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  1. go ahead just introduce your charecter)
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  2. (Oh and yes it uis fine i try to be on as much as i can but it is hard for me right now raven is my acting Gm all questions go to her for the time being)
  3. (OOC: Oh yeah, and is it ok if I play Beast Boy and Cyborg? Just thought they should get some playing time, since no one was using them...)
  4. Howdy! :D

    I just brought a couple of your guys' posts over from the IC. I also linked the threads together, which you'll be able to see on the top right of the first page as PLAY or SIGNUP respectively, so you can switch between the IC and OOC easily; I hope this helps! :3
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  5. Thanks I wasn't sure on that being it was mainly IC.
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  6. Sure thing! :D

    Usually, the OP creates an OOC thread, but the Jump-Ins section is a lot more fluid in many respects. If there's a lot of OOC-only posting going on in the IC, there's nothing wrong with prodding the OP about it or sending a Thread Moderation Request to get a moderator's attention. :3
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  7. Ah good to know.

    I'm just the CO-GM is why I wasn't sure on all that you could get things switched so thanks.
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  8. @Raven oh crap, I forgot about it... I thought I had replied and maybe everyone had dropped. Yeah I'm totally still in
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  9. k Thanks.

    How but you others?
  10. @Ryu Keiko

    Do you think I should PM those two being they haven't replied at all in a while seeing if they are still interested.

    And if they aren't what you think we should do? I'm sure inform dead for one.
  11. I'm not even sure. I think you should pm them, maybe they have forgotten about the RP and still wanna join.
  12. Okay. I'll do that maybe.

    If not well I'm sure they may give me an idea what to do with their characters.
  13. Also! I'm still needing to make a character for the new Teen Titan RP. When is that supposed to start???
  14. Mine? Dead's or the New Generation?

    Mine when I have at least 15 people signed up. Others suppose to be started and moving.
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  15. Oh damn... I didn't realize there was so many o.o
  16. Actually I may lower it cause no one has signed up. And yeah Dead made his long time ago. I made casuals for those boared and wanting something to do to pass some time for the next RP, the person who made New Geration did a while back but no one replied. I have an idea to but have to get dead to agree on my character.

    Mine is the newset one.
  17. Ah I see~ It's been tough for me to keep up on this site with my 40+ hours of work and all
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  18. Ah yeah I get how that must be or well when school was around.
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