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  1. This game is currently accepting new players.
    Warning: This game is not for the weak of heart or stomach. Please take this game with a grain of salt, as there will be lots of death.
    The following program is rated TV-MA-SLV.
    This may contain coarse language, suggestive undertones, extreme violence, and other content not suited for children under 14. Viewer discretion is advised.

    T H E
    T E M P E S T
    [SPARKLE]Shining * Lights[/SPARKLE]

    The Templeton Tower, or the Castle of Temples, used to be a beautiful castle owned by a couple of suitors in Ireland. But why did it have that burned, dark look? They rumored the castle to be haunted with lots of ghosts, caterwauling through the nooks and crannies of the halls.
    The Tower (open)

    Around the 1870s, the castle caught on fire from a single match and too much firewood. Strange enough, the one who set the fire died while the whole thing stood intact. Even the haunting tales of apparitions did little to dissuade six entities to change it to a school.
    Now, almost 300 years later, the famous castle transitioned into an equally extravagant school. The students worked long hours and socialized in harmony. They did everything befitting of a school; turn up, party, study, dance and learn. Unfortunately, the halcyon years grew to a screeching halt. The principal of the school was a demonic entity dubbed "Flashlight".
    During the Bloodstream, Flashlight hand picked twenty out of the thousands of potential students to get in to what he called The Greenlights. This was an Honors Program in where each student went on field trips, committed to their work, and even deliberate on current events. Upon the second week, it was clear that Mr. Flash had a less than honorable reason for the Greenlight Project.
    The world was thrown into despair. Family and loved ones got killed by demons, houses were burned and the students were trapped in their own school. The real plan of the Bloodstream was to make it a slaughter frenzy. If they were to survive and leave Templeton, they were to accept the prisons, try not to breach school rules, and kill one of their own.
    Failure would result in immediate death.​
    RULES (open)

    1. If you are aware that you have a long term commitment that affects your ability to post (quality or time-wise), please do not join this game.
    2. If you came this far, it goes without saying all Standard Forum Rules apply, especially in this game.
    3. Please read the Super High School Title (or Talent) Guidelines, along with the Liberty Court rules.
    4. During Class Trials or anything that requires opinionated responses, please act as In-Character as possible.
    5. Please take advantage of the two character limit for students. When you make your character, please make him or her with full intent on them to survive.
    a. There are GM-made NPCs for adoption in the case your players die.
    b. You will NOT be allowed to make another character to replace the dead. Once they die, they die. When they die, please do not beg me to resurrect them. If all of your characters are dead, you will be playing an Afterlife game so that you can still play.
    c. If you choose to play any main student roles (Mastermind, traitor, mole of the Lightbringers, etc), shoot me a message.
    d. Begging for a main role will not persuade me to grant it. Main roles are awarded to players who practice long-term commitment and good writing skills.
    e. For every action, there is a consequence. Jesting that you killed someone or behaviors that may breach the rules will not be permitted. This is not a place to engage in childish behavior.​
    Super High School Talent/Title (SHST): Please be realistic when it comes to choosing a school issued title.
    1. The talents have to exist in real modern life. Research the talent as if you had to write a research paper on it. If you wish to provide links to prove that the talent exists, go ahead.
    a. If any of these talents are unrealistic, inappropriate (well, it is a school) or vague, I will ask you to change it. If you are unsure if the talent is inappropriate, feel free to ask or PM it. You must have a valid reason otherwise.
    b. If you choose to be the "Templeton's Lucky Star", PM me. This is just like playing the "Ultimate Lucky Student"... Minus the " Ultimate", of course! The same applies for Templeton's Transfer Course Student.​
    2. Unlike a certain game (DR), I will not recommend that you start your title with "Ultimate". This is real life; being an "Ultimate" says that you are better than 99.9999% of the universal population. Perhaps you are the only one who knows and performs that talent. I ask that you take your creations seriously. I will reject characters with "Ultimate" without a reason. THINK before you add that, kid.
    Long SCHT Guidelines (open)
    a. While you have prodigous talents, you are still young students attending a high school. You are not expected to be the best in the world. There's more than one Pop Sensation, for example.
    b. You can have it start with "Top", such as "Top Teen Bookseller" or "Top Ballerina".
    c. You may also have "(Insert Country/State/City here)'s Best/Honorable/Top..." as a title. For example, America's Sweetest Gospel Singer is an acceptable title.
    d. You may also have a title without these honorifics. "Lady of the Pack", " The Victorian Fashionista", "Imperial Gunner" or anything like that fits. Regarding the third subject, "Sweden's Imperial Gunslinger" should be handled with care.
    e. The titles should not be too concrete (i.e. "The Beautiful Super Shining Splendid Noble Youth of Malagaisia, in the Never, Never Lands") or too abstract (i.e. Top Student). Good luck with that.​

