The Third Liberty War: Black Scarfs, Red Flags, Unite and Rise!

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    • Brief RP Introduction

      The Kevoltanian Federation is stronger than it has ever been, though that still renders it globally insignificant. Having recently doubled in size after the rise of power of the National Unionist Party, and the establishment of a single-party state, Kevoltania has overextended itself, and its resources; the NUP has itself overstayed its welcome in the eyes of many. However, a strong contingent of hard-right and fascist support, interplayed with the militarised and secret polices, have not permitted anything from changing.


      The Kevoltanian People, ethnically or nationalistically theirs, have long struggled under the yoke of oppression from rule they deemed illegitimate. When they were scattered tribes prior the middle ages, they endured. When they were conquered and gathered, they endured. When they were pushed under the thumb of eastern empires in the renaissance, they endured. When they gained freedom in the collapse, only to be bullied be former oppressed companions, they endured. Under crown, under god, under siege, they endured.

      Now they are under the gaze and horns of a Storm Bull, and they will endure.

      Endure long enough to see the Storm end, and the Bull castrated.

      Brief RP Overview

      The Third Liberty War is a RP set in a fictional Eastern European style nation, the Kevoltanian* Federation*, racked by instability since its birth. In the northern town of Hangman's Valley*, the quasi-idealistic farmlands and quaint mines have begun to lose their glimmer under the boots of fascists, as their untapped resources are required to fuel the state's growing war machine.

      You will play the part of a citizen of the ethnically diverse Hangman's Valley*, and take part in a growing set of resistances against the National Unionist Party*, as they increase both militarised police and secret police in the area. Peaceful protests will give way to sabotage and assassination until the region, and the nation, find themselves in the titular revolutionary war.

      Your characters in this RP will not, however, be the leaders of the revolution. They will not be the grand strategists, or the masterful warriors. They will be but people. Simple people, enduring through myriad hells trying to survive and make things better for their children and folk for the future than they have had it. While your role in the revolution will ultimately be critical, it is not because you are at the controls of the machine- you are its cogs.

      Decisions you make, actions you take, people you convince one way or the other, will affect your contribution to the fledgling resistance unto its birth into revolution. However, much as your actions will empower your saviours, it will also direct the course of the state to try to stop you.

      Will you be able to uphold the long tradition of valiance against oppression that is the heritage of the land, uniting in solidarity against the fascists, or will you succumb to the tyranny of the Storm Bull, wavering as your banners become little more than bloodied rags?
    • Kevoltania is a tribe.

      Kevoltania is part of a Harkine Kingdom.

      Kevoltania's kingdom is conquered by the Rongolese.

      Kevoltania's kingdom endures until the Rongolese collapse / assimilate.

      Kevoltania's kingdom fights Ozelczeks for religious reasons.

      Kevoltania’s kingdom is conquered by the Zidareli.

      Kevoltania’s conquerer fights long war, is defeated, conquered lands are released independent.

      Kevoltania became an independent kingdom.

      Industrial revolution and liberalisation brings about the Black Scarf Rebellion / First Liberty War.

      It goes poorly; monarchy victory.

      Kevoltania is weak, gets attacked by Ozelczek, loses a lot of territory. 'Two Summers War'.

      Yukton has successful liberal revolution, begins to back the Black Scarfs.

      Kevoltania has a Second Liberty War. Revolutionary success, Kevoltania becomes a Republic.

      World War breaks out amongst super powers, drawing Kevoltania's protector away- Republic is attacked by Ozelczek once more, though receives some nominal help from the Luscovites.

      Political power changes hands as Republic can't hold off their enemy. Ultimately a 'white peace' declared, though it is a huge morale loss to the Republic. No faith in their government.

      Post World War, Ultra-Nationalists gain power, Kevoltanian Republic becomes single party state, the Kevoltania Federation, declares and wins revanchist war against Ozelczek, doubles size of nation and militarises sharply.

      Post expansionism, discontent abounds, the nationalist party can't maintain order and old liberal and new leftist ideas begin to propagate. Ideas propagate in defiance of strict policing and growingly cruel policies meant to encourage and utilise racial tensions.


