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  1. View attachment 100678 You, whoever you are, are somewhere. There is a woman. She is dressed in a suit dress of white with black pinstripes. Her head is adorned with a black and white hat, goggles and a headset sitting on top, a rather strange contrast to her previously mentioned attire. While her body seems young she gives off the essence of old age, looking at her clipboard before looking back at you. Her face is plain as she checks you up and down. "Good. Your the right person. You've been chosen for a test. Please remember there are no wrong answers, 'K? 'K. First question, where are we?" She speaks quickly and is now looking you in the eyes, pen to... whatever is on the clipboard.

    1. There really are no wrong answers
    2. You may play a character of yours or yourself as a Iwakuan. The character should be developed beforehand, or this test will be pointless.
    3. Post however long you like, just make sure you answer the question properly. At least five sentences would be appreciated.
    4. You may not participate in other people's tests. Your first post should be in response to the first question. I will respond to all participants separately.
    5. Don't be afraid to ask the Examiner questions. (Yes that is actually what she is called.)
  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]The teenage boy looked curiously at the woman, before trailing his gaze off to the surroundings. Nothing. Nothing that told him anything useful, anyway. Wait a minute - Who was she? Why was she asking him questions? And as she asked, where were they? Apparently, she wanted to ask him questions. Fair enough, as long as he’d be able to get back to… wherever he was before. His routed, green shirt followed his movement as he turned over to the woman, answering her question. “I don’t know where exactly we are, but we have to be somewhere in the universe, on a habitable planet. That is, unless this is some multiverse.” Despite being rather clueless as to where they were, he was acting surprisingly calm. Following this, he continued to look around, keeping an ear out for her next question.[/BCOLOR]
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  3. "Where are we, you say?" The white haired girl looked at the woman, ignoring the environment. "Surely, you should know, right? You're the one that brought me here. Or perhaps, you're just a lackey? Which means there's some higher entity responsible for this. Guess I shan't rule that possibility out just yet." She became frustrated when the woman showed no sign of answering her own questions. "Fine. If I were to place us, I'd say this was likely the inside of someone's mind, or external to the physical universe. Either way, normal maths isn't functioning here. Ah, maybe..." She thought for a small moment. "I've decided. This place is battlefield. It's quite some time ago, and magic is present. Hundreds of years from now, this battle will be known only in legend, as the Battle of Elnus. There's a dragon over there" she gestured "and all around us, the war is occurring. There's a peculiar space around me, as if no one wants to enter my space, but you? You're right in the line of fire. Look, here comes an arrow." The girl figured that there were two possibilities here. Either, this place was a pre-determined place, in which case she would be mistaken, or she was to determine where this place was herself, which means it could be anywhere she imagined and it would then become that place. "Let's have some fun, Ms Clipboard."
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  4. ((Yay, people!))


    The woman seemed to want to sigh at the boy's answer but maintained her composure. "'K, somewhere on a habitable planet, or a multiverse." She looked at her clipboard, as if for a answer. The world around them seemed to try to shift but nothing happened. She found a answer. "That's where we should be, where do you think we are?" She still wrote down his answer on her clipboard, along with several odd pen strokes at the end.


    The woman seemed to only look at the girl until she answered, quickly jotting down her final decision along with a slowly drawn oval. "I can't erase ink, your decision is final," as if reading her mind. And so the world shifted into a bloody, loud battlefield. Bodies covered the earth as soldiers charged forward and arrows rained from the sky. There was indeed a dragon.

    "About your previous question, I am the highest ranking member of my organization. We do answer to a higher being however, the organization exists because of them."
    As she said this she sidestepped the incoming projectile without looking. She looked to her clipboard, "next question 'K? The dragon. What is its purpose here?"
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  5. "Oh my, you do love to ask questions, don't you. Well, for starters, you aren't the highest ranking member of your organisation if there's someone who ranks higher than you, right? And as for the dragon... That was really just to see whether you could make illogical things. Dragons are pretty boring, so... let's make it into a giant crab with angel wings."
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  6. [BCOLOR=transparent]“Where we should be, where I think we are. Ought to be one and the same?” The boy was intrigued. Where were they anyway? Asking himself the same question the woman asked him earlier, he caught himself on the verge of shrugging. He seriously didn’t know. Judging from his last answer, they were at least on a habitable planet. Aside from Earth, hadn’t some scientists found another, pretty similar planet, about twice the size, And the woman had gotten him there somehow?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]No, being on Earth was still the most likely. “I’m pretty sure we’re on Earth. We’re STILL on Earth," he added. "Right?” As if unsure about his answer, yet seeking approval of his answer more than anything, he bobbed his head, looking quite silly to himself. Yet he did nonetheless. “We’ve got to be somewhere an interview is easily accessible, if that’s what’s going on right now. But again, that can be anywhere. An office building, a volcanic crater, a lush forest, a damp cavern. Though I’d prefer the forest.”[/BCOLOR]
  7. @Karakui

