The Thingy Game v1

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  1. Special thanks to the original creators of The Thingy Game back in the Brackenwood forums. You guys are awesome.

    But yes, The Thingy Game! This is a game where you do what you can to capture The Thingy! Steal The Thingy from the previous poster in whatever devious way you see fit! Whoever holds The Thingy by the beginning of the next page (post 21, post 41, etc.) is declared the winner of that round and will choose where to place The Thingy and kick off the next round. Whoever wins the most rounds by page 10 wins the thread!

    Ground Rules
    - The Thingy is Indestructible. Eating The Thingy will result in severe constipation.
    - You cannot place The Thingy in an "unreachable" place.
    - You may maim each other in the process of obtaining The Thingy, but thou shalt not kill!
    - No nukes/black holes/world-ending maneuvers. We need someplace to play. :(​

    More rules will be added as needed.

    Round Winners
    1. ?
    Now let's get this party started!


    Shenorai enters a shrine and places The Thingy upon a stone pedestal, being careful not to trigger the pressure trap it sits upon. She then quietly tiptoes out of the room.
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  2. Minibit waits until Shenorai has left to place a pre-prepared weight equal to that of the thingy on the pressure plate as she lifts it off

    Retreating victoriously from the temple, Minibit backtracks to the pit of vipers she drugged with sleeping powder beforehand. Settling the thingy in the centre of the snake pit, she scuttles off just as they start to awaken
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  3. Employing the help of freerunning skills, Laggy Lagiacrus jumps into the pit, grabs the thingy, and clambers out again - all in one fluid motion. Laggy Lagiacrus begins tiptoeing around the pressure plates, having memorised what triggers what, and where.
  4. With a quick snap of the wrist, Shenorai whips a pebble at one of the pressure plates, triggering an arrow trap. The arrow knocks The Thingy away from Laggy, sending it tumbling across several more pressure plates as it rolls through the hall! Shen snatches The Thingy and drops through a trap door, sliding down slippery pipes leading to a nearby river!
  5. Peregrine, sitting by the river, feels the Thingy land on her head. She picks it up curiously, before tucking it into a pocket.