The Thief and The Pirate

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  1. Libby isn't a typical young woman. She doesn't wear dresses or bonnets, and will only wear a corset on occasion, but she mainly wears slacks and tight fitting shirts, things that are easy to move around in, things that won't make too much noise when she moves. She prefers silence, it's the way she makes her fair share of gold, sneaking in and out of the homes of wealthy (and occasionally middle class) families and stealing whatever she thinks is valuable.
  2. Captain Norsan, feared buccaneer of the sea was true to what he was, a pirate. Norsan wears a typical long coat with big bulky boots and a sagging belt around his waist. However, he didn't wear a pirate hat like most pirates but instead wears bandanna with some strange markings on it. You would think it was a map of some kind but it really wasn't..No, just a plain ol' bandanna. Norsan carries around his trusty pistol, sabre, and trinket. The trinket is quite valuable due to it being made of gold and fancy silver. But, it wasn't the material that made it important to Norsan, it was what's inside.

    He waited on the deck outside of the town for his crew members to finish loading up the ship. They were rather slow and took their sweet time. Norsan groaned and looked out to the sun, then back to the men.

  3. Ah, the docks. Being here, for her, could mean only one thing. She was done robbing this town and was ready to go to another town to sell everything. In this case, she'd found the vacation home of some noble-man and taken just about everything she could carry. It wasn't that much, but with what she had she could eat like a queen for a few months. Libby was smart enough to know she couldn't sell everything in the town she'd taken them from though.

    She snuck around for a bit, examining ships she might like. The thing she liked most about ships was that she didn't have to pay to get on them. Not only that, but sometimes the captain's quarters had something nice in them. Sneaking onto ships was no easy matter though, since the crew was usually someplace nearby. Thankfully, this crew seemed to be occupied with making their captain stop shouting at them and the captain, of course, was too busy shouting.

    Libby stepped quietly to the side of the ship, climbing up the rope quickly to the quarter deck, then leaping to the deck of the ship, finding a shadowed place near the captain's cabin, underneath a small stair-case.
  4. These bafoons were making Norsan look like he didn't know how to run a crew. The more they slacked off and didn't load the cargo, the more likely it was someone was going to notice and then tell other citizens that Norsan and his men are bunch of mice and not men. No! Not going to let that happen. Norsan pulled out his pistol and fired it toward one of the crewmen. The bullet took a chunk of skin off the crewman's arm. The men stood attentive and in shock.

    "So..Ye this be all a game?..A game of who can make the Cap'n crack first ey?..Well, I have news fer all ye..No more games. NOW MOVE IT..OR I'LL BE USING YE FER CHUM!"

    Norsan grumbled and held the pistol up so the men wouldn't slow down their process anymore. The crewmen panicked and started hauling barrels. Norsan grinned at his work, this was the first step to becoming truly feared, striking it upon the men he works with. As he looked to see the daylight was slowly fading, he knew they would have to set sail soon. He forced himself a path to the quarter deck still firmly holding the pistol in his hand ready to fire.
  5. She listened as the captain shouted and fired off his gun. "Sounds like a loose cannon, I better play this safe," she told herself softly, quickly shutting her mouth. Libby peeked out a little from her hiding place as the captain walked towards the quarter deck. He doesn't look that scary... But I'm still going to hide, she thought, leaning back into the shadows.

    Yawning a little, she quietly moved her bag onto her lap and opened it, looking through her latest goods. This loot would make her... Hundreds, even thousands, of gold. She just had to keep it hidden. Just in case, she pulled out a few pieces of jewelry and slid them into her pockets. She could probably pay off the captain if she was caught, maybe even get a more comfortable place.
  6. Norsan grumbled while looking towards the sun. It was almost , he fired his pistol up into the air, causing all of the men to jump. They were afraid of what the captain was going to say now..Were they not working fast enough? Was someone going to feel a bullet pierced through their body? Norsan eyed each and everyone of the crewmen then pointed towards the sun.

