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  1. "Please my lady, it's not too late to change your mind." The maid looked worried at the princess whom was dressing up in commoners clothing, ready to sneak out from the castle.

    "Stop worrying so much, no one will know who I am. And I'll be back before the sun goes down. My father will never know I was gone." The princess said calmly as she put up her blonde hair in a tail. "I'll be fine, I promise." She continued to say as she turned to the maid, giving her a reassuring smile. It had been a selfish request. She should not be outside the castle walls alone after all. If anyone knew that her chamber maid had helped her to disguise herself and even found a secret passage out of the castle for her, then she would be punished. That's why Victoria had to make sure she wasn't caught. It was one thing if she got herself into trouble with her father, but she wouldn't give the one whom had taken care of her for half her life such misfortune.

    "Be careful out there, don't speak to strangers. If anyone seems suspicious, walk away without drawing attention to yourself. And..."
    "I know that." Victoria interrupted. Strangely enough she weren't irritated with the constant nagging about how dangerous it might be out there, and that she had to be careful. Maybe because it reminded her of her mother. Always worrying for her well being even when she weren't going to do anything dangerous. She missed those moments. Ever since her mother fell ill a year earlier, she had not been able to speak nor move very much. She was barely hanging on to life.

    With a last goodbye, the princess left her chamber maid and went down to the underground tunnels beneath the castle. They were extremely dark and it was slightly hard to breath, but at least it was easy to find the way. Eventually she came to the end of the tunnel and she opened the secret passage out to the fresh air. The tunnel had ended just a bit away from town. She could guess that it had been an escape rout created after the riot against king Olaf the third three hundred years earlier. Since there were no other function to them than going through them, that was the only explanation to their existence as far as she could imagine.

    Victoria started to walk and it didn't take long for her to reach the town. It seemed just as lively as she had imagined it to be. Children was playing around on the street, people were doing their work or chatting with their friends. Everyone seemed to be having fun that particular day. At least where she was, which probably had something to do with those street performers that had come into town. They were playing music, they were dancing, they were doing magic tricks. It seemed like they had something for everyone to enjoy. Mesmerized, it took her a while to notice the guard that walked around. But when she did she panicked. She couldn't be seen by the palace guards. What if they recognized her?

    She didn't run, but she did walk with quick steps, looking backwards much more than forward. Just when she couldn't see the guards anymore she ended up walking into someone and almost fell as a consequence, but somehow were able to regain her balance just in time. "I am so very sorry. I forgot to watch were I was going." She apologized to the man she had bumped into.
  2. The pirate had been up through the night at the helm of his ship. He didn't need to, no of course not, even if the wind wasn't on their side through the night, he could have retired to his cabin and slept well before they docked leaving his first mate in charge, or allowing the wind to take her course. If he did that though, he wouldn't have an excuse to try to skip out in the first of several days they'd be expected to stick in town. Aharon Wolfe had been a pirate near his whole life, growing up on the ship he now commanded. He'd preferred to stay aboard, though he didn't mind biding his time a bit with the right lass, their destination wasn't one that appealed to him so much.

    Nobles, the bloody nabobs, strutting about like peacocks on a parade showing off any and everything they thoughts seemed worthy of praise. He'd ignore that he himself, though not in the same way, tended to seem similar in more ways that he'd care to admit. Often did the pirate take over a ship merely for the sport of it, or to watch the reaction he got as he took something that the class he loathed held so high. Rarely did he keep the ships he stole, preferring his own, but he'd no qualms with selling it for a pretty coin. He'd gained the title Sea Wolf in his early years as captain, his own crew calling him Capt'n Wolfe rather than Aharon, save for his first mate, but the pirate had more the appearance of a lion. Fiery tresses that fell passed his shoulders looked much too like a mane, set off by eyes the color of the sky on a clear day. A square jawline and high cheekbones, it wasn't hard to guess where his ancestors came from, though he'd rarely ever visited..his only reason for doing so tending to mean seeing someone he didn't wish to see along the way.