          Name: DESIRED MEANING

          Ethnicity: ETHNIC CHOICE ONLY
          Religion: RELIGIOUS CHOICE ONLY
          Home: HOME CHOICE ONLY

          Equipment List:
          • THINGS
          • MORE THINGS
          • SO MANY THINGS

        • History: STORY SO FAR IN SHORT

          Ethnicity: DETAILS IF ANY

          Religion: DETAILS IF ANY

          Class: DETAILS IF ANY

          Home: DETAILS IF ANY

      1. Struggle. Your characters will not effortlessly overcome the obstacles, whether they be the state or those loyal to it. Be prepared to fail.
      2. Unite. Your characters will be reliant not only on each other, but on the NPCs. Work together if you want things to go well.
      3. Prevail. Your characters will not be the linchpins of the revolution, but through their actions, whether your characters prevail themselves, you will push forward the group.
      4. POST. Post once a week, a paragraph will do. Do a collab, do it solo, do it early, or do it last minute. Just do it. More is okay, and collabs are great for going through a lot of dialogue fast.
      5. INFORM. If you cannot post, let us know ahead of time! Tuesdays are my days off and when I will be posting so try to get either a post or a note about your situation in before then!
      6. Names. You will be given one based on your character sheet if you are accepted.
      7. Death. Your character may die, or be otherwise incapacitated. Due to the episodic and long spanning timeline of the RP, new characters are fine, and recovering from things that are terrible can occur as well. That said, if I post that you died, you probably died. I will not be doing that will-nilly. That'd be thematically inappropriate!

      • Ethnicity and Culture
        1. Kevoltanian. A hardworking people, tan skin, green eyes, brown hair. The most common ethnicity within Kevoltania, and afforded privileges by the state over other ethnic groups.
        2. Luscovite. A straight-faced people, pale skin, blond hair, blue eyes. Stereotyped as being excellent spies and secret keepers. Sometimes called 'ghosts' for their complexion.
        3. Yukton. A compassionate people, pale skin, brown hair, blue eyes. Charitable and 'kind to a fault', though their naivety is more heard of than actually occurs. Discrimination is becoming a problem.
        4. Ozelczek. A strong-willed people, red hair, pale skin, brown eyes. Surrounded on all sides by those who they've fought for ages, they've never relented. Discriminated against.
        5. Zidareli. A studious people, black hair, brown eyes, ruddy skin. Once conquered the region from the South East. Have three established social genders; male, female, and harmony. Harmony is said to be both male and female at once, having harmony with oneself. Discriminated against.
        6. Puraganov. A liberated people, red hair, blue eyes, ruddy skin. Nomadic people frequently thought of as mongrel thieves. Have three established social genders; male, female, and primal. Primal is non-binary, said to derive from the true gender of the Primordial Dragon. Discriminated against.
        7. Harkine. A traditionalist people, ruddy skin, green eyes, brown hair. Thought to be the people from whom the original Kevoltanians came from. Commonly cited as why Kevoltanians are great. A privileged group.
        8. Romgolese. A competitive people, tan skin, black hair, brown eyes. Once conquered the region from the east before assimilating more or less. Usually involved in trade or athletics now. Discriminated against.
        9. Sidish. An enduring people, black hair, brown eyes, pale skin. Heavily discriminated against, by more than Kevoltanians. Not many people like them, and many conspiracy theories abound. Usually found in infrequent upper class treasury related positions or in the lowest ghettos.
        10. Wailuccan. A passionate people, black hair, brown eyes, dark skin. Formerly slaves of the Zidareli, they are still discriminated against. Discrimination is resurging after waning during the prior Liberty Wars for their contributions.
        11. Eifir. A celebrated people, black hair, green eyes, dark skin. Another former slave caste of the Zidareli, they are treated better than the Wailuccans mostly due to circumstance and due to the popularity of their art. Beginning to be discriminated against due to ties to Reshanto.

