The Thing about Marriage {SilentAngel & Quiet Souris}

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  1. Amos James, darkblue
    Arranged marriage is like a blind date...except that date is supposed to last for a lifetime.

    "It is final, Amos. The marriage has been decided."

    Deep in the halls of the Aletvyan mountains, Amos cast his eyes from his uncle's stern gaze and could only let his defiance crumble beneath the other's will. He bowed harshly, breaking the gaze quickly as he rose once again.

    "I will not forget this, uncle. You stripped me of my free will and my right to choose my marriage partner and mate. I will be bound, heart and soul, to a stranger. A human, who can never understand me and is probably quite terrified of what awaits him. How can he know our customs, now that he will be forcefully thrust into our society?" His uncle sighed and waved him off, as he continued to sign documents and paperworks as his tenure as lord of the mountains came to a close within the next few months. Amos was out of the hall and into the gardens before he allowed his thoughts to consume him.

    For once Amos married within the week, it would usher in the era of his rule as the Lord of the Mountains, as the children of his family had been for the centuries. For his partner would arrive in the next few days, today at earliest and it would seal the deal between their kingdoms. They would get their financial supports, and their military would be integrated with the vampires own.
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  2. Birds chirped outside of the castle window and an almost eerie wind blew gently across the chiseled stone bricks. Asher grumbled to himself as one of his many maids got him dressed in 'such an elegant and beautiful outfit'. Queen Lilah had wished for her son to wear a dress to meet his arranged fiance, but his father was not having his son dress in such a queer fashion. It was bad enough that they had to give him away to a vampire male, let alone have him wear a dress to such a meeting.

    Asher looked in the mirror at the reflection of what was to be his future. He had on a tight, royal attire, purple to show that he was of higher status than those commoners out in the kingdoms. His mother approached him from behind and placed a purple-pink crown on his soft hair. "My young boy is getting married..."

    Scowling, he pulled away from his mother. "I'm being forced to get married..." After stating such a harsh truth, he stormed out of the room and down to his father who was to announce what day he would go to be with his vampire lover. His father gave a grin to the prince and handed him a charm that was given to each of the princes when the time came for their weddings.

    "Today is the day you will go to meet your lover~"
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  3. Amos James, darkblue

    The hallways were loud and crazy, as servants dashed every which way and prepared every hidden corner as if the prince would inspect it himself. But what a load of manure this all was, this entire thing was a set up and a cock up. And he could see the Royal Contingent from here, the trail of horses and carriages that would stay here for the one night, before they left once again.

    All except one. His 'bride to be', the prince of another kingdom who just happened to need their help and of course, what better way to do that? Oh right, MARRIAGE. Like that wasn't the biggest sack of bullshit lies he had ever seen.

    Making his way down from the parapets on which he had been pacing for the past hour, he arrived at the courtyard where his uncle stood waiting for him and took his place beside him. He had refused to dress in the pompous outfit they had tried to stuff him into and worn his usual outfit of dark tight clothing of linen and silk, practical and easily cleaned. There was no way they were going to force him to pamper and cower beneath the weight of a political marriage. He would never bow to oppression, but he would do his duty as was required of him.

    The first carriage, decorated in royal purple and undoubtedly carrying the young prince who was his bride, rolled into the courtyard and he waited, patiently and cool, for the Royals within to emerge. He smirked as he did so, one sharp tooth showing as his did so. It would do his bride some good to see what he was getting in to.
  4. As Asher was pulled toward the royal purple carriage, a maid hurried out and placed a white flower in his hair, tilting the crown to the side corner of his skull. Asher smiled some and gave a nod to the maid before signaling his farewell to the castle and entering the carriage. It was a long, stressful ride to the vampire kingdom. Despite this, the time had come for Asher to exit the safety of the vehicle and approach his newly found husband. As he stepped out and walked towards him, his skin almost glowed with beauty and his eyes glittered with a strange expectation. Noticing the fang, he gulped and repressed his fears down into his body. "Hello~ I am Asher Sebastian, your future lover~" He almost whispered.
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