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  1. A bit of information. (open)

    This is a Socially driven game that is set in a Modern Fantasy setting! Harry Potter. WoD. Dresden Files. Anita Blake. Buffy. Various books by Patricia Briggs (Mercy books and the Alpha and Omega books). Magical bookstore. Werewolf owner. There's your basics, let's play!

    It was raining. Raining so hard that the gutters couldn't keep up and miniature tidepools were forming in the streets, that the sidewalks were turning into waterfalls and people were wondering if they should have brought a boat and a swimsuit. Perhaps a wetsuit would be better in the case, the temperature was hovering above freezing and some of the rain was a little more solid than it should have been.

    The temperature inside the bookstore was balmy. Ceramic heaters pushed hot air around and the owner basked in the warmth and tried not to shiver every time the door was opened letting in a gust of cold, wet air. If there had been more static electricity there might have been a chance for small thunderstorms amidst the overcrowded bookshelves.

    The afternoon was wearing into the evening, the cloudy skies making the dark come on even faster and Gwyn Stryker was sitting behind the counter, an electric heater at his feet. A cup of coffee at his pale fingertips and a new old book was propped up in front of him. It was nice to find these old spellbooks, they were entertaining to say the least. What before had to be done with magic could now be done with electricity without a draw on your power. That was exciting. Gwyn wasn't much of a wizard or a sorcerer, hedge witch was more along his speed but he didn't do much with hedges. Gwyn thought he was funny.

    Less spells and more herbal work. It certainly made sure the bookstore smelled like rosemary and a hint of garlic. If anyone asked Gwyn could always tell them he was making spaghetti in the back. No one ever asked. Besides, the garlic made the vampires who came in for books itch and that was always a bonus. Damn bloodsucking creeps. They made Gwyn's skin crawl.

    The bell over the door tinkled merrily in the almost-silence of the bookstore. Gwyn didn't raise his head from his book. “Good evening and welcome to The Third Owl Bookshop. Are you looking for something in particular?” Gwyn finally raised his head, blonde hair shifting from behind his ears as he looked up.
  2. Short Profile (open)

    Name: Cerridwen
    Nickname: Ceri
    Occupation: Herbalist (among many other things, she just likes mixing herbal concoctions and whatnot. She used to be something else altogether a long time ago, but not since she retired)


    "Goodness, the weather's just dreadful today!" Ceri hurried inside the bookstore, her blue dress and white hair soaking wet from the rain, "Honestly, I was just out on my merry business. Then the sky decided 'What ifs' on me and, there we go! Rain. Soaking wet rain," she rubbed herself like her life depended on it while looking around, hoping to find some source of warmth somewhere.

    And it was then that she realised where she was. Ceri paused, almost forgetting about the cold, and looked about her; there were books all around her, both old and new. Some books looked (and probably felt) very alien to her, while others had a scent of familiarity about them. In fact, if there was anything at all to notice about this bookstore, it was the scent that filled the very air of this space. It was the strong smell of old papers, parchments and books, mixed in with some concoction of herbs and spices.

    Being the herbalist she was, this place almost smelled like home.

    She finally noticed the shopkeeper, sitting by the counter; "Oh, hello there. I'm sorry, I can be pretty adled when things don't happen as how I planned," Ceri grinned, "When you're bloody meticulous about the littlest things, it just bothers you to no end. Well, me, that is. Anyway--"

    A sudden cold snap caught her words. Almost by reflex, her hands went back to rubbing herself warm again, "Y-yes. Apologies for t-that," she turned back to the shop keeper with a somewhat innocent smile, "I've probably messed your lovely store here with the water I carry on me, against my wishes, just so you know. It just poured on me without any bloody warning," Ceri sighed, "I would love to look for books on mountain herbs, but I-I do need something to warm myself up a little, if you don't mind? You don't happen to sell any dry clothes here, do you?

    And, oh yes! My name is Cerridwen. Ceri for short, if that's a mouthful for you."
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  3. Whatever Gwyn had expected it certainly wasn't a soaking wet and incredibly talkative woman asking about clothing and books and the weather and warmth and - Gwyn tilted his head and smiled bemusedly at 'Ceri'. "I'm sorry but I don't sell clothes. Just books and the occasional trinket or antique I've picked up that doesn't take up too much room. Oh. Umbrellas too." Still, the woman looked like she was freezing and could definitely use a hand. "But, lucky for you I keep a stash of towels handy on rainy days. You never know who and what the rain will drive in."