      • Religion
        1. Orthodox Spasitylism. The most common faith in Kevoltania, worships a very musical God known sometimes simply as Music. Music birthed through singing and playing of many complicated instruments. The song creates and sustains the universe. Some time in the past the Conductor lost the sheets of music to the world and sent an emissary to recover them. This saviour who recovered them so the music would continue is for whom the faith is named.
        2. United Spasitylism. This and Orthodox Spasitylism split some time ago over whether God was more the Music, the Musician- Conductor or Composer. Holds God as a Composer with Choirs who sing his works into being. Holders of this faith are persecuted.
        3. Reformed Spasitylism. Holds a middleground between the other two main faiths of Spasitylism- God is both music and musician. However, from this faith came the idea of oneness with God through music that is seen poorly by the other two major denominations. Holders of this faith are persecuted.
        4. Storm Spasitylism. A hybridisation of Kevoltanian Paganism with Spasitylism, taking elements of the Storm Bull and combining them with the Spasitylist God. The music of the universe is more percussive; the beating of the Storm Bull's hooves the loudest music.
        5. Sidaesh. Practised almost exclusively by the Sidish, it's an old faith predating Spasitylism and Narikatism. There are many rules for living a good life within it to make one's heart beat with the flow of the universe. God is usually seen similar to a conductor. Holders of this faith are persecuted.
        6. Zidar Narikatism. A much younger faith than Spasitylism, Narikatism holds that at some point in the past, the Music died. This is usually cited as the time of Spasitylism's split into two main denominations, or when Spasitylism split from Sidaesh. Narikatism holds that through our own songs we recreate the Music and may revive God. The Zidar branch of Narikatism holds that the death of music and the loss of the music are the same event, just misunderstood by those of other faiths. Holders of this faith are persecuted. Has three established social genders; male, female, and harmony. Harmony is said to be both male and female at once, having harmony with oneself.
        7. Kevoltanian Pagan Revivalism. Based upon ancient myth and folklore, and given some power from Storm Spasitylism, Kevoltanian Paganism has seen some revival. In particular worship of the Storm Bull, which the state represents or embodies. The Storm Bull is notably violent, determined, and uncompromising.
        8. Kevoltanian Pagan Revisionism. A reaction to the revitalisation of Kevoltanian Paganism. Instead of glorifying the Storm Bull, it glorifies the Primordial Dragon and family. Has three established social genders; male, female, and primal. Primal is non-binary, said to derive from the true gender of the Primordial Dragon. The Primordial Dragon is charming, crafty, but inadvertently destructive by nature.
        9. Reshtano. A faith built upon selflessness and giving unto others. Mostly practised by the Eifir. It is heavily critical of violence and any hate.
        10. Atheism. What it says on the tin.

      • Social Class
        1. Labourer. A low class, labourers are akin to Farmers and Ranchers in some ways, though they do not own their land when they are. When they aren't, they toil the land in mines or logging camps if they're lucky. You are of this class if you must work the lands you do not own.
        2. Worker. A low class, workers are similar to labourers, save they work in industry instead of the environment. Driving rails, building weapons or tools in factories they do not own. You are of this class if you toil away in such a way.
        3. Criminal. A low class. You will know if you belong to it.
        4. Artisan. A middle class. You work as the worker does, save instead of factories you labour in a workshop. Your work is too advanced to be done en masse, yet. Or perhaps just too expensive to be done as such. You are of this class if you work in such a way.
        5. Farmer. A middle class. You work the land and may have people below you in your employ or just your family. You have some land to your name, and with it you bring food and maybe some profit.
        6. Fisher. A middle class, deemed luxurous by some for whom fishing is a hobby. With or without a boat, they harvest from the lakes and rivers. You are of this class if that is how you make your living.
        7. Merchant. A middle class. You do not own the store in which you work, but you handle the day to day. Customer service, stocking, cleaning, keeping the thing running for your managers. You are of this class if this is your living.
        8. Clergy. Along with Artists and Intelligentsia, Clergy sit in a strange social class. Usually their jobs are only afforded to the privileged, but their station is seeing less approval by the state and finding things harder for themselves. Clergy of non-state faiths are even lower on the list. You are of this class if you hold a predominantly religious position.
        9. Artist. Along with Intelligentsia and Clergy, Artists sit in a strange social class. By the populace they are widely celebrated, but the state discourages them as they deviate too much from the drums of war, so to speak. State approved artists are given privileges while those who aren't are held in contempt. You are of this class if you live off of or for your art.
        10. Intelligentsia. Along with Clergy and Artists, Intelligentsia sit in a strange social class. Once the head of revolutionary movements, the N.U.P. has now put them as frivolous things. Unless, of course, they help develop new weapons and industrial technology. You are of this class if you have attended higher education than is normally afforded the population.