    "Alright, ye roaches..Quit yer working and get aboard..We leave port in a few grains o' sand. "

    The men saluted and quickly finished loading up the supplies and started getting the ship ready for sailing. Norsan put away his pistol and began to walk to his cabin. What a day it was, but it wasn't over just for today. No, Norsan and his crew would soon be sailing to the dreaded Anchor's Cove, a treacherous stalagmite filled maze that has unknown horrors, which has kept many pirates away or taken their lives. Norsan didn't fear anything, especially stuff that wasn't specific enough to b-

    "What th..?.."

    His eyes noticed a strange shape in the shadows, one that didn't belong to supplies or his crewmen. Unsheathing his pistol once again and aiming in the direction.

    "Who be ye?..And what business have ye on me ship?"
  7. Libby had hear head leaned back, starting to ignore the captain as he started shouting again. Poor men, he probably had them tense and edgy all the time. At least they were setting sail now and soon she'd be able to hawk off her goods and eat anything she wanted. About to fall asleep, she tensed a little as she heard footsteps nearing her hiding place. She remained absolutely still, hoping that she wouldn't be noticed. Her clothes were dark, right? She should be fine...

    And he's pointing a gun at me. Sighing, Libby got up quietly. Despite the fact that she was a stowaway, a woman no less, she wasn'texactly scared. She already had her hands in her pockets, ready to pull out diamond and gold necklaces. Libby smiled nervously. "Hello, my name is Libby. Pleasure to meet you, captain," she said casually. Fearless, or just plain dumb, who knows.
  8. "Ye be avoidin my question...What be ye business here?"

    Norsan lowered the pistol a bit when Libby rose up. A woman? Here? Norsan didn't have many stowaways on his ship, but when he did..They usually didn't make it out in one piece or at all. He wasn't going to do that with this woman though..Unless she had a reason to be. Norsan was curious as to why she was on the ship really, what purpose for her being here. Shoving his right hand into his pocket to keep hold of the precious trinket so that way she wouldn't try to pickpocket it off him.

    "..Hope whatever reason ye a good one."
  9. She smiled again, noticing the way he put his hand in his pocket. As a professional thief, as she called herself, she knew this as a sign of something valuable. People always want to keep ahold on their valuable possessions.

    "Well sir, I was hoping to catch a ride to another port and sell my wares. As it would turn out, I have enough to pay a passage on your ship, should you need a payment," she replied, patting her pocket. "Might I add that you have a very nice ship. I'm glad you found me, I was getting cramped." She wondered if this man responded well to "payments", she certainly didn't want to see what a man like him could do. Though, if he threw her off board, she could swim farely well.
  10. "Ye think this be some sort of travel boat?.."

    Last he checked, this wasn't some sort of ferry that lasses could just waltz on and expect to be taken somewhere. Norsan grumbled a bit, pacing a bit, observing her patting her pocket, she obviously had something to give in return for the pirate's generosity. But what if were some simple little gem? There would be no way he could just expect to get a lot of coins for it. Something about Libby made Norsan curious though. She couldn't have been what she appeared to be..Innocent, sweet...No. Norsan squinted a bit at her and held onto the trinket with a tighter clutch. To be really see what this girl was after or her true intentions.

    "This ship was built of the finest material.."
  11. "Not at all sir, but you do seem like a fellow that's up for a good trade," she replied, smiling more. "As your ship was made with fine material, I know these were as well," she said, finally pulling a pearl necklace, as well as a diamond bracelet out of her pocket. "I propose, you take me to whatever port your heading to and I give you these. They're priceless heirlooms"--she assumed--"and yet, they can be sold for a high price. What do you say sir?"

    She wanted to stay on board, since he was intriguing her. She wanted to know what was in his pocket, what he was trying to keep so safe. Something valuable? A useless piece of junk that he valued? Whatever it was, Libby just had to know now.
  12. "I seem like a fella eh?.."

