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  1. You cannot be serious short stuff? You're really suggesting we leave him.”

    I'm suggesting nothing of the sort. I'm merely saying that if we rescue him we'll dissolve any chance of his plan succeeding.”

    So you are suggesting we leave him then.

    I'll do it.”

    Look, I appreciate you stopping the sibling's argument, but you're getting up there old man. If anyone's going it's me.”

    Don't argue. It has to be this way.”

    Sure. And we're just supposed to accept that right.”

    I can get him out silently. You can't.”

    Who cares about quiet? The Organization left him out to rot. They don't want him back either way.”

    Please. Everyone, we all care about John. None of us would be here if it weren't for him or Accelerator. But we need a plan. One person, or even two people cannot raid an entire planet. It is madness. We need...”

    A Team.”


    Alright. I don't care who you are, you're here for one reason. Because you hate those Organization bastards that burn our worlds…”

    “What I'm about to tell you is one of our biggest secrets, maybe only half a dozen odd people know. Pretty much only the people that were there when we crossed over.”

    John Crichton was one of the people that was with us, made the journey here, held off the Organization. He saved my life more than once.”

    "Last year, he disappeared to infiltrate the Organization. I didn't think it'd work, I was right."

    "Crichton and his team were captured on..."


    "A revenge mission."

    "You haven't been chosen randomly. Out of our handful of Teams and the Next Generation forces, you've been chosen because you're the least likely to believe in the glory of war."

    "There is no glory in war, no honor. The battlefield is hell on earth. The only thing that keeps it away from our homes is the people willing to wade through hell. I've studied each one of you. You are the ones that can see the truth in this. You're the ones that protect us from the risen darkness."

    "You're our first team, the ones that step into the uncertain future."

    "You are the Shield of Tomorrow."


    Welcome to the Shield of Tomorrow, the spiritual successor to the Team. The premise is very simple, the original Team has been captured and you are the only ones that can, or perhaps will, rescue them. But when you start to look into forbidden secrets that are better left unburied, time and space itself will run together.


    1. No overpowered characters allowed. If you feel your character is too overpowered, then you can message me and ask directly.
    2. No out of control psychopaths. Psychotic characters are allowed, but they must at least have the ability to function well in a team. Ideally, since this is a team setting, it would be best to play team players.
    3. Just obey Wheaton's Law.
    4. Have fun: Yes, that is a rule.

    And a final note, all OOC talk goes in the Singularity chat, created by the dastardly Thuro 116 Pendragon
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    Appearance (You can just post a picture):
    History (wiki link if you're lazy):
    Reason for joining the Pact/Shield of Tomorrow:
  2. Hi hi, quick inquiry, are we allowed multiple characters or just the one?
  3. You can duo, and there's no restrictions on the duos. Don't have to be from the same canon or such.
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  4. Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Aeryn Olivia (Liva)
    Officer Liva

    Ryn, Liv, Livvie, Oli (Ollie), Arina, Ri, Nia, Ni
    Only a select few can call her by these nicknames. To the peacekeepers and people she doesn't trust, it's Officer Liva or Liva.

    Sebacean-Human hybrid

    Farscape, OC.



    17 (Unlike Humans, Sebaceans age slower. A Sebacean female who was 17 would be around 19-20 in human years.)

    She's a serial flirt. She'll flirt with girls or boys, but deep down she's a hopeless romantic.

    Increased eyesight, strength and tolerance for biological immunity, Does not get sick as much as humans, Increased longevity (At least twice as long as humans on earth.)

    Sebacean senses are sharper than human's, but being a Hybrid Aeryn is a bit of both.

    Talents and Skills:
    - She is adept at combat, using a variety of different guns, and sniping.

    - She is very intelligent, often being able to come up with solutions or backdoors to problems that others would never think of, inheriting this from her father.

    - Stealth; She can easily get into places that others cannot, and is very flexible. She momentarily was on a team tasked to steal certain things/technology and bring them back to base. Almost all of the missions were successful.

    - Lock picking. Whether it be multidimensional locks with bio-locks and retinal scanners, or a simple earth door, she is adept at technology and lock picking.

    - Hacking; Her Peacekeeper training covered a lot of information in this topic, which she aced. Most of all her teachers or instructors loved her, and by the end of her training she was a Star pupil. She often would play two parts in missions: Disabling security monitors, hacking into databases and doing quite a lot more otherwise 'illegal' things. If it wasn't sanctioned by the Peacekeepers, she would probably be in jail by now.

    - Combat; She is incredibly adept in combat, possessing a large amount of information on how to do irreparable harm, kill or make comatose to many different alien races.