    6. If you are chosen as the murder or a murder victim, you have the option to decline the offers for the first round. You will need to prepare for BOTH of these events in advance.
    7. As always, no God Moding, metagaming, or power playing.
    8. Should any Out of Character disputes occur, please try to solve them in a respectable manner. If this is not possible, please refer to me. I wouldn't want to have the mods clean up the mess.
    9. Have as much fun as you can, and be careful out there!

    Only post what is in the CS Spoiler in the OOC. The Extra Credentials do not go anywhere on your public sheet. The more detailed you are, the more likely you will be accepted. Once I have approved of the sheet, you may write out a RP sample in a spoiler or separate PM.
    This sheet should be made with your heart and soul; dedicate lots of time to your character as they might die in the game.
    CS (open)
    First Name:
    Middle Name: (Can have more than one; optional)
    Last Name:
    Nickname: (optional)
    SHST: (refer to specific guidelines)
    SHST Development: (how did this talent come about? If it's something like "London's Junior Pole Dancer", try to provide a reasonable, realistic reason as to why they have this title)
    Grade: (8-12)
    IQ: (should be realistic; I will not accept anyone with an IQ lower than a 60 or higher than a 170. You are young.)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Relationship Status: (single, married, civil partnership, etc. If you had a partner in the past, briefly explain whom you had this relationship, how it began, and your current status. This could be used as a motive!)
    Age: (please keep it between 14-19 if you are a student.)
    Birthday: (Today is September 19, 2020. We provide birthday parties in the game!)
    Blood Type:
    Ethnicity: (nationality)
    Race: (skin Color)
    Religion: (Try not to choose the same religion as someone else! There's lots out there!)
    Appearance: (For pictures, real life photos or realistic drawings are REQUIRED. This game is best viewed in real life in where we learn to grow. I do not want to see actors/actresses on red carpets unless if their talent reflects that lifestyle. If you must use anime, they should mirror realistic traits pertaining to their nationality. Please do not add overly cartoonish anime; provide a detailed description)
    Height: (do not add "Tall" or "Short" Specific numbers ONLY!)
    Weight: (same applies for Weight.)
    Voice: (How does it sound like? How do they speak? Feel free to put this section in character AND provide YouTube links if you want!)
    Personality: (detailed; at least a paragraph or two)
    Strengths: (Max of four)
    Weaknesses: (Min of two)
    Skill 1: (Not related to the SHST)
    Skill 2:
    Skill 3:
    Public Biography: (If you opt out of the full version, this should be no more than a paragraph; write what you want others to know)
    Full Biography: (Optional; at least 3-4 paragraphs)
    Extra Info: (Anything else?)
    Character Relationships: (these can be filled out during the process of the game!)
    Answer this question: What was the phrase that you saw at the bottom of the spoiler?
    (hint: Has the name of a black and white bear in DR; this is to ensure that you have read the rules.)

    Liberty Court Rules (open)
    Let me go over a couple of rules before I explain the process!
    1. This is a deliberation thread, but it should only be used for IN CHARACTER chat about the murder case. This should NOT be used for out of character chat.
    2. For courtesy reasons, please do not post join requests or anything that can otherwise disrupt the process of the trial. Doing such may bar you from joining the game.
    3. During deliberations, you are to respect the character who has the floor to speak. All discussions are to be done as your character ONLY. Going out of character is only allowed in the OOC!
    4. If you have to leave at any point of the discussion, you will have to post your character whispering into the Moderator's fear and taking xir leave.
    5. It is okay to point out fallacies, but it does not excuse you from being an Ace Attorney asshole (calling "Objection!" at every thing the person says.) If you find lies or misconceptions, you are to explain what these are. You are to act just as you would in a civil debate.
    6. Crude behavior will result in a warning, and then automatic removal from the discussion. Subsequent behavior may result in removal from the game altogether.
    7. The Greenlight students are required to attend every trial. If the students say the wrong things, they may face punishment with the "Top Perp".
    8. Have fun!

