The Ten Trials of Alistine Manor: Can you save your soul?

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  1. Okay, so this is a rough WIP. I just thought of it today, so I've still got quite a ways to go, but I wanted to chuck it at the wall that is Iwaku and see if it sticks before I delve any further. Nothing is set in stone, so suggestions are more than appreciated. So, uh, yeah. Let's get started then.

    You gasped as air once again filled your shriveled lungs. You had died. You were sure of that. There was no way you could have survived. So then... where were you? Was this... the afterlife? It had none of the characteristics of heaven or hell, but then again they were both merely guesses made by the living. You sat up slowly, dust and debris falling off your stiff body. It looked as if the house had decayed while you were sleeping. Sleeping... is that what you were doing? Perhaps. You gazed around the decrepit room, bits of plaster and a fine layer of dust covered everything, much in the same way it had covered you. You tilted your head down to examine yourself. You looked to be intact. All ten fingers. You would have to guess for the toes, since you had shoes on but nothing felt missing. You wiggled them until you were satisfied with their existence. Speaking of your outfit, it was the same one you were wearing when.... A sharp noise from the corner of the room demanded your attention. It sounded as if air was escaping from a pinched balloon. You grimaced at this unpleasant sound and watched in horror as the shadows seemed to congeal into nasty little black blobs, eventually joining together to form a pool of darkness. You gazed at it, mute with fear, as a black figure rose from its depths. It cackled. "Well, hello there. Don't you look like a tasty little morsel." The beast spoke with a voice that sounded as if it had just finished gargling nails. "Aw, too scared to speak? Don't worry, I get that a lot. I'm not here to eat you just yet. Sadly, I'm not in charge when it comes to that matter. Sadly..." He looked toward you longingly as a thick slobber dripped form his mouth. After a few heart-stopping seconds, he seemed to regain his composure. "No, I'm here to tell you what your doing here and what not. Kind of boring if you ask me, but I suppose it can't be helped. So let's get started." The monster cleared its throat and then continued speaking in its scratchy, gruff voice. "One way or another everyone here has died. Where are you now, you ask? I guess you could call it limbo, purgatory if you prefer. It is the place where your fate is decided. The fate of your soul, that is." The creature stopped to gauge your reaction, a lipless smile stretching across its face at your confusion. "Now, I don't expect a mere human like yourself to comprehend this all at once but please at least pay attention. I hate having to repeat myself. Anyway, I'm sure you want to know how you can save your soul, huh? Well, that's simple. All you've got to do is pass my ten trials. That's it. Just ten." The being held up its two shadow hands for emphasize. "If you fail, however. I eat your soul." This sentence made the creature squeal with joy. "Oh, I can't wait! Well that's it. That's all I've got to tell you. Come out when your ready. Or don't. I don't care. Just be sure to fail, okay?" And with that the creature vanished and the room went back to its original, decaying state. And there you were left. Alone.

    Okay so the plot (as it is so far) is basically what is written above, but I'll just cover some of the basics down here. First, as is stated, everyone in the mansion has died. The way in which they died is completely up to the player. Suicide, murder, falling down stairs, anything, get creative. Second, everyone in the mansion is between the ages of 18 and 25 or you know something like that (I haven't really ironed out the details yet so options are appreciated). Point is they are all around the same age. I'd eventually like to add a romantic element to this, so I would like an even number of boys and girls (or an even number of people with the same sexual preference if your character isn't straight). I mean the romance is sort of optional so don't be discouraged if that's not your thing. It's just if you plan on having your character make it to the end... Well, I shouldn't spoil it too much. Just keep that in mind. (Changed my mind! Disregard this information! This part is still true though.) ->(Oh, by the way it is completely PG romance. Anything more than kissing should be taken to a pm or put in spoilers and appropriately labeled 18+ or what not. Just saying). Speaking of making it to the end, let's talk about character death, shall we? First off, it is not a necessity, but it is a very real possibility. It all depends on what choices you make. That being said, unless the other player gives you permission, I am the only one you who can kill people off and my word is law so please don't argue. I'll only kill your character if there is no chance they could have survived, and you don't kill him/her yourself. That being said this rp does not allow anime logic. If you get stabbed in the chest your not getting better. Your dead. Period. That goes for fighting too. You are not a ninja nor are you freaking Rambo. Varying slightly with your character's background, you fight as well as you (the actual you sitting right there with that computer/tablet) does, and I'm guessing none of you are at Rambo level at the moment. I know personally I'm about as strong as potato. So, you know, just keep it realistic, well as realistic as you can with monsters and demons running about. Anyway, now that that's explained let's move onto what will be expected posting wise. I'm thinking intermediate level writing and at least a paragraph per post (a paragraph being at least five sentences). I don't think that's unreasonable. Please do your best when writing though. Check spelling and punctuation! It's very annoying when your trying to reply to a post, and you can't even understand what they're saying. I mean hey, I'm not a fantastic writer by any means. (Just look at my shabby excuse for punctuation, yikes!). I've still got a lot to learn and I know it, but I try. That's all I ask. So, that seems to be about it. Thanks for reading this far! Now, let the questions commence. (You know assuming anyone at all is interested...)

    The breakdown: (in case you don't feel like reading my long paragraph explanation)
    You awake in a mansion
    Everyone there has died (but are in a sort of purgatory)
    Everyone is around the same age
    There are ten trials, losing them means losing your soul
    There will be love... probably (so I'd like a partner for everyone if possible) (Nope! I mean there can be if you want but this is no longer really part of the plot. So having an equal amount of people for both genders is no longer necessary. You can be whatever you want to be!)
    People die
    You're not Rambo
    Realism is key (relatively speaking)
    Write well enough
    Give me your options!

    The creature (open)
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  2. Well... Let me tell you that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 the idea of this. I don't know why, but I really love character death plots. This really intrigues me. I hope that other people will be interested in this too because it has really AWESOME potential, I think.
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  3. Yay! Interest! Thank you very much for all the praise and if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them! I really hope more people will like the concept as much you do. :)
  4. I hope so also! I'm trying to think of any improvements for it right now. And when I come up with one of relevance, I will tell you.
  5. Oh also I'm planning on keeping some parts of the plot a mystery so any suggestions regarding the ten trails or reasons behind why the people are there please send to me in a pm. Any other basic stuff, like the layout of the mansion for example, should be fine here. Thanks!
  6. Awesome! Sounds good to me!
  7. Can say it picked my curiosity. I´ll keep an eye on this.
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  8. Ooh, this is a really cool idea :D color me interested~
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  9. Sweet! That's a total of three people interested so far. Now, I'm not sure if I should wait a little longer or just write up the OOC right now. I'll probably at least start it. I've got nothing better to do now that I'm out of high school, for good. Man, that's an exciting thing to say. Anywho, thanks for all the interest. I'm really eager to get this started!
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