    Sliding off his stool, Gwyn pulled a large towel out from a cubby hole in the makeshift cashier counter he was sitting behind and brought it out to the woman. He handed it over to her and then grabbed a nearby mop. It had been raining for some time now and Gwyn was prepared after the twentieth customer had come into his shop soaking wet and desperate for warmth. "It's alright. Don't worry. It's been a wet few days, everyone is soaked. That's why I've started stocking umbrellas, which is a pretty weird thing for a book store, don't you think?" He said cheerfully and cleaned up the water mess.

    "As for books on mountain herbs... Well. What sort of mountain? I've got lots of books and there's lots of different climates going on... Plus soil stuff. I'm not a gardener but... You know. I just pick things up. Oh. I'm Gwyn. Gwyn Stryker."

  4. [​IMG]
    Keen violet eyes peered from around a door, glancing into the main bookshop as the front door opened with a noticeably cold and wet slam. The soft murmuring voice of a girl had caught Cael's attention and the affable response from Gwyn had not served to dull his curiosity. He could not distinctly hear the words that had been spoken, as he'd been tucked away with the herbs, but the cadences of the conversation were enough. Abandoning his fragrant mixture of rosemary, garlic, sorrel, and basil, he had taken to the door to watch the exchange for more reasons than curiosity: the overwhelming aroma of the pungent herbs was beginning to make him light-headed.

    When Cael had doggedly petitioned the owner of the bookshop to let him help in the cultivation and mixture of herbs, having been something of a disgraced apothecary when he'd stumbled into the bookshop and found the keep manhandling a sprig of mistletoe, he hadn't imagined that the man would prefer to keep him locked in the back out of sight than interact. Since he'd been around these past few days, Gwyn had hardly said a word to him, in fact... but at least he'd had access to all sorts of herbs again, even if the air became stifling in such a small space after a while.

    Now, feeling a little rebellious, or was it petulant? he was determined to use the good humor in the air to get a little conversation from his employer of sorts. To be honest, Cael wasn't even certain was he was supposed to be doing so he'd just been making various teas and mixes from them. This one to sleep deeply, this one to ease sore joints, and so forth.

    "Still raining out?" It had been raining since before Cael'd shown up on the doorstep looking all the world a dejected (and drenched) puppy. It did not seem to have any intention of letting up, either. This was not taken as a bad thing in his opinion - Gwyn was far less likely to run him out into the rain, or so he hoped - which meant that the rain was a welcome companion.
  5. Ceri graciously accepted the towel and wasted no time drying her hair, "Umbrellas would be good, yes. Something to keep this store of yours going," she tiptoed about carefully to avoid his mop, "I'll have a word with someone about the weather. The constant rain here is doing no good for my poor plants at home," she replied rather nonchalantly, moving to dry her clothes to her best.

    Eventually, Ceri realised that the store was pleasantly warm. She felt very thankful not having to resort to the now-drenched towel for warmth, with whatever warmth it could have provided in that state. A long time ago, such minute things would not have bothered her. But since that day, when she came to her...

    "A curse upon thee, Crone! Thou shalt be mortal, eternal no more!"

    A knowing smile crept up her lips for a split second before she turned back to the Gwyn, realising that he was still conversing with her; "A-ah, yes. Charmed, Mister Stryker," Ceri chuckled; the name reminded her of someone from long ago, "A 'Gwyn', eh? I've known some 'Gwyns' in my lifetime. One of them took to riding very much, he runs a whole company across the lands back at home once in a while. Very fond of curious people. Then again, they end up not curious after playing with him," she turned to look at the books on the shelves near the door, though her eyes were not focusing on anything particular, "Strange lot, those Gwyns. Various ways to call them, but in the end, they're still Gwyn."

    She approached one of the shelves near the door, glancing from book to book, "Yes, mountain herbs, specifically ones with healing properties. Since I just moved in the village up in the mountains, near your store here, I'd like to know what sort of herbs grow on that one," she paused for a moment, remembering something she told herself before she stepped out today,

    "And maybe, if you don't mind, something a little more..." Dangerous? Forbidden? Illegal?

    Ceri was unsure on how to go about this, especially when she might come around any time she wished. Then again, it has been a few human years since she last saw the likes of her.

    But just as she was about to finish her sentence,

    "Still raining out?"

