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  1. This our tale lays in JUmp city where the team known as the Teen titans are formed They are a group of extrodinary group of kids banned togther to do good. Sure they all come from diffrent back rounds not all good at times but they have all put tjhat behind them and came toigther to savce the city even the world at times. This will be the tale of how this team came togther and their adventuers togther as a team. It was oine dark and cold night as that brought them togther. One of the members was coming through the Mountains on the outskirts of the city . He was one oif the founding memebrs of teen titans as he canme down through the mountains he has been travleing for a long time mainly keeping to himself most of the time he was not one to actualy want to team upbut this event is what will brind thedm togther as a team as a family. Zero found himself looking up at the moon his eyes glowing he began to sense something wrong in this day something off. He felt drawn to that city in the distance like something was pulling him tto that city. He found himself walking to the liughts glowing oinm the distances the sound of the moving city the people rushing around laughing noit a care in the world like they had no idea what waited for them this night. Zero walked slowly his eyes glowing his blkade hanging off the side of his hip swining gently he moved at a moderate pace. Coming to the small forest that sepreated the city from the mountains hearing the night time wild lifemoving around the wolfs howling and the owls hooting . He couldent help but smile this was his time the one point at nigght time that he really enjoyed because of how peacefull it wasfor him.

    (Just wright your charecter in and how they will meet)
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  2. Rania came from Azreath to Earth after the stories she heard of Lady Raven's great deeds. She deiced to start out in the same city for Raven was a true heroin in her eyes and role model. She had finally had made the decision to travel on her own she hoped to do great things just like the Titans and Lady Raven. She had just arrived and realized she had opened the gateway to Earth's dimension into a forest near a city. It was night here and she had left Azreath in the day. She looked to the night sky and gave a smile. For a moment she closed her eyes to say a prayer to her Goddess Azar for letting her arrive on Earth safely now she just hoped she was in the right city. She heard wolfs and owls within the night. She smiled looking out feeling her dark blue cloak blow in the wind. She liked the breeze. Yet underneath her cloak she wears jeans and a black t-shirt. Raven had shared how that was what the people of Earth wear and how to make them so a few Azreaths had adapted to the style for if they planed to visit. She felt an uneasy in the night but was not sure what it was. She was ready however to put her Azreathin powers and skills to the test. She also came to Earth to try and learn more of her heritage if she could knowing that some Azreaths came from Earth long ago. She also was never told much on her father only that she should never fallow in his foot steps. She began to slowly make her way out of the middle of the forest toward the city.
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  3. Sora had a black cloak to hide her face as she entered the city. She had disobeyed her mother coming was hard for her to show her face around here when her mother Terra had betrayed the titans. Now she was here to atone for that. She started on her way through the city towards titan tower.
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  4. Rania put up her hood before entering into the city. She looked around wondering if there was anything saying where she was at. Rania spotted a sign saying 'Welcome to Jump City' she smiled seeing the sign. 'I'm here. Thank you Azar.' She thought. Then looked for the tower curious if it was as big as the rumors had said. It didn't take long to spot it. Smiling she began to head for the tower but also took in the sights of the city. She noticed a girl also wearing a cloak, however, Rania did not recognize her as a fellow Azreath. She didn't say anything to the girl for she figured maybe she was just a fan of the Titans possibly Raven or that she had just never met her on Azreath but that would have been a little odd. She continued to walk keeping an eye out for trouble and the leader of the Titans.
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  5. As sora was walking she heard a scream from a back alley. She sprinted back there to find an armed gunman robbing someone. Her hands began glowing black as she used the rubble around to disarm him. After that she tackled him pinning him to the floor with one arm behind his back and a knee to the center of his spine.