    - Engineering; Despite her instructors and many other people discouraging her, she pursued classes in Engineering and Piloting. She found that she could do both very well, and often makes adjustments to her weapons to suit the mission.

    A biological drawback is their inability to deal with extreme heat (due to their genetic loss of the gland required to regulate heat) overheating leads to a state known as the heat delirium, a brain fever that leads to a permanent coma-state referred to as the living death. Until the onset of the final stage the condition may be halted or even reversed, by sufficiently lowering the sufferer's core temperature.

    Aeryn, however, being a mix of sebacecan and Human, went through a series of surgeries to give her this organ that regulates heat. (This happened when she was off-world on a mission and underwent an intense medical breakdown. The doctor there harvested some of her Human DNA and created a biological 'blueprint', if you will, of the organ that humans have, needed to regulate heat. Coincidentally, this was the same doctor that John Crichton went to, to remove the growth on his brain. The doctor, while he was unconscious, did his own harvesting and took full scans of his body along with harvesting some DNA cells to replicate in his own studies, in the event that humans ever ventured to his little part of the galaxy. Fortunately for Aeryn, (The second!), this doctor could give her exactly what she needed.

    While humans cannot stand as much cold as Sebaceans can, alternatively, humans can withstand much more heat than Sebaceans.

    To understand Aeryn Olivia's history, you must first understand her mother's.

    After becoming the love and partner of John Crichton, Aeryn was taken by the Scarrans, a race of creatures that desired and believed they were above all others. After kidnapping Aeryn, they discovered she was pregnant, with John Crichton's child. While Aeryn was there, they secretly harvested an egg that was fertilized, and started growing it after Aeryn was rescued. They implanted this egg into another Sebacean and she carried it to term, then bore the child. Having getting to know Aeryn before she was rescued, she named the baby girl Aeryn Olivia, after Aeryn, and John's sister. (However the part about John's sister she was not aware of.) This was what Aeryn was going to name her baby if it was a girl.

    The Scarrans kept the child in hopes that she would give them the key to the universe, until Aeryn was about three, and a Peacekeeper raid on the Scarran base turned up this young, seemingly Peacekeeper child. They took the child, and raised her as their own.

    Ever since Aeryn was young, she was obviously different from other children. She had a more rebellious side, that no amount of strict teachers or caretakers could or would fix. She received many disciplines, but continued to act out. She became good at manipulating, lying, and being able to tell when others were lying. At the age of twelve, she was no longer considered the rebellious child, but rather the 'good child', having turned her attitude around. But she was the same as she had ever been, she just had gotten better at hiding it.

    At age Thirteen, she was given her first test, one of many she would take before being enrolled as a Soldier. Throughout her training, she often showed impressive skills in thinking, and being able to use a variety of weapons. Most of her classmates hated her, but because of her excelled status. She rose through the ranks and was deployed at Fifteen as a Mercenary, a secret division of the Peacekeepers that was most valued for their stealth tactics, tactical awareness and quick kills. They could get in and out without anyone noticing them even being there.

    Being an incredibly smart, quick and stealthy young officer, she would eventually lead the Merc team, later becoming well-known for her marksmanship and quick-thinking.

    Stubborn | Protective | Reckless | Manipulator | Determined | Fierce | Feisty | Anger issues | Dangerous | A trained killer | Flirtatious | Rebellious | Wild Child | Tempestuous | Passionate | Temptress

    Aeryn is extremely loyal to people she knows and trusts. People that have wronged her rarely get a second chance, and if she's angry at you, it would be wise to at least be about a square mile away from her, unless you want to wake up one day without your mivonks. She's feisty, dangerous, but can be the most caring person you've ever met if you let her. She doesn't use her powers nearly at all, because in the Peacekeepers, if she did, she would have been perceived a threat and executed. She has a somewhat good handle on her powers, but if her anger flares up her powers sometimes get out of hand. One time, she accidentally poisoned her boyfriend when she learned he was cheating on her by changing the molecular compound of his food.
    She's also a hopeless romantic, and even though the peacekeepers have their own rules about relationships, she never listened to them, anyways, just got better at hiding it.

    She enjoys her own time and has an affinity for crafting things, and also singing, but she doesn't do that often because it wasn't allowed by the Peacekeepers. She likes learning new languages as one of her pastimes, and she currently knows twelve different alien languages. Some including Scarran, Sebacean (Obviously), Luxon, Delvian and more.

    Food cubes, small ships, jails, being trapped.

    She has an English accent, and can speak the English language.

    A locket with a picture of Earth, the name Earth, and the name Aeryn and John engraved in English script on the back.