    She turned to the source of the voice, only to find another person aside from Gwyn in this store. Grinning a little, she waved at him; "Why hello there, I didn't see you out front with your friend here," the smell of herbs returned, this time, coming from the room the man was in, "Cooking books back there? Tried that once; came out tasting like a very old tree bark and soil. Depends how they were made, of course. But no, I don't cook books for a living. No, sir, no."
  6. The owner of the Bookstore still wasn't sure how he'd gotten Cael. Randomly, it had seemed. The pup ... boy, had shown up when he was messing around with a bit of mistletoe and had investigated his makeshift kitchen and then had just... well, he stayed. Gwyn told himself he was too young to have a puppy but he was also far too old to date such a puppy. Not that he was a puppy. He smelled human. Which made it worse. He wasn't even sure if the boy was old enough to drink.

    "What? Oh. Of course it's still raining." Gwyn pursed his lips in slight aggravation. "He better not be cooking my books..." He caught himself frowning and stopped, rubbing his forehead trying to erase any errant wrinkles that might be trying to form. The woman was interesting though, strange. Herbs. Herbs. Herbs. . . . Gwyn set off into the heavily burdened shelves and wished for the hundredth time that the bookstore had a proper heater and AC unit with vents! It was colder towards the back. "Something unusual, right? For the local area..." Gwyn stopped in front of a shelf, shoving his hands into the back pockets of his jeans and rocking back on his heels to scan the books.

    There it was. "Here. This one. It's a reprint of an older book but it's a rare reprint. Wisdom of the Woods by Granny Bogg. The original book came out in probably 1905 or so. The reprint is from 1930. It's a bit foxed but it's alright. Fifty bucks because it's rare." He held out the slightly worn but heavy book. It was gray, it had probably started out as green but age and sunlight had stolen its colors away. "She was a witchy lady here in the South, you know? Bit of a local legend from what I understand. All her books were printed here, I don't think they got around, you know?"

    Gwyn hadn't been born in the southern United States but he had grown to love the strange little area he now called home. Most towns didn't have chocolate shops run by Goddesses of Lust that was certain.

    Scratch that. Former Goddesses of Lust. That's right.
  7. [​IMG]
    The red-haired woman was drenched, her green velvet trench coat dripping with rain water. Sliding into the bookshop she looked around, and leaned back out to check the sign again. She did this thrice before nodding firmly and gliding into the cozy book store. Looking around, her heavily accented voice called out, "Gwyn! When you said quaint I didn't realize you meant truly quaint!" The sorceress exclaimed laughing gleefully as she ran her red tipped nails over a leather bound book that read "Alchemy and You". There were books and dust everywhere, it reminded her of her novice days when Le Faye had forced her to read all day and night. It had been helpful, during the process Elysium had learned everything about stars, spells of ancient Egypt, and many other things that are now stored away in her mind. Currently, she wasn't a great fan of books.

    "Stryker, reveal yourself for Merlin's sake." Removing her hood, she let long waves of fiery red hair free, she leaned back on the counter and waited for her old friend to come away from the bookshelves. Gwyn had often been a book runner during her reading years, Le Faye often purchasing books from Stryker's old, now dead, master. Since he had been her only company in those days, she had been forced to speak at least politely to him as sometimes she was the only one there to pay for the books ordered. Elysium herself not a very talkative girl, it took a while for her to utter a 'Thank you', in fact she was quite morbid at times. At first when she had met Gwyn she couldn't stand him, he always smelled of paper and India ink and something like arrogance. Even now there was still a bit of tension between the two. Snapping her fingers she flicked a deep emerald colored book into her hands and skimmed over the runes that the book was entirely written in. Smiling, she blew dust from the cover, this had been one of her books that Le Faye forced her to read. Never took you to be the sentimental type Gwyn.
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  8. "Something unusual, right?"

    Not quite, Ceri had wanted to say, but Gwyn had already gone on to look for it. Sighing, she followed him, careful to not step on books that were still lying about the book store. It had been a while since she last entered a book store, or done any proper shopping for herself. Life back then was spent hiding under the shadows of that lady, until she could no longer take it. Finding a passage out of Ireland to States was already difficult enough, but getting used to living in a land that was completely alien to her was another issue.

    Perhaps here, she thought, she would not reach me. The magic in this land was different from the ones back in her homeland. There were a lot of incense involved, more invoking, negotiations, and animal charms. It felt very mixed between the many types of people that lived in this area; sometimes clashing, other times upsetting the ley line flow of this land. Invoking magic in a land like this is nigh impossible for someone like her. Hence, her choice in herbology.