    What the..Was he some sort of trader to her?! No, he is a dreaded pirate. Norsan felt offended by this greatly, his expression dropping to a bit of a frown. He honestly didn't want her on the ship anymore and had no better idea than to just throw her overboard, no fancy formalities, just a quick toss over and then sail on with his life. He could easily arrange that, just the flick of a wrist and it could be arran- That bracelet and necklace..They looked oddly familiar. But still, what kind of pirate would he be if this girl went off and told others that pirates let her on board to another port, and the thing was that Norsan didn't plan to hit port again for a very long time.

    "I have no plans o' returnin t' port soon.."
  13. "Not a problem, my good sir," she said, continuing with her nonchalantness. "I have no rush and if you want more, I have plenty more valuable objects." Libby pulled another bracelet and matching pair of earrings. She couldn't care less if he was a pirate, she just needed a ride to some place no one would recognize her. As far as she was concerned, she just needed a gold to appeal to his good side.

    "Look sir, all I want is to get to a new place. I don't require much assistance, and all I need is a blanket to keep warm and that's it."
  14. Norsan stared at her, then the objects for a moment. He had a feeling he was dealing with a thief of some sort. Valuables like those were not easy to come by, and a woman like her just seem to know her way around. However, Norsan figured there would be a use for her after all. He smirked then chuckled a little bit and nodded, walking over towards her and stroking his beard.

    "Ye be stayin in the brig then, I'll give ye some warmth."

    Norsan then flicked out his pistol and held it up to the light, inspecting it and laughing a bit.

    "And if I find anything outta place, even a hair..Thar be some serious..consequences."

    He opened the door and showed her the way out. If this was indeed a thief he was going to have to secure all of his valuables in places she would never think to look. No matter how sweet and innocent she sounded, Norsan didn't trust her one bit.
  15. Her eyes widened and, for just a moment, fear flashed in them. Libby quickly nodded and smiled a little. "No problem good sir, any place is good enough for me," she said, glancing up at his pistol. This ship was going to be harder to rob than she had anticipated. "And don't you worry, I give my word that I won't touch a thing."

    A lie. A very simple lie. There were things that she'd have to touch, plus she had a "job" to do. After all, she'd be giving him some of her more valuable pieces and she'd need to make up for the gold she was losing in doing so. Sure, she still had plenty of things but... Well, the more she had, the better she felt. It was a simple matter of being confident financially, she liked having more money than she needed.
  16. Norsan nodded at Libby as she responded. He could tell that he was going to have put every member of his crew on watch. The way she spoke was a sure thing that she wasn't telling any sort of truth. But what if she was? Still..Norsan didn't want to let down his guard. Norsan called in for the first mate shortly after Libby left. He arrived in a matter of seconds, shutting the door behind him. Norsan opened the door and peeked to make sure no one was around, then led the first mate to the far end of Norsan's quarters where no sort of sound could be heard unless you were on the outside the back of the ship.
    "Arr...First-Mate Jones..Good to see ya.."

    "You called, Captain?"

    "Aye, I needin ye and the other men to watch that lady, Libby.."

    "Why? Is she trouble?

    "I think she be a thief..And I want nothing out of place r' missin? You got that?!"

    "U-Uh..Y-Yes..Captain! I'll let the men know..R-Right away!!"

    First-Mate Jones scurried out of the cabin. Norsan chuckled as he watched him run out, this whole strike dread into his crew was really enjoyable.
  17. She left his quarters, looking around a little before heading down to where she assumed she'd find the brig. She looked around it curiously, shrugging after a moment. It was better than having to sleep on deck or something. Though... Libby knew that it'd be much harder to do her work if she was staying down here. Of course, she knew that that had been the captain's intentions.

    Libby knew, though, that they'd all have to let their guard down at some point. Good behaviour and a friendly attitude would probably make them a little more suspicious, but less suspicious all at once. That captain would be a tough one though, he was probably hiding all of his valuable things at that very moment. They were on a ship though, how hard could it be to find things? He'd certainly want to put them in a safe place where they wouldn't fall out or something, but also in a place well-hidden.

    Thinking about this, Libby sat down, leaning against the wall behind her, holding her back tightly. She'd have plenty of time to think though, the captain might even put sentries around to watch her, so she wouldn't be able to make any sort of move.