The thing with the thing told me to do this.

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  1. So if a Raptor infused with the power shoot lazers and Captain Crunch on Meth were riding through the desert and came upon the reanimated body of John Lennon who would win the pie eating contest?

    See that question right there. That is how I feel everytime I join a new roleplay site. Confused and slightly afraid. I don't like it.

    So if anyone has any helpful hints of suggestions that would be great.

    And yes I will read the literature the thing told me to read.

    Also, Hi, My name's Jen.
  2. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around! I know how you feel and hopefully it won't be so bad for you here, best idea is to post around a bit in the general section then once you have reach active member statues you should jump into chat. We answer many questions. Fare warning though: we are batshit insane.
  3. Batshit insane? I think I might have finally found a fit. Thanks for the advice. I'll get on it. :D
  4. * ponders 'who would really win the pie contests...'*

    Oh! Hey there! Welcome to Iwaku!
    You may call me Donille or *sighs* so many names...Just call me anything D:
    Umm, and if you list your questions we might be able to help you out better ^^
    Have funs~~~
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see a lot of creative works from you.
  6. Hi Donille, the answer would be the raptor and Captain Crunch, because all Lennon needs is love.

    But thanks, I'll post some questions after some more exploring I think. I like to be slightly informed when questioning. Does that make sense?

    Daniella, I just hope that I can live up to your hope. :D
  7. Alright I do have a question. One of the biggest problems I end up having at sites and chats like this is I never know how to act. Is this the right spoon, can I use the dog dish, may I please urinate outside. No but seriously. As a new member, I don't like to do things wrong. I have been Rping for about ten years now so I'm not a newbie in that realm, just in this one.
    So my question is, when I do get the urge to post in the RP forum, can I just go ahead and post a senario? Is that all good or do I have to collect some golden rings, kill a troll, or find people to rp with first? (Yes that last bit was part of the real question.)