    Her pulse pistol, which she named Enna.

    A pulse Rifle, which she carries via a strap on her at all times.[​IMG]

    Aeryn rigged her Pulse Rifle (Vena) and her Pulse Pistol (Enna) to fire at an intensity that burns hotter than a fire, something so dangerous that it can penetrate Scarran skin, melt through bone, and create third degree burns that are so hot it continues to burn the skin, muscle and bone around it until it cools off. (Which might not happen until something like ice, water or liquid nitrogen cools it down.)

    A Moon Ring

    Her outfit for combat-related things:
    Show Spoiler



    ~ Color Manipulation ~

    Aeryn can create a variety of different colors, either making the colors stand out in 3-D, or rendering them 2-D (Like on a canvas) She can either create these colors in her mind, or use her finger to 'draw' them out.
    These colors can look to be holograms,
    Show Spoiler


    ~ Regnerative Healing ~

    Along with healing herself, she's able to direct her healing power onto someone, and repair damage in their body, although if she heals more than two people in a day her body will shut down until it heals.

    She can heal herself rapidly, but it's pretty much not an option for her. She cannot control it, and it's more of a curse than a blessing. She found out about this power after trying to kill herself via her anti-scarran pulse rifle. Obviously, it didn't work.

    ~ Replication ~

    ~ Embryonic Information Absorption ~

    Some other power I don't know how to explain but we will call this Embryonic Absorption for now.
    She knows information her mother knew, like English, how much her mother loved John, how dangerous the Peacekeepers were, ect. This knowledge is locked away in her brain, but she has nightmares at night remembering this information.

    Reason for Joining S.O.T.:
    To find her father, and to eventually get to Earth.
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  5. that's a lot of additional info compared to the template
  6. Is that... bad?
  7. I mean, you don't have to read it or anything. I only wanted to give a little more context to my character.
  8. it's a lot lol

    I was just caught off guard, don't worry :x
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  9. Jack and John can actually do this. Jack doesn't do this because every opened wormhole is unstable, and thus is the equivalent of dropping a dirty nuke.

    John is something else.

    My only concern with this character is.... she is a walking team. She's support, offense and technical rolled into one. Would it be possible to remove a few of her skills and one of her powers? For example, aside from Luxans, sword fighting is a lost art in the universe. Computer skills are tech work, so it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for a Sebacien commando to know how to hack.

    The power thing is simply for balancing reasons.
  10. Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Her body healing:

    Two (Rebecca, Portia Lin. She does not like being called either of these names.)

    Two is tough both inside and out. She has the true makings of a leader, showing both strength and compassion. She is also determined and headstrong and won't let anyone or anything stand in her way.

    (Note: Not two)

    History (wiki link if you're lazy):
    Portia Lin

    It was revealed that Portia had managed to survive being blown into space due to the fact that she was a very advanced synthetic being.
    Portia was made by Dwarf Star Technologies. Alex told her she is a perfect creation that can withstand any injury but she has a neural flaw that makes her prone to violence. She also has to age to avoid suspicion from the GA so she isn't hunted down since she is illegal technology. She also learned her original name was Rebecca before she changed it to Portia Lin.

    Advanced Combat, Dexterity, Agility ect.
    Regenerative Healing (She's basically made of nano-bots that repair and heal any damage she recieves.)

    Reason for joining the Pact/Shield of Tomorrow:
    Because she wants to be better than what others see her as; a criminal.
  11. Okay, yeah, I can work with that.

    Thing was, the Hacking was actually a sort of pastime for her. She aced school, classes, and got bored often so she would work with other skills that didn't necessarily apply to her. She would sneak off of the ship and spend time in different stations just cause' she could, and she learned how to hack due to her best friend being a Tech. Yeah, Sebaceans enrolled in more of the combat-area wouldn't usually know how to hack, but the reason I added that was because she wasn't just a normal Sebacean, she had an obsession with learning new skills and she was very manipulative, so she often would be able to squirm her way out of a situation. Patsies made it a lot easier to pin crimes (Cough.. hacking into the Command Carrier ship, and setting off all the sprinklers.) onto someone else. She doesn't really feel remorse of her actions, so morals aren't a part of her unless it's someone OTHER than her that are hurting others, then her conscience will kick in.

    Maybe I should've put some of this into her bio.

