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The Thief and the Wizard

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by La Blue Love, Aug 4, 2015.

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  2. The cards never lie, fortune foretold, a fortune lived. Never seek what ye shall regret.

    The Archmage
    Fireworks exploded on the horizon throwing light onto the thatched roofs of the city. Jason pulled down the sleeves on his jacket, a chill had settled over the city during the festival. He unhurriedly worked his way through the smattering of a crowd that milled about the avenue, stalls had been set up selling goods of all kinds. Paper lanterns light up the street in a warm ambiance, the smell of cooking meat and vegetables fill the air with their rich and succulent aromas. Jason's mouth watered at the vibrant scents that filled his nose. He was walking toward a empty booth, it was simple carved wood, well worn with runes carved unto it. He stepped behind the old cart and gazed over the crowd, a smile engrossing his face. Yellow ribbons of magic swirl down his arms, they ended into the palm of his hand. He raised his hands, flair and bravado oozing from his very pores. An aura of blue and green energy radiate from around him. People gaped in awe at the spectacle at the booth. Jason had raised his hands until they were four inches apart from each other. The colours raised in intensity and brightness as he had raised his hands. He clapped, it sounded like thunder. The colors mixed and a red dragon flew out of the epicenter. Its translucent body flying and roaring down the street. It turned and flew up and up as it went back down the avenue, It stopped over the fountain at the center of the avenue.

    "Gather around citizens, the Grand Mage is selling potions and fortunes for the next hour." It then promptly charged downward into the fountain, sending a explosion of colours everywhere. People cheered and clapped, some people started making their way to Jason to check his merchandise.

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    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨ She stole from me
    Everything that made me sane
    Alex was happy she got a target to hit. She was just not happy about the target. The powerful Archmage was her target to hit. Don't get her wrong she is sure he has good stuff. Just he is magic! Magic... It is very fickle, and whenever she is there it is always bad. Getting caught or cursed is something she doesn't want. Another thing she had to steal from him on the day of the festival because there is no other day she can sneak into his tower. The festival is a great time to pickpocket and steal from venders. This upset her. Goodbye fun festival. Hello dark and gloomy tower. Entering through the entrance is not what she is used to nor does she want to. For all she knew it was booby trapped and rigged to send her to her death. Using a grapple hook she broke through the window and climbed in. It was very dark besides the sun showing through the window. This was bad, but it could be worse. After all the mage could be here. Approaching the steps of stairs, she noticed there was various of symbols on them. What was this a special booby trap. Grabbing a loose stone she threw it at the stairs. Nothing. Does this mean it's safe? She took her first step on to the symbol that seemed like heart. Hearts meant love right? RIGHT?

    Who would willingly¨ °o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨
    Side with the thief?

  4. The cards never lie, fortune foretold, a fortune lived. Never seek what ye shall regret.

    The Archmage
    A hour past, although many a costumer viewed his stock of potions, prepared spells, and random baubles, he only sold about three things. Now the items he sold covered his entire food cost for the year. Currently nobody was buying anything from him. He closed the sliding lid on his cart and went to see what the other vendors were selling. He went to one of the many food vendors and bought some roasted meat. He took a bite of the overly seasoned hunk of meat. It was turning out to be a fine night. Approximately in a hour the kings parade start, the royal guard would escort the king through out the many avenues. It was a show of pride for the kingdom, a rallying point for the people. Jason walked to a nearby building and leaned against it, thinking to himself. Maybe he should go back to his tower before the king's parade came. The king wasn't to happy with Jason or magical creatures in general. The kings wife had caught a illness that he called upon another magi to try and cure her. After many months, the king watched his beloved fade away week by week. The king watched as the incompetent magic slowly kill his wife. Long story short he executed the magi after his wife died, and has come to hate magic.

    Jason sighed as he finished his meal. He walked back to his cart and finished closing it. he picked up the handles of the cart and pushed it down the avenue following the path back to his tower, which was at the other side of the town.
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Not open for further replies.