    Ceri took the book from Gwyn's hand and flipped through it, listening to him as she did so. It was as he described; old and faded. But the illustrations and descriptions on each page were not as damaged as she thought it might, considering it was quite old.

    Almost as old as me, she thought, in human years.

    "The magick in this land is odd. Very mixed. It clashes with one another," she commented, continuing to flip through the book, "You wake up one day and you see an animal spirit wandering about your yard, then a living corpse tending the fields. And then, something mischief floats through the village, and everyone wakes up with chickenpox the next day. Strange, I tell you," Ceri closed the book, satisfied with its contents; "Go raibh maith agat, a dhuine uasail, but fifty bucks? Old and rare, I understand, but fifty bucks is quite much, don't you think?"

    "Thou shalt be mortal, eternal no more!"

    "Unless," she had a thought, and was willing to gamble it, "You have something in your wares that can lead me to something both dangerous and miraculous," Ceri moved closer to his face, enough for a whisper to be heard, "I seek immortality. Or better yet, godhood," she pulled back, feeling a little uncomfortable from being that close to another person, "If you have it, you'll have fifty of anything you want. I can--"

    Someone entered the store as she was about to finish her sentence. Someone...that has her scent all over that someone. It may not necessarily be her, but it has her influence on it. Ceri turned to the direction of the door, half glaring half fearful of the newcomer.
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  9. anime-guy-smoking-wallpaper.jpg

    The rain soaked Eric's skin as he trudged through the brown slush. It wasn't something that tended to bother him, being used to such weather by now. He was fairly hard to rile up in all honesty, and weather was nothing to get frustrated over. His pale skin and hair lit up with a strike of lightning, the one revealed eye gleaming brightly. Ohhhh he loved storms! Storms meant more rain, and a light show. And generally the sprites were out. He liked to watch them dance and avoid the lightning as it struck the ground around them. Maybe he'd go to the outskirts to find them. Then he remembered with a groan that he had too much to do first. His side bag grew heavy as he trudged and he wished he could just shift into something smaller and ditch it but the books weren't even for him. They belonged to his father, a demon with a temper with a shorter fuse than a fire cracker and hotter than the fires of hell. No, he wasn't going to risk the wrath of that man any time soon. Lost in his thoughts, Eric didn't see the cat until he'd tried to avoid it and he lost his balance. The bag flew open and the books fell out, landing in the gushing water. 'Shit!' he cursed, picking them up and groaning. There was no way his father wouldn't notice the damage. he needed help. The worst of the damage was done to a thick tome entitled 'Selarin's Codex'. The twenty year old wasn't entirely sure what it was about, but he figured if there was one place he could get a replacement, it would be a bookstore. And he knew just the one.

    Hurrying through the rain, the books safely back inside the waterproof satchel, he searched for the bokstore he had in mind. Ah, there it was! There seemed to be quite a few people inside, and while he tended to avoid people, due to the usual threats and hatred people looked at him with, today wasn't a day to worry about such things. The son of a demon was one thing, but being a halfling, his mother shapeshifter who had whored herself out, Eric had grown up with a fair amount of scorn directed at him. His father's wrath wasn't something he wished to incur. So he pushed the door open, feeling warmth flood his body as the chill of the rain was overcome. His only problem was locating the owner, and he felt his nerves flooding his senses. He gingerly approached the crowd, the damaged tome in his hands. 'E-excuse me.' He cleared his throat, trying again. 'Excuse, I need to see the owner. I have to see him immediately.'
  10. It had to be the rainstorm. Rain brought nothing but people and trouble to Gwyn. Because here in his shop was a woman asking about something in his little ramshackle store that would bring her Imortality and Godhood. He stared blankly at the woman for a moment. "Ma'am. I think you've got the wrong type of bookstore..." What was she? Some sort of crazy neoPagan? Gwyn didn't get a lot of those, thank goodness but there was still one every now and then. "I'll go as low as forty dollars for the herb book but that's as far as I'll go... You're welcome to look over the stacks. I've got more customers coming in."

    Not just any customers though. One knew his name. That was troublesome. Gwyn had been born to strict parents, Yuppies in nice suits that owned yachts and summer homes in the Hamptons. Gwyn had went to Yale for college and he had succeded at nothing but getting himself turned into a werewolf. That had been nearly fiteeen years ago now.