    "Yer not getting outta going to shore with such a lame excuse, Aharon." Seamus sighed, shaking his head as the feigned look of half asleep half awake seemed to fade from his captain to turn to a scowl. "Isn't the first mate 'sposed to listen to the capt'n, not the other way 'round?" He questioned in turn, feigning a frown now. Seamus had always been his balance, when he'd go too far, it was his first mate that could stop him or keep him from going beyond just reckless. "A nag ye are, if I wanted a wife, I'd get married." At this, Seamus rolled his eyes, Aharon Wolfe was known for having many woman, but held no commitment with any of them, not one even carrying title of mistress or even something less. The pirate taking on a wife sounding all the more ridiculous.

    "Leaving your ship a few days won't kill you. You turn to right arse when you keep holed up rather than your usual carousing." With that, it seemed his first mate was finished with the argument, while Aharon would complain at any chance he could, it was merely to irritate his old friend in turn. At least now, he could blame his second command dragging him along for his spending his time in the pubs drinking the next few days away while his crew restocked his ship and got their fill of women before their next voyage.

    An hour later and the pirate was going through the town with his first mate, for the moment, they were surveying the town. It was always wise to get an idea of the layout should things go wrong. "Looks like we picked a hell of a day..." Aharon complained over the crowded streets, it'd be his luck there was some sort of event going on that'd make it irritating to get around and the large stature of the captain, and the wild look he had to him made him feel he stood out. The pirate didn't mind risk, but he wasn't in the mood to have to deal with the risk of a hanging because someone found him suspicious looking among others. It was times like this, at least, he was glad that his old friend didn't call him the same way his crew did, it made it too easy to recognize him if a name was put to him.

    "A performance? Watch your gold mate." He smirked to Seamus, in his experience the sort seemed to be no better than pirates with their thieving. It'd been why he'd assume someone running in to him had been some trick, his already displeased expression darkening to a threatening glare. She spoke before he could though, the threatening look disappearing in an instant, he knew before even looking down the woman that spoke was beautiful. He flashed one of his more charming smiles. "Not at all, little one, I'd say I was at fault as well, too busy watching such a show to look what's around me." He took a moment to steal a chance to take in her appearance, careful his gaze didn't linger too long. Mayhap...he'd already found his entertainment for the next few dull days on land. Though she no longer stood unsteady, he moved a hand to her shoulder as if she way. "Are ye alright, love?"
  3. As Victoria looked up she was met by two beautiful sky blue eyes which almost made her own grass green eyes look like weed in her opinion. Few would be able to compete against such a pure color. It was only at second glance when she actually took in his appearance completely. The man did stand out in the crowd, especially with that mane of his. The princess had already guessed that he weren't from town, or at least was fairly new to it. Or perhaps it was as simple as he simply didn't care what people said about him, thus he continued in his own fashion day out and day in. That could very well be true too.

    His words took her aback slightly. Did he just address her as love? She was forced to remind herself that she weren't in the palace any longer and that people might say unusual things. especially so close to the dock where many foreigners would be while their ships was lasting on or off items.

    It took her seconds before she had collected her thoughts enough to answer the mysterious man. "I'm fine, thank you." She gave a polite smile as she spoke, but broke their gaze for a couple of moments to look behind herself just to make sure no one had followed her. Still no guards in sight.

    "Indeed it is a very well done performance. It is sometimes hard to look away." She then agreed, pretending as if she had looked towards the performers instead of actually being in search for the people whom were not allowed to find her out there. Her eyes then went back towards him, though she did not look him directly in the eye, almost fearful that he might see the lie she had uttered seconds ago in them.

    "I'm Victoria." She then said with a bright smile, she were not too fond of not having a name to a face. Though right afterwards she cursed herself in her mind for not coming up with a fake name instead. But it wasn't like her name was unique, as long as he didn't get her last name then there should be no suspicions. "Could I ask of your name, sir?"
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