    I'll remove the sword fighting (even though that is a big part of her).
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  12. Appearance (You can just post a picture):
    Lincolnx3 (open)

    Age: 28

    History (wiki link if you're lazy):Lincoln Campbell
    Abilities: Electromagnetism Manipulation: Campbell's powers enabled him to manipulate the electrical charge in molecules for a variety of effects, such as accelerating the heat in objects and levitation by repelling a person from the ground. In battle situations, he could shoot blasts of electromagnetic energy, capable of stunning or killing humans. He was also able to channel this energy through any metallic objects for diversions or to disrupt electronics
    Expert Physician: Campbell was a trained doctor, and also had a deep knowledge of the particularities ofInhumans' physiology. He was in charge ofhelping other Inhumans in Afterlife with their transition process afterTerrigenesis, being described by Daisy Johnson as the best in that. Following the War against the Inhumans, Campbell worked in a hospital in Cincinnati, until he was forced to escape due to exposing his powers to defend himself from Lash.Skilled Martial Artist: Campbell's S.H.I.E.L.D. training gave him great skill in hand-to-hand combat. Often using his powers to aid him, Campbell demonstrated this knowledge multiple times in the field, such as when fighting the highly skilled Alisha Whitley.
    (I'm lazier, this is straight from the wiki)
    Reason for joining the Pact/Shield of Tomorrow: He likes to help people.

    Appearance (You can just post a picture):
    Hello (open)

    Name: Lucifer Morningstar
    Age:*Shrugs* He's old, but he looks in his thirties
    History (wiki link if you're lazy): Lucifer Morningstar
    Abilities: Desire Exhibition: Lucifer's mere presence lowers the inhibitions of everyone around him, inducing them to reveal their true nature, their darkest secrets and desires, such as when he notably has a cop to confess his desire to be free of the law. This allows Lucifer to make Faustian deals with various people in exchange for favors.
    Temptation Inducement: Lucifer, being highly sexual, can easily make himself carnally irresistible to most human woman (and men), which he sometimes uses to his advantage when he strikes deals with them. However some select few people, such as Chloe Decker, seem to be more resistant to this power, at least to an extent, as even she had some trouble hiding her attraction to Lucifer's naked body after first seeing it inManly Whatnots, although this may not be a result of any powers that Lucifer may possess. He has a weakened form of this for some reason.
    Telekinesis: Lucifer was able to levitate and spin a coin with his mind. This power seems to have gained in some strength to lifting people while he has lost a good chunk of his other powers.
    Shape-Shifting: Lucifer is capable of altering his true angelic appearance, making himself look as either a dashingly handsome young human male, or a fearsome demon with red skin and blazing red eyes. However, no matter which form Lucifer takes on, he cannot hide the visible marks on his back, from where his angelic wings used to be before they were severed. Lucifer can also just alter the color of his eyes, and make only a select few people see his demonic form (while others still see him as a handsome human male) which drives the viewer insane. It is assumed that angels like Amenadiel can see Lucifer's true angelic appearance even when he's in his human form, as Lucifer is instantly recognized by him.
    Master Of Manipulation/Deception: One of Lucifer's most well-known traits is using his knowledge of people to make them do things in his best interests. Lucifer used his coin to convince Malcolm not to kill him. Using his reputation of not lying, Lucifer tricks people by not saying what he will do. This makes Lucifer extremely unpredictable, even to Chloe who knows him very well.
    Detective: Although not as experienced as Chloe, Lucifer has become a skilled detective. He was even able to notice that Rose's sub-dermal implants were Latin for "children of the goat", something even Chloe couldn't do.
    Combatant: Despite usually defeating his enemies through manipulation and deceit, Lucifer is a good hand-to-hand combatant, as shown when fighting against his warrior brother Amenadiel and even gained the upper hand against him. Later, in a fight against a gang, Lucifer easily dispatched many of them. Lucifer's style is reflected in his personality; manipulating his opponents moves and weapons against them and their allies.
    ( Still lazy at copying and showing all the wiki details.)
    Reason for joining the Pact/Shield of Tomorrow: Lucifer hates anyone who can undermine him or threathen his business/capturing and not killing people.
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  13. I didn't see in the show that John could do that, so I'll correct that.

    Also, another thing is she's human. She can't be everywhere at once, so just like Aeryn, John and many others, if she's up against a fleet of soldiers, she's obviously going to lose.
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  14. You're right. He couldn't do that in the show, but he's had a few adventures since then that have endowed him with an... extension of what he was.

    I appreciate you changing that. There's just one last nerf I have to make. Could you choose between wormhole control or matter manipulation? Both of them are diverse powers that are individually handable as a GM, but together can be a bit much to handle.

    Ideally, wormhole control might be better, but either one is doable.
  15. You're good man. Approved.

  16. "If you wanna make enemies, try to change something."