    After getting turned into a werewolf, Gwyn had set about learning more about the world that he didn't know. The world of magic. From rich private school yuppie to werewolf, he learned and during one summer he had hung around with a Sorcerer of all things. The older man hadn't minded a well brought up young man asking him questions for some reason. Honestly, Gwyn hadn't learned much magic but just enough that he could protect himself with well written charms and runes in his elegant cursive script. During his time there, he'd taken to running errands for the older man. One of those had been delivering books...

    "Elysium? What are you doing on in this weather?" Gwyn eyed her warily and then realized that there was yet another person in his store. A young man. The rain. It was definitely the rain's fault. "Wait a moment, Elysium. ... And don't cause trouble."

    "How can I help you, young man?"
  11. The bookshop had suddenly become quite busy, new faces clamoring for attention every which way. It was enough to make Cael retreat back a pace, his face still peeking worriedly from around the door. He was not used to there being so many people and he didn't rightly think that the bookshop was always so busy. It wouldn't possibly be. From what little he knew of Gwyn already, this was not a man who'd stay long in the midst of a storm of hustle and bustle.

    The conversations going on were also enough to make the hairs at the back of Cael's neck stand on end. Such mystical muttering and careless talk of the supernatural unnerved him. He knew already, of course, that Gwyn was special. That was part of what made him so interesting to Cael, what drew him in like a fish caught in the light of an angler's antenna. The man was not open about what was different about him, though, and Cael hadn't quite put his finger on it. Still, it hung around Gwyn like a fine mist, his specialness.

    Since Gwyn had not been forthcoming, however, about what made him different, Cael had elected to keep mum in retort. Half the time, he could swear he heard Gwyn muttering "Pup" under his breath. Admittedly, Cael had indeed managed to cause a small explosion in the kitchen when he was toying with some herbs and was worried Gwyn would realize then, but Gwyn instead elected to marvel on how clumsy one had to be to set a fire with a pestle and some herbs. For now, that seemed to be the general status quo for them.

    Following close behind Gwyn, though his stance couldn't be identified as to whether it was protecting the man or hiding behind him, Cael seemed to be struggling with the need for attention. All these people, all at once, all of them paying attention to Gwyn. Cael was nearly as tall as Gwyn but his demeanor came off exponentially more naive and innocent, almost childlike.

    "Did you want me to make you a cup of tea with some of the herbs?"
  12. Eric felt uncomfortable in his surroundings. There were so many people. he wanted to hide amongst the stack of books but he had to get the book replaced as soon as possible. Swallowing dryly as a blonde man approached him, the twenty year old forced himself to meet his gaze. 'Are you the owner?' What a stupid question. Of course he was the owner, otherwise, why would he approach him. He slowly, hesitantly held the book out to him, hesitation in flashing eyes. 'I dropped this in the water, it's quite damaged and the owner... well he won't be happy if he sees it like this. I was hoping you'd have a copy that I could purchase..' He trailed off, feeling his skin itch with nerves. He hated being around so many people in such a confined space. He was, of sorts, slightly claustrophobic. Or was it Agoraphobic? Maybe a bit of both.

    Flipping his own silvery hair out of his eye, the other still covered by the black leather patch, making him look rather like a modern day pirate of sorts, he took a deep breath to calm himself. 'I'm sorry to intrude when you're clearly so busy, but it's a matter of urgency. I don't know what the book is about, or how valuable it is. I just know that my... that the owner will not be pleased if it isn't returned to him in pristine condition. He's a bit of a stickler for these things.' Sweat beaded on Eric's brow at the warmth of the store. With so many people, such bright lighting, and the heat from the heater, it was making him feel ill. It was too noisy, and he was too stressed. His skin felt like it wasn't comfortable, like he needed to shift out of it. But he couldn't do that, not here, not now. Lucifer only knew what kind of reaction these people would have. No, it was better to stay in his truest form, even if that form was under duress and only wanted to flee as fast as it could.

    He looked back at Gwyn, the single eye filled with a pleading expression. 'Please, can you help me.' He was desperate, and nerves had turned to panic, to fear. Desperation. If he couldn't take the books back, how could he face his father? even the thought of what he might do to him horrified him. His father terrified him more than most humans did. They could only do so much to him. In eric's mind, his father's powers were limitless, and so, the kinds of things he could do to punish his insolence was also limitless.
  13. Pouting, Elysium hoisted herself up on the counter sending a few many books crashing to the floor along with a nice set of scales. "Me? Trouble? Gosh Gwyn you are so rude." Just then a young man came crashing into the book store, he was a whirlwind of stutters and apologies and desperation. Laughing gleefully Elysium soaked in the chaos and looked after a younger puppylike male who seemed wrapped in his adoration for Stryker. Hiding her lips with her fingers she smelled something foul, looking around she caught sight of a white head of hair and violet eyes glaring at her. She smelled of something fallen. Elysium tilted her head and hopped down, black boots clicking when coming in contact with the floor. She was extremely curious about this woman with the horrid smell and tainted aura.

