The Third Liberty War ( 'East Europe'-Styled Revolution RP )

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    Brief RP Introduction

    The Kevoltanian Federation is stronger than it has ever been, though that still renders it globally insignificant. Having recently doubled in size after the rise of power of the National Unionist Party, and the establishment of a single-party state, Kevoltania has overextended itself, and its resources; the NUP has itself overstayed its welcome in the eyes of many. However, a strong contingent of hard-right and fascist support, interplayed with the militarised and secret polices, have not permitted anything from changing.


    The Kevoltanian People, ethnically or nationalistically theirs, have long struggled under the yoke of oppression from rule they deemed illegitimate. When they were scattered tribes prior the middle ages, they endured. When they were conquered and gathered, they endured. When they were pushed under the thumb of eastern empires in the renaissance, they endured. When they gained freedom in the collapse, only to be bullied be former oppressed companions, they endured. Under crown, under god, under siege, they endured.

    Now they are under the gaze and horns of a Storm Bull, and they will endure.

    Endure long enough to see the Storm end, and the Bull castrated.

    Brief RP Overview

    The Third Liberty War is a RP set in a fictional Eastern European style nation, the Kevoltanian* Federation*, racked by instability since its birth. In the northern town of Hangman's Valley*, the quasi-idealistic farmlands and quaint mines have begun to lose their glimmer under the boots of fascists, as their untapped resources are required to fuel the state's growing war machine.

    You will play the part of a citizen of the ethnically diverse Hangman's Valley, and take part in a growing set of resistances against the National Unionist Party*, as they increase both militarised police and secret police in the area. Peaceful protests will give way to sabotage and assassination until the region, and the nation, find themselves in the titular revolutionary war.

    Your characters in this RP will not, however, be the leaders of the revolution. They will not be the grand strategists, or the masterful warriors. They will be but people. Simple people, enduring through myriad hells trying to survive and make things better for their children and folk for the future than they have had it. While your role in the revolution will ultimately be critical, it is not because you are at the controls of the machine- you are its cogs.

    Decisions you make, actions you take, people you convince one way or the other, will affect your contribution to the fledgling resistance unto its birth into revolution. However, much as your actions will empower your saviours, it will also direct the course of the state to try to stop you.

    Will you be able to uphold the long tradition of valiance against oppression that is the heritage of the land, uniting in solidarity against the fascists, or will you succumb to the tyranny of the Storm Bull, wavering as your banners become little more than bloodied rags?

    Out of Character Information

    This RP is based on an idea of mine from about four years ago. It's not going to be some grand journey, more character driven struggle. Posting will be done on a once-per-week basis, minimum. Tuesdays are my reliable day off of work, and so that is the day I will be posting and progressing things. I will be having a co-vice-semi-gubernatorial-GM, @Lucina, who will be helping me maintain this schedule and doling out the IC punishments for failing to keep on schedule.

    If you are regularly able to be on schedule, but have a rough and incredibly busy week- let me know before my post so there will be less of a problem. I am more than willing to work things through with peeps to keep this going as it'll be my first RP in quite some time.

    Other notes!

    The character sheet is being refined still so I can't show it off but the three major things of note are
    1- you don't get to pick your character's name. Your name will be assigned if you are accepted, based upon choices made in other parts of your sheet, character ethnicity, and general desired name meaning if any.
    2- combat is such a minor nothing part of the character sheet or character information, we're not gonna be doing fighting for a while, beyond maybe a couple of brawls, do not be expecting that
    3- as can be seen from 2, there's gonna maybe probably be some sort of simple skill system to cover occupational, educational, traditional, and hobby-based skills available to your character. You won't be good at everything, and more likely than not won't be good at fighting.
    4- 2 and 3 may be discarded and a more mundane character sheet used with guidelines instead of rules. I'm still probably going to keep 1 around just for 'internal cultural consistency'.

    Okay I think that's all.
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  3. Okie-doke.
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  4. This sounds really interesting. I would be willing to participate if you are willing to accept me.
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  5. You know, sure why not i'm up for this.
  6. Elly, you can post more propaganda now.
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  8. This is something that both sparks my interest and should go at a speed I can handle. I'm in.

    On another note, I want to know where all these propaganda pictures come from.
  9. @Elendra made them herself.
    It's pretty neat.
  10. I mean they're just edits of soviet propaganda.
  11. k.
  12. Working on finishing OOC. In the meanwhile, enjoy a map of Hangman's Valley.
  13. Fantastic! As soon as I get a chance, I will work on the CS sheet and see if I can get one approved. Thanks. ^.^
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