  6. zero had finaly came out of the dark woods just ahead of Raina spotting her but not taking any note of ithe was heading for titans tower there he would meet the one he sercheh for the one he needed to speak to though he had heard roumors that the tower lay empty now that the other titans had left and joined diffrent superhero factions robinb or now as he went by nightwing was apart of the jusitc league just like star fire and raven and cyborge but not beast boy he had returned to the doom patrol. Zero knew robin from his younger days when he was a child robin had saved him taught him that there was more to his life then vengence and hatred during the trigon segie that is where he had met robin when he carryed a small girl in white4 on his back. He didnt know who she was at the time and to this day he still doesnt but now was the day he was going to remake the teen titans all over again and this city will have a brand new batch of super heros
  7. Raina heard a scream and looked in the direction stopping a moment. She saw a the girl in the cloak go and seem to check it out. She shrugged and in a way followed staying in the shadows. She couldn't figure out what had happened but the girl seemed to have it taken care of. She looked back to the tower realizing how it must be about empty considering Lady Raven had grown up and left for the Justice League just as she heard most of the Titans had except for the one green man who seemed to always be closer to Raven in a way or well in Raina's eyes. She had heard that he left for the Doom Patrol which was a team she had rarely heard of. She had heard so many stories which always inspired her. Raina's favorite was always the story about Raven's birth and destiny. She asked Azar to explain it many times and re-tell how Raven defeated her father saving both Azreath and Earth. She always wondered why Azar seemed to question why she liked the story so much but never really seemed to have an answer. Letting herself back out of thought she re-looked at the girl with the man. She deiced the woman seemed to have it under control so she walked back to of the alley quietly and once more began to walk for the tower not sure who really she would meet.
  8. Sora made some cuffs out of earth and left at the alley. She continued making her way to titan tower. It didn't take her long to reach it. When she got there she noticed another clocked figure, but her Cloak looked different. It reminded her of ravens cloak from the picture her mother kept of the team.
  9. Zero was at the base of the tower he was looking up at the tower sighing deeply he was ready to enter the building when he had jheard the two women who were coming up behind him he turtns around and looks at then both" who are you and why are you here" he asked the two as he turns back to the tower and sighs deeply" this home lay dormat lookinmg for its new owners i am here to be a titan i made a promise to someone but again why are you here if you are here to desicvrate this tower i will not allow this" he tells them
  10. "I am here to atone for the sins of my mother." Sora pulled her hood off revealing her face. She was the spitting image of her mother. "Please do not attack me."
  11. Raina arrived at the tower. She smiled under her cloak she then lost her smile noticing a man. She listened to the man's questions then heard the other woman reply she turned to look at her noticing how she seemed to look like one of the titans but couldn't remember who for she hadn't heard as much of her. Raina then looked back at the man. She carefully removed her hood as well and looked at him revealing her blue hair. She looked at him with her blue eyes. "I come here for the same reason Lady Raven came here the first time. I wish to help people and do good for earth and my people." She paused and looked at the tower. "I have dreamed for years to come here and become a Titan. I have heard many great tales of there deeds." She stated in a some what monotone then looked back down to the man. Raina waited to hear his reply and see his reaction.
  12. Gaistaz stumbled out of a spirit portal, nearly landing on her face. With an expression full of urgency and panic, she caught her balance and whipped around in one motion to shut the spirit portal. Gaistaz held her breath for a moment to absorb the silence, making sure she hadn't been followed and that the spirit realm had closed successfully. When she was sure of these things, she breathed a hearty sigh of relief, turning around to start walking -- anywhere really. She was going to try to find a shelter and some warm food for the night, and she'd figure out a game plan the next morning.

