The Theif's Prize

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  1. Kyy was about to pull the biggest heist he had ever tried, the royal treasury. He swept his long black hair from his face as he finished his preparations. "This should be a piece of cake for me." He grinned and walked out of his small house. On the way to the tunnel he had found at the bottom of a dried up well he pickpockets a few passerby. When he arrives he jumps down and lights a torch.
  2. Princess Hannah was stuck in her room, again. Her parents said it was too dangerous for her to go anywhere today. She sighed as she played with her blonde hair. Her parents were too overprotective. She didn't need to be guarded all the damn time! She could take care of herself, she was an independent woman! Her parents didn't see it that way, however. They saw her as their little baby girl who needs protecting. Well no more! She was going to find her way out of the room and that was that!
  3. Kyy walked for about ten minutes before finding what he was looking for. A small chip in the wall marked that he was just below the treasury. He started digging through the ceiling before finally breaking through a few minutes later. "Time to go all out!"
  4. Hannah smiled as she finished picking the lock on her door. "There we go! Now, where to first... huh?" Since her room was on the same floor as the treasury, she noticed the noise inside it right away. Walking over to the large doors, she opened it. A black haired man was stealing from her parents. She was going to get help when she tripped over a large staff that had been lying on the ground. This brought the thief's attention to the young princess.
  5. Kyy looks over at the princess. "Shit!" He runs over and covers her mouth. "Be quiet!" He smirks. "Looks like I got a better prize than some gold today." He puts a cloth in her mouth and lifts her over his shoulder.
  6. "Hey-" was all that Princess Hannah could get out before she was suddenly gagged and lifted. She started to struggle, kicking and squirming as she tried to scream through the gags. It was hard though as she was a weak girl and couldn't fight as much as she wished she could.
  7. Kyy jumps down the hole he dug and starts carrying her back through the tunnel. After a moment he removes the gag. "You shouldn't have seen me."
  8. "And you shouldn't have been stealing from the royal treasury." Hannah glared at Kyy. "Now, if you would let me down, we could forget this whole mess and I could get back home." She was done with trying to fight her way out of his grip. It was simply impossible. She doubted the man would let her go that easily, but dear God, she just wanted to go home! A small path of ice started to follow the two.
  9. "Sorry, but I can't do that." He starts climbing the ladder out of the well after replacing the gag. He sticks to the back streets to avoid onlookers. When he arrives at his place he sets her down and ties her to a chair. He removes the gag so she can speak.
  10. "You know you're going to get caught sooner or later. It's a higher offense to kidnap someone of royalty than to steal a bit of gold." She struggled against the ropes. "They might even chop off your head like they did in the olden days. She started to struggle a bit more when she noticed the small trail of ice that had followed them. She tried to resist smiling. Maybe one of the guards would find out and come and rescue her!
  11. Kyy doesn't notice the ice as he steps on it. The ice melts under his feet. "It may be but so be it. I'll do what I have to in order to survive. It's your family's fault for the poverty out here."
  12. Hannah sighed. Here they go. "Fine, fine, blame my family all you want but how is this 'doing what you have to to survive?' You're most likely going to get killed if they find out that A. You were trying to steal from the royal treasury and B. Kidnapped the next in fucking line!" She flinched unconsciously, imagining what her mother would say if she knew what Hannah had just said. She looked down where the ice was. It was melted.
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  13. Kyy nods. "Ransom. Then the whole town can eat." He sits down. "I don't care if they kill me. So long as the kids can eat then so be it. I'll accept whatever is thrown at me."
  14. Hannah tapped her foot a bit. He made a good point. "... there could be better ways to get food for the kids than this." She imagined what his execution would look like. She flinched again. She hated executions. The people deserved a second chance to try and change themselves. Hannah had never been to the town, but she knew that many people hated her family. Hell, sometimes she hated them too.
  15. "When there's only so many jobs there's only so much you can do." He starts writing the ransom note. "I know it doesn't mean much but I'm sorry."
  16. Hannah said nothing. She could imagine her parents now. "Why didn't you stay in your room?" they would ask. "You know that people could just take you!" She clenched her fist, knowing exactly how her parents would scold her and then hug her crying. Ice started to form on her fist, but it didn't bother her. Spikes of ice started to cover the area around her hand as Hannah's anger at herself started to boil. She couldn't believe her kingdom was suffering and her parents were making sure she was pampered and cared for.
  17. Kyy looked up at her. "Um... Ice?" He looks at her fists. "Are you okay?"
  18. Hannah startled and the ice broke, falling to the ground in small sharps. She looked surprised, unsure of how or where that came from. Her parents always kept her in her room and this never came up. She thought the ice following them was his magic. Apparently it was her. She curled her toes, fear starting to course through her veins. Magic was outlawed by her parents. Any magicians, witches, wizards, anyone using magic was either banished or killed. Yet their own child was using the thing they banished.
  19. Kyy looks at her. "Your secret is safe with me. After all..." A fireball forms in his hand then goes out. "I use fire."
  20. Hannah stared before she started to giggle. The giggles turned into chuckles. The chuckles into laughs, and the laughs into full on her almost choking from laughing so much. "This... This is so insane!" She laughed. "A guy-who can use fire-kidnaps a girl-who is an effin' ice princess! This sounds like something from some storybook..." She nearly doubled over, her crown falling off of her head and onto the ground. It didn't break or make too loud of a noise, but Hannah stopped laughing after the weight left her head. She blinked, almond shaped eyes staring at the fallen crown. It had one single jewel on it, a blue that her parents said matched her eyes. The silver crown stared up at her, making her realize just how bad, or good, of a situation she was in.
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