The Tell-Tale Signs of the End

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  1. All of the numerous things in the world we own are countless, yet we don't recognize that. As you pass by you neighbor, what do you think of them? For all you know in the next days they may be your best friend or your worst enemy. Now, that all doesn't matter...

    In 2006 after the nuclear missile test from North Korea, President George Bush was planning what to do. His vice president Dick Cheney advised him to get more information, but Bush couldn't wait. He was afraid for his people and the people of the world. The bomb test was a way of Korea saying that they were prepared, and Bush needed to be also. So, he sent his best scientists to work to build a weapon that could annihilate a country, like an atom bomb. He knew the risks of building the weapon but he had to take it. The scientists were put to work and they completed the prototype in a month or so. They said it had enough power in it to blow a hole in the U.S. and Bush liked that. "Put more power in it, we need to be sure." They continued until late December. It was the week of Christmas and they stopped all progress on it until next year. That Christmas Eve would be forever remembered. A mysterious force turned on the bomb and in a matter of seconds, as the clock struck 12 the bomb exploded.

    All woke to hear the explosion from all around the world. It was more powerful than expected. When it exploded Washington was blown off the face of the Earth, while everyone else was infected with radiation... and many strange side effects.

    People of all kinds were turned into Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and many mysterious races. The whole world itself changed. Many modern luxuries became useless and unable to be used. Everything reverted back to the days of old, but many things still reside. There are still some things that can be used, but they are hard to find unless you are in a big city. Weapons on the other hand are even harder to find, most of them have been stockpiled.

    Now you are alone in the new world, everything is different... will you be able to take the change? To be able to find love? We'll see...


    History(A paragraph or so.):

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Thread Status:
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