    The woman looked at the girl in a odd way when she spoke of how she loved to ask questions. "A king has rule over his knights, but very rarely does a knight become a king. The highest ranking a knight can usually have is general and that gives him authority over lower ranking knights, but the general still serves the king, understand?"

    She simply observed as the dragon became a crab with angel wings, but nothing else. The dueling armies simply passed through it, seeming not to even see it. The woman tallied her answer with a small drawing of a moose. "'K. What is the purpose of the crab with angel wings in relation to this world?"


    The woman remained silent. When the boy said 'right' she gave him a look that said 'I asked you the question.' As he began listing environments the air became filtered, then very hot, then clean, then muggy. When he finally he chose forest the world quickly turned that way. The air was fresh and clean, tall trees towered overhead and the singing of birds could be heard from above.

    The woman seemed loose herself staring at the surroundings for a molment, her clipboard drooping just enough for the boy to be able to see that a photo was clipped to the side of her paper. She came to and rose the board before any of the questions became visible, then marked down his answer with a circular triangle. "There you go. Now, next question," in the distance one could hear the distinctive sound of a tree cracking and crashing onto the forest floor, "why did that happen? Trust your answer 'K?"
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  8. "But what's stopping the general hiring an assassin and taking the king's throne? That's when the knight would be the highest rank possible. General is just a stepping stone. You're not the highest rank until you answer to no one. In other words, that makes you still just a lackey. Let's work well together from now on, Ms Lackey." She shifted footing to prevent her leg going to sleep. "Say, can we touch that crab thing? Make it come down here and put some chairs on it. I want to fly around on it."
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  9. [BCOLOR=transparent]Captivated by the sight of the forest, the boy merely looked around at the splendor of the forest. “Wait, so this place can recreate whatever I say?” Excitedly, he looked over at the interviewer, just barely noticing the photo on her clipboard. He excused himself and his question once she started mentioning her next. As quickly as he turned excited, his surprised face turned in the direction of the sound. “Why? Uhm, the tree sounded pretty big, it must have been either really old, or half eaten by termites or something. As I can feel, there isn’t much of a wind to have knocked it down. Either way, it was bound to die at some point. Wait a minute. Is this entire place even real, or is it some sort of virtual reality, and the sound was merely fake?”[/BCOLOR]
  10. @Karakui

    The woman simply looked at the girl. She seemed annoyed, but not by her being called a lackey, more by the lack of an answer to her question. "'K... So the crab has no purpose here? It exists only for your amusement?"


    The woman copied the boy's answer along with a swirly at the end. "I can't erase ink, your decision is final." She commented as she wrote, then she registered his last question. The woman looked blankly into her paper, bit her lip and looked up.

    "That's for me to know and for you to find out 'K?"
    It was stern, as if the boy had no choice, and the woman had none either. "Next question. Find the tree and see if you were right.
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  11. [BCOLOR=transparent]“That’s… not a question. Am I supposed to, like, walk over there? I’m still pretty unsure how this entire area works.” Somewhat annoyed over the woman’s unclear answers, although, he supposed, she couldn’t tell him too much anyways, he walked towards the direction of the previous sound. “There sure are plenty of trees here. Is this like the first question, so that the tree is there if I say it is? Because that’s the impression I’m getting here. There is a large, rotten tree that has fallen to the ground.” As if expecting one to appear in a burst of glitter and smoke, he pointed his fingers in front of himself, not taking his eyes off the place he imagined it in.[/BCOLOR]
  12. "Yeah, pretty much. Say, why don't you make something too? Ooh, you should summon like, a bird with claws or something and then we should battle them like pokemon!"
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  13. @Karakui

    The moment the words left the girl's throat the woman yelled, "cover your ears!" The crab seemed to implode upon itself, turning into a vortex of every color, every shape, every sight and sound that the girl had ever witnessed. The noise it made was a combination of every one the girl had ever heard repeating on top of each other, the rushing of wind, the cracking of glass, the laughter of childen, all combined into one gigantic, unending SCREECH that made the ears bleed. The woman's headset seemed to block out this noise as she quickly pointed her pen at the chaos, a white pixilated line shooting out from it. The line made contact with the chaos, shrunk it down until there was nothing left, and then returned to the woman's pen.