    Extra Credentials (PM ONLY; it's supposed to be secret) (open)
    For this section, please do not add any of this in the OOC or IC. It should start with "(Character Name), Extra Credentials", or something along those lines. Failure to do so will result in automatic rejection. Note that you must post the actual sheet in order to be considered for approval.
    Full Biography: (if you'd rather share it in the PMs, do that, pretty please.)
    Their biggest secret:
    Any other motive they would murder for:
    School GPA: (on a 4.0 scale.)
    Honors Programs?: (was your character involved in any acholarly programs or honors societies? If so, what were they?)
    Execution: (do not just add " Suicide" or "Guillotine". The executions will have something to do with your character. They will be played out like a movie.
    Would you like to be a mole (Light Bringer, in this case) or traitor? If yes, what would be your character’s motivation?:
    Shining Element: (if you are a Light Bringer, you wield an elemental power that is kept secret. You can pick Fire, Earth, Water, Light, Wind, or Darkness.)
    Their biggest desire: (what is it that the character wants to achieve? What would be their goal, aside from surviving the trip?)
    Anything extra?:
    To ensure that you are able to play this game, there are no Monokuma in here.
    RP Sample Time! RP out any one of these prompts!
    1. The sample must be no less than two paragraphs with 5-6 sentences each.
    2. These should be your best pieces; don't end it with "Is this okay?"
    3. The samples should look realistic and match the traits with your character. Do not act like this is another part of an OOC field (e.g. I should not see "Katy would be super scared of bodies because she hates blood.") It should be played out!
    4. Have fun with it! Get creative!
    1) Your character is the first to find a dead body! How do they react?
    2) Your character reacts to a motive!
    a. $1, 000, 000, 000! CASH!
    b. A month long trip to see family and loved ones
    c. Driver's Education! Get a car!
    d. Influenza Epidemic
    e. An artifact to solve the puzzle
    3) Your character is being accused for a murder they committed. How do they react?

    School Rules (open)
    1. The Period of Darkness lasts from 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM. Note that certain areas will be closed to public entry at these times. In the case you need access to the Golden Rooms, you will need to use a school-issued badge OR your Handbook. Some places will not be accessible at night, even with the badge.
    2. Respect all peers, teachers, and staff members. They will be here to tend to one's needs.
    3. Sleeping anywhere outside the dorm rooms or the Infirmary is strictly prohibited. Please try to use your own dorm room.
    4. We do not have a dress code. We ask, however, that every student wears something school appropriate when attending class trials, sporting events or going to their classes.
    5. Those who live within the vicinity of the United Kingdom are allowed to retrieve a Worship Pass. This should only be used when leaving campus for religious purposes. Failure to return to school within 24 hours may result in expulsion.
    6. Students must use their own handbooks. Sharing, destroying, stealing or donating handbooks to someone else can result in disciplinary action. Should students need a replacement, they are to consult the Media Center.
    7. Breakfast will be served from 5:00 to 8:30 AM. Lunch will be served from 10:30 to 1:30. Supper will be served from 6:00 to 7:30. Do not take food out of the dining hall or the cafeteria via doggy bags, hands or book bags. You must use the school-issued, take-out containers to refrigerate food.
    8. Class Trials are mandatory for receiving credit for the Greenlight Honors Program. Only servants are allowed to report absences of any kind.​

    FAQ (open)

    Q: Why does it have GPA on the Extra Credentials?
    A: Their Greenlight Program is kind of like an Honors program. If they qualify, they will be eligible to get a Golden Pass, which enables them to access certain areas that are prohibited during the Night Hours. Past membership to any Honors Society may increase your character's chances of getting the Golden Badge.
    Q: What was that gold-looking thing on the banner?
    A: Oh, the picture featured on the second square along the bottom left? That will be one of 15 artifacts that you will have to find. They will be integral keys to helping you escape the school.
    Q: I feel like many questions were unanswered; why is this so secret?
    A: Apologies, but if I were to answer everything, then it may spoil the plotline. Besides, if we kept some things a secret, I believe it would provide a mysterious atmosphere.
    Q: I have a question that isn't listed on this FAQ. Can I ask?
    A: There are no bars to answering questions. Ask away!
  2. I love the plot to this roleplay, but I got two questions. I'll pm the other question though.
    Is okay for characters to be non-binary or trans?
  3. Sure, as long as you format them in a way that is realistic and appropriate for the forum.
  4. Okay I'll make sure it's realistic, since I'm non-binary myself. ^^
  5. Okay; I look forward to it.
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