    However, as she turned to leave, Gaistaz realized where she was. She craned her neck upward to see a giant T-shaped building that towered above her. "Whoa..." Standing around the base of it were three other people -- one of them looking quite on edge, and another looking rather defensive. Gaistaz froze in her tracks. It looked like she had interrupted something...


    ((OOC: Just a quick little bit on Taz: she has silver hair, and her eyes are such a light gray that they're almost white. If anyone is interested, I have a character sheet for her on dA. The drawings are terribleeeee so lol sorry about that, but that kind of explains her history a bit.))
  13. Raina sensed something coming as if an portal of some kind was being opened. She had grown use to this from living on Azreath watching many seem to come and go to many different worlds or dimensions. She looked for a moment to try and spot it but didn't see anything and soon the feeling seemed to leave and once more be replaced by the natural energy she felt from Earth. 'Interesting...' She thought to herself and soon she heard someone else seem to join the group which interrupted some of her thoughts. Raina turned to see who and noticed it was another girl. She gave a small smile. "Hello." She stated toward the girl. "Beautiful isn't it?" She asked taking a guess that the sight of Titan's tower was what made the girl sound a little shocked.
  14. As one of the girls, turned to address her, Taz finally relaxed her tense shoulders. It seemed she was not interrupting anything urgent after all. "Yeah, I'll say," she answered, returning the smile. Taz took a moment to look around, finally realizing where she was. Sure, there was a massive tower here, but it seemed to be situated on an island, just off the coast of the city. What a strange place for a building like this... Taz knew how she herself had gotten there, but she wondered for what reasons the others might be in this location. "I don't suppose this is where you all live, is it?"
  15. Raina smiled. "Sadly it's not for me to say. I don't live here but I once met someone who did." She looked to the tower. "But that's part of why I'm here. It's always been a dream of mine to become a Titan. And well live here." She looked back at the girl. Once more with her small smile.
  16. "A... Titan?" Gaistaz repeated, cocking her head slightly to the side in confusion. Ah, so that's why this tower was T-shaped. But, what did she mean by titan? Taz hadn't been on earth for very long at all, and the only reason she was on this planet to begin with was an accident in the first place. "I'm sorry, I don't quite know what you mean," she told the girl, an apologetic look on her face.
  17. Raina just keep her small smile. "Well I'm not from here but Lady Raven was one so I learned a little." She replied. "You see the Titans are a team of teens here on Earth or so they are usually. There a mix of people who are heroes and they try to do good protecting Earth and other worlds." She explained with her small knowledge and understanding. She then tilted her head making an observation then tilted it back to normal. "I'm guessing your not from Earth are you? That or the Teen Titans aren't as well known here as I thought." She gave a shrug. "As long as you mean no harm I'm sure your welcome here." She stated giving a guess knowing it wasn't her place to say being she wasn't a hero or Titan. Yet she hoped to become one and maybe get help learning some of her past she also came her to try and learn to see if maybe this was where her father was from knowing that the Azreath's had descendants of Earth.
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    A girl who looks like a boy acts like a boy and seems to be a boy. Is in handcuffs his day? Its going absolutely peachy. It seems everyone hates him. Now this boy or shall I say girl is going through hell. Her family hates her her friends despise her and anyone that dosent know her wants to mutilate her. Shes sarcasstic and mentally unstable so much so that she hears voices at times. Now what is this girls name oh yes I know it is Genesis. She does not like the situation in and is wishing for a fluing monkey to come down snatch her up set her on an island beach filled with peaches.

    But she sadly does not get her brilliantly insane idea because fate seems to hate her. Now back to reality, an officer hauls the boy over tk a large building in the shape of a t. "Bobbbbbbbbbbbb just let meeeee gooooooo." "My name is not bob genesis ugh and no you set another building on fire thats the last straw." 'Stupid bob I hope he steps on a freakin lego of dooooooommmmmm.' As the girl is pushed into the elevator she sighs. As bob peesses the top floor she whines continuously. "Bobbbbbbbb let me go homeeeee." "Didnt I say no? And my name is jerry not bob." Bob proceeds to throw her out of the elevator quickly uncuffing her and closing the elevator. "NO BOBBBBBB DONT LEAVE ME WITH THESE HOOLIGANSSSSSS." She turns around and blinks her fiery red eyes staring at them "No offence and hi Im genesis!"
  19. "A group of heroes?" Such an idea sounded absolutely fantastical to Taz. The thought of a group of people coming together to use their powers for good was both farfetched and amazing. While she still didn't know much about these Titans, Taz decided it was no coincidence that the spirit realm had dumped her here, right at this moment. She was nearly overflowing with excitement at the prospect of having some kind of purpose, and being able to hone her abilities.

    But of course, she was jumping to gun here. Gaistaz didn't know any of these people. Who's to say they would accept her? "O-Oh, no, I'm definitely not from around here," she answered the girl in front her as she was suddenly pulled out of her daydreaming. "And I certainly mean no harm. My name is Gaistaz. Who are---"

    But at that moment, another person appeared out of nowhere. Even after just a few moments of exposure, it was clear this androgynous person was a big bundle of overwhelming energy. "Ah, hello there!"

    (OOC: Wait, I think we're still outside the titan tower? ...Maybe? Idk I'm sure but that's what I thought ^^")
  20. Raina smiled. "Nice to meet you Gaistaz. I'm Raina and well I'm not from around here either." She replied with a kind voice. She thought that maybe if they both were acepted she could easly make her first new friend. She had a few in Azreath but not many and there was a hand full back home who seemed to hate her or fear her for some reason. Raina hopped this wouldn't become the case here on Earth.
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