    Now toe to toe with the woman of white hair, Elysium picked up a lock of her white hair and said softly. "You look as if you have fallen in with something..." Elysium broke of looking back into the woman's eyes. "Foul." Whomever this woman was Elysium decided it had been too long since she had fun with someone so pretty. The part of Elysium that Le Faye had twisted to her liking longed to pluck the pretty violet orbs of the woman and keep them in her pocket. "Tell me darling, where did you get such beautiful eyes, whom did you steal them from?" Elysium's smile was impish, her own pitchblack irises boring into the woman's.

    This other couldn't have been more different from Elysium's wickedness, though this woman's tar like soul was hard to compete with. Eyes flickering to the book on herbs in her hand she snatched it from her and tumbed through the pages. Elysium wasn't the most charming woman of all, and she knew this. The sorceress' laugh was humorless as she read the woman's aura. "This isn't what you are looking for at all..." She snapped the book shut. "Is it?"
  14. "No, please, wait!" Ceri called out to him as he walked away, that wasn't what I meant!

    But more people poured into the book store, each with their own unique enquiries. What was she thinking, asking someone like Gwynn about such things? Of course he would not have such a tome in his wares; it would be too risky to have something as valuable as that in here. Yet, she had hoped and she gambled with it. No fancy results, as expected, but she did...try.

    "You look as if you have fallen in with something...foul."

    She gasped, eventually realising that the scent of that someone was right in front of her in the form of a woman. Ceri sensed some sort of power to this lady, knowing that she was no ordinary force to be reckoned with, especially in her current state of mortality now.

    Cautious, she told herself as she stayed very still when the lady touched her hair. Noticing the way she was staring at her, she kept her eyes locked with hers, not wanting to back down as well. Being insulted like this by a mere sorceress can be fatal. Yet, again, that was back then.

    When she snatched the book away from her, Ceri was tempted to turn completely hostile to this...vile thing that had her familiar scent all over her. But she stayed her anger; now was not the time.

    "I never thought I would see the likes of your kind again, of all places," she replied, almost grinning, "Did she send you here to check on me? To make sure I'm behaving well?"

    Damn you, Danu. Must you torment me anymore than you already have?

    "You should show some respect to your elder, leanbh de Modron. I know your mistress," Ceri took a step forward, inching herself closer than she already is. In a low voice, she whispered, "And aye, I seek something no mountain herb can do. But for now," she quickly snatched the book from the lady's hands, "That forty bucks, or whatever that a dhuine said, is something I'm willing to part for a momentary peace of mind. And saving any bit of dignity I have left from that embarrassing request,"

    Ceri walked past her with a smile dripping with sarcasm, "The name Cerridwen should ring a bell, leanbh de Modron. If not, I suggest you do your homework. Your mistress would be most displeased if you had forgotten the likes of me in your dusty history books."

    Yes, just leave me be. I may have no powers in this cursed form, but my memory is still intact. And memory demands respect, little girl!
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    It has been a while since I last visited this part of the area where most of the antique and small shops were. My dark colored eyes observed the items in various windows as I walked by them, many were antiques such as glass plates and cups that to me looked like fine China. I continued walking while the droplets over water fell upon my dark soul, and yet tormented life. The sidewalk was flooded and the streets looked like a roaring waterfall so I really had no choice of feeling water seep in through my black combat boots. My toes felt as if I had a serious case of frost bite because well they were numb from the coldness of the water and air. I was the dark, black rose of the patch meaning I was the shadow of the other citizens that flead off the streets and into building complexes like mice scattering away from a hungry cat, soon enough I was the only one who was left out on the streets which was quite enjoyable if you ask me.