    The warriors, once again, were completely oblivious. The woman motioned for the girl to stop covering her ears and offered her a hand towel from her pocket for the blood. The woman spoke as she wrote down the answer, putting a strike through half of it, "'K, all you had to do was give it a reason to be here."


    A large rotten tree was in fact where the boy was pointing and it was exactly as he imagined it to be, however it was already there as the boy looked in its direction. The woman made a note and squared it. "The creation is not yours to witness, but it is yours to change." She spoke as if absentmindedly quoting someone else. "'K. Are you ready for a hard question?"
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  14. The girl's ears were still ringing, which was rather annoying, and everything sounded as if it was being played on the other side of a thin door. She accepted the towel, but wasn't particularly phased. "Hm, you're no fun. Tell me, do you like your job? Why do you do it? What do you hope to achieve? Does it pay well? Oh, do you think I could get in on it? Screwing with people would be entertaining!"
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  15. Curiously, the boy looked at the woman, not surprised by the tree being there all along. He sighed at her quote. Creation was not for him to witness, but change? While he did admire "deep" thoughts like that, he honestly had no idea what it meant, aside from being in relation to the tree and the forest. He wallked back to the woman once she said another question, introducing the next. "Yes, I should be ready for most questions. Unless it is some seriously tormenting psycological stuff, making me question my entire life."
  16. @Karakui

    The woman looked at the girl, then sighed. "It's has its ups," she gazed down at a portion of her clipboard, "and its downs. I do it because it must be done, and I don't have much of a choice 'K?" The last question was the kicker, the woman rubbed her face. "Eventually yes, you'll be part of the organization, I doubt you'll ever get my job though. You lack the patience among many other things."


    The woman looked up at the boy. A pause passed between them. "'K... I'll make sure of that." With that she moved to the edge of the clearing and motioned for him to follow suit. She pointed forward, at a person. The person didn't see or hear them. "Who is that?"
  17. "oh, really? Well, you don't know much about me so I don't think you can really judge that. So what do you guys do then? Why do you do it? Don't tell me, you're not like those people in the Matrix are you? Come to show us all the reality of reality or some bullshit like that?"
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  18. [BCOLOR=transparent]“Who is that? Again, I’m getting the feeling of the first question here.” Again he considered the possibility that this person was like everything else in this place, that could turn into what he said. Nonetheless, he didn’t want to mess with the appearance of a living being. If he was one, that is. “He’s likely some sort of explorer or nature enthusiast. Why don’t we go ask him?” With that he turned away from the woman, and towards the person in front of them. “Hey! Who are you[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]?”[/BCOLOR]
  19. The woman raised an eyebrow. "One of those things is the recommendation of the person you just described murdering." At the mention of the Matrix she rolled her eyes. "The Matrix, word leaked out of how much I hated it and I walked into the mess hall to everyone doing everything in 'bullet time', fucking ridiculous. Anyway our job is pretty convoluted so I'll give you the basics: that thing that the crab turned into and the stuff that I shot from my pen are the two things keeping worlds like this together. Order and Chaos, whenever there is too much of one it threatens to collapse a world, so we travel to unstable worlds and fix them."

    Anger stained the tips of the woman's words as she finished, "well that's what I used to do until I got this job. Now I rarely see anyone else from my organization and will test and test and test until the end of my existence." She seemed to realize what she was saying and looked back down at the clipboard. "'K, we've gotten off track."


    The woman leaned on a nearby tree, clearly this was going to take a while. She looked at the boy when he spoke to the person and muttered "'K" as she circled his answer. The person looked at the boy. The person approached him and said something. "Can you tell me what he said?"
  20. "That sounds hilarious. I'm going to have to join now, just to help torment you. So, if we're off track, shouldn't you like, get us back on track, or something, instead of just telling me we're off track? Well, since you like tracks so much, let's make a train!"
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