The Tetrad Fable (Fantasy, Sci-fi, school, mystery, drama, romance, etc)

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  1. The number four is a powerful number throughout history and since there are 4 planes of reality in my existence I’ve decided to refer to the entirety of the creation as the Tetrad. I also decided to borrow from the Pythagorean philosophy on souls to create the culture and differences between the realms. The ‘Hell’ realm shall be known as Ennoia (Greek for sense pronounced an-yar). The ‘Heaven’ realm, however, shall be known as Epistimi (Greek for science pronounced ep-e-ste-me). The ‘Earth’ realm shall be called Gnomi (Greek for opinion pronounced Grr-nom-he). The ‘void’ realm shall be called Myalo (Greek for mind pronounced mel-o).

    Ennoia: This realm shall be dedicated to the science of every kind. They create entire utopias of self-sustained cities. Self-cleaning roads, automatic hover vehicles, geared robots. It will mirror that of the Heaven realm except they are dedicated to the arts and culture. They find great joy in succumbing to the needs of the flesh. They delight their tastes with fine food and drinks. They enrich the eyes with art. They soothe the ears with music and they exercise their flesh with sex, fighting and more. This will be a realm of instability when it comes to its inhabitants. Emotions are the greatest conduit of power here.

    As you can see the architecture of this realm will be very gothic. Imagine if you would. The renaissance, mixed with magic, extreme emotional immortals and that picture. Now what your imagining is somewhat, I am envisioning for Ennoia. The technology of both Ennoia and Epistimi shall be far more advanced than that of Gnomi. Yet Ennoia’s tech is styled in ways that resemble the old eras of Gnomi’s past.

    The inhabitants of this realm are known as the Daimonas (Day-mon-as). Orihara Izaya/#828145 - Zerochan
    As you can see daimonas are very similar to appearance as humans, but share a much closer relation to their half-human offspring the satyr. They are born with fantastic coloured eyes of every kind, the colour of which represents the emotion/s each individual is born under, much like the star signs of humans, but far more varied and with a much wider array of possibilities. They are also born with two unique traits, each daimonas as a tail and horns. These vary wildly in size, colour and the tail varies in texture. Horns, however, are always bone like. You would never find a daimonas distasteful to your eye. Each one is born as if chiselled by perfection. Each one beautiful, sexy, cute or handsome. They have an affinity with nature and wear as little clothing as possible due to their social obsession with flesh. Which would explain why the satyr are nature dwelling tribals who wear little to no clothing.

    Epistimi: A realm where they may take part in pleasures of senses, but very rarely. Instead, the people there are driven by a different obsession. The obsession of innovation. Forever advancing, creating, building and tinkering with anything and everything they find. The grand self-sustained cities are but houses of immense academies, factories and labs. The people all workers, thinkers and builders. The hone a craft is the most valuable goal of the inhabitants of this realm.

    Futuristic City HD Wallpaper | 1920x1080 | ID:21252

    As you can see, Epistimi architecture is a lot less varied than their daimonas counterparts. They love efficiently and practicality over beauty. They copy and paste entire cities in a matter of days to match their ever growing need for innovation.

    The cities are your classical idea of futuristic. Flying cars, metal cities, neon lights, robots and etc.
    The inhabitants of Epistimi are known as Angelos (ang-e-los). Anarchy Panty/#440519 - Zerochan
    Unlike their Daimonas counterparts. The Angelos stay true to the popular belief are indeed born with wings, though not always white. These wings can also be black, brown and silver. Rarely seen flying in Episitimi due to preferring the use of the transportation they have built instead of been born with. The Angelos are again similar to humans in appearance, but much closer relate their half-human offspring the fae. Accept with wings. The Angelos have pointed ears instead of curved and are admittedly much less physically adept than Daimonas. Able to produce a large amount of body mass, but neglecting to do so since they have no need for it. Angelos are often smaller and thinner than their Daimonas counterparts who are born strong and tall. They still, however, capture a certain beauty that even Daimonas can’t achieve. They have a purity to them, due to their lack of need to please their senses. Unlike daimonas. Angelos only have two eye colours light blue and silver. This Is the same for Fae. The isolated elves off mountains in Gnomi are building entire steam work cities far advancing that of the human neighbours.

    Myalo: Before talking Gnomi, you must first discuss the third timeless realm of Myalo. Myalo is not a realm where life exists. Instead, it is the realm where life goes to die. Because Episitimi and Ennoia are realms where time does not existence and all life there is immortal. A realm had to exist where the lives in that realm could die. Once a daimonas or angelos immortal soul is damaged. It is unable to reform properly in the three realms and instead goes to Myalo. An infinite void without anything in it. The consciousness within the souls’ wither and die. Leaving behind an empty wisp of energy, which too eventually withers and die.