    The lovely sounds of thunder or in my words "God clapping his hands" filled my ears making me smile slightly on how much power was used to create such a work of art, The blinding white light that strikes down from the sky was a bonus. I was a beast that stands at the shocking height of five foot tweleve and only weighed a hundred and seventeen pounds. My slender body was a perfect fit for a supermodel and my dark locks had that beautiful rich darknesss with every strand descended down to my lower back. A black fedora rested on my head while casting a dark shadow over my soft, pale toned face as if I was yet again a child with a warm, soft heart that was soon devoured by the darkness itself. The darkned clouds twisted over my head as the world kept on spinning and spinning on it's axis like a basketball spinning on a person's finger but just in a slower pace.

    My steps were taken at a silent approach as if I was a silent panther stalking my meal which so happens to be a mouse before pouncing and ripping it's head off with my strong power teeth. A delicate tune played in my mind and it was so soft and lovely that I decided to hum it out. My voice was smooth, and beautiful, it was so strong and lovely that it echoed throughout the silent streets and over the sounds of the rain crashing down on the concrete, it seemed as if I was putting a powerful trance on the many people that lived here in order for them to become my slaves. My dark trench coat fluttered within the massive push and pulls of the wind as if the cold hands were ripping me away from my body and finally taking my very soul but yet I am still walking and breathing correctly. I was of course titled as the gorgeous nightmare by the people which I highly accepted. Was it just because of my shadow like appearance or was it because of my strange doings, I never came down to the slightest conclusion.

    I stopped at the door of this little bookstore before looking through the window from the outside and read off the tiltles of many books that were up for display and smirked at many while seeing them being based off of immortality. Instead of just gazing from the outside I decided to move into the inside. The small bell of the door gave off a high-pitched ring as my hand pushed open the door and I stepped in as the door closed behind me. My eyes were hidden behind many locks of my hair and my small smile held that darkness of a immortal grin. "Greetings." I said while entering further into the small store, the tone of my voice was rather soft, and innocent but had the hint of darkness behind it that sent chills down anyone's spine. My right hand reached up to my head before grabbing one end of the fedora then removed it from my head while exposing my beautiful hair. I then moved towards the back before finding myself in between two selves of fictional books. As I walked scanning the different colored books my fingertips ran across the spines of each and everyone.

    Water droplets dripped from the ends of my hair as I wondered aimlessly around the store while looking at the different sized and colored books. My black tight skinny jeans were soaked in water and the form fitted dress that hid behind my button up coat remained safe.
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  16. "Yes, Cael. A cup of tea would be most appreciated..." Gwyn murmured at his new hired 'help' over his shoulder while he listened to the boy in the eye patch in front of him have a minor meltdown about a soggy book. He wanted to yell out to Cael to empty the entire alcohol cabinet into the tea cup as well. A good stiff drink sounded like a good idea. Somewhere behind him the two 'women' were ... bickering. Sorceresses! He hadn't gone to Yale to deal with Sorceresses! Though that was what his ten year journey around the world had prepared him for... Supposedly. Not really.

    Gwyn grabbed the book out of Eric's hands and gave him a little smile. "Just a little water damage, it's not terrible or ruined." He looked at the name on the spine. He didn't keep the more ... eccentric books out and about on the common shelves. "If you'll give me a moment, I'll go get a copy for you." Gwyn gave the boy a bright smile and taking the book with him, went off to his store room.

    A scant few minutes later, Gwyn came back with an undamaged version of the same book and handed the book over. "You're lucky. That was the last copy I had in stock. Do you need anything else? That'll be..." Gwyn considered for a moment. "With bringing the other book in. Hmm. Thirty dollars. And let me wrap the book up for you, it's raining cats and dogs out there." The book was snatched away again and Gwyn went to his counter to wrap the book up.

    How had his Godmother talked him into taking over a bookstore?

    Oh right.