      • Home Within the Valley
        Can't be from one with an asterisk next to it. They are included for completionist's sake.
        1. Old Town. The historical Hangman's Valley, centred around the burned down husk of a church, the statue of gallows rests there originally referring to one of the saints of Orthodox Spasitylism, it now also refers to the Black Scarfs. This part of town is in some disrepair, with most state funding going to Down and Uptown instead of Old Town.
        2. Downtown. The 'industrial backbone' of Hangman's Valley. Protected from the outside by the Western Outpost, it houses many factories of different types, and a variety of docks using the waters to ship things to Uptown and out of the region through the rails.
        3. Uptown. The newest part of Hangman's Valley, Uptown connects directly to the rail and the Devil's Ditch canal connects it to the natural waterways of the valley to easily facilitate trade. Upper class people of the town live here. The current administration resides within Uptown, and it is closely protected by the military base of Minos' Gate.
        4. Black Gulch. Dark soil and clear waters define Black Gultch. The rivers and lakes are also known for their Blackmarket, though that seems mostly coincidental.
        5. Old Estate. An abandoned mansion, surrounded by overgrown farmland and wetland. Legend has it that the hill the mansion is built upon was an ancient temple that as the estate has become, was simply overgrown by the environment. Misty place, popular with the Puraganov and those friendly to them.
        6. West Farms. Farmlands west of the Old Estate.
        7. Valley Farms. Farmlands south of the Old Estate.
        8. East Farms. Farmlands east of the Old Estate.
        9. Blackstone Mine. The first mining town offshoot of Hangman's Valley. It's very old now, but still sees quite a bit of use. Estimates vary on just how deep it's gotten now. It's the sole remaining civilian dominated mine in Hangman's Valley.
        10. Dragon's Teeth Mine*. After the discovery of a particularly valuable mineral vein, the N.U.P. established Dragon's Teeth to help reinforce their war machine.
        11. Debtor's North Mine*. A misleading lie of a name, the North Mine has mostly been used for forced labour from convicts and political prisoners. Societal debts rather than monetary ones, is the argument.
        12. Gallow's Dam*. Gallow's Dam is a Hydroelectric Plant. It provides all of the power for Hangman's Valley's electrical needs, replacing older plants in Old and Downtown. It also houses a small quasi-military base. Corporate private security funded by the state.

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  2. [BCOLOR=transparent][Age:32]
    Gender: MALE
    Name: DESIRED MEANING: Friend or ally (I'm going to use my own name as a place holder as it has the meaning I want)

    Ethnicity: Luscovite
    Religion: Atheism
    Class: Artist
    Home: Old Estate
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Equipment List:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]​
    • Guitar
    • Father's pocket watch
    • Mother's wedding ring. (she told him to find a nice wife days before she died)
    • Misc. other things. (Guitar strings, tuning equipment ect ect)
    History: Dakota has grown up around this nation, his family rarely stayed in one place as his father was a laborer along with his mother. As he grew he was exposed to almost all of the peoples of Kevoltania and as such most prejudices that are formed against certain groups don't exist in him.

    Ethnicity: He is descended from Luscovites.

    Religion: Dakota's parents were...stifling to say the least when it came to faith, he hated it, he saw how people like his father and mother suffered unduly then prayed to a god that neither listened or seemed to care for them or anyone else so when he went out on his own he believed that rather then looking to some ungrateful god he would look to himself and his fellow Kevoltanian. It is not uncommon for him to utter the words "No gods only man." when asked why he is an Atheist.

    Class: Early on in Dakota's life he showed a talent for the arts, whether they were singing, writing, drawing or playing an instrument. Though his best skill is playing the acoustic guitar and making music with his hands and voice, the state sees him oddly as some of his music is littered with what seems to be anti government messages while at the same time being very pro Kevoltania.

    Home: Dakota found his home in Old Estate, finding the area around it and the environment itself calming and it also helps him make his songs. Many of the Puraganov there are suspicious of him as he is a Luscovite and many think he is a spy for the government.
  3. Steel Industry man

    • [​IMG]
      Something recognising that he is of pride and of strength.
      Old Town
      Equipment List:
      • A Sledgehammer
      • A Googles
      • A dirty hard helmet
      • Some minor tools (wrenches, measuring tape, etc.) in a toolbox

    • History:
      This person was born and raised in Hangman's valley. He lived with a poor family that went from farming to working in a factory. Being a Yukton that worshiped Reshanto, he faced heavy discrimination. He just wanted to get by. He works at a steel mill, though he isn't there to contribute to society, but to make a living

      Both of his parents were Yuktons, he's a Yukton.

      As his parents worshipped Reshanto, he would worship it as well. However, his worship in it isn't as strong as his parents’. He has flipped and cursed at people off before, a lot actually. Yet, he is still believes in giving to others.
      This person’s parents were one of those that went from farming to the city during the 2nd industrial revolution. They were the type of people to have their children do the job they do. As they worked in the steel industry now, their son was taught the ways of making steel. He’s fine with his job, but he does want to get a job one day with a better pay.
      The industrial worker had to stay close to his work. He doesn't have the money for a motor vehicle, nor the resources to keep a horse. Old Town was the best spot for him then, as it is next to the heart of the industrial area. He's lived there ever since he moved out of his parent’s home. The conditions of his house may not be nice, but they're adequate.
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