    Gnomi: The final realm. This realm is the most powerful realm of them all. Nobody knows how or why, but Gnomi exists inside of Myalo in its own reality. The energies of Epistimi and Ennoia overlap in Gnomi granting the realm incredible power and magic. Yet the void of Myalo makes it so Gnomi is the only realm with time. Every is born, lives and dies. This meant the inhabitants are quickly evolving and advancing to the point where they could eventually rival their older realms. There were firstly only three humanoid species. The fae (half angelos and half human), the satyr (half demon and half human) and then just humans. Even though humans are pure blooded. They control the magi’s of Gnomi far more adeptly than their half-blooded neighbours. They even have far unique cultures than those of Daimonas and Angelos. Many believe humans are the exact mix of Daimonas and Angelos, though this is a controversial belief in Ennoia and Episitmi because it is a well-known biological fact that when a daimonas and angelos mate, there is no offspring produced. Yet it is understandable why people still think humans are the hybrid of these two species. They perfectly embody the physical nature of daimonas and angelos. They can be born strong, tall, thin, small and so many ways. They have multiple eye colours like daimonas. Their culture and society is also a complete mix of the two. Humans are both obsessed with science and sense. They concentrate on both science and culture. Gnomi may not be infinite like its elder realms. But It is a completely massive realm able to fit in entire planets worth of ecosystems along with the ever growing population of three massive species and their habitats.

    The humans and their man-made cities

    The fae and their steam-powered mountain cities.

    The satyr with their nature built villages.

    School: The main stage of this RP will be Tetrad Academy for the gifted. A neutral school set up by Ennoia and Episitmi to house, protect, teach and learn from the gifted youth of Gnomi. It is a place for humans, faes and satyrs with truly unique and powerful affinities to the magi’s of Gnomi. The school building itself was designed by Epistimi leading thinkers. It is the perfect centrepiece. Towering castle of the most advanced technology. It serves as the learning institute for the students, thousands of classrooms for every possible subject needed to be taught. An impossible amount of technologies used to keep the school self-sufficient. It cleans itself, it maintains its own security giving the headmasters complete control over everything.

    The city surrounding the school was built by Ennoia’s greatest architects. Shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, theatres, cinemas, galleries and everything one would need to live an entertained life. The gothic architecture was seamlessly perfect and beautiful. Three housing sectors were set up. A satyr jungle home, a fae mountain home and a hotel for humans. It was not restricted access or segregation of students. Any species could use any of the habitats. It was just set up this way to reduce the feeling of homesickness in students.

    The school has both angelos and daimonas teachers. The teachers are to help the students receive a proper education, learn to understand and control their abilities and ultimately to keep the students safe.

    This entire project was set up once a war broke out between fae, satyr and human. Gnomi was ripe with war and was in danger of destroying itself if these students were used as weapons. So instead the angelos and daimonas set up a peace treaty between each other and the species of gnomi that all truly powerful beings were sent to the school instead of being asked to fight this war. Angelos and daimonas didn't do this just out of kindness, oh no. They both hope to convince the best of the students to return with them back to their realms, where they would be made immortals and could assist daimonas or angelos in the pursuit of their goals.

    The students will be split into 4 groups, the students only know these groups by the colour arm bands they are given; black, red, blue and white. The nature of these groups will be revealed through the RP.

    Okay so now we are onto the plot. As you may have figured out, this is a fantasy, sci-fi, school RP. It will be a long term, completely changing RP for anyone and everyone to enjoy. The plot is simple. You are either a teacher, student or one of each. You character will be based on the before mentioned species and meet the characteristics of those species when talking about appearance. This plot will involve mystery, murder, fighting, romance, drama, teamwork, lone wolfing and anything else you can think off. The basic plot is all I'm going to give up for now. We will Rp day by day. Starting from the grand opening of the school. I and a select few will be in charge of coming up with plot events, side plots and so forth as a guideline. You the RPers will be doing the same within RP, your characters will drive the plot. Whilst we are here to just help lead you. As well as jump into the RPing as well. If you are interested then, please contact me with what role you want to play, a character sheet and so forth.

    If any artists want to help with some donations of art then please contact me as well. If my job goes well and I like your art, I will be forking out a lot of cash for personal art and art for this group RP.

    If you have any suggestions and want to be apart of the RP. I am giving out two Vice principle roles to those with the best suggestions that really help shape the plot. These titles mean you share equal control over the plot as me and will be able to assist one another create a long lasting, exciting plot.
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