If you got plans, or can't continue any more, talk to me. Tell me when and what day you'll be busy or off or your schedule or whatever. I'll understand 5000%. Just don't ditch me or leave me hanging curiously.

    - KINKS , SEXY EXPLORATION: I don't care. But there are limits, so PM me whatever the fuck you want and be understandable if I reject your sexy exploration. IE. beastiality (animal x person). No. I don't and won't do that.

    Bonus: other things I like besides typical ones like BDSM would be nipple play, costume/dress up kink, Dirty talk, there's probably more. I dunno. THROW EM AT ME GUISE.


    - No incest
    - I don't do fan based ships. Not craving them actually.
    - PM me your ideas if you wanna RP with me.
    - This will be updated frequently.
    - I don't mind PM RP'S !!

    Happy choosing !c:
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  2. I'll do the Underworld x Fallen with you if you want.
  3. @meely
    Shoot me a PM? I'm closing this now. Slots/ideas thing has been filled 8D
  4. Okay :)
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