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  17. I continued scanning through the many paged books while a smirk curled upon my lips. Reading the titles off the spines of each one was what made the book sound fascinating. I came to a dead stop in the middle of the aisle as my fingertips landed on a blood colored book, The tiles reads Tormented with the author's name down closer to the bottom end. The book itself was eye capturing so instead of passing it by my fingers trailed up to the top before grabbing the books top end and pulled it out from the shelf. I stared at the book for a few minutes before flipping the blank red cover and stared at the many words on the front page that gives out the true information about the book and when it was published, where it was published ect. The book was published down in London and was published within the year of Nineteen Ninety Eight. I flipped to the next page before reading off the table of contents and then I flipped to the next before reading off a few sentence off the first chapter. "Interesting. . " I mumbled while I continued to scan through the first chapter of the glorious book, while reading I was also debating on weather I should purchase this book or not since I did take reading serious from time to time but sometimes it was my only way of getting entertainment.
  18. Anxiety continued to claw at Eric's throat as even more people filled the shop. He looked outside to see the dismal rain, running steadily against the glass in a never ending torrent. He felt his throat begin to close over and looked for a place to sit, just as Gwyn returned with a copy of the book. He accepted it gratefully, not even flinching at the price. It was a bargain compaired to what he was certain his father would have made him pay. An arm and a leg was not even a joking expression to the young halfling. 'Thank you, I'm grateful. Maybe I can return the favour somehow?' He asked, seeing Gwyn's concealed tension. Eric was rather good at reading people, and he could tell, somehow over his own rising anxiety, that this many people was a comfort to no one, not even the owner. How could it be? It was beginning to become a mad house. He reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet. 'You ever get that feeling that the world is just trying to push you to the limit and watch you snap?' He wondered out loud, as he followed Gwyn to the counter, handing over the money with a grateful smile. The concern about what his father would do to him had lessened greatly, and along with it, some of the anxiety had eased.

    He still felt something tighten in his chest though, like a dragon hand tight around his heart, making it difficult to breathe. His skin began to tighten around him, itching, feeling incredibly uncomfortable. God, not now. Now was not the time. He tried to calm down, but to no avail. The pain in his chest was still there, making it harder to breathe. He looked at the owner. 'I don't suppose.. I could beg a glass of water off you? Anxiety attacks, you see.' He flashed a weak smile, trying all the while to steady his breathing. There was too much happening. he could hear the women quarreling, smell the scents of the different customers, it came in waves, sights, sounds, smells, all bombarding him at once. Stop it. stop it. He wanted to scream, his head felt close to bursting. Pain shot through his body, then just like that, it stopped. He looked at his hands, at his feet, saw his reflection in the glass of the window. He was still himself? That made no sense. He'd never been able to stop a transformation before.
  19. Stepping back from Gwyn's side with a certain sense of confidence that filled his chest, like a balloon suddenly filled with air, he took the dismissive words as kind and had already begun turning away to make the tea when the young man who had approached Gwyn asked the bookkeep for a glass of water. Of all the things to do when Cael had just announced his intention to go make tea for the man...

    Electing not to say anything and to instead do his very best at playing nicely with the customers so Gwyn might allow him to help out front sometimes, Cael straightened and continued his retreat. For one with rudimentary skills with magic and alchemy, it was not difficult to brew a quick mug of tea. The herbs had already been bundled together and n invigorating blend of ginger and lemongrass would be just the thing to put some pep in the older man's step. Or so Cael hoped, anyway.

    A bit of water from the tap, a wooden strainer for the herbs, and a little fire made of pure will and there was a merrily bubbling cup of tea in just under a minute. The herbs needed longer to infuse but to Cael's knowledge, Gwyn didn't take sugar in his tea. Something about wanting to eat brownies and not wasting calories on sweet tea, if he recalled correctly. Priorities.

    With the hot mug in hand and a renewed determination to be nice to everyone in the bookshop, Cael emerged from the back again with a bit more confidence, though he quickly found his way to Gwyn's side once more. He didn't even care that he seemed to have missed some of the conversation in his brief absence.
  20. I gave off a silent yawn while reading a few more pages further as if I was gathering information from a criminal file, just then after a few minutes passed I decided to purchase the book for many reasons such as to entertain myself and also to read just because I enjoy reading on my spare time. I closed the cover of the book as I turned on my heels and started walking out from behind the shelves and sighed as the wetness of water and the cold ac finally made me shiver but not as much since I been through worse weather conditions. As I finally made my appearance more noticeable I walked towards the check out to only witness a male being having a mental issue which made a slight smile appear on my face because in a way it was kind of funny but it was interesting to watch as well. I remained silent while trying to make myself more polite then usual that was when my head started to slowly hang off from my shoulders before a quiet giggle escaped my lips. Of course I was one of those types that laughed at anything embarrassing or simply laughed at anything out of the ordinary since I knew what it must have felt for the others who were experiencing it at the time. I waited in line while watching the male figure freak out. My head was high enough to actually see what was happening only two people in front of me. I couldn't help but laugh my heart out, my laughter escaped my lips as it boomed throughout the little shop I had to lift my left hand up to my mouth before covering it to make it stop bfore anyone cold notice my rudeness but to me it was just to funny to witness.
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