    Adam Jensen


    34 years old


    Adam Jensen


    As a cybernetically augmented human, Adam is rather powerful compared to the average joe, possessing an array of superhuman stats for once, including superhuman strength (able to lift up to one ton and punch up to 3,625 square feet per inch, enough to break through a hollow wall with one punch), superhuman durability (thick enough skin to withstand a few bullets, protects his internal augmentations from EMP or otherwise electric attacks), and is a highly skilled fighter, proficient in CQC and skilled with any given firearm such as shotguns, handguns, rifles, the whole nine yards, due to his time as a SWAT officer.

    His augmentations have also given him the ability to cloak himself, allowing himself to camouflage within the environment or even become near-invisible to the human eye, move without making a sound in order to allow better stealth, limited x-ray & thermal vision, and even retractable blades built into his cybernetic arms. Jensen also has access to limited hacking software, and his trump card is known as the Typhoon Explosive System, in which he releases ball bearing shaped explosives in a 360 degree arc to destroy everything and everyone around him.

    He also has sick as hell mirror shades.

    Reason for Joining

    He wants to do the right thing.
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  17. Appearance (You can just post a picture):
    Show Spoiler

    Name: David Haller
    Age: 18
    History (wiki link if you're lazy):
    David Haller was the abandoned son of Professor X and Israeli delegate Gabrielle Haller. David inherited great power from his father, but this caused great mental instability in the boy. Schizophrenic, and with each of his mutant abilities creating a divergent personality, Xavier left the boy in the care of Professor Moira McTaggert on Muir Island. But even the good doctor couldn't control David's rogue alternate personalities. Eventually, Professor X returned and put the boy in a psychic-induced coma for many years.
    However, even that couldn't keep him down. David kept resurfacing and resurfacing, always attempting to 'help' his father and his pro-mutant cause. Unfortunately, he ended up abusing his near-infinite powers, creating divergent timeline after divergent timeline.

    Eventually, David's father took him to a mountain refuge wherein David could control his powers. This plan, surprisingly enough, succeeded. With his powers set back to zero, David can now battle the rogue personalities in his mind, and, once beaten, can take their abilities for himself. However, if the alternate persona defeats him, it can take over his body.
    David could have infinite power, but doesn't want to risk it in case one of his rogue personas takes over. But despite playing it safe, he still has his 3 favourite powers on hand:
    Psychic Abilities-Not as powerful as his Dad, but David can still read anyone's mind with little effort at all.
    Telekinesis-Another of his father's abilities-David can move things with the power of his mind with ease.
    Pyrokinesis-The power to make things burst into flame.
    Reason for joining the Pact/Shield of Tomorrow:

    He's always liked the underdog in a situation and wants to continue his father's legacy. Plus, he's hecka annoyed that someone's plucked him out of his pleasant, erased-from-history-for-the-good-of-everybody-happy-ending and is looking for someone/thing to punch.
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  18. Appearance (You can just post a picture):


    Name: Mukuro Ikusaba, the Ultimate Soldier

    Age: 19

    History: Mukuro Ikusaba


    Mukuro Ikusaba is one of the most highly trained military specialists in the world. Trained from a young age, she has refined her art. She worked with a military mercenary group called Fenrir in the Middle East, which helped her gain combat experience. Because of her training, she is skilled with any gun, and in hand-to-hand combat.

    An unnatural ability she has is that she can enter a trance. When in this trance state, her reflexes and speed increase to the point of nigh-superhuman. However, this only activates if pushed to the limit.

    She's also emotionally removed, and only shows emotion when she warms up to someone. This also leads to her being loyal to a fault to those she considers her superiors.

    She has incredible stealth and disguise capabilities, able to move silently. She is also able to keep a disguise for a long period of time, at one point disguising herself as her sister who looks completely different for an extended period.

    Reason for joining the Pact/Shield of Tomorrow: To protect the world.

    "You are the Ocean's Gray Waves."



    Name: Corrin

    Age: Early 20's

    History: Avatar (Fates)

    Abilities: Corrin has the ability to transform into a dragon with a dragon stone.

    Corrin has the ability to utilize Dragon Veins, which are able to manipulate the battlefield in seemingly magic ways. Unconnected, she can utilize magical tomes of Fire, Lightning, or Wind.

    Corrin wields the magical sword Yato, and is very skilled in sword combat. However, she would rather not kill someone if it comes down to it.

    Reason for joining The Pact/Shield of Tomorrow:
    She wanted to continue being a hero.

    Also, something about her sister Camilla and Jack being together, but whatever.

  19. Two words: Maid outfit
  20. For which one